Chapter 8: The Gang's All Here

Madison, South Dakota

11:30 AM

Sully, who was now eighteen years old and wearing the same clothes he had on in Chapter 2, but obviously in different sizes now, had just arrived at South Dakota State University and was moving into his dorm room. Just as he finished unpacking the last box, there was a knock at the door.

"Come in." said Sully.

The door opened and Burble and Squeaky came into the room.

"Hi there." said Burble.

"Hi." said Sully. "Who're you two?"

"I'm Burble, and this is Squeaky." said Burble.

"Wassup?" said Squeaky.

"Nice to meet you both." said Sully as he shook hands with them. "I just arrived here, and I just unpacked my last box."

"Cool." said Burble. "What classes are you taking?"

"Anatomy and Patient Examination and Treatment I in the mornings before lunch and Ceramics I and Painting I in the afternoons." said Sully.

"Sweet!" said Burble. "Me and Squeaky are both taking those two morning classes you mentioned, but I'm taking Drawing I and II in the afternoons."

"And I'm taking Bridge Design and Atomic and Molecular Structure and Lab." said Squeaky.

"Cool." said Sully.

"Well, we'll leave you alone now to get settled in." said Burble.

"We'll check in on ya later." said Squeaky.

"Sounds good." said Sully.

Burble and Squeaky then left, and Sully got everything set up and put in their proper place. When he was finished, he took a little rest. A while later, there was another knock. This time, it was Burt, Fallbot, Kitty, and Gabriela.

"Hello." said Kitty. "You must be Sully."

"Indeed I am." said Sully. "And you guys are?"

Burt, Fallbot, Kitty, and Gabriela all introduced themselves to Sully.

"Nice to meet you all." said Sully. "What classes are you all taking?"

"Me and Burt are both taking Anatomy and Patient Examination and Treatment I in the mornings." said Fallbot.

"Yeah." said Burt. "Then we have Guitar Instruction and Software Architecture in the afternoons."

"Awesome!" said Sully. "I'm in Anatomy too!"

"Oh, nice!" Burt. "We'll be in the same class!"

"Yeah!" said Sully. "What about you girls?"

"Me and Gabriela are both in Voice in the mornings and I'm in Ceramics I and Painting I in the afternoons." said Kitty.

"I take Drawing I and II in the afternoons." said Gabriela.

"Wow." said Sully. "What a coincidence! I'm in Ceramics I and Painting I too!"

"No way!" said Kitty.

"Way!" said Sully.

They all had a laugh, and then Burt saw the time on his watch.

"Well, time for lunch." said Burt.

"Good." said Sully. "I'm starving!"

With that, they went to the food court and all got different things. Sully, Kitty, and Gabriela all got Panda Express, Burble and Squeaky got Papa John's, and Burt and Fallbot got Chick-Fil-A. At first, everything went smoothly, but then they heard someone shouting "Somebody help!". When they looked, they saw that another student, a male koala wearing a Rolling Stones t-shirt and faded blue jeans, was choking.

"Oh no!" said Sully.

Sully then sprang from his chair and ran to the choking victim. He then proceeded to do the Heimlich Maneuver. Eventually, what the koala was eating became dislodged.

"Are you alright?" Sully asked.

"Yeah." said the koala. "Thanks, man."

"No problem." said Sully.

Back To The Present Day

"And so after that incident, and after we learned the story of Kitty's dad, we all decided to form a Safety Awareness Club, and we met every Friday." said Sully.

"Yeah. And we quickly became popular among the other students, including the koala Sully saved, whose name, by the way, was John." said Kitty.

"After we finished our freshman year, we spent all of our summer break giving safety talks in community centers all across the country." said Burble.

"And what really brought us to form the Danger Rangers was an incident that occured during our second year." said Squeaky.

"There was a huge car crash right outside the main gates." said Burt. "We all pitched in in helping the victims."

"The dean was very proud of us after that." said Fallbot.

"Yeah, he sure was." said Gabriela.

"What happened after that?" asked Franklin.

"Well, after we graduated, we all decided to form an organization with the sole objective of teaching kids about safety and injury prevention." said Sully.

"Bur before we did that, we all took a graduate course in Nursing." said Burble.

"Yeah." said Squeaky. "Then me, Burble, Kitty, Burt, and Fallbot all took a six-week long firefighter training course. After that, that's when we formed the Danger Rangers."

"Our outfits here were thanks to Burt's mom, who's a tailor." said Kitty.

"Yeah." said Burt.

"And we all managed to persuade the state government to allow us to set up our headquarters in Mount rushmore." said Fallbot.

"And that's how the Danger Rangers came to be." said Burble.

"Wow!" said Franklin. "That was awesome! Well, I gotta go now. My mom probably has dinner ready."

"Okay." said Sully. "Thanks for letting us tell the story!"

"No problem." said Franklin. "Bye!"

Frank then ended the call, and all the Rangers looked at each other.

"That was great." said Burble.

"Yeah." said Kitty. "It was nice to let all our fans know how we came to be."

"I agree." said Burble. "I hope the kids at home really liked the story."

"Me too." said Squeaky. "Now, how about we get to that game now?"

"Oh, yeah." said Sully. "Let's get this game started."

With that, the game officially began, and as they played, the Danger Rangers were all pleased to have finally told the story of how they came to be.