I had a horrible writer's block when I was doing this so forgive me people!! I do not own any thing! The plot came straight out of my mind and I know it sucks but please review! FLAMES ACCEPTED!!!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

5 year old Harry Potter sat in his cupboard under the stairs. His hands were shaking; Uncle Vernon had just learned that using a belt on Harry hurt worse then anything else. Harry had been abused ever since he came to his Uncle's house. Vernon's wife and his son had run away when he had started drinking. They didn't take Harry with them because of some reason Harry didn't know. It was the day before Christmas; just as usual Harry sat in his cupboard looking at Dudley's old books that he had left behind. Humming Jingle Bells he looked at the pictures in the book. Harry couldn't fully read, just identify the letters and make the sounds. Quietly, he lay on his back thinking what it would be like living with his parents who had been killed in a car crash. Harry heard his uncles footsteps coming toward his cupboard. It would be a rough night.