Chapter 2

Mount Justice

July 4th 2011

21:16 PM


Cups full of soda were brought together in unison as good cheers echoed throughout the halls of the Cave.

There was eight people who were all drinking their cups as the Cave was decorated in colourful balloons and streamers as lively music was played with several trays of food set up.

Today was a special day. Not because it's Independence Day. But because it the beginning of something great for a group of young heroes.

Eight of which were celebrating in their headquarters formed in a circle.

First was a young deep brown skinned male who had beach blonde hair in a buzz cut style and had pale green eyes. His uniform consisted of a full body red and blue swimsuit, exposing his arms and feet with small dorsal fins on the back of his calves. He also has black eel like tattoos that are painted across his back and continuing through his arms. But the most striking attribute about him was his set of gills and webbed hands and feet, almost like a fish.

This is Kaldur'ahm, The Atlantean superhero called Aqualad.

Next to him was an olive skinned girl with blonde hair tied in a ponytail reaching down to her waist and had coal black eyes. She was wearing a brown leather jacket with the sleeves pulled up and a white tank top underneath. She had on blue jeans with black heels, completing her ensemble.

She is Artemis Crock. The archery heroine known as…Artemis?

Another girl standing next to Artemis, was fair skinned and had brushed black hair with pale blue eyes. She had white earrings in both her ears and wore a blue top, red pants and white shoes.

She is Zatanna Zatara. The teen magician called…Zatanna?

Next was an African-American girl with short spiky black hair, deep ebony eyes and several piercings in her ears. She wore a red long sleeved top that a bit baggy, with her left shoulder being exposed. She also had on jeans that torn holes over her knees and she had on brown ankle boots.

She is Raquel Ervin. The high flying heroine called Rocket.

Beside her was a vibrant green skinned girl with amber eyes and freckles on her cheeks. Her outfit consisted of a pink short sleeved crop top sweater over a white shirt with a matching pink skirt. She had on knee high socks, brown shoes and a red headband.

She is M'gann M'orzz. The Martian telepath known as Miss Martian.

Standing right next to her was a young Caucasian male with short black hair and blue eyes. He wore dark blue jeans and had on black combat boots but the most striking thing about him was his black shirt with a red 'S' symbol in the centre.

He is Conner Kent. The half Kryptonian, half human clone known as Superboy.

Right beside him was a smaller Caucasian boy with short black hair but had on sunglasses that masked his eyes. He wore a red jacket over a grey hoodie and had light blue jeans on with black sneakers.

He is known simply as Robin, the Boy Wonder to everyone occupying the cave.

Well not to everyone.

Finally, there was a Caucasian boy with freckles draped across his face and wild spiky red hair with bright green eyes. Out of everyone in the room he was the only one wearing commemorative clothing for the occasion. As he wore a blue blazer, white shirt and red pants with a US themed tie. He also wore a white top-hat and a fake beard.

He is Wally West. The teen speedster called Kid Flash…or in this case Uncle Sam?

"Ugh! Can everyone stop staring at me?!"

Wally grunted in annoyance as everyone could not take their eyes off their friend.

"Hard not to babe." Artemis said to her boyfriend with her withholding a laugh.

"I thought this was going to be a dress up party." Wally defended himself "Excuse me for celebrating America's birthday."

"But this isn't a party for America, my friend." Kaldur chuckled "It is a party celebrating the Team's formation."

"Yeah, yeah I know. But I took a chance and trust me I will not make the same mistake next year if this how you treat me." Wally grumbled which makes everyone laugh.

"Wally don't be mad." Artemis tries to comfort her boyfriend but he turns his back on her in mock anger.

"My boyfriend everybody." She muttered under her breath which only Connor heard and the archer proceeds to whisper something in Wally's ear perking him up.

"To the Team!" Wally ecstatically called out which everyone laughs and then holler in repetition.

"Can't believe y'all formed this team a year ago!" Raquel exclaimed after chugged down her drink.

"It doesn't feel that long." Kaldur commented as he remembers the Cadmus infiltration to be only yesterday.

"Well if we're going to be technical. The Team we didn't really have the idea until the day after and it wasn't even official until three days later. Even then we didn't go on our own missions." Robin cheekily explained which everyone just groans and Wally playfully shoves him.

"Dude stop being a downer!" Wally accuses Robin who just raised his eyebrow at the previous 'downer' in the room "Today. Is the first day of the team. It's when we really worked together you know."

"I know. I know. I'm just stating facts. Everybody stay whelmed." Robin throws up his hands in mock surrender and everyone chuckles.

