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Chapter II:

Meredy squinted at the bright light that passed through the windows of Mintche Inn. "Good Morning!" She greeted Farah, who sleeping in.

"Meredy, it's still 6 o'clock! Get back to sleep."

"It is a very beautiful morning. Meredy will not go back to sleep."

"Fine Meredy, but don't wake me up until seven."

Meredy shrugged and bounced off the bed. She was grinning broadly, thinking of the wonderful things she and the gang could do the together. She picked up Quickie, who was already awake. Quickie, as true to his name, bolted out from her hands and climbed up to her shoulder. She whistled a tune, and skipped along the path. She already started to love Inferia's warmth. She roamed around Mintche, stopping to look at the tall trees and pretty flowers. Her walk took nearly an hour. Finally, her stomach began to growl at her. Quickie bounded ahead as if he was hungry himself. Meredy laughed and skipped down to the cafeteria. She hummed a song to herself, thinking what to do that day. As she swung open the cafeteria door, she spotted a red head wolfing down a hamburger.

"Reid! Good morning!" She sang her greeting, skipping behind him.

Reid choked, coughing and wheezing at the same time. He grabbed a glass of water on the table and chugged the water all down.

"Meredy!!! Don't just surprise people like that!" Reid said indignantly after the coughing stopped and regained composure.

"Sorry Reid…" Meredy replied in a small voice. She sat down on an empty chair. She watched Reid order another burger. She watched him gobble it. Meredy kept watching until she heard a chair scraped, and Farah sat down and started gawking at Reid, now starting at his third, and even larger burger.

"Wow, Reid can you eat that much?" Farah asked s she stared at the disappearing sandwich.

"I khan eed more dhan dhis" Reid said through a mouthful of bread and meat.


Reid swallowed and repeated' "I can eat more than this!"

"What are you? Your stomach's like a bottomless pit!!!"

"So what? I eat what I eat. Besides, it's not like I'm getting out of shape, aren't I?"

"Hah! I don't how you manage that! And I don't care if you're blimp, it's just the matter of money. M-O-N-E-Y. Can you spell it?"

"Reid and Farah, please stop fighting. Meredy doesn't like fighting." Meredy smiled. "We are friends!"

The argument cooled down. Meredy beamed.

"Whatever." Farah breathed. Reid devoured his fourth helping. At the table silence was impediment.

"Hey, where's Keele?" Farah inquired.

"Dunno, probably scrounging in the library." Reid answered, after he finished the last helping. " 'Wasn't there when I woke up."

"Meredy, do you know?" Farah asked. "You woke up early, right?"

Meredy shook her head. "Meredy didn't see Keele." She nibbled on her salad, thinking hard. "Maybe in Mintche University…"


A crash sent tremors through the house, sending cracks to appear on the walls.

"Baiba!" Meredy squealed, as Quickie bolted up to her shoulder. Bits of dust showered from the ceiling.

"The noise came from the university! Come on!" Farah shouted above the racket. She grabbed Reid and whisked Meredy and pushed through the crowded cafeteria.

A huge mushroom-like cloud rose up above the university, and a glint of orange and yellow ran through the roof.

"Dé ja vu." Reid commented.

"Not again." Farah sighed.

"Where is Keele?!" Meredy asked worriedly. "….."

Just then Zankran to them. "Hurry! It looks like the building's going to get destroyed." She stopped to catch her breath. "And seems like someone's purposely doing it."

"Do you know who it is?" Farah asked.

"No, but when I was running out of the lab, I saw a guy. I couldn't really be sure who it was from all the smoke, but I saw what looks like Keele." As she ran out of breath, she collapsed to the floor.

"I don't know who it really was. There's still a lot of people stuck, too. Please save them if you can." Zank told them. "Hurry!"

"Do you think it's really Keele?" Reid asked.

"Could be." Farah answered. She slipped on her gloves. "Well, let's go!"

With that, the rushed to the university.

"Isn't it the same place before?" Reid asked.

"The light craymel laboratory." Farah mumbled

They stood in front of the university, staring at the large burnt hole in one side of the building.

Masses of rock fell from the gap.

"Holy …." Reid muttered. He drew is sword out "Let's get going."

"Okay let's go on different routes. We'll all meet in the light craymel lab after, okay?" Farah directed.

"You bet!" Meredy said cheerfully. Reid nodded.

"Well then, see ya soon!" Farah called as she dashed through the entrance.

Reid looked at the partially destroyed building and sighed. 'I have this feeling this is gonna be messy….'

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