"It was this day, when the elven lands of Nephthys and the human land of Halkegnia was forever changed by the hero that saved all of us, Saito Hiraga. That was the same day, when he gather to tell us about this technology that would forever change our lives and the way we think about things. We thought of nothing at first. But then, Saito showed us what this can do. That was the moment where both elves and the humans of this world became interested in a foreign technology that was completely had us baffled by the amazing things that it has done for us. "


It was that time of the events in Halkegenia, after the Ancient Dragon was defeated, thanks to the combined efforts of both humans and elves. These two races, a race well known for being each other's longtime enemies, threw their differences aside to combat a common enemy. After the slaying of the Ancient Dragon, Saito proposed to Louise, and she accepted. A wedding was arranged, and there were numerous people from all over Halkegenia. People such as Henrietta, the Queen of Tristain, Tabitha, the Queen of Gallia, Tiffania, the half-elf and cousin of Henrietta. Lastly, there was elves such as Ari, who was attending the wedding along with Luctiana. As usual, she was gathering research for what a "human wedding" is like. For her, research has always been an integral part of her life. Ever since she was little, she wanted to know all about the humans. Were they truly savages, always wanted to disgrace her elven bloodline, and threaten to invade their homeland? When she first took Tiffania and Saito for research purposes, she wanted to observe the interactions between a human and an elf. It turns out however, that both Tiffania and Saito got along really well. This was something that threw Luctiana off. She had heard countless stories about humans being savages. Well, it turns out the complete opposite. They were actually kind, but due to her habits, she still occasionally let it slips by calling humans the word "savages". Ari was the same as well. His stands on humans have changed as well, seeing them as equals. As a result, his prejudice against humans have disappeared ever since Luctiana showed him the human wedding, which soon concluded. Both Louise and Saito then left to the carriage to go off on their honeymoon.

Luctiana looked at Ari. "Well, I feel quite happy for them. These savages are quite similar to us, don't you think? Their wedding is quite similar to us, with the fact that we have several additional rituals that we have to complete in order to seal the knot." Ari turned to look at his future-to-be wife. "I guess so. Perhaps I was being too judgmental on the humans. Especially when I began to interact with Gusiche about his troubles with woman. Turned out that we were one and the s-." That was Luctiana kicked Ari in embarrassment. "You better not do that again, or else I am calling off the marriage. Tee hee, just kidding. This was a good day today. We ended up defeating the Ancient Dragon that threatened the existence of both humans and elves. I won't be surprised if we see a peace treaty signed between the elves and the humans over the next several days."

Ari looked at the blue sky that covers Tristain. It was basically cloudless, with the sun rays piecing him at about at 60 degree angle. It was in the afternoon, with the defeat of the dragon being a day ago. It symbolized a new area that was about to begin between the elves and the humans. And for the first time, the assumptions of Luctiana were correct. While Louise and Saito were busy on their honeymoon in Saito's world (which was in the year of 2018), Henrietta offered a peace/alliance treaty to the nation of elves, the Nephthan Elven Council accepted the alliance as gratitude for defeating the Ancient Dragon. This marked that for the first time in Halkegenia history, there was a treaty between human and elves. At first, both the human race and elven race were not sure of the treaty, but as time progressed, they became accustomed to it. Soon, the other nations of Halkegenia followed in with the alliance as well. Meanwhile, Saito and Louise have arrived from their honeymoon in Japan. Around that same time, Saito had a thought. "If Louise can bring that World Gate here, then I can bring in modern tech to Tristain! Yeah, that sounds like a good plan. I am basically giving radio to the Romans. In other words, I want to be the one to make Tristain more modernized. I know that we have several mages that have duplication magic. This may require help from the elves. Now, if we can enchant the tech so that it can receive signals from Earth, we will be able to make history. The second thing I want to do is introduce the concept of electricity, and make Tristain run on that, since it is more efficient. For that, we will need an electric motor that will never run out of charge. Basically, an infinitely charging device. Finally, I want to introduce motor vehicles. These things that came from my world are much, much faster than the carriages that Henrietta currently uses. Motorcycles for example, can exceed speeds of 150 MPH, if the driver is careful. I should consult with my wife Louise first before going with the idea. Maybe she will think that doing this is a bad idea in the first place. Well, I might as well give it a shot. So that I can do what no other protagonist has done, bring modern tech to a fantasy world."

A new idea

With that, Saito went to Louise and tugged on her arm. This was after they have gotten back from their honeymoon using Louise's World Gate ability. Back in Japan, Louise was amazing at the things that Saito had in his world. Things such as computers, which were super thin and ultra-fast in 2018. It was something that Louise had never seen before in her life. To her, she thought it was some form of magic. The same thing goes with the smartphone. When she first got to Saito's world, she was interested in how people were able to alter a screen, just by merely swiping their hand, or making gestures. It wasn't just one person either, pretty much everyone was on this one device. Louise looked at Saito as a result from him pulling on her arm. "Saito, is there something that you need? I'm here to support you all the way. We finally have peace at last." Saito replied in his typical eager voice. "Louise, I think we can modernize your world, and have some of the things that my world has. Would you like to hear what I am going to do? This is going to be quite lengthy, so be prepared." Louise simply nodded and gave him the green light to start speaking.

