One Month after the First Inter-District, Inter-Disciplinary Events

Violet Emerald hung up her phone and took a deep, deep breath. She knew that breaking this news to her aunt would be difficult at best, but she just needed to do it. With as much confidence as she could muster, Violet took her clipboard to use as a shield and made her way over to President Ruby Emerald's office.


"Come in," called the president.

Violet entered her aunt's office and shut the door. "We've got a problem."

"What's up?"

"Two refuses to host the Events."

Ruby took off her reading glasses, placed them down on the desk, and turned around. "Yeah?"

"Yeah. I've been working with the appropriate parties on making it happen, but it just… Delphine refused."

Ruby sighed. "Can't say I'm surprised. Still a bit disappointed, but not surprised."


"Two is the most traditional Career district, as I'm sure you know. The Events threaten that system. For Chloe to even be as accepted as she is in Two is a really big step, but I think them hosting the Events would have been a step too far."

"So why did you have me push them so much?"

"Because I wasn't going to give up until either we got them to cave or they put up enough of a fight. Or until we ran out of time. And at this point, I think we've run out of time."

"So now what? Are we just not going to have the Events?"

"I reached out to Thirteen and Four two weeks ago, when I saw the writing on the wall, to get them to start thinking of ideas. Connect with Thirteen and see if they can get you something within the next two weeks. If they will, it goes to them. Two's loss."

"Good plan."

Two weeks later, Violet returned to Ruby's office in much better spirits. "Well, I just got off the phone with Thirteen."


"They've got an idea!"

"Let me hear it."

"So, Thirteen was down to host, which is fantastic. I had to help the team from Thirteen come up with the idea because they're super not creative. We decided to base it on an ancient TV show for kids called Endurance. Basically, the way it'll work is each day will have a theme. There will be one main challenge for the day where the winner gets to choose a team to go into an elimination challenge. The second team in the elimination challenge is the team that is the least popular with the audience. Loser is eliminated. Final team standing wins."

"Interesting," Ruby smiled. "So the district partners work as a team?"

"Yes, but…"

Violet whispered something into Ruby's ear, then watched as her aunt's face broke into a big grin. "That's brilliant."

"I know, right? I'm excited about it."

Ruby looked at the notes she jotted down about the Events Violet had described. "What are the themes?"

"They're the values that the Host District believes best exemplify each district. So District Two, for example, is best exemplified by Strength, Thirteen by Discipline, Twelve by Heart, et cetera."

"So that's how things tie in to each district. Nicely done."

"Oh! I almost forgot to mention. Competitors will not be picked randomly, unless Three wants to pick them randomly because their value is luck. They will be nominated based on how well they exemplify their district's value."

"Interesting. We will, of course, have to screen nominations, but I kind of like it. Now, do you have anything in terms of specific competitions?"

"We were a bit delayed in starting, so we have a concept, but we don't have any competitions designed yet except for that part I just told you about."

Ruby nodded. "That is to be expected. Now, are you going to be acting as Head Gamemaker?"

"No. The Events Gamemaker from Thirteen will technically be the head, but I'll be supporting them as much as I can."

"Very good. Violet, after the success of the First Events, I trust that you will ensure that these Events go smoothly and are well-liked."

"Oh, trust me, these will be way more drama-filled. Of course they'll be well liked!"

"Very good."

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