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United States of America, Pennsylvania

Planet Earth

7:45pm local time

The Outrage

2 days before the social experiment.

Jordan sat by his 1955 Olympia SG1, contemplating on what his next words will be in his journal. Not only was the Human really thinking on what he should say. But he was enraged about two days prior to that. He tried to host the 1st Annual Jefferson City Type-In, but his event became a worst case scenario as the person who was responsible for opening the door, failed to show up. He was scammed, bamboozled. This was an outrage, a scandal. It cost the Human 100$ to host this thing and they won't even give him the authorization to get his money back. So the Human decided to blow off some steam. Not only with this, but also cleansing his soul on the most controversial holiday of the year, simply called...

The Social Experiment.

Ever since the New Founding Fathers of America rose to power, simply called the NFFA. This supportive president gave them the power they needed to rise into the government. Now they decided to come up with some kind of experiment right here in Jefferson City. They had the money, they had the power, all they needed now was a test. And thanks to some kind of lady that supported the NFFA, this experiment was actually possible. And the experiment was a this.

All crime, including murder, would be legal for 12 continuous hours. And if it was successful, it would become an annual thing across the globe. Jordan wasn't surprised by something such as this. With crime rate a 40%, and poverty through the roof, Jordan wasn't surprised they would try something like this in the real world. So he wrote about what he thought about this night. "This will be my night!" he wrote.

Now's the time to cleanse my soul and rid of all this evil in the world as we know it. According to what they told me prior to the event.

2 weeks earlier...

Jordan waited in line for his screening by representatives of the NFFA. AFter waiting for an exhausting 20 minutes, it was finally his turn. Jordan walked into the small room and sat down in a chair right across from some kind of scientist. "Well, well. The savior of the planet Jordan Thompson himself. It's an honor to finally meet you in person." the doctor said.

"Okay I'm here now. Now what is this event exactly?" Jordan asked.

"Just sign here and we'll explain everything." Jordan signed the paper without even giving the proper hesitation to read it over. Once the contract was signed, the doctor started to explain the event. He explained that they were doctors and representatives to the New Founding Fathers of America. And with the Human's help, they all can rid of all the evil in the world with an event that some call...

"The Purge"

They explained that all crime in Jefferson City Pennsylvania will be legal for 12 continuous hours two weeks after this time. But what did Jordan have to worry about. He lived in a nice neighborhood, brother with brother, friends with friends. Everyone knew each other, and no one had the audacity to kill one another. Besides, Jordan was a Galactic freaking Ranger. He maintained order in his town and they looked up to him.

Anyways, Jordan left the area, hopped into his mother's car and began the trek back home, getting everything ready for the 1st Annual Jefferson City Type-In.

Present Day...

"Now's my time to shine. My time to revolt. MY TIME TO FUCKING PUUURGE!"

With his Journal done, he removed the paper and went downstairs, ready to eat dinner and mentally prepare himself for the next two days.

20 hours later...

27 hours before the social experiment.

Working at a fast food joint, Jordan took the orders, maintained the store, and overall did managerly things. At least, that's what the Human thought. But not to the managers, noooo, they just called him "Assistant to the Manager". But in reality, he was just assistant manager. As the Human was cleaning off a few more trays from previous customers, a co-worker approached him from behind. "So how's life Jordan?" she asked.

"Fine, fine." he answered. "

"I really wanna burn down a church right now. But I'm fine, I'm fine." the Human thought.

"Jordino!" the first store manager exclaimed

"Holly Jolly!" Jordan replied.

"No. You know I hate Christmas puns!"

"There's a reason your parents called you Holly, 'cause your Holly Jolly."

"I was born in May."


"So everything!" the second store manager said as he approached the group of workers.

"This is your Assistant Manager speaking-"

"Assistant to the Manager!" the whole group yelled.

"Same thing!"

"Actually no." the male store manager held out his hands as if he was scaling two things. "This. Is Store Manager." he scaled with his left hand. As he scaled the other position, he made it much lower than his left hand. "And Assistant to the Store Manager is-"

"Whatever. I'm just going to get back to work."

"Yes! We got to get this place in tip-top shape before Larry gets here!" everyone went back to doing there separate things, getting ready for their shift to end.

2 Hours later...

Once everyone said goodbye to everyone else, Jordan clocked out from the workplace, got in his mothers car, and drove him home. As the Human was riding in his mothers car, his phone begun to ring from a call beyond the stars.

Now that it was closing time, Ratchet shut off all of the outside lights to the garage, and finally closed the main garage door. As he locked up for the night, he saw Clank and Sophia watching the Secret Agent Clank movie on DVD. Once he was all set, he sat by the lovely angels and watched it with them. That is, until he saw Sophia get on her phone and call someone. "Who you calling?" Ratchet asked. But Sophia completely ignored him and continued to call her best friend Jordan. "Hello?" the Human answered.

"Hey Jordan!" Sophia exclaimed.

"Oh. Hey 'hon." Jordan said.

"So...How are you?"

"I'm good." Jordan answered. "How 'bout you?"

"Not bad until now. Hey?! You wanna talk to Ratchet and Clank?"

"Uh, now's not a good time to-"

"I'm putting them on right now."

"Sophia!" Jordan sighed in frustration and simply waited for the tiny robot to pick up the phone. "Hello?" Clank answered.

"Hey Clank." Jordan answered.

"Hello Jordan."

"So how have you been?"

"I am fine."

"Okay...um...that's all I really wanted to say, can I talk to Ratchet now?"

"Of course." Clank handed the phone to Ratchet and he picked up. "Hey buddy!" he answered.

"Hey Ratchet."

"So? Whatcha up to?"

"Nothing. Just typing."

"Really? Because in the background it sounds like your in a-"

"Look I'm glad to say hi to you, but I gotta go."

"How about we come over to your place for a visit? I'm sure Sophia would like the company."

"Now's not exactly the time for a visit."

"Anytimes a good time to-"

"NOW'S NOT A GOOD TIME! Look I gotta go bye!" Jordan quickly hung up the phone, leaving the trio straight in the dust. Ratchet handed the phone back to Sophia and they contemplated on what was the Human's hurry. Why would he just hang up like that? Is something going on back home that they weren't aware of? Well, there was only one way to find out.

Visit him and ignore his pleads not to.

"Hey Sophia? How about you, Clank, and me go on a little road trip?"

"What do you mean?" Sophia asked. the older Lombax quickly gave her a look, saying that they were going to visit the Human. "Okay!" she yelled with joy.

"Are we going to visit Jordan?" Clank asked.

"That's right. I'll go get the ship ready." as Ratchet and Sophia went off and did their separate things, Clank sat on the couch and tuned into Earth's radio frequency, looking up basic things like atmospheric temperature, weather and..

Wait a minute? What is this? Something about a social experiment. Something about all crime being legal for twelve continuous hours. And it appears to be in the Human's location. Clank walked out to the ship where the other Lombax's were and started talking to the older one. "I am not sure we should go Ratchet. My cultural database is saying that-"

"I know I know, someone was murdered or the president was shot. We'll

be fine Clank. What's the worst that can happen?"

"We are doomed." Clank replied. Ratchet was about to eat those words, completely unaware that they were walking straight into a trap some call...


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