Hello and welcome back to Anti-Magic Swordsman. I apologize for the wait, but school projects and finding a job have been keeping me from writing. Last time, Natsu, Lucy, and Asta and the cats completed the Daybreak mission and took care of some dark mages with Gray and learned about something called Lullaby. Let's see what happens next. Any more suggestions to the harems through a PM would be appreciated, I can't think of every member. Also, at the end I have a poll to ask of you.

A day or so has passed since the Everlue mission, and everything was going on normally. Inside the guild hall of Fairy Tail, everyone was seen chatting about at their own tables. However one person wasn't talking to the others. Instead, Lucy was seen looking at the request board, trying to find her next job.

"Hmm, searching for a magic bracelet, dispel a cursed staff," Lucy began listing the job requests on the board. "Reading a love fortune, hunting volcanic monsters?!"

"Wow, there sure are a lot of jobs, huh?" Lucy commented, Nab and Warren looking for a job behind her. +

"If you find one you like, let me know" Mirajane said from the bar. "The Master's out of town right now."

Lucy looks towards the bar, and see's that she's right, Makarov is not there.

"He's at the regular League meeting, so he'll be out for a while." Mirajane explained.

"League meeting?" Lucy asks the bar maiden.

"It's where the maters of the regional guilds gather and make their reports." Mira explained. "It's a different from the council though," She began in thought. "That's a lot to understand, huh?" She asked the blonde.

"Reedus, can I borrow a light pen?" Mira asks the artist. "Oui." He said, handing it to her.

Mira then began to draw a chart with the light pen, a magic item that allows people to write in the air. "I doubt anyone new to the guilds can figure out the Magic World Hierarchy Chart."

Mirajane then began explaining the hierarchy of the Magic Government. "At the top of which are the ten members of the Magic council, promoting public safety and order to the magic world, also being able to pass judgement on convicted wizards. Below the Council are the guild masters. One job of theirs is to communicate the Council's decisions. They also have to keep in touch with the other guilds in the regions. They oversee local wizards like us and…" She trails off. "Well, you could say it's a lot of work." Mira concludes.

"I never knew that the guilds were connected that well." Lucy processes the information she was told. "It's the bonds of the guilds are important. If they are not handled properly, then…" Mira trails, catching Lucy's attention.

"Then the guys in black will get ya!" Natsu said, sneaking up on Lucy and scaring her. After reprimanding them for scaring her. "They guy's he's talking about do exist though." Mira said. "They're called dark guilds, and are not a part of any league." She informs.

"They don't follow any of the laws, so they're pretty gruesome." Natsu said, with happy giving an 'aye' in response.

"Then I'm sure they'll come for you." Lucy said with a sigh.

"Well whatever. Let's get us a job." Natsu said jovially. "Aye, and since we picked this one, it's your turn to pick this one." Happy added.

"Yeah right, From now on, this team's splitting up." Lucy said, turning away from them.

"But why?' Natsu and Happy asked. "You guys only chose me because I was blonde, even though you could have asked anybody!" She yelled at the two.

"Yeah, it could've." Natsu agreed. "SEE!" She yelled at them. "But we didn't pick you cause you're blonde. We picked you because we liked you." Natsu said with a smile.

Lucy just turned to him, and then noticed something off. "Hey, where's Asta and Samuel?' She asks the other cat and man duo. "Actually, I've been wondering that myself." Mira added.

"Oh right, we never told you." Natsu said, remembering something. "Asta had to go to the capital to report about those mages we fought the other day, so Samuel flew him there." He said to her.

"Why did they go there?" Lucy asked. "He's a Magic Knight." Natsu said plainly. "What?! He's a Magic Knight?!" Lucy asked in disbelief. "Yeah, I guess you don't need us to explain what they are." Natsu said, looking at Lucy during the latter half of his reply.

The Magic Knights were an order of magic users who protect the kingdom, fighting of mages who don't uphold the law. There are nine squads among them, each led by a captain as strong as a hundred wizards.

