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The members of Fairy Tail stared in shock at the departing train with their two companions, trying to comprehend what happened, Lucy even more so, having let her bag drop to the floor, gapping with a slack jaw, while Happy smiled and waved at the departing train.

"Why did they stay on? I know I knocked Natsu out, but Asta said he was getting him, so why did they stay on?" Erza asked, confused as everyone else. "I'm such a fool! Natsu hates all forms of transportation. It's all my fault, I need one of you to hit me for my penance!" The redhead said, catching the others off guard. "That's a little much." Lucy commented.

Erza tried to talk to an official to have him stop the train, but didn't exactly give a reason. "Are all the Fairy Tail members like that?" Lucy asks the others. "Hey, I'm normal." Gray refuted. "Say's the exhibitionist." Samuel stated dryly.

Back on the train, Natsu and Asta were staring at Kageyama, the first former looking pained, the second giving a nonchalant stare. "I've heard all about your guild. Mirajane's pretty famous, she appears in tons of magazines, right?" Kageyama asks. "She sure is beautiful." Natsu attempts to glare a little.

Natsu remains silent, sweating from trying not to vomit, while Asta keeps his eyes closed, looking asleep. "I wonder why she left active duty, isn't she still young?" Kageyama asks, not getting an answer. "There' one more… I can't remember her name, but she's new, do you know her?" Again, he's met with silence.

"I guess there's a lot of cute girls in the official guilds, huh? I'm so jealous!" He said. "There's no sign of a girl coming near our guild. Why don't you share the spoils a little?" Kageyama then gets up. "Or let's just…"

He then sends a kick to Natsu's face. "Kick!" Kageyama then gains a dark look. "To tell the truth, expulsion sucks. Us dark guilds get discriminated on all the time." Natsu then sends a glare at him and moves the foot of his face with a shove.

"Oh see? Now you've made him mad." Asta said as he got up, ready for a fight. "Who the hell do you think you are? Keep talking about my friends like that, and I'll burn you!" Natsu growled at Kageyama, slightly breathing fire and lighting his hands ablaze, only for a sudden lurch in the train caused him to groan in anguish and slouch over, extinguishing his flames.

"Seriously, and after that threat?" Asta groaned at his friend. Kageyama began to laugh at the display. "Seriously! What the hell was that? If that's all you got, taking you down will be easy." He began to stalk forward.

"Let me show you how it's done." Kageyama said, and a purple magic circle appeared at his feet. His shadow then surged forward and once it reached the two, it rose from the ground and turned into fists, intending to slam into their faces.

However, the two sensed the attack coming, and moved into action. Natsu leaped back from the attack While Asta raised his arms and created his own magic circle in his hands, which had black markings and gave off a red glow, in the center appeared to be the image of a demon. The shadows changed course and headed to the circle, turning into light blue energy, which Asta absorbed into his arms and mouth, looking as if he was eating the spell, till nothing was left.

"Not bad. Even had a decent follow-through. Too bad we're used to attacks like that." Asta said when he finished. "Though now that I saw what you can do, I know who you are. You're that guy who took those mages we fought yesterday." The teen revealed, shocking Kageyama.

Suddenly, without warning, the train pulled to a stop, causing Kageyama's bag to fall and spill some of its contents on the floor. "Huh? It stopped?" Natsu asked, his motion sickness ending there. "How can your sickness end just as soon as the vehicle stops, it makes no sense?" Asta complained, still in a fighting stance.

Back at the train station, we see that Happy had just pressed the emergency stop, explaining the events at the train.

"What do you think you're doing lady?!" An official asked Erza. "It's for our comrades. Please understand. Now would you be kind and take our luggage to the hotel?" "Do I look like a bellhop?!" The official stated exasperatedly.

"Now let's get after them. What was Asta thinking? He knows about Natsu's motion sickness! Even if he finds it funny, he wouldn't torture him!" Erza said, beginning to head after the train, with the others close behind. "Maybe I was right about my earlier statement." Lucy stated.

Natsu and Asta both took notice of the contents of their adversary's bag. Specifically, a wooden flute, carved to have a three-eyed skull on the end. "What's that?" Natsu asked. "Some kind of flute?" Asta said, bewildered by its strange appearance.

"You saw it?" Kageyama said. "That's enough out of you." Natsu said, generating a magic circle in his right hand. "Time for some payback!" He unleashed his Iron Fist spell, striking Kageyama on the side of his face causing him to tumble into the back of the train car. "How's that for a fly?" Natsu asked sarcastically, Asta standing beside him with a smug smile.

