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The next day Harry went to play school. He didn't have many friends because no-one liked him too much, the teachers kept away from him because his uncle had said that he was very disobedient.

 "Pass the glue Harry!" A small girl asked. She had huge teeth and bushy hair.

"Here," Harry muttered and gave the glue to the girl.

"Thank you!!!" The girl said in glee.

Harry didn't even mind when an older boy kicked him. He just looked at him and walked away.

 The teacher was a bit worried what was wrong with Harry she went over to him to ask what was wrong.

"Is everything all right Harry?" A teacher asked. She was very young, around 19 and had blond hair and green eyes.

"Is it right for your uncle to hit you constantly?" Harry asked.

"What…?!" The teacher looked at him with worried eyes. "Did your uncle hit you…?"

"Yes, last night," Harry took off his shirt. The teacher gasped.

"O dear! We need to put band-aids on those cuts!" The teacher quickly went and started putting bandages on his chest. "Why did you tell me just now?"

"Because a person named Sirius Black sounded worried when I told him."

Then the teacher stiffened at bit and looked at Harry in the eyes. "What did he say to you?"

"Well he said that he was my godfather and then my uncle hitting me was wrong…"

"Look Harry, I've known Sirius Black and well…do you know why he's in prison…?"


"Well he murdered…someone I knew very well."

"Sirius wouldn't do that!!!"

"I think you shouldn't talk to him…But how do you talk to him…?"

"Through my head," He pointed at his head.

The teacher looked at him with interest. She closed her eyes and was silent for a few seconds. And the she replied to Harry:

 "Let's get Sirius out of prison!"

Harry looked like he was going to jump for joy.

"But firstly, you must not tell anyone what you will see. Is that clear?"

"Yep. I cross my hart hope to die, stick a needle through my eye."

The teacher smiled. "I think we're going to get along just fine Harry."

Then the teacher went and told the head teacher that she was taking Harry somewhere. Surprisingly they got permission.

"Come on Harry! We must hurry!!!!!!!"

They both ran into her flat that was only a few minuets from the play school. There the teacher went into her room and took out a wand, broom and a backpack packed with food, and many other things Harry had never seen.

"We'll be needing many things, so we better have everything ready. Oh yes!!! My invisibility cloak!" She rushed into her room.

"Does that make you invisible?" Harry asked looking at the cloak.

"Yes," she said. "By the way Harry…do you even know what my name is…I haven't heard you use it…" she went a bit pink.

"I can't remember…" Harry said.

"Well it's Susan Winterspock. But you can call me Susan." She smiled. "I was friends with your parents and Sirius."


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