"Of course I know who they are! Oh my gosh, I can't believe I know a Magic Knight!" Lucy squeals in excitement. "How come I've never heard of him through there?" She then asks.

"Probably because he hasn't been there long. He's only been in their ranks for a couple weeks now." Mira answered the girl.

"Which squad is he in? I bet he's in The Crimson Lion Kings, The Silver Eagles, or even The Golden Dawn?!" She said, imagining him wearing each of the robes of the most prestigious squads. "Why don't you ask him when he gets back? He'll be back soon." Natsu informed her.

"Getting back to your original issue, you don't have to decide right now." Gray said from his table, smoking a cigarette, unaware that he's in only his boxers.

"I heard about your success, so I'm pretty sure you'll be swimming in requests." He said turning to her.

"That much?" Lucy asked with a sweat drop.

"Lucy, how about we form a team of love?! We can start tonight!" Loke said attempting to flirt. "What?" Was the girl's response. Natsu was irked at Loke's attempt to flirt with Lucy. Gray then walked over to them. "You defeated two members of the Southern Wolves guild, and a woman built like a gorilla, right? If that isn't impressive, I don't know what is." He said to the blonde. "That was all Natsu and Asta." Lucy corrected. "That was you?!" Gray yelled, bashing his head against the pinkette. "Yeah. What about it." Natsu growled back at him. "Gray your clothes." Mira brought Gray's state of dress to his attention. "Seriously, again?!" he wails. Natsu then insults gray, which spurs on another fight between the two.

Loke then approached Lucy. "You're really stunning. So bright that you shine even through sunglasses. I'm afraid that if I took mine off, your beauty will blind me." Loke flirted with the celestial mage. "Let's find out." Lucy deadpanned, not falling for his attempt.

Loke then looked towards Lucy's waist and notices her keys. Suddenly he becomes extremely fearful of her. "Y-y-you're a celestial wizard?!" He asks her, suddenly trying to avoid her like the plague, confusing her. "She has spirits like a cow and a crab." Happy supplied. "Such a cruel twist of fate!" Loke wailed. "Sorry, but this relationship isn't working out!" He said running away. "What relationship?" Lucy said, sweat-dropping at the display.

"What's his problem?" Lucy asks out loud. "Loke has a bad history with celestial wizards." Mira answered her, but that only confused her more. "I think he dated one way back and it didn't end well." Mira elaborated.

Lucy saw him running back here. 'And now he comes back.' Lucy thought. "Natsu, Gray! Real bad news!" Loke said, catching the fighting mages' attention "Huh?" They ask. "Erza's back!" Loke wailed, causing Gray to become frantic. "Wha?!" Gray wailed, but Natsu had a different reaction. "Alright, Erza's back! I'm so pumped! Too bad Asta had to leave, he'd kill for a rematch!" He said, excited to see Erza after two years.

"Oh, I forgot, Erza actually likes you." Gray said, wishing he was in Natsu's place for once in his life.

Soon after, everyone heard something coming towards the guild, and all looked towards the doors. Loke meanwhile, was trying to weave away.

Walking into the guild was Erza Scarlet, carrying a large horn on top of her shoulder. Lucy stares at her, amazed at Erza's strength.

"Welcome back Erza." Mira said sweetly. "Hello Mira, is the Master around?" Erza asked the model. "He's at the guild masters meeting." Mira answered the scarlet haired knight. "I see."

"Uh, Erza, what exactly did you bring in here?" One of the guild members asked. "It's the horn of a monster I vanquished. The locals decorated it as thanks for my help. I thought it was a nice gift, so I brought it back with me." She explained. "Is that a problem?"

"No, not at all!" was the response she was met with, fear evident in her voice.

"Now then, I've heard that everyone's been causing problems. Just because the Master will overlook this doesn't mean I will." Erza said sternly.

