081. Monster



Luke hears her, before the dawnlight hits the ridge of the cliffside — like a buzzing, low register.

His best guess is that Rey is pleasuring herself.

He's not open to the Force in such completeness that Luke can confirm or share this with her, when Rey instinctively reaches, for anything, for nothing at all. '

Luke gruffly sighs, treading on the path to Rey's hut. He's unsure of what to tell her, and nothing can be said, when Rey's lips covers his, engulfing him with slick-slide of her tongue.

She's an avaricious heat and too-eager, muttering incoherently, urging his dusky-colored cock to press between her inner thighs, watching them with her own bleary, bright eyes as her muscles swallow Luke up to the hilt, as he groans on top of her.

Rey's mouth tastes the scruff darkening his jaw, as she seizes Luke's narrow hips, dragging him back on every unstable, pounding thrust inside.

Her walls contract around him, like an endless wave, drowning Luke to the crest of his first orgasm with another woman, pulsing, filling her in a liquid-heat, until Rey trembles and cries out.

Luke can still hear her in a reverberation, a litany of their weaved, tantalized senses.



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