"Do you remember the computer stuff and smartphone stuff I showed you in my world, Louise? I think it may be possible to bring those things to your world." Saito at this point was sitting at the porch of his mansion, along with Louise. She thought about it for a moment. How nice it would to have those same things in her world. On Earth, Saito explained to Louise what these devices could do. The thought of having instant communication to Henrietta, to be able to watch some form of entertainment, and to play video games with her longtime friend and having fun together was something that she wanted. With the possibility of this new tech, Louise would be able to connect with her from far away. In addition, she also thought about the benefits that this new thing may bring to the normal citizens of Tristain, as well as the elves. Everyone needs a downtime to recover from working pretty much the entire day, and these tech devices would be a huge boon. Louise agreed that these things would be helpful. "That is what I was thinking as well, but how are we going to get these things to work, let alone operate. We speak the same language, but the way that it is written is in your language. Also, we need that thing you call 'electricity' to make things work. The only way I can see if this is possible is to combine a small portion of my World Door power with Elven magic to make this even work. But I want it to work Saito. I want to watch the thing that you call 'anime'. I want to go on this 'internet' to talk with people in an instant. I also want to have those 'smartphones' in this world Saito."

Saito nodded. He knew that this was possible, but he had to come up with a game plan. "Louise, this is what we are going to do. We are going to first introduce electricity, using an electric motor that we will be enhanced with elven magic and your void magic. This means that we will get unlimited electric power, which would be huge leap. This also means implementing wiring as well to get all of the houses in Tristain with LED and florescent lights, along with the streets. Also, this is when we are going to incorporate power outlets into every single home in Tristain. My goal is to get this done in around one mouth. We definitely have mages that can do this sort of thing quickly, so that would be our first goal. In the next mouth, we will be entering the actual tech phrase. Louise, the thing we call, 'TV', and 'computers' will be introduced next. Also, we will be introducing the Internet around this time. In the third month, we will be introducing smartphones. Don't worry, Bidashal has already told me that it is possible to combine elven enhancement magic to do this with your World Door magic. Lastly, we will be introducing motor vehicles and implementing them over the next two years. As you have seen Louise, these things can go much faster than your carriages that you guys used. It may still be a medieval era, but it's going to become more modernized like my place. Sounds like a good plan Louise? If so, we are going to talk to Agnes and set up an appointment with Henrietta to show case this. Both Bidashal and Luctiana agreed to participate in this, as I was talking to him about this while you were napping in the real world. I surely can't wait for this to become a reality!"

Louise looked at him and nodded the green light for Saito. By now, the sun was starting to set into the hill, with the darkness overtaking the sky once again. In that time, Saito and Louise ate in the dining room of their mansion. Both of them had a broth like soup that they were eating. Saito was eating beef stew, while Louise decided to go the vegan route and went with the vegetable soup. After they cleaned their palette, they began talks on how to introduce something that Saito's world has never seen or heard of in the first place. However, since Saito knows that there are translation spells in their world, as shown when Louise blasted him with one when he first arrived from Japan. So Saito asked Louise what language they actually spoke, and Louise told him that it was known as 'French' in her world. That made things a whole lot easier for Saito. As the moon rises over Tristain, they both sit on the chairs, looking at the stars that filled the sky. For Saito, he has always wanted to get a good view of the night sky, but he lived in Tokyo, most of the street lights dimmed down the view. Louise was doing the same thing as well. These two newlyweds, their bonds that have been strengthened over the course of Saito's stay. Who knew that one day, Louise's familiar would become her husband? No one could have seen that from the beginning. Hours passed, and the moon continues to rise higher to the sky. Saito and Louise taking a shower, then kissing each other good night, sleeping in the newly bought queen-sized bed.

It was now morning, three hours before lunchtime. Louise and Saito woke up. The first one was Saito, followed by Louise, who was the heavier sleeper. She woke up about 15 minutes after Saito. "Good morning, Louise." Saito said as he rubbed her long, soft pink hair. Louise, still groggy, rubbed her eyes for a moment. "S…..Saito….." For a few moments, she laid in bed. It wasn't until Saito pushed her again, that she fully waked up. They both stretched, then made their way downstairs for breakfast. That was when Saito asked Louise if he could bring the electric generator from his world, along with a lamp, to demonstrate. Louise nodded. "Saito, we'll need the World Door first to get those two things. They at your home, right? Your parents, they have them?" Saito nodded. "Yes, they have those things. I bought an electric generator for that purpose, since elven magic can greatly change their capabilities." So once they were both done eating their breakfast, Saito and Louise opened the World Door to get both the lamp and the electric generator, to show to Henrietta. They arrive back in Louise's world a few moments later, the blue cubed shaped generator on the right, and the lamp on the left. Saito and Louise then went to dress up in their usual attire and outfit. Louise got everything, except her pendant. "Darn! Where did I put that thing? I must have dropped it somewhere." Saito, noticing that Louise was looking for something, told her one place where she might find the pendant. "Louise, have you tried checking under your bed? Maybe it fell there." With that, Louise went back upstairs, and eventually found it where Saito suggested. "Thanks Saito! I found it with your help." Louise said with her 'dere' face. She went back downstairs and hugged Saito in the chest. Saito simply responded by rubbing her hair, followed by another kiss to the lips. There, they checked around the mansion for about an hour to make sure that everything was tidy. Suddenly, they heard a knock from the mansion door. Saito went forward to open the door, and there, it was four figures. The first three was the usual, Bidashal, Luctiana, and Tiffania. However, there was one that Saito didn't recognize. The person was definitely an elf, but he was unlike any elf that Subaru had seen before. His pointy ears were much more angled up than the other three. Saito also noticed that this elf had silver hair with amethyst eyes. He was about 6'0 tall, and wears white and purple clothes with purple lines. But, the most striking thing to Saito is that his neck, and his two shoulders have that yellow eagle insignia in each side. That made Saito think that this elf may have come from one of the royal families in Nephthys. This unknown person, noticing that both Saito and Louise were confused by his appearance and looks when compared to other elves, gave them a warm smile, signaling his naturally good and warm personality.

