Hello? Is this still on? I hope that it is and that I still have some people following me. Well, I'm back with a new story! Actually, it's not really a new story, as I started writing this years ago, and I have been adding and tweaking it ever since. This is an Edward "what if" story, in which a decision pre-dating the novels changes how the characters evolve and the ultimate story unfolds. I tried to keep this to be canon with the novels, however given very nature of the story, expect a lot of changes and surprises. This story has been a vehicle for me to explore a lot of things...some within the story and character arcs, some with my writing process. As I publish this story, I will include some of my thoughts around the story direction and the process I went through. Depending on how I dice/slice the chapters, expect this to go on for a bit. I am looking at around 70 or so chapters that I have written, spanning 1987 through 2007. My plan is to publish 2-3 chapters a week.

This is a Twilight inspired work of fan fiction. It is provided for entertainment purposes only. Twilight is the property of Stephenie Meyer. No copyright infringement is intended. The story that follows is the property of PiedPiperOSIB.

~ Syracuse, New York - September 13, 1987 ~

"Oh Emmett! Yes, right like that! I love your mouth on me! Ahhh! Don't you fucking stop!"

Rose's voice echoed through the house. I was sitting at the piano, playing some Chopin while trying to ignore the sounds coming from Rose and Emmett's room. I was also trying really hard to ignore their thoughts, which were much more pornographic. Unfortunately, I was failing at both. I glanced over at Jasper who was working hard to cancel out the lustful feelings growing within my remaining family members. He understood like no one else how difficult it was for me to be around three mated pairs of vampires. He indirectly felt each stab of jealously and loneliness coming from me as if they were coming from his own mind. Alice was usually able to warn me ahead of time so I could prepare myself, but Rose's seduction of Emmett had not been planned.

"Sorry, brother," Jasper thought, knowing I was able to read him and his struggles. "The family is too worked up tonight."

I nodded in acknowledgement to Jasper's admission and as tacit permission for him end his futile efforts. Without any delay, he stopped his mood control. Not a minute later, I found myself alone in the room as the two other Cullen couples had left for the privacy of their own bedrooms. Of all the things I detested about being a vampire, being the odd, seventh-wheel was what bothered me the most. I had never begrudged the others for having found their mates, or for being intimate with them. It was the vampire way. For mated vampires, sexually driven lust was more powerful than the blood driven variety. Despite my current moodiness, I was happy that all them had found someone to spend eternity with.


How I hated what that word represented for me. I once asked Alice if she had any visions that included me finding my mate. She had not. That didn't mean it wouldn't happen, but given the current course I was on, it looked like I was going to be alone.

"Edward!" Rose thought loudly between flashes of ecstasy she felt from Emmett's talented knowledge of arousing her. "You're making it hard for me to enjoy my husband righteously fucking me with that sad-ass music of yours. Why don't you do us all a favor and leave so we can all enjoy ourselves!"

Without even noticing, my piano playing had turned as melancholy as my mood. Rose's cutting thoughts were not new to me, although she was the only one to ever fully voice them. I could read in the minds of my family the pity and guilt they all felt. They would never be as blunt as Rose, but I knew from past history, they would all relax and enjoy the time with their mates more if I stepped out for a hunt.

After letting out a long, useless breath of air, I stood from the piano and darted outside the house. Racing through the woods at top speed, I decided a change was needed. I was tired of being the pathetic, lonely odd-man-out. I would make today a day of rebirth for me. I would change my course. As I sped away from my family, I could just register Alice's shriek, which was then followed by her calling Rose a "nasty bitch". I was quickly out of range before I could read any more of their thoughts.

I knew my leaving would be painful for most of my family, but over time they would adjust. Just like I would adjust being away from them. I could just imagine Rose chastising my actions as me just feeling sorry for myself. I did feel a bit sorry for myself, but I also felt lighter in the hope that this new course would lead me someplace where I was at peace. Someplace where I was not so lonely.