"Attention passengers," The speakers began, catching the three's attention. "We have just confirmed that the emergency stop was a false alarm, and will resume moving momentarily. We apologize for the inconvenience." Natsu just gained a worried look on his face. "Oh man." He said with fear. "Just when it was getting good." The two then got their bags and began to leave. But Kageyama wouldn't allow that.

"Hold it, you're not getting off that easily! You're messing with Eisenwald now!" He threatened. "So, you're with the dark guild, huh?" Asta asked, "Then we'll show you what happens when you mess with Fairy Tail!" Natsu said. "And the Black Bulls!" Asta added, brandishing his robe. "Let's take this outside." The train then began to move, causing Natsu to puff his cheeks out and groan, his motion sickness returning. "It's like clockwork." Asta joked with a deadpan.

Outside, the rest of the group were inside a Magic-Mobile, a fast vehicle that uses the driver's magical energy as a fuel source, racing to catch up to the train. Erza was currently driving, Lucy and the cats inside the carriage area, and Gray sitting on top of the roof. "Natsu! Asta!" Lucy called to the train.

Right after, the window of a train car burst open, with Natsu coming out first, followed by Asta. While the cart was moving, Natsu turned in the air uncontrollably, and when the car approached at high speeds, Natsu and Gray ended up headbutting into each other, causing the two to go tumbling to the ground, Asta having landed where Gray just was. Erza slammed the brake on the vehicle, bringing it to a stop.

"Natsu, are you alright?!" She called to the pinkette. Natsu and Gray lay on the ground, stunned, their foreheads smoking from the impact. "Aye." Natsu groaned. "I'm fine too. Thanks for asking." Asta commented sarcastically, annoyed that Erza didn't ask about him. "You're not the one who doesn't work well on vehicles." Erza rebutted. "Fair enough." The downed duo then got up from the ground.

"What the hell was that for you idiot?!" Gray yelled at Natsu. "Sorry, but the blow to my head gave me amnesia. Who are you, and why do you stink?" Natsu said in a deadpan tone. "What?!" Gray yelled in annoyance. The others came up to them. "I'm so glad you're okay!" Erza grabbed Natsu, and brought him into a hug slamming his head into her armor, making him groan out in slight pain. "Some convenient amnesia you've got." Gray deadpanned.

"Why did you two stay behind?" Lucy questioned when the others got there. Asta was the one to answer her. "I felt something was off with one of the passengers and decided to stay behind to figure out what it was." "And what did you find out?" Erza asked the two. "It was some guy who apparently was with that Eisenwald guild we're after. We would've gone after him, but when the train started moving, Natsu took it as his cue to get out of there."

Natsu looked at Erza and saw she was going to explode for letting him get away. "Before you start, we can still follow the train, and maybe find his other guild mates." "That's actually clever. Who are you and what have you done to Natsu?" Samuel said. "Not cool!"

"Now let's get going." Asta said, flipping from the roof of the Magic-Mobile into its driver seat. "What are you doing?" Erza asked him. "Driving. Knowing you, you'd make it a rough ride, and used up a decent amount of magic powering this thing." "But you haven't unlocked your magic." She refuted. "Slow on the uptake, aren't cha? I got enough to spare." Asta placed the SE-plug on his arm.

"So, what was this guy like?" Gray asked Natsu. "He didn't look like someone from a dark guild. He had a weird-looking flute with him. Looked like a skull with three eyes." "A three-eyed skull?" "That's creepy." "So macabre." Lucy, Gray, and Samuel responded respectfully "What's wrong Lucy?" Happy asked, noticing a worried look on her face.

"It's just, I've heard about that flute before." She said, Asta reversing the vehicle to get closer. "Lullaby, The Cursed Song. It's Death Magic!" She said, catching the others' attention. "What?" Natsu asked. "A cursed song, like an incantation?" Gray asked her. "Seems so." Samuel responded. "More like a magic tool."

"I've only ever read about them in books before, but there are some crazy powerful spells out there that're forbidden by the council." Lucy continued. "That's right. Forbidden Magic is insanely powerful, but most spells often come at a terrible price. I know of one that needs an incredible amount of mana, and the results are terrifying." Asta said, having a far-off look. "There are other spells that kill the target of the caster's desire." Erza added. "And if I'm right, Lullaby is worse." Lucy concluded.

"Get everything off the train. It belongs to Eisenwald now!"