"I see that the two of you are confused by my looks. Fear not, I am also here to assist you with the exhibition that you will be showing to Henrietta in a few hours from now. My name is Theo. I have been living in Nephthys for quite some time now. Shall we get things ready, Louise-san and Saito-san? Agnes has already prepared the carriage to go to Tristain's Capital." The elf looked to the couple for a response. Louise raised her hand for the go ahead. "We have everything that we need, so Saito and I are ready to move out." Bidashal and Luctiana went ahead and grabbed the electronic motor and the lamp respectively. They went outside, and put it in the back carriage. They had to wiggle it in place due to the trunk's smaller size. Eventually, the both got it in. Luctiana called out to the couple who were still standing at the foot of the mansion's entrance. "Louise, Saito, the carriage is ready! Let's make way to the capital!" It took both of them several minutes to board the carriage. When it was done, the door was closed, and the carriage began to pull away from the mansion, with the drive being one of Henrietta It drew further and further away until it was no longer visible. Saito, being the curious man that he is, wanted to know about Theo's origins. "Theo, from the looks of your clothes, and features, I think it is safe to say that you did not come from this world. The elves here clearly have different features than you." Theo slowly nodded his head. "Unfortunately, that assumption you made is true. I was not originally from Nephthys. Rather, the same thing happened to me, as did to Saito." This resulted in both Saito, Louise, Tiffania, and Luctiana gasping in shock, while Bidashal simply nodded his head, because he was told by Theo a long time ago. "Y.Y..You are not from this world at all?" Luctiana said in disbelief. Theo shook his head as he turned to look at the partly cloudy skies that loomed ahead. "No. I was originally from the Elior Forest in Lugnica, a place that does not exist in this world. I am 357 years old. That place was the only place where elves lived. And that was also the place where I fell in love with a human. We ended up marrying each other. Tiffania, the half-elf, looked at Theo. "So, Theo-san, does that mean you had a child?" A smile emerged from Theo, "Yes…..yes I did. I had one child." Saito and Louise looked at Tiffania. Her face turned slightly pink. "Uh…ahem…..Theo-san. In other words, your child is a half-elf like me?" Theo's smile persisted. He responded directly to TIffania. "That's right. She is a half-elf like you. I had only her as my daughter." Theo went back to look at the forest and trees that they pass by as they make their way closer to the capital of Tristain.

Louise could imagine her having Saito as a father and having a family. But she was not even close to be ready for that. It was only a couple of days since her honeymoon with Saito. Louise though, wanted to know the name of Theo's daughter. "Theo, what is your daughter's name?" Louise asked, making sure not to be too forceful. There was no answer from Theo for several minutes. Apparently, he was busy looking at the plains of Tristain, its beautiful grass, stretching for as far as the eye can see, with the forest in the distance. Eventually, Theo turned back to the entire crew. "My daughter's name…her name is Emilia. I have always been thinking about her every day, from the moment that I arrived in this world." Tiffania could symphonize, as she mostly grew up without her parents, especially when her mother left a cabin for her to live in. She grew up all alone, so she realize that must have been hard on Emilia as well. "Theo-san, you do miss her lot, don't you? Don't worry, I'm pretty sure that she is still alive. By now, I think she has grown into a beautiful girl." That comment from Tiffania made Theo a little teary. He tried to resist it, but a single drop fell from his eyes onto the floor. His voice, slightly quavering, responded back in a timely fashion. "I'm pretty sure of it too. I miss her every single day, for the past 107 years. I don't know what happened to my wife, or to Emilia in that time period….but I hold on to the hope every day that she and my wife are still alive. That hope…..I let it refuse to die!" Theo looked back out once again, the tears flowing from his eyes. Saito looked at him, and noticed that his face had the face of someone who was regretting something. He patted Theo's arm. "Anyone else from Elior that you know?" Saito waited for Theo to cool down for a bit. Once Theo regained some of his composure, he continued. "There is three people…that I know. One was my sister, Fortuna. As you may expect, she has the same silver hair and purple eyes that I have. The second is Arch, who is one of our good friends, and lastly, Geuse, who was close friends with my sister. Oh, and I forgot to mention. I have a hidden power, and it is something that I have kept secret for a long time. It's what I call the ability to give someone powers, but it comes at a price. That is why I never use it on people that don't want it."