"So that's Erza?" Lucy asked with slight apprehension.

"Yep! She's one of our strongest wizards!" Happy answered her without missing a beat.

"Cana, stop drinking so much, if you must, then use a glass. And put on something decent!" Erza said to the lush.

"Vijateer, take the dancing outside! Wakaba, you're getting ashes everywhere." The scarlet knight continued. "Nab, stop standing in front of the request board! Just take a job already!"

"Do I have to do everything? Well, I'll leave you be without a word."

'She's already said enough.' Lucy thought at the display.

"What is she, the disciplinary committee?"

"Hey Erza," Mira said, getting the knight's attention. "Guess who came back?"

Erza thought on her question for a bit before a look of realization dawned on her face. "You mean…"

"Yo Erza, been a while." Nastu said, causing Erza to slowly turn towards the dragon slayer.

The whole guild was silent as Erza stared at Natsu, then slowly walked towards him, her eyes shadowed. She soon gets right in front of him and brings him into a hug, Natsu reciprocating it soon after. "I'm glad you came back." She whispered.

Erza then broke the hug and once she was far enough from him, she delivered a hard punch to his abdomen. Natsu sailed into the air before slamming into some tables. He gets up and looks to her in surprise.

"Don't you ever do anything like that ever again! Do you have any idea how I felt when you left?!" She yelled, tears threatening to fall from her eyes.

"Sorry Erza, won't happen again." Natsu said to her.

"It's good to have you back." Erza said after drying her tears. She then noticed something. "Where's Asta? Shouldn't he be here with you?" Erza asked, noticing a lack of a short swordsman.

"He's at the capital. I'll explain later." Natsu told her. Erza then asked where Gray was.

"R-Right here Erza. Just hanging out with my friend Natsu." He said nervously.

"Aye." The pinkette agreed, only to then lean into Gray. "Don't get any ideas, I just feel bad for you. I don't want Erza to be the one who kicks your ass. That's my job." Natsu whispered to the ice mage, "Shut up and smile." Gray whispered back.

"What's with Gray?" Lucy asked Mirajane.

"He's terrified of Erza, and I think Natsu's scared of her a little bit as well. Like this." She said to the blonde, drawing her a crude picture of the three. "The chart was unnecessary. Also that drawing's terrible." Lucy whispered at the end.

"Natsu challenged her to a fight and lost badly." Mira informed. "Seriously? We're talking about the same Natsu, right?" Lucy asked, not believing that the wizard who's destroyed towns was beaten so easily. "Yeah. She also caught Gray walking around town naked, so she attacked him as well. Loke also tried to flirt with her, and was beaten to within an inch of his life." Mira continued, causing Lucy to sweat-drop.

Lucy then thought of something. "What about Asta?" She asked the bar maid.

"Well, He's not really scared of her at all. He challenged her after Natsu lost, and was defeated just as easily." She said, making Lucy slump a bit, until Mira continued. "But after that fight, He challenged Erza again, even having Natsu join in, with the same result happening, only to ask for another one the next day. Pretty soon it was like a regular occurrence, and He soon was able to get back up after one hit, but still lose every time." She said, grasping Lucy's full attention.

"During one fight, which Natsu was a part of, Erza asked why Asta keeps trying, saying he should just give up. Unfortunately, that just set him off. Asta got right back up and said he wouldn't quit until he landed a blow to her. His declaration inspired Natsu as well, having him follow his lead. Soon after he managed to keep up with her, Nastu trailing just behind, and then, to the shock of everyone, they manage to land a solid punch to her face and stomach. Everyone froze, not believing that someone managed to hit Erza, and everyone saw Asta in a new light with his next words, 'You can do anything, if you don't give up,' and that also earned him Erza's respect." Mira finished her tale.

Lucy could only think how amazing Asta is, and soon thought higher of the boy with Mira's next words.