At Kunugi Station, Erigor and the rest of Eisenwald were forcing the passengers and the workers from the train. Right after, a familiar face got off. "Well look who it is." Kageyama said. "Ah, Kage. We heard you were coming by this train, so we decided to wait for you."

"I was able to remove the seal." Kageyama said, presenting the flute that was Lullaby. "Here it is." "So, this is the forbidden magic item. Lullaby?!" Erigor said in a raised voice, causing the others to rally in a cheer. "This flute was just a tool used in death curses. But the black wizard Zeref upgraded it into a full-fledged magic flute." One member commented.

"He changed it into something very frightening, huh?" Erigor commented. "Anyone who hears the sound the flute makes falls under a death curse. The mass-murder curse magic, Lullaby!"

"Let's get started! Our missions almost complete!" Eisenwald headed on the train.

Back with the heroes, they were speeding away in the Magic-Mobile, chasing after Eisenwald at high speed. "With something like Lullaby in their hands, there's no telling what kind of havoc they could cause. Dammit! Who are they going use it against?!" Erza said from her seat. "I don't know, but we're gonna stop them. Count on it!" Asta said with determination in his voice. "Never again. I won't let it happen again." Asta thought, a look of pained remembrance on his face.

Meanwhile, in the town of Clover, the Guild-Master conference is underway, everyone drinking, eating, and chatting away.

"I'm so jealous, Maky! Your wizards are so full of life and they're such cutie-pies!" Said one Guild Master.

They were wearing a purple spaghetti-strap shirt accessorized by a gold and fuchsia hoop necklace, a vertical-striped pink and purple shorts, and purple heeled shoes. Completing their look was red lipstick and blush on each cheek. They also had a pair of small, white wings on their back. This was Bob, Guild Master of Blue Pegasus, as well as a man.

"I hear you got a girl that gave a big shot quite the spanking!" Bob gushed at Makarov. Who was sitting cross-legged on a table, a piece of fried chicken in his left hand, and a mug of beer in his right hand.

"Ah, you must mean Lucy. Yeah, she's our new recruit. And she's got a body that just won't quit." Makarov said. "Oh, so naughty!" Bob said as he turned around and placed his hands on his eyes.

"I wouldn't be joking around if I were you, Makarov." Said another Guild Master from another table, causing Makarov to glance back at them, and they turned around as well.

The person who talked to Makarov is a slim man of average height, who appears to be in his late fifties or early sixties. His mildly squared face is covered in several wrinkles, specifically at his mouth's sides, below his eyes and on his forehead. Despite his seeming age, however, his hair is kept in a youthful style, almost reaching down to his shoulders in a straight cut. Covering the man's eyes and hiding them away from sigh is a pair of sunglasses.

The man's slender figure is covered by a simple set of dark clothes, namely a plain T-shirt and a pair of pants. Alongside them, however, he dons a distinctive headgear, being a dark hat reminiscent in shape of those worn by fictional warlocks and witches, possessing a wide brim and a torn top pointing backward. Circling the hat is a lighter band sporting massive, rounded spikes, and is virtually identical accessory that comes in the form of a collar around his neck. In his hand was a kabob.

His name is Goldmine, the Guild Master of Quatro Cerberus.

"Your wizards may be spirited, but you gotta admit, they go overboard sometimes. Some of the council members are worried that Fairy Tail's gonna end up destroying an entire city one of these days." He commented, waving his food at Makarov. "Can't say that I blame them."

"Ah, let those blowhards worry. What do I care?" Makarov responded nonchalantly. "They're just jealous that my wizards are hot!" He boasted. "Ooh, Maki! You shouldn't talk about your wizards like that. You're such a scoundrel." Bob waved his hand.

"Master Makarov! Master Makarov!" The aforementioned geezer looked up and saw a small bluebird in a witch's hat, carrying a letter with a wax seal, on which was the Fairy Tail guild mark. The bird's name was Pii-chan, and was the Magic Bird of Mickey Chickentiger.

"I have a letter from Miss Mirajane." The bird told Makarov. "Ah, yes. Thank you." He said as he took the letter. "No problem."

Makarov then traced a circle on the letter, creating a magic circle, which projected an image of the barmaid who sent it.

"Hello, Master. I'm glad you made it to the conference safe and sound." The projection said. "See" Makarov then held the letter for all to see. "This honey's our poster girl, Mirajane. Grab some eye candy boys!" The other masters began whistling and commenting on Mirajane's looks.