"Today also has a couple of firsts for me too." Connor muses which makes M'gann smile.

"Hello Megan!" M'gann speaks her catchphrase and slaps her head "It's the first time you met Robin, Wally and Kaldur. First time you saw the Moon and the first time you met Superman."

"Well he saw the Moon and met Superman after today." Robin corrected which resulted in a nudge from Wally.

Connor smiles and thinks back to that moment of finally meeting the Man of Steel face to face. But it was less than stellar that instead of taking him in and showing him the ropes, Superman left him out in the cold for nearly half a year. Even if Big Blue warmed up to him, the moment he wanted since he was created was forever ruined.

This makes him frown slightly but he feels someone hold his hand. He doesn't even need to look to know that it was M'gann who sensed that he needed someone to bring him out of the hole he had escaped from.

Everyone pays mention to this but don't say a word.

"So you guys really thought you were all going to be inducted into the Justice League that day?" Zatanna asks which makes the three in question sheepish.

"Looking back now it does seem…outlandish?" Kaldur after struggling to find the right word.

"We really thought that…I don't know, ready. You know?" Wally pondered "Now it does seem farfetched that they would allow minors into the League…besides Captain Marvel of course."

"But hey, we now shown that we can tangle with the toughest of League enemies and the League itself." Robin cheerily remarked making everyone else smile at their past accomplishments.

"Robin is right. Together we infiltrated Cadmus and exposed their operations." Kaldur said with pride.

"Not to mention rescuing Connor on top of that." Robin added while leaning on the Genomorph,

"Managed to destroy AMAZO. Thanks to me of course." Connor joked which makes M'gann smirk.

"Saved Bialya from Queen Bee's dictatorship. With my shapeshifting abilities." M'gann coyly says,

"Fought off the Reds when they invaded. With the Team's only non-super powered members." Artemis bragged and Robin reached out and high fived her. Both now seeing where the conversation was going.

"Saved Vlatava and its princess. Single handily might I add." Wally also bragged and gave a cocky smirk.

"I thought these were the team's achievements, not a brag fest?" Raquel whispered into Zatanna's ear and she giggled.

Zatanna had wanted to jump in and gloat that she (with Nabu's help) restored their dimension after it was split by Klarion. But she stopped herself because it was her decision to use the Helmet of Fate that led to her father bargaining that he'd take her place as Nabu's slave. She feels herself getting depressed but stops herself by drinking her soda and praying that someone else would talk.

Luckily Kaldur had stepped in.

"Yes, yes. Some missions would not have been successful without the skills of the lone heroes in this room. But together we forge something powerful and with that power we have accomplished many great things and continue to do great things."

Everyone lightens up at Kaldur's speech and were about to cheer but were halted by Kaldur again.

"But if we're going by our own accomplishments, I should care to mention that I am your leader and have lead you all through all our dangerous missions. You are welcome by the way."

Everyone is initially floored by Kaldur's boast as he just nonchalantly smiles and they just erupt in laughter and playfully push their leader for his sense of humor.

But during their fun, a computerized voice alerts all of them that someone was about to spoil it.


Batman is a tall imposing Caucasian male dressed in a dark gray costume with a black bat symbol on his chest. He wears black trunks, gloves with fins on the side, boots and a cape with the end having triangular patterns. He had on a yellow belt with pouches housing all his gadgets. Lastly he wore a black bat eared cowl that hid the upper regions of his face and showed only his jaw and mouth.

Everyone instantly stiffens and rush to present themselves in front of the Dark Knight.

"Team." Batman curtly addressed "Suit up."

Connor and Kaldur didn't need to acquiesce to the order as they were already in uniform.

M'gann soon followed by quickly shifting to her traditional hero outfit. Which consisted of a white short sleeved top with a red X drawn across it along with blue gloves, ankle high boots and a skirt with a red belt over it. She completed the look with a blue cape with a tight collar that held a golden oval.

But the heroes that didn't already have their costumes on were rushing to put them on but were stopped by Zatanna coughing in her hand as a means to get their attention.

They stop and look to her signifying that knew what she wanted to do and the Magician went into a stance.

"Semutsoc oreh otni ydobyreve egnahc."

Magical mist starts to form around them and their hero costumes begin to take place instead of their civvies.

Robin's consisted of a protective red vest held with yellow rectangular fasteners and his signature symbol of a yellow 'R' over a black circle on his left pec. He had short black sleeves coming from his vest and had on black leggings with red patterns going down the side. Black gloves with what appears to be grey straps dressed his arm and had on intricately designed black boots. Around his waist was his own yellow utility belt like his mentor's with several pouches containing his gadgets and a black cape with a pale yellow undertone. Lastly his face was now covered by a black sharp domino mask, making his completely white.