"Asta told you how he hadn't unlocked his magic back then right?" Mira asked, and continued after being given a nod. "Well, he always said that he'll prove that you don't need magic to be strong in this world, and that his magic, was never giving up." Mira said.

Back with Erza and the boys, the knight continued with her conversation.

"I'm glad you two are getting along, because I have a favor to ask you." Erza said, the two becoming more serious.

"On my way back from a job, I heard some rumors. I'd ask the Master's opinion on the matter, but this must be acted on right now." Erza informed them. "So I want both of you to help me, Asta as well, if we can get him. Is that alright?" She asked the boys, much to their, and the rest of the guilds apparent shock.

"Me and Gray?" Natsu said.

"On the same team?" Gray finished the thought.

"I'll explain on the way. We leave tomorrow, so be prepared." Erza said walking away.

"Wait … no … hold on." Gray attempted.

"I never agreed to this!" Natsu yelled, but it went unheard by the knight.

"Natsu, Asta, Gray, and Erza. I never thought this could happen." Mira whispered, catching Lucy's attention. "This could be Fairy Tail's strongest team." She said causing the blonde to drop her jaw.

In another town, deep inside a forest, with trees looking as if they're dead, there stood a large castle like building. This was the location of the dark guild Eisenwald. The inside the building looked run down and abandoned. As some of the members of the dark guild came back, swinging above them are the mages that Natsu, Asta, and the others defeated the other day, being held up by chains from the ceiling.

"Kageyama's not back yet?" Someone asked, sitting at a desk at the end of the room.

"Can't be helped. Breaking the seal on that is not going to be easy." Another member of the dark guild said.

"Well now's not the time to be laying around. Our time is now. When those old farts are sitting around in their meeting." The man at the desk is revealed to be an extremely tall, lean-built and yet mildly muscular man with silver hair, held pointing upwards in spiky strands on top of his head, but hangs down to the left of his face in a distinctive tuft, sometimes partially covering it, and reaching down to his shoulders. He has dark eyes, and he has an elongated face with sharp features and somewhat pointed ears and seems to lack eyebrows. His eyes are circled by dark lines and each of them has a simple tattoo right below it, consisting of a pointed line going down vertically, crossed with two more, larger horizontal lines. The upper part of his body is similarly tattooed, but with much larger, intricated and blue-colored motifs, which take on spiraling forms, and adorn his shoulders, biceps, pectorals and back.

The man dons a torn outfit, looking like the robe of a phantom. He is shown bare-chested, with all his tattoos visible, and his lower body is covered in different layers of clothing: he sports a long, worn skirt, reminiscent of a hakama, below a darker, shorter cloth, held up by an even lighter and shorter one tied like a belt. He has a black scarf wrapped around his thin neck, with its edges hanging on his back and traditional geta sandals on his feet. His attire is completed by a pair of distinctive dark gloves, each adorned by a light "X" on the back, and by bandages wrapped around his forearms.

This man is Erigor, the Shinigami, or Grim Reaper, of Eizenwald, and his guild is on the move.

The day of the group's mission was at hand, and they all gather at the Magnolia Train Station, waiting for Erza to arrive.

"I can't do it. I just can't." Gray muttered to himself while sitting on a bench. "Why do I have to team up with this pyro?!" Gray shouted, flailing his arm while pointing at Natsu, who was sitting on the same bench.

"This isn't a picnic for me either, stripper." Natsu muttered back to the ice mage, his arms crossed. "But if I can deal with it, so can you."

"Huh. Really thought he was gonna hit Gray or something." Lucy said, surprised by Natsu's maturity. "Aye" Happy agreed with the blonde.

"Seriously, why'd I have to go along with these madmen?!" Gray complained.

"If you don't want to be here, then just go. But you'll have to tell Erza. Wonder how she'll take it?" Natsu said smirking, knowing exactly what his rival's response will be.

"… I hate that your right." Gray muttered, accepting his predicament.

"With how calm you two are, I don't get how you guys fight all the time?" Lucy questions out loud.