Louise was curious. "Price? What do you mean it comes at a price?" Theo cleared his throat before replying. "Sorry, I should clarify. I can specifically pick what power that person gets. However, I can't control the side effects of getting those powers. It depends on the person. These effects are completely random." Louise took some time process what she heard. She hasn't heard anything like this before. Not in Tristain, or Halkegenia. But then again, she doesn't know what the elves use. Bidashal's magic was one of the most powerful there is, and that took a negation type spell from that book to counter it. Who knows what some of the elves can do. Luctiana finally began to talk once again. She was interested in what Saito brought from Earth. "Saito. That thing there, made by the savages. That thing you called a 'lamp' and 'electric generator'. What does it exactly do again?" As this world was different from Saito, she had never seen a contraption like that ever before. Even having one look at it made her dumbfounded. Despite that, Luctiana would be interested in doing some researching regarding to this device. To think that her people that called humans 'savages', were making something like this was unthinkable. For Saito, these two devices were everyday things in his world. To make it easier from Luctiana to understand, Saito used the stuff from their world to compare. "Basically, the generator is like the oil that you guys use to power your lanterns. And that generator is used to power the lamp. The good thing about this is that we can dedicate the oil to other, more useful purposes." Bidashal nodded. He had the elven magic to make certain things have unlimited energy. "This should be an easy one to do as well, since we have used elven magic to generate unlimited energy sources. That is how we power some stuff in Nepthys. If possible, Saito, we can get this thing to work and start mass producing this product in Tristain to be distributed all over the country, and even get some to my home country as well. But first, we'll need to make it to Henrietta's palace." During this time, the group was getting closer and closer to the capital. Buildings started to pop up around the crew, on both sides. A few houses at first, but as minutes went by, the density of the housing increased, along with some commercial buildings. As they make their approach, Theo spoke for the first time in 30 minutes. He was busy looking at the partly cloudy skies that cover Tristain. "I don't know if she is even still alive, somewhere in my world. Somewhere, she is still alive. I must…I must know where she is. But….I can't" After wallowing in his thoughts, he spoke to Saito: "If this experiment works Saito, this could be the biggest breakthrough that this world has ever faced. You could be the one that starts this massive revolution of replacing everything that we use for better, more efficient ones. That is, if this experiment works and we can replicate it somehow."

Finally, the carriage arrived into the capital of Tristain. Markets loomed on both sides, with the citizens buying stuff such as fruits, meats, and bread. In one corner, there was a weapons shop. It was all too familiar to Saito. This was where Saito got his first sword, which was Derflinger. Unfortunately, that sword was destroyed, but Derflinger still lives on through Saito's weapons. This here was Theo's third time at the capital of Tristain. He is still learning new things as he goes along. New shops, new people too. He even started to see elves mingle with people out in the streets as well, something that would be impossible in Tristain before. Theo has been here for 107 years, and he found out about Brimir and the gods that the elves worship also. It reminded of his home back then. Eventually, they reached the river that separates the main town from Henrietta's royal palace. "The royal palace for Tristain is quite elegant in its design. Perhaps I should look for something like this in Lugnica. Of course, I'll never get there anyway." The carriage soon crawled down to a halt. There, waited Agnes, who was on guard as usual, and Henrietta's guard. "You're all here. Get the stuff out. I'll escort you to the entrance. Henrietta is waiting for your scheduled appointment." The crew nodded, and all of them got out, one by one. First it was Saito that came out, followed by Louise and Tiffania. Theo, the silver haired elf, came out next. He looked behind him to see Luctiana and Bidashal coming out. They then walked to the back of the truck to get both of the electric generator and the lamp. By now, it was around 10:30 AM, with the sun steadily making its way up into the blue sky. The party of six made their way to the palace's entrance. Theo, his first time in the palace, admired its design. There are numerous guard posts laying around, and some members of the Musketeer Patrol roaming around as well. "Fortuna and my daughter would have loved to live in a place like this." Theo chuckled in his thoughts. But before he could continue to daydream, Queen Henrietta was waiting. Louise went forward to hug her longtime friend, while the four smiled as the two started talking. Saito, knew that these two go all the way back when Louise was a kid, since she told him that in the early days of him being a familiar to her. He immediately shook his head.