Wally's Kid Flash uniform had him wearing a full body unitard with yellow taking his upper body and red taking his lower body. The unitard also covers his forehead, still showing his eyes and lower parts of his face with red lightning streaks coming out from the side. On his chest was a symbol of a red lightning bolt within a white circle. He had on long red gloves, yellow boots and red rimmed goggles rested on his head. His costume also had on protective features such as shoulder pads.

Artemis' outfit was mostly dark green starting with her sleeveless top showing off her toned midriff and had a lime green arrow emblem on it. Her face was covered with a mask revealing only her ears, eyes and lower regions of her face. She wore long fingerless gloves and pants with black knee pads and combat boots. On her waist was her black utility belt and a pouch strapped to her left leg. Attached to her back was her quiver containing all sorts of trick arrows and her signature bow to complete her look.

Raquel's Rocket attire was a form fitting blue long sleeved shirt with a partial hood that covers her neck, forehead and cheeks. She had on brown overalls that wasn't zipped up all the way and the sleeves were rolled up to her elbows. She wore protective gloves, black knee pads and her power belt. The belt is red and has three blue glowing circles on it which completes her look.

Finally, Zatanna's uniform appeared but was quite simple compared to the others. She wore a black blazer over a mustard yellow vest and white shirt. She also had on black mini shorts with grey stockings and black boots that reached midway to her calves. To complete the look, she wore a white bow tie and white gloves.

Everyone checks to see if they had on their costumes on and they join the others in front of Batman.

"What do you have for us Batman?" Robin asked his mentor who waved his hand and a holographic screen appeared in front of them.

After some typing on the holographic keyboard, the screen was soon littered with images of banks, laboratories and military camps. With headlines along the themes of break ins and thievery.

"I've caught wind of several burglaries from banks, labs and military bases from the last two weeks. After some digging, I've managed to deduce that they're all connected." Batman explained and the proceeds to type something else in and new images are shown.

Videos of the robberies were taken by the security cameras but the odd thing about them is that the perpetrators were blurred but everything else was high definition.

"Those blurs are the thieves?" Rocket sceptically asked as Batman just nodded.

"But everything else is clear?" Zatanna voiced in confusion.

"I guess those guys are wearing some pretty advanced suits to be completely fuzzed out from the recording." Kid Flash deduced; thinking what kind of technology could digitally allow themselves to be phased out of a live camera.

"That and must be cocky if they didn't just disable the cameras." Robin reckoned.

"Same conclusion I came to but there's something else they have." Batman commented while Robin and Kid Flash quietly high fived themselves in glee.

But they composed themselves when they see the blurs disappear in a flash of red light.

"So they teleported away?" Miss Martian questioned which made everyone raise an eyebrow in confusion.

"But how? Zeta Beams?" Artemis asked which made Batman answer.

"No. We managed to pick up some left over residue from each location and scanned them but they gave off a different read than Zeta Beams."

"What kind of read?" Robin asked.


Everyone is shortly taken aback by the Dark Knight's answer.

"So whatever they're using for teleportation must use a dangerous power source, huh?" Kid Flash thinks aloud "Do you know what they were using?"

"No." Batman curtly answered "Whatever they're using, it's nothing that I've ever seen before?"

"So what? You want us to find out what they're using and report back?" Superboy deduced.

"Partly. After doing a worldwide sweep for the radiation I've gotten several matches in these sixteen locations." Batman shared as he several mapped locations appeared in his next slide.

"Your mission is to search through every one of these locations, find the thieves and report back."

"So we're pretty much playing a game of intense hide and seek?" Artemis quipped.

"We won't fail you Batman." Aqualad said with absolute confidence.

"I know you won't." Batman responded as he begins to tap on the keys and turned to his protégé "Robin, I'm sending you the coordinates."

"Got 'em." Robin answered as his glove projected with a miniature holographic screen with all the locations that his mentor had marked.

"Contact me when you're done." Batman told Aqualad and walked over to the Zeta Tube and disappeared from their sights.


With Batman having the left the cave, Kid Flash immediately groans in annoyance.

"Sixteen!" he exclaims "Sixteen!"

"I'll normally hit him but in this case he's right." Artemis states "Sixteen locations? This gonna take all night isn't it?"

"Might as well pack up all the food." Zatanna suggested as she does a chant to sort all the food into plastic containers while her teammates discuss some more.

"Come on guys." Miss Martian encourages the others "As soon as we start, the faster we can get it done."