The two then notice that Lucy was with them and question her.

"Why are you here anyway?" Natsu asked the blonde. "Not that were not glad to have you or anything!" He hastily added, not trying to be rude to the blonde.

"Mira thought I should come to keep you two from trying to kill each other, and keep you and Erza from destroying everything. I don't see how I could do that, though." Lucy explained to them. "You didn't want to though, huh?" Happy asked her. "No way!" She denies instantly.

Lucy then turned to see Gray starting something with Natsu. "Why do you always carry around that stupid sleeping bag anyway?!" Gray said, pushing his forehead against Natsu's. "It's what I sleep on! What are you an idiot?!" Natsu retorts back with just as much bite.

Lucy groans at the display, thinking it's going to be a long day. Suddenly she gains a mischievous grin as an idea came to mind.

"Hey Erza, there you are!" Lucy said, catching the two boys' attention. "We're such great friends!" Gray said. "Aye!" Natsu added, only to see Lucy laughing hard, Erza not in sight anywhere. "This is gonna be fun!" She laughs, holding her sides.

"You tricked us!" They shouted at the blonde. "Looks like you two really are best friends." Lucy chuckles.

"Well, well, What's all this about?" "Did something happen?" Two voices said catching the groups attention.

They all tuned around and see Asta, with Samuel on his shoulder, and Nero on his head. The team also noticed a robe draped on his shoulders.

"Asta! Samuel! Glad we caught you. Erza wanted us for a team. You in?" Natsu asked his long-time friend.

"Oh yeah!" Asta said, excited to fight with Erza. "I'll lend you my strength." Samuel added.

"Asta! I heard you're a Magic Knight! Can you tell me what squad you're in?" Lucy asked, anticipating him to say one of the three best.

"I'm in Black Bulls." He answered her, completely shocking her. "WHAT?!" Lucy shouted, gray joining in, having been interested in the information since finding out about his status.

"But they're the worst squad out there. I've heard that the destruction they cause is more than the help they do." Lucy moaned, not believing her friends answer.

"Exactly. They're like the guild. Why wouldn't I join them?" Asta replied to the blonde's response.

"It's just, why didn't the other squads pick you?" Lucy asked the swordsman. "Because my power's so rare, it's almost unknown. And people are always afraid of the unknown." Asta informed the blonde. "He's got a point." Samuel added, reading his book.

"Well, I'm glad to see everyone's here. Did I keep you waiting?" Erza said as she made her way to the group, dragging a wagon carrying tons of suitcases.

"That's a lot of stuff!" Lucy said, amazed at the amount of luggage.

"You were at the guild yesterday, right?" Erza asked Lucy, noticing her with the others.

"Yeah, it's nice to meet you. I'm Lucy, a new member of the guild. Mira asked me to come along." She introduced herself to the scarlet haired woman, giving her a bow.

"My name's Erza. Nice to meet you too." Erza gave Lucy a smile. "I've heard of your accomplishments from the others. You took down a bodyguard gorilla, right? We could use you."

"That was Asta and Natsu." Lucy corrected with a sigh. "This job will be a bit dangerous, but with your energy, you'll do fine." Erza added, Lucy becoming nervous at the word 'dangerous'.

"Yo Erza! How've you been?" Asta said to the knight, garnering her attention.

"Asta. It's good to see you again." Erza said walking towards the swordsman, giving him a hug, to Gray's shock that she let someone that close to her. "And a Magic Knight's Robe, that's impressive. Now that we're al here, let's get going.

"Hold it, Erza." Natsu said, with Asta standing next to him. "If we're doing this, then we have a condition." Natsu said to Erza.

"Are you two insane?!" Gray whispered, then said out loud nervously, "I work with you anytime, no condition required."

"I'll hear it." Erza said with a straight face.

"After this job, we want to have a fight with you." Natsu placed their condition. "We're a lot stronger than we used to be." Asta added. Lucy gapped at them in shock, with Gray adding, "Do you two wanna die?!"