"You're not gonna believe what just happened!" The projection continued. "It may be the greatest news in all of Fairy Tail." Makarov's full attention was gained. "Erza, Natsu, Gray, and Asta formed a team together. An amazing combination, huh?" Makarov was anything but pleased. "In fact, I think they may have formed the strongest team Fairy Tail has ever had. I was just so excited, I had to share the news with you!" "Not… those… four." Makarov said with fear.

"See you soon, master!" The projection ended there, with Makarov's arms and jaw going slack, the other masters confused by his reaction. The old-timer then fell on his back. "This is horrible! Those three really could destroy an entire town! The conference ends today, so I can be back at Fairy Tail by tomorrow afternoon. I just hope nothing happens before then!" Makarov internally moaned.

After driving for a while, Asta then looks ahead and sees Kunugi Station, and slows down to observe what's going on. Rune Knights were stationed around, boundary tape around the area, and officials were asking everyone questions. "So those guys stole a train?!" Lucy asked, looking at the spectacle. "That's what it sounds like." Happy said.

"Why would they take a train? A boat or horse carriage, I would understand." The blonde said. "Aye. It's only able to move where the rails are. There's no advantage to it." Happy added. "That's where you're both wrong." Samuel told them, catching their attention.

"The main thing that it has is speed." Gray said from the roof, catching what Samuel's train of thought. "They must be in a hurry to get somewhere to cause the most panic." Gray said, having removed his coat and removing his overshirt. "Gray, quit stripping." Asta said from his spot. "Did I?" He asked.

"But the army's already been called in. So, it's only a matter of time until they're caught." Lucy said. "I hope you're right." Erza said, gaining a determined look. "Let's punch it!" Asta then began speeding to the next stop.

"Some flies?" Erigor asked Kageyama from his spot on one of the benches of the train car.

"Yes." Kageyama answered. "They were on board until just before the train hit the station. One of them was really pathetic." Erigor however did not take this news well, and reacted accordingly.

Suddenly, Kageyama felt pain in his ears, and instantly screamed out in pain. He fell to the floor on his knees, placing his hands on his ears, feeling blood on his hands. Erigor manipulated the air to slice his ears along the anti-helical fold, leaving gashes, but not slicing anything clean off.

"You didn't leave them with any suspicions of our plan, did you?" Erigor asked like nothing happened. "The missions not going to fail just because one fly got suspicious, right?!" Kageyama asked in pain. Erigor gave a dark look. "Of course not. But I don't wan't anyone making trouble for us." He then looked to the rest of his guild. "Do you understand?" He asked them, causing them to become nervous, but still give an affirmative reply. Erigor gave the flute a spin in his hand. "Flies, huh? There's some forests where flies don't belong."

Back with the Fairy Tail members, they were speeding through the town, trying to make it to the next stop the train was going to make to cut of Eisenwald.

"With how fast you're going, I can't believe the SE-plug isn't swelling. You sure you'll be able to fight?" Gray asked from his spot on the roof. "I'll be fine. Like I said, I've got plenty to spare. Plus, when has having no magic stopped me before?" Asta said with a smirk. "You haven't changed a bit. But what about the stuff we knock over?" "Collateral."

"If we let them play that flute, a lot of people will die!" Erza reminded. "Just a single note will put lives in danger!" "I know that more than anyone, but we still have no idea what they're after. We may be in heavy battle, so keep your guards up!" Asta told everyone. "We've got each other's backs."

Inside, Samuel noticed Happy have a thinking expression on his face. "What's with you?" He asked his fellow feline. "There was something I was supposed to say to Lucy, but I can't seem to recall it." Happy answered. "What?" The mentioned blonde asked. "Now you've got me worried! Remember!" "I'm feeling sick…" Natsu groaned with a hand over his mouth and his brow covered in sweat.

"I'm… feeling… sick…" Happy said in thought. He then pointed in the air with a look of surprise. "Is that it?!" Lucy asked. "I think he's pointing at our comrade." Samuel clarified. Lucy and Erza then looked at Natsu and exclaimed in fright at what they saw. Natsu was in the middle of trying to crawl out the window, causing Lucy and Erza to grab him. "Don't, Natsu!" Erza said. "You'll fall out!" Lucy added. "That's the idea." The pinkette weakly groaned. "Lucy… Weird. Fish. Tasty. Lucy… Weird." Happy droned in thought. "What do you mean 'weird'?!" Lucy yelled at the cat. "And how'd you get to fish?" Samuel added.

Lucy then noticed something ahead, Erza noticed and looked in her direction of sight, and widen her eyes slightly. Asta saw it and gained a determined expression, and started driving towards it. In their sights, a smoke stack rising in the middle of the town, specifically at Oshibana Station.