Henrietta's Castle

"Louise, how did your honeymoon go with Saito-san?" Henrietta asked. "Did Saito take you to a lot of places in Japan? It must have been really nice there." Louise had a slight pink tinge on her cheeks, the memories of her and Saito roaming around the streets of Tokyo, trying different foods like crepes. Louise also rode the subway train for the first time in that world, where she marveled at the speed of the train. To top it all off, the weather was nice all the time in Tokyo. Not one day was their rain. Louise, blushing at the thought, replied rather fondly: "Saito took me everywhere there. There was a lot of things that were new to me. Oh, and by the way, Saito has those two things that he mentioned that he wanted to show you. These elves here will help us, so it's up to you to show us the way where we can demonstrate Saito's tech." Henrietta looked at Saito, then at the elves, "Thank you for showing up, Saito-san, Tiffania, Theo, Bidashal, and Luctiana. We'll be going up to my office now. There should be enough room to set up this device." With those words, Queen Henrietta turned and led the six party crew through a flight of stairs. Along the way, photos of the royal family lined up the walls. Theo, a first timer in this castle, looked at the pictures of the royal family, with Henrietta being on the most right after she succeeded her mother following the battle against Albion. He didn't say anything, because he was careful not to say anything that was rude to the Queen of Tristain. As a child, he was a little on the quieter side, and preferred a laid-back life style. Although once you get to know him, Theo becomes a kind and well-endowed elf who is also good natured. Theo then looked to the skies, as the castle had numerous winds that allowed the natural light to penetrate into the castle interior. "I hope that my daughter, has the heart of a pure angel, and helps other people. That is, if she is still around in Elior. I myself do not know where she is right now. These hands, this ability I have, can also duplicate objects. I have had this ability ever since I was a kid. I later discovered that these powers can also be stackable with magic enhanced items. Those magic enhanced items could then be duplicated by me. It also turns out this world uses an unlimited source of mana as well, something that my world doesn't have." As they make their way closer to Henrietta's office, Saito looked around. He had been here so many times before, ranging from the daring rescue in Galia, to the trip to the sacred Romalia. This was the place of numerous talks and chatter created by Louise. At last, Henrietta opened the door to her office, and it was stocked filled once again. Her desk was there, with three books in French on one side and two books on the other. Around the room, there is numerous gas lamps that lit up the room. Luctiana and Bidashal slowly dropped off both the electric generator and the lamp. They then made their way back a couple of steps. Henrietta walked over to the two devices to get a good look at them. She turned to Saito.

"So, these two things here. They actually work? Saito-san, can you try turning it on?" Henrietta asked. Theo went in and interrupted. "This will require the magic of Bidashal to convert this thing to an unlimited energy source. We have tried it on multiple things, and so far, things have been looking good. So from what I can tell, this should not be any different." Henrietta was thinking about it to herself as well. "Saito-san, can you explain what these two things are for?" Saito nodded and pointed at the electric generator. "That right there is called an electric generator. Its purpose is to make 'electricity' so that it can power the lamp, which is the other thing there." Luctiana was a little worried. Who knows, if Bidashal channeled too much magic at the same time, it could explode in the room and cause massive damage to Henrietta's palace. Louise also had the same concern as well. Eventually, Henrietta gave Bidashal the go ahead to start the process. He raised his hand, and out comes a greenish light, that was slightly transparent. This continued for several moments until Bidashal completes the process. "Let's hope this thing works." Theo thought as he looked at the generator. At first, nothing happened. Then, the electric generator began to give off a green glow. Saito also saw that the battery indicator was to the max. There was even a LED sign that told Saito what is the change of the battery. It read an infinite sign. Saito couldn't believe it! This whim actually worked. Henrietta couldn't believe it as well. For the first time ever, history has been made at the palace. The first ever infinite, electrical elven generator. Saito step up and spoke what had just happened. "This right here, this is the birth of what I call magitek. Magitek means the combination of technology and magic. This is what will drive Tristain to become like Japan!" Luctiana wanted to take a closer look at this new device, which was glowing green with grace. "Wow. Look at that beauty right there! Bidashal, you had just made an amazing discovery! Imagine what we can do with the stuff from Saito's world." Tiffania on the other hand, was also curious as well. "Saito-san had just came up with bring something like this to our world. This is simply an amazing feat. I never thought that one day, we will be combining Saito's stuff with magic. Henrietta, what is your take on this?" Nothing came from Henrietta. She was just too shocked at the moment to comprehend on what had just happened in front of her. "I…..We need to do something about this. Um….." She looked at the clock now. It was now at noon, and lunch time was approaching. With that in mind, Henrietta decided to put the experiment on standstill to eat lunch with the crew. Saito's stomach agreed, as his was starting to rumble. Theo also heard his own stomach growl as well. "Damn! I'm already hungry. Looks like not eating a lot for breakfast has really started to bite me in the butt." Henrietta looked at the six people that were in her office. "We are going to take a lunch break now, so please follow me downstairs. I'll notify one of the waiters to prepare the meal for today." With that, Henrietta walked past the elven electric generator and opened her office door. The party of six followed her back downstairs. Theo was the last one to exit, so he closed the door behind him. "Simply unbelievable. Imagine how much less fuel we would have to waste in general. Besides, it is only a matter of time before we run out of the necessary resources to power the lamps that we use currently. I'm looking forward to see what Saito brings to this place. From what I can already tell, this guy is a great man. He'll be the one to push this place forward."