"Well I can tell you two have grown. I may not win, but I accept your challenge." Erza said with a smile.

"Hell yeah! I'm all fired up now!" Natsu said busting into flames. "I'm going to push pass my limits!" Asta added with just as much bravado.

The group are now inside the train as it departs from the station and are now sitting with each other, with one difference with the atmosphere happening.

Natsu laid back in his spot, groaning and moaning as the train moved, his motion sickness kicking in.

"Seriously, after all that hype, your back to a groaning mess?" Asta said while looking at Natsu, still not believing how incapacitated he becomes while on a vehicle.

"You're such a disgrace." Gray responded to the Dragon Slayer.

"I know this happens every time, but it looks so painful." Lucy said, looking at Natsu with pity.

"Guess it can't be helped. Come sit by me." Erza said, to which Natsu started to get up, with a wobble in his step. "Then should I move?" Lucy asked with a somewhat quiet voice.

Natsu was now sitting next to Erza, who looks at him with a small smile.

"So, what's she going to do for Natsu?" Lucy asks Asta. "Just watch." He said to the blonde, smirking at what will come next.

Erza then made a quick jab at Natsu's stomach, completely knocking him out, shocking Lucy at the development. "That should settle you down a bit." Erza said, patting Natsu's head as it fell onto her lap. Everyone just stares with slacked jaws at the sight, except for Asta, who laughs at the display.

After everyone recovers from that, Lucy asks a question. "Now that I think about it, I've only ever seen Natsu and Asta's magic, but not anyone else's from Fairy Tail. What kind of magic do you use, Erza?" She asked the scarlet haired knight.

"Her magic's so pretty. She makes her enemy's bleed." Happy said cheerily.

"That's pretty to you?" Lucy asked nervously.

"I think Happy likes how it looks when she uses it more so than how she uses it." Samuel informed the girl, making her relax.

"Personally, I think Gray's magic is prettier than mine." Erza said, catching his attention.

"You think so?" Gray asked. He then placed his fist into an open palm, spread fingered, and concentrated. A surge of cold wind came into his hands and when he opened his fist, in his hands was the Fairy Tail guild mark made of ice.

"I use Ice Magic." He informed Lucy, who was awed at the action. "Specifically, Ice Maker Magic, which doesn't suit you in my opinion." Asta elaborated. "Shut up."

"Oh! Is that why you and Natsu don't get along? Because he uses fire and you use ice?" Lucy asked Gray. "I never thought of it that way. Is that true?" Erza asked as well.

"Nah, I just hate his guts." Gray responded back.

"Anyway, what's this thing you need help with Erza? It must be big if you're asking for help?" Asta brought attention to the knight.

"Of course. While on my way back, I stopped at a bar in Onibus where wizards like to gather. Inside, I saw some people who gained my attention." Erza recounted, subtly stroking Natsu's hair.

Inside the bar, Erza was at the end of the counter, enjoying her drink, when she heard a commotion. She looked and saw a group of people complaining.

"What's the hold up?!" said one of them. "Easy Byard. Just calm down." Said one of the others,

"How can I not be annoyed?!" The one named Byard said, using magic to cause one of the mugs of beer to float to him from one of the waitresses' trays. "We finally find Lullaby, only for that seal to be there! What is that anyway? Nothing we did broke it!

"Pipe down you Idiot!" one of the men, wearing an Egyptian styled headdress, said.

"That magic seal can't be broken by numbers alone." Said one of the others, gaining the rest's attention.

"You guys go back to the guild. I'll take it from here." Said the pony tailed male. "And tell Erigor that I'll be back with Lullaby in three days." He added, amazing the others.

"Hey. Didn't those guys we defeated say something about a thing called 'Lullaby'?" Asta asked, making everyone except Erza think. "I believe so." Samuel finally said.

