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Chapter 9- A New Enemy

Barry wrings his hands as he sits on his bed. He thought he wasn't gonna have to deal with Savitar again.

"How did he find me?" Barry whispers to himself.

Suddenly, there's a knock on the door. Barry looks up to see Wanda standing in the doorway.

"Hey," Barry says simply.

"Do you mind if I come in?" she asks. Barry just simply nods.

Wanda walks in and sits down next to Barry. They sit there for a moment before Wanda asks, "What's on your mind?"

"I don't understand how Savitar found me. If anyone from the team knew where I was, they would've come for me by now. How could Savitar have found me before my team?" Barry asks.

"You said he was in this Speed Force. Maybe it helped him see where you were," Wanda suggests.

"I've been in the Speed Force before. And it didn't let me see outside the Speed Force. I don't think it was that. But somehow, he knew where I was," Barry says.

Wanda gently places a hand on Barry's shoulder. "It's okay. You have an advantage over Savitar you didn't have before," she says in a comforting tone.

Barry looks at her. "And what is that?" he asks her.

Wanda smiles broadly at him. "This time, you have the Avengers on your side," she says cheerfully. Barry can't help but smile.

All of a sudden, before Barry can say anything back, Steve appears in the doorway, dressed in his uniform and with his shield on his back, but with a look of concern on his face.

"Barry! We've got a problem! Somebody with these fire powers is trying to attack the facility, and he said he wants the Flash," Steve says urgently.

Barry is instantly on his feet. "I'll be right back," he says to Wanda and Steve, and races out.

In an instant, he's out on the lawn outside the facility, near the tree line. And fifty feet in front of him is a man, wreathed in flames.

"Who are you?" Barry demands.

The man laughs. "My name is of no consequence. You can call me Inferno," he says maniacally.

Barry just stares at him. "This Earth doesn't have metahumans on the level my Earth does. How did you get your powers?" he demands.

Inferno laughs. "Wouldn't you like to know?" Then, he raises his hands and cries, "But for now, all I need to do is kill you Flash. He'll be so pleased."

Then, with no further hesitation, Inferno unleashes a firestorm in Barry's direction. Barry races out of the way. The man takes to the air by forcing flames down from his feet and hands.

"Barry?" Barry's head jerks around at the sound of Tony's voice in his ear. Then, he realizes it's just Tony speaking through comms.

"Yeah, Tony?" Barry asks.

"I've been analyzing this guy through the sensors in your suit. So far, I've seen him hit one thousand degrees Fahrenheit," Tony says.

"Well, how do I stop him?" Barry asks.

"Suffocate him. Fire can't burn without oxygen. If you run around him fast enough, it should be able to suck all the oxygen out of his immediate vicinity. Rhodey is coming to join you. He'll contain Inferno, then you do your thing," Tony responds.

Barry nods, then takes off, just running around, dodging Inferno's attacks. "Where are you, Rhodes?" he asks himself after a moment.

As if to answer the question, Rhodey flies in and blasts Inferno with his repulsors. Inferno goes reeling through the air before he recovers himself. But, before he can try and counterattack, Rhodey blasts him again, this time knocking him to the ground.

"Go, Barry!" Tony says over comms. Immediately, Barry takes running, and starts running a circle around Inferno.

Not realizing the danger, Inferno stands there, trying to blast Barry. But, Barry easily dodges the fiery blasts as he runs faster and faster.

Slowly, as Rhodey watches from above, Inferno's flames start to die down. Confused, Inferno tries to increase his flames. But, to his surprise, they just keep dying down.

Then, Inferno realizes he's having trouble breathing. Now scared, he tries to take off again, but realizes he can't summon enough flames to get airborne.

Barry keeps running. He watches as Inferno's flames continue to die down, until they're nothing more than embers. Then, Rhodey flies in and fires off a burst from some of his guns. Several bullets hit Inferno, and the metahuman collapses.

Barry stops running and comes up beside Inferno. He looks up at Rhodey with slightly reproach for just killing him, then back down at Inferno.

"How did you get your powers?" Barry asks.

Inferno gasps several times, blood flowing from the bullet wounds. Then, he says in a hoarse voice, "He came to me. He gave me my powers. And he said he could take them back if I killed you and the Avengers."

"Who came to you?" Barry asks, now feeling very nervous.

Inferno looks back up at him and says, "A man, in a cloak, with some kind of mask. He said his name was Alchemy." Then, he groans, coughs a few times, then goes still.

Barry looks down at Inferno, his fear confirmed. With a roaring noise, Rhodey lands next to Barry. His mask lifts, and he asks, "What is it?"

Barry turns to Rhodey. For a moment, he just looks his fellow Avenger in the eye. Then, he says, "Savitar's not here alone. We have a new enemy."

And that is it. I know this chapter wasn't the best. I was just trying to think of a way to introduce Alchemy. And Inferno is just an OC of my making. You may see one or two more OC metahumans before the end of the Savitar conflict.

For those of you who are confused, the description of the Philosophers Stone in episode 9 of season 3 is that it can create metahumans. I know that it was really only used to restore the Flashpoint metahumans, but for this story I'm expanding its abilities a bit.

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