"Miss Martian's right." Aqualad stated with no room for backtalk "Now let us begin this assignment."

Aqualad walked away and the others soon followed his lead with the tedious search still on their minds.

Robin in particular was moping about it being a scouting mission but knowing the team's luck, it was probably going to be something more.




A crimson portal opens in a dark location and five figures fall through and land on the ground in one big dog pile.

"Uggh. Anyone catch the number of that?" asked an annoyed Speedy.

"Speedy please get off of me." Aqualad requested in a muffled tone.

"Whose hand is that?" Wonder Girl asked with an edge in her voice.

"Sorry." Kid Flash apologised.

"Everybody get up." Robin ordered and one by one they all get up and stand.

The Titans take in their new surroundings which didn't look that different than the forest they were just in. Except they weren't near in the barn house but they were in a small clearing with tall trees towering over them.

"OK. Who turned off the sun?" Kid Flash jokingly asked and the other Titans look up to see that it was not midday just a moment ago but night.

"Anyone want to tell me how we got here?" Speedy growled, angry at how someone got the drop on them.

"We got jumped." Robin snapped, also ashamed that this happened "I didn't get a good look but whoever it was, they used the wand on us."

"Then this must be a different world. Just like Professor Portal was talking about?" Wonder Girl states as she inspects the trees.

That made all the other Titans ponder and immediately their thoughts turn negative.

What were they going to do?

What if the other Teen Titans don't exist?

Who could they ask to help them get back home?

"Look I know we've all experienced some weird stuff but I'm not sold that it's a different universe unless I see proof." Speedy stubbornly reasoned.

"Speedy's right…. That's weird to say." Aqualad admitted and then checked his tongue as if the sentence was poisonous "For all we know he could've just built a simple teleportation device."

"Then how can you explain the fact that it is now nightfall?" Wonder Girl questioned which got Aqualad tongue-tied.

"Alright then."

The Titans all look to Kid Flash as he crouches and stretches his legs.

"I'm gonna go and do a quick sweep. If I see anything weird then I guess, we have our answer." the speedster explained as he gets up to run "See you guys in a bit."

Kid Flash immediately zooms off and leaves the others waiting for him to return.

"I guess we wait." Speedy huffed as he leaned against a tree "But if we are in a different reality or something, then whoever sent us here is getting an energy arrow up his…!"

"Thank you! Speedy." the dark eyed Atalntean interrupted but also shared the same sentiment.

This however put Robin in a deep thought.

"Whoever did this must have accidently fired the weapon at us or they wanted us to be here." the Boy Wonder mentally deduced "But why?"

Robin was inwardly coming up for reasons why someone wanted them to fall though the portal but he was immediately taken out of his thought's by Kid Flash running in and stopping to catch heavily catch his breath as he crashes to the ground.

"Kid Flash are you okay?" Aqualad asked in concern "I've never seen you catch your breath before?"

"I'm fine." the scarlet haired speedster tried to ease his concerned friends "Think my connection to the Speed Force is a little messed up due to being in the wrong universe."

"Wrong?" Speedy repeated as he lifted the speedster up.

"Yeah. Wrong." Kid Flash enunciated as he leans on Speedy "I checked everywhere, I didn't see any of my hang outs. There isn't a Flash Museum. And I didn't see any of your towers."

This made the Titan's face drain of colour and gently step back.

"Hera." gasped out Wonder Girl.

"OK. I believe the Nutty Professor now." Speedy admitted under his breath.

"What's the plan now?" Wonder Girl shakily asked as she was becoming a little scared of never returning home.

No one makes a peep as they were all absorbing the information and trying to figure out a solution.

"We should go and scout where we are and find out if this world has any heroes of their own we can trust." Robin answered with all eyes turning to him.

"But who though? The Justice League?" Aqualad asked his spiky haired friend and he responded with a shoulder hunch.


"How can we be sure that the Justice League even exists?" Speedy now asks but before Robin could answer, Kid Flash jumps up ecstatically.

"Wait!" Kid Flash exclaimed "I remember Flash telling me that he travelled to another universe and met a superhero team called the Justice Guild of America. Maybe this universe has a Justice League or some other heroes we can depend on?!"

The Titans take in what their friend had just said and wait for it to digest.

"Justice Guild of America?" Speedy repeated sceptically.

"I know the name's kind of long. But if that world had a team of heroes then maybe this one does?" Kid Flash reasoned which got everyone thinking.

"Well we have to do something." Aqualad states.

"Where do we go?" Speedy asks.

"We should try the Hall of Justice. If it's there?" Robin answered "But we have to do it covertly. Kid Flash are we…'still' in Hatton Corners?