As Theo continued to contemplate in his thoughts, Luctiana talked with Louise on possible plans to begin the conversion of the lamp to operate using the elven energy. "Louise, now that the generator thing is working, my uncle should be able to turn that lamp so that it gets its energy from whatever that thing Saito calls it. Not only that, but Saito claimed that the thing was a lot brighter than the lamps and candles that we currently use. I'm not so sure about that, but I have to see it for myself." Louise nodded as well. If this thing was going to be a lot brighter than her current stuff, then she would want it in her room in the Tristain School of Magic. Henrietta was telling the waiter what to cook, since he was waiting right by the dining room. He took the orders that Henrietta requested and soon took off to the cooking area. Up in front of the crew was two doors, decorated with royal symbols of Tristain with a touch of silver on both doors. Henrietta opened the door to reveal a spacious dining area. There were golden chandeliers that highlighted its prestige. In total, there were three of them. In the end, lies a fireplace, which was filled with bright red flames. To the left, there lies two windows that give a view of the courtyard. Henrietta found a seat, and so did the party of six. Louise spoke first. "Henrietta, if that lamp thing is successful, how are we going to mass produce this thing? We have never made something like this before, so do you have any budget to consider to build a building right here in the capital to make those things?" Tiffania the half-elf, nodded. "Louise-san is right. To make all of this stuff, there needs to be a place where we can make these things." Bidashal continued to observe, knowing that for this to be mass distributed, there needs to be a way to insert elven magic into the device. "Yes, we need to find a way to make this efficient as possible. Not only that, if we are going to start giving these to the public, the demand for them is going to go through the roof. We need a good transport system." Theo thought about this type of transportation. Back in his world, they used dragon carriages to get around, which is the same in this world as well. It is most likely going to be difficult getting these around. Henrietta, with her royal crown, waited for the drinks to come in. Eventually, after five minutes, the tea came in, with it being on top of a cart that is pulled by one of the servers. She was wearing the typical maid outfit that was worn in the palace. "As requested, Your Majesty. Here are the drinks." The maid gave everyone a cup of tea, followed by a kettle pot in the middle that was filled with the same type of tea. Both the empty cart and the maid then left the door. She made sure not to slam the door shut, as it was delicate.

They all took a sip of the tea, which was delicious to say the least. Saito though, forgot to blow on the hot tea before taking a sip. The result was a scolding hot mouth. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" Saito yelped in pain. This earned him a punch from Louise as a result of putting himself in "danger" again. Henrietta on the other hand giggled in amusement. Tiffania, Luctiana, and Theo grinned at the boy's misfortune. Even Bidashal, who wasn't known to let out a smile, unconsciously let out a small one. Once Saito was done, turned to the others to continue what he was going to do. "If this actually works, we will be introducing new stuff from my world every three months." Theo was kinda skeptical about this. "Three months? That sounds like it's way too fast for the people to get used to it. It's going to overwhelm them." Saito looked at the silver haired elf. "No, it will be easy enough. Those LED lights are designed to be operated in one switch. Either it is on or it is off." Henrietta thought about this. The fact that all it took was a simple switch to turn it off was something that was going make their lives easier. "Sounds like a good thing Saito-san. What was it that you want to tell us?" Saito was waiting for this moment. This was the moment when he was going to bring the technology that would change forever.

"The next thing that I will bring is going to change Tristain and the Elven lands forever. In our world, we call it 'Internet' and 'Computer'." Saito said. Of course, this confused everyone here. "I…In..ter…..net?" Tiffania said in confusion. "Com…..put….er? What is that?" Bidashal said, obviously lost. Saito then explained to the group what these things are. "A computer is a thing that is used in my world that does commands based on what you typed in there. Think of it as a thing that can take your command. Any command. And the Internet is what makes the computer come alive. Think it like a massive library that you can access anytime. On top of that, there is entertainment that you can do when you aren't bored. As for communication, you can talk with other people in an instant. No written letters, just typing and send to them in an instant." Theo especially was interested in things like this. I mean, the fact that he could talk with anyone in anyplace in an instant was going to be an amazing thing for him to have. Henrietta was also interested in this as well. The fact that she'll be able to talk with her childhood friend Louise will be something that she was. "That sounds, quite amazing in fact. Saito-san, won't this require something like Louise's magic and Bidashal's magic?" Saito, played with his fingers for a few minutes, trying to come out with a suitable answer. Eventually, he came up with an answer. "Yes, that is most likely the case Henrietta. Louise and Bidashal will be need so that the device can properly work. Otherwise, you would have nothing but a brick on your hands. Who wants that in the first place? The answer is no one." Tiffania, was looking at Saito, then she gave him some suggestions. "Saito-san, maybe you should talk about the next set of stuff that you plan to bring to Tristain." Saito drank more of the tea. He then sat his back straight to turn to the others. "Yes. What I am going to bring next is a smartphone. Basically, it is a computer that you can put in your pocket." Everyone there besides Louise and Saito dropped their jaws in utter shock. To think that something like a "computer" can be put in someone's pocket is amazing. "In…..in MY POCKET!? Seriously, I want to get in on that. I can have this anywhere I can go." Theo said. Being Emilia's father, he was excited for the new stuff that he was going to get for the first time." Saito then laid out all of the plans. "The phones will have unlimited 4G LTE access which will give you internet. And of course, it runs on battery as well. We can easily change that to use the elven battery source that will last forever. Sounds like a good plan?" Everyone in the room nodded at Saito's proposal to bring something. They were waiting for the final thing that Saito will say.

