079. Argue



Wherever he comes home to Asgard, Thor is praised and revered, beloved by his people. He's a oaf, Loki thinks, seething privately as a grinning and flush-faced Sif claps Thor's bicep.

A lumbering, useless oaf—

"If you frown like that for too long then you'll get wrinkles, Loki," Thor informs him, approaching with two goblets of heated, spice-sour mead and presenting one out to his brother.

Loki merely gazes at him aggravated, and then blinks at the goblet, sending out a pulse of his inherent magic. A pair of thin, scarlet serpents, with their scales glimmering gold in the torch-light, emerge from the brim, flicking their obsidian tongues into the air. Thor's faint, warm smile broadens.

"What did I tell you about wasting good spirits…?"

Thor reaches into Loki's goblet, pulling out one of the wriggling serpents and lovingly holds towards his nose. "My brother enjoys his pranks, doesn't he?" he murmurs.

With a flourishing motion, Thor pretends to nod the serpent's tiny head with his thumbnail.

Loki's own mouth perks.

An oaf, but unfortunately, a truly lovable one.



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