"Lullaby?" Gray asked. The others think the same thing. "A child's bedtime song?" Lucy asked.

"Whatever it is, it must have strong magic to require a seal." Erza responded.

"So, what's the problem exactly. Some guys are just trying to break a magic seal on something that we don't know about? Doesn't seem like something we need to worry about." Gray said, bringing up a good point.

"True. I didn't think it was worrisome at first, either." Erza agreed with Gray. "But then I heard the name Erigor." Erza added, caching Asta's attention.

"Eisenwald's ace?" He asked. "The very same. You know of him?" Erza asked about his knowledge.

"I heard about him from the other knights. People call him Erigor the Shinigami, or the Grim Reaper." Asta informed the others, aware that Natsu regained consciousness when Erza finished her story.

"Grim Reaper?!" Lucy asked in fear.

"Yeah. He got the name from only taking assassination jobs. The council and the knights banned them ever since. But Eisenwald didn't care, preferring to make money than follow the law." Asta continued.

"And because of that, they were expelled from the League six years ago." Erza concluded, everyone getting off the train. "Now they've been classified as a dark guild."

"Dark guild?" Lucy began to sweat at that reveal." "Lucy, you're covered in soup." Happy said noticing her. "It's sweat." Samuel corrected him.

"So that's why you need us." Gray said, becoming serious.

"W-Wait a minute! They were expelled. So, shouldn't they had been punished!" Lucy asked.

"They were. Eizenwald's master at the time was arrested. And the guild was told to disband." Samuel informed. "But most if not all of the guilds labeled as dark guilds, have ignored the order and continued to act as guilds." Erza added.

"I should just go home." Lucy groans in defeat, believing herself to be useless on the mission. "I knew that was coming!" Happy said.

"I should've paid more attention. The moment Erigor's name was mentioned," Erza began. "I should've bled them dry." Shi finished, suddenly becoming intense.

"Yeah, if it was just those guys at the bar, you'd have taken care of them, Erza." Gray said. "But since it's the whole guild…" Gray left that thought unsaid.

"Whatever they're planning with Lullaby, I can't just ignore it. We're going to take them down." She said turning to the rest.

"Sounds like fun." Gray said, gaining a smirk. "I shouldn't have come." Lucy groaned. "You're losing too much soup." Happy said to her. "Stop calling it that." Samuel told him.

The group are now outside the train station and are moving through the town.

"So, do you know where the Eisenwald guild is?" Gray asked Erza. "That's what were here to find out." She answered the ice mage.

"Hang on! You've got to be kidding!" Lucy said, starting to become distressed. "We forgot Natsu and Asta!' She said, making the others realize she's right.

"But Asta said he'll grab Natsu. Where are they?" Samuel said, explaining why he's there without the short alabaster haired kid.

Back on the train, Asta was still in the seat where everyone else was, a groaning Natsu next to him, Nero having stayed on his head.

"So, any reason why we stayed behind?" Natsu got out, wondering why he's still on what he thinks is a deathtrap on wheels.

"Just wait." Asta told him quietly, acting as if he's nodding off.

"Hey young fellows, is this seat taken someone said to them, gesturing to the seat across from them.

"Go ahead." Asta said, Natsu trying to keep his cool. "Is your friend alright?" The stranger asked Asta, noticing Natsu's condition.

"He's fine, just some motion sickness." Asta said. The stranger then notices their guild marks.

"So, you're from Fairy Tail, an official guild…" The stranger said, then leaned forward. The stranger was a young man of average height and weight with black eyes and black hair which he ties in a short, spiky ponytail. He wears a white shirt with a high collar and an intricate symbol on its back over a plain, dark red undershirt. He also wears a pair of aquamarine pants, black shoes and small black earrings in each ear.

This was Kageyama, a wizard from Eizenwald. "How I envy you." He said to the two, a seemingly pleasant expression on his face, trying to seem friendly. Asta however felt anything but those intentions.

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