Kid Flash nods his head affirmatively.

"DC is going to be a long trip from here on foot." Wonder Girl explains.

"On foot?" Kid Flash repeats back in confusion "Guys come on. I can still use my powers."

"Dude. You collapsed in exhaustion from running by yourself." Speedy retorts "What's going to happen when you have to lift us one by one?"

"Just give me a moment to rest. Trust me after ten minutes, I'll be back to full strength."

With that Kid Flash lays himself on the ground to relax himself with the other Titans staring at him.

"It beats having to walk I guess." Speedy says as he props himself down on the grass with his friend and one by one, the other Titans follow.

"So tell us more about what happened with the Flash and his dimensional travels?" Wonder Girl asks which got Kid Flash beaming.

"Well basically, he was fighting with the Justice League before…"

Robin tuned out from listening to Kid Flash's story. Too concerned with their current predicament, to just be eased with a thrilling tale.

His mind goes to how many things can go wrong.

Like if there was a Justice League here? Would they be able to help them? What if they're evil?

The Boy Wonder's mind soon drifts among a sea of negative thinking, while also faintly hearing Kid Flash's story.

But one thought was on his mind that he could shake off.

Were there heroes out there that can help them?


July 4th 2011

00:32 PM

"KF. Stay whelmed."

Robin tiredly pleads his best friend who was slumped his chair.

"I'm just saying." Kid Flash retorts "These guys have teleportation tech. Maybe they knew we were coming, left and we're on a wild goose chase."

"Wally." Artemis drawls out with a tired voice "You're my boyfriend and I like you but please. Shut. Up."

The whole Team were starting to feel tired after hours of travelling, scanning, thoroughly checking buildings and having to put up with Kid Flash's complaints…fifteen times.

"Perhaps you would like to take it up with Batman?" Aqualad curtly asked his teammate who just huffed and hung his head in defeat "That's what I thought. Robin where to next?"

"Some place called Jump City." the Boy Wonder answered his leader and then leaned back in his chair "Thankfully it's the last location. So we don't have to listen to Wally complaining anymore."

A round of applause and cheers soon erupted which made a certain speedster frown.

"I'm too sick of this mission to be mad at you all."

A couple of minutes later the Team had landed in front of the source of the final radiation signature; an old abandoned factory of the edge of the city.

The Team who had them had activated their Stealth Tech, switching their costumes from their original colour to black and grey. Miss Martian had just simply transmuted her costume to black, switched the skirt for leggings and had on longer sleeves.

They exited the Bio Ship and stand to see the abandoned Factory which had seen better days. Mold, rust and broken windows plagued the building. With several pieces of trash such as glass bottles and wrappers littered in front of it.

"Oh yeah this is hideout, if I've ever seen one." said Artemis.

"Or one heck of a Friday night." Rocket jokes as she eyes the broken beer bottles.

"Miss Martian you pick up on anything?" Superboy asks the Martian whose eyes had just glew green.

"Nope." Miss Martian answers "No intelligent minds are in that building. Again,"

"Then we follow the tactic as before. Miss Martian." Aqualad states and then calls to his friend "Set it up."

Miss Martian set up a telepathic link between the Team and Aqualad ordered the Team to split in order to cover more ground.

Pairs were divided between them to check out different sectors.

Superboy and Miss Martian were to check the north side. Artemis and Zatanna, the east. Aqualad and Rocket, the south. Lastly Robin and Kid Flash had the west.

They all enter the factory and split off to begin their last search for the night.

But unbeknownst to them. A lone dark figure observes them from afar holding a familiar piece of technology.

Professor Portal's transportation wand.

The dark figure let's out a chilling voice as he watches them go into the factory.

"This will be interesting."

So to carry on from the last chapter.

I was in the middle of chapter 2 before my old Laptop was dead and from what I remember it followed the same storyline. I changed it for this because I believed that I wanted a more interesting way for the Team to be introduced in the story.

Also spliced together chapter 2 and chapter 9 together because I thought it was too convenient that Batman just sent the Team on a mission so the Titans would be alone. It felt disconnected so I'm having them be on an official mission instead of Robin and KF goofing off.

So some things will be omitted and this new version of the story won't just be the old chapters being reworked with proper spellings and grammar.

This chapter was going to be longer with the mission being shown but I decided that was to be in the next chapter. Just because I want to upload the revamped version of chapter 1 and this one, as soon as possible. Because I feel if I wait and continue to write it than I'm stalling which I've been doing for the past year.

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Zatanna's Spell(s)

"Change everybody into their hero costumes."