Once at the station, the gang looked and saw a crowd around it, and began making their way through it, the cat's flying above them. "Everyone, this area's dangerous! Please stay back!" An official called. "This station is closed for maintenance due to a derailment!" The crowding townspeople began discussing if that's true, one saying he heard it's due to terrorists. "No one is to enter the station until we can assure the safety for all passengers!"

"We're going in!" Erza said to the team. "But it's closed off." Lucy reminded. "I don't need to hear every little complaint!" Gray said. "Urk." Natsu groaned. "And quit being sick!" Gray said to the Dragon Slayer. "I can get us in." Asta said, staying on the original issue.

The seven then met with the official. "I'm Asta of the Black Bull squad, along with members of the Fairy Tail guild. What's the situation?" The ash-blonde asked. "Oh, thank goodness. Terrorists have taken over the station. We've sent in an army platoon, but they haven't returned."

"We'll take it from here. Keep the citizens out of here." The group then made their way in. "Why am I having to carry this idiot?" Lucy complained, holding Natsu over her back. "No one asked you to, you just started doing it." Asta retorted. They then made their way to the lobby, passing unconscious soldiers.

"They've been wiped out!" Happy called from the air. "What?!" Lucy screams in shock. "They took on a guild, so all the enemies were wizards. A platoon of soldiers can't take that on." Samuel clarified. "Let's hurry! The platform's this way!" Gray said, and the group continued their advance.

They then reached the top of the stairs, and saw the members of Eisenwald in front of the train they rode in. "I knew you'd come, Fairy Tail Flies." Erigor said from atop the train.

"So many." Lucy said in mild fright at the large number of dark wizards.

"So you're Erigor, then?" Erza asked. "Gotta say, without the scythe, he looks like any old dark guild wizard you see." Asta said, not as impressed as thought he'd be.

"C'mon Natsu, wake up! We need you!" Lucy said while shaking the Dragon Slayer. "Good luck. But with the train, magic-mobile, and your shaking, it's a motion sickness triple combo." Happy commented from the side. "I'm not a vehicle!" She shouted.

Kageyama then noticed Natsu and Asta. "Hey, you two." He said, causing Asta to look at him. "It's your fault I got in trouble with Erigor. Get up." He said, the last part aimed at Natsu, who started to get back to normal. "I know that voice." He said slightly quietly. "It's the guy from the train." Asta confirmed.

"What are you all after? And keep in mind, what happens next will depend on your answer." Erza said, her expression becoming more serious. "We all out of work, so we gotta do something with the time on our hands." Erigor responded, causing his guildmates to laugh. He then jumped up into the air, wind swirling around him to keep him aloft.

"Still don't get it? What does any train station have?" He asked from above. "He's flying!" Lucy said in shock. "Wind Magic." Asta informed. Erigor then flew to the broadcast speaker, banging his forearm on it as he did so. "You're gonna broadcast that thing?!" Asta said in shock, the others following his outburst.

Erigor than laughed hard. "I'd say there's several hundred, no, several thousand people out there. And if I play loud, the melody of death could spread to the whole town!" He announced. "You're talking about committing mass murder!" Asta yelled at him.

"This is a purge," Erigor bagan. "Of the people who don't get that other's rights have been stolen! They spout their own rights and work to only preserve their own lives. I'm purging those fools from the world!" Erigor explained his motives. This irked Asta, however. The swordsman showed rage at the Reaper, memories flashing in his mind. "That's your plan?" He began in a low growl. "To take so many innocent lives out of spite for being banned from the guild commission?!" Asta yelled. "So, what?" Erigor said with a mocking smile. Asta growled even more as he raised his hand, releasing his power.

Asta's book began floating with a black and red aura, opened and began turning its pages, stopping at a certain page, and the hilt of a sword came through. Asta grabbed it and drew the blade from the grimoire.

In his hands was sword that was significantly smaller than Demon-Slayer, in both length and width, with black markings on the blade. The sword also has a heavily ornate hilt with a four-sided guard, a grip with a spiral design, and a sphere for the pommel.

"Wow." Lucy said, as she never heard any reports of Asta using this sword. "Demon- Dweller. That guy's words really got to him." Natsu said quietly, knowing Asta used that sword when he wanted to be quicker. Asta only glared coldly at Erigor, then spoke to his friends. "Sorry if this is rude, but you guys take the lackeys." Asta told them. "This sorry son of a bitch is mine!" he said as he raised Demon-Dweller, the black markings beginning to glow with his aura.

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