"One final thing that I would like to bring from my place is what we call a motorcycle." Saito said. He actually had a motorcycle before, so he knew firsthand how fast this thing can go. Everyone besides him and Louise didn't know what a motorcycle was, so he went on to explain the situation to them. "Do you see those carriages that you guys use? This thing can go much, much faster than that. I have the one that is called the Kawasaki Ninja H2." Henreitta was interested, as Tristain could use a faster way of transporting goods. "Um…Saito-san, how is this 'motorcycle' thing powered in the first place?" Saito, turned to the half-elf to explain to her. "Remember that 'Wings of the Dragon'? Yeah, basically, the motorcycle uses the same fuel as that thing. Don't worry, it wo….." That was when Bidashal interrupted him. "Saito. If possible, I can use some of my elven magic to transform the fuel in that thing into an unlimited source of energy. That way, we can use it forever? But, how are the people going to operate this thing? Carriages and airships are the only things that we used so far." Saito let out a small smile. "That can be taken care off. Simply, since I have a license, I can teach you guys how to operate one. That way, everyone in Tristain can use this thing. And the benefits are immediate. I bet that if I was going to drive the motorcycle from the Capital to the Magic Academy, it would take around 5-10 minutes, rather than a couple of hours. The thoughts in Theo's mind ran rampant as he imagine himself blazing through the fields of Tristain. Of course, he would have to learn how to operate it first. Blazing across the fields was something that Theo really wanted to do. "Ahem. I specialize in what is called Yang magic. I can duplicate things and restore items to their original states. It's my specialty. So if we want to mass produce these things, you can count on me." Henrietta gave a small smile at him. "Theo-san, is it possible if you can try to contain this magic in a small space? There, we can build a factory to produce these type of things." Theo, having practiced for years, knew that this was an easy feat. "Sure, why not? I can do that as well." Louise then interjected about all of these devices. "Saito showed me all of these things, and I got to try them out as well. They were amazing, and I think it would help Tristain to undergo a massive boom. It would also makes the peasant's lives more interesting as well. I have seen them, stressed out from their work. Don't you all agree that they should have something that provides as entertainment?" Everyone that was in the room nodded in agreement."

Just a few minutes later, the food arrived from the kitchen. By now, it was around 1:00 PM. Several maids entered the room, with each of them having a tray. On by one, each food was laid out. There was a mixture of salads, bread, stew, and sandwiches for all to eat. After all of the food was placed on the table, the maids left the room to leave the party of six to feed. They went on to each lunch while discussing on how to go about Saito's plan of slowly changing Tristain to incorporate modern technologies from Japan. When that was done, Henrietta led the group back up to where the elven generator was located, along with the lamp. They were all back at the room, ready to resume the experiment. "Bidashal, can you try to change the lamp into something that is useable?" Bidashal walked to the lamp, and raised his hand. The others simply watched as a green-ish beam extended from his hand and made contact with the lamp. Saito could see it develop a reception type of device that was rectangular shaped. He didn't know what it did. Bidashal then completed the process and stepped back to look at the thing. "Hmm. Interesting, it seemed like it did nothing." Saito looked at Bidashal. "Not so fast. I am going to turn it on right now. This will see if the experiment worked, or if it failed." This was the moment of truth. The newly developed Magitek experiment. Was it going to be a success? Or is it a failure? The other six watched in anticipation as Saito flicked the "ON" switch on the lamp. It lit up bright as a day. "Th….That's amazing!" Luctiana said, unable to speak on what had just happened. "This. This right here, is the biggest discovery that Tristain has ever discovered! Can you imagine what we can do with this? This right here? We don't have to waste fuel anymore! That elven generator can cover an entire city!" Henrietta, was overjoyed to see that Saito's experiment worked. Saito himself was happy as well, which then led to a cheer that was followed by everyone else. The people that were working the castle wondered what was going on in Henrietta's office. She then turned to Theo. "Try your magic, Theo-san. The others and I would like to know if your magic really can duplicate things." Theo, without hesitation, shot his magic, which was a light beam, at the two objects. The room was engulfed with a bright white light for several seconds before returning back to normal. In place, there was now an additional elven generator and an elven enhanced lamp. Theo looked at his hands, then he looked at the device the he just duplicated. "Guys, I think we have a ground work for a mass production factory." Saito said. Henrietta, wanting to get a hand on this herself, agreed with Saito. "Tomorrow, I'll get several magical contractors to build a factory to the west of Tristain. We have the groundworks needed to develop this thing. Thank you for joining me today everyone! I'll leave the stuff here for now. In the meantime, Agnes will escort you out of the palace. Feel free to rest for the time being." With that, Agnes was standing at the front of the door, in her usual attire. She escorted the party of 6 back to Saito's mansion, which took a couple of hours. During that time, the six people in the carriage talked about the experiment that was conducted, and how amazing of a discovery that they just have made. Everyone was brimming with excitement.

The Road to a New Era

Several days rolled by, and the contract workers were busy constructing the manufacturing factory from the outside. The layout of the factory was determined by Saito, who gave the layout plans to Henrietta. It was going to have a 50 conveyor belts that would be allowed to mass produce the product. It also had a three step system, which the party of 6 agreed on. First, Bidashal's elven magic was contained a cube shaped rod that fires directly down at the product, giving it elven qualities. Secondly, the next step was making more copies. This required containing Theo's duplication magic in another cube shaped rod, which fired down. Lastly, there was the Louise's World Door magic/Translation magic, which was also contained in a cube rod proposed by Saito as they were planning for the construction of this factory. When fired down, this gave the device total access between Louise's world and Saito's world, as well as translate the entire thing to French. For example, if they want to use internet on a laptop, they can get connections from Earth easily in Wi-Fi places, as well as cell towers from Earth. There is also 10 carriage service terminals that serve to load the products. It took two weeks to complete the factory, with each worker working around the clock to ensure the fastest completion. When it was done, the factory was opened for the first time. The public, hearing about the factory, was in overwhelming support to acquire Saito's new tech. Saito was the head of the factory, with Theo as the second in command, and Tiffania, Bidashal, and Luctiana as people to train the workers that were hired to make sure that everything was going as planned, and make sure nothing broke down. Thus, this marked the start of a new era in Tristain. For the first time, foreign tech that was enhanced with elven magic will be produced on a mass scale. Henreitta was first in line to see the first technological factory in Tristain open. She, Louise, and Saito used scissors to cut down the red ribbon which signified the beginning of operations. As this happened, Henreitta thought about all of the possibilities that might have occurred. She herself wished one day to get that magical device that would allow her talk with Louise on a daily basis. That was her wish. No more waiting for letters, which could take days to process.

