Hello, my loyal fans. Yes, I am back! I know I have been gone for the longest time. I have been on a mission in Maryland for the last 16 months. But, I'm finally back, and to celebrate that, I'm starting a new story.

I missed Avengers: Infinity War while I was in Maryland. So, I bought it the day it came out and watched it. I absolutely loved it. I've seen some awesome crossovers between the Arrowverse and Avengers, so I figured I would do the same here. The first story will focus mainly on the Flash, but he won't be the only hero sent to the Avengers world. It will actually start around the time of Civil War, and progress to Infinity War in another story.

I will upload the first chapter soon. I just wanted to get this story online, and to post this to announce I'm back.

Stay tuned!