As the days went on, production started on both the elven lamps and generators. Since they were already elven enhanced, only the duplication rod was active. At first, only a few people wanted the team's new invention. But then, word spread on how much brighter their place got, and the popularity of the new products exploded. Carriages were working in overtime to deliver these things all across Tristain. One people told another person how to use the thing, and it spread like wildfire. One by one, every single settlement in Tristain received the elven generator. In the meantime, LED bulb production was in full swing as well. In a matter of three months, the entire country of Tristain was power by elven electricity, and the capital especially lit up into the night. Even Henrietta, the queen of Tristain, ordered for the complete replacement of every light source in the palace with an LED version. The chandeliers were also upgraded to be able to support LED lights. Even Tristain's Magic Academy received an upgrade as well. All former gas lamp lights were replaced by LED lamps and LED light sources. Even the dorms received the same treatment as well. In a span of three months, the entire gas lamp that Tristain relied on for hundreds of years, was rendered utterly obsolete. No one would want to go back to the gas lamp. In fact, no once missed it, since it was much dimmer when compared to an LED light from Saito's world. By now, Tristain's capital was a place that lit up as bright as the day. No longer were the streets dark. Rather, it was bright enough to see that was going on at night. At Saito's mansion, the entire place was filled with at least one LED light in every single room. There was every possible type of light source that was produced by the end of the three months. Louise, Saito, and the 4 other elves that were living in the house were already used to this. The gas lamps that they used to have was discarded and thrown right into the trash. "So, Tristain has fully incorporated all of the LED lights. Well done everyone." Theo, especially was amazed at the rapid progress that was made in the meantime. "I wish I could bring something like this to Lugnica. Can you imagine what how my place can benefit from this? This is simply remarkable to see." By now, Saito believed that it was now the time to introduce the computer, something that he has been talking about for a long time. "Tomorrow, I'm going to introduce the computer from my world. It is called the Dell G7. This will be powerful enough to make fit all of your needs. You all are going to enjoy it." Tiffania, the half elf, was jumping in excitement as she couldn't wait to get her hands on this "computer". "Saito-san, I can't wait to get my hands on this! We are starting product tomorrow. Right?" Saito nodded at TIffania's question.

By the next day, Saito went into this home world to bring the Dell G7 15 from his world into Tristain. Production immediately began. In each box, there was manual in Tristain's language to teach the citizens on how to use the new device, as well as how to set it up for use to connect to the internet. The computer, in its blue Dell Logo, with its i7-8750H and GTX 1060 MAX-Q, with 16 GBS of DDR4 2660 MHZ RAM with a 1 TB SSD was also included in the box. The first box was shipped, and it was delivered to Henreitta, the Queen of Tristain. When she got the box, she opened it carefully. In there was the Dell G7 15. She took it out carefully, making sure not to drop the device. She also pulled out the manual that was included as well. Thankfully, the manual was in French. She opened it and pulled the laptop lid that separated the screen from the keyboard. When she opened it, it revealed a blue QWERY styled keyboard. Each key had a blue-like look to it. "This is unlike anything that I have seen before. If Saito-san said that this was the thing that changed his place, then I must learn how to use this thing. I should probably read the manual that came with this thing." With that, Henrietta learned how to turn on the thing. She pressed the power button, which caused the laptop to boot on. The backlight keyboard lit up in LED blue lights as well. Henrietta was slightly startled by this. "Blue lights. This….this is magic?" She looked to the screen to see the Dell logo pop out, followed by the Windows 10 setup that followed in French. Through reading the manual that was included, Henrietta was able to set up Windows 10, which took her to the desktop. In it, the laptop was already connected to the Internet from Earth due to Louise's World Door Magic. It also had infinite battery as well from Bidashal's elven magic. She kept reading the manual, and she tried to type on the keyboard for the first time. It was awkward at first, but after an hour or so, she was able to type in French, much like how she wrote in French. Her curiosity got the better of her, and she clicked on the program called Microsoft Edge. It didn't take long for Henrietta to get addicted to the thing. Meanwhile, production of the Dell G7 was going at full speed. Louise, Bidashal, Theo, Luctiana, and Tiffania all got their own Dell G7 laptop on the exact same day. By the end of the day, around 500 Dell G7 laptops were produced. These were then distributed to various citizens in Tristain. Throughout the week, Saito taught the party of 6 on how to use the computer, with the manual as an assist. In the first month or so, Henrietta has received numerous demands from the citizens of Tristain to get the Dell G7 15 in their homes.

As such, production of the laptop sped up rapidly, with the people wanting to get more information and to communicate with each other online. The popularity of the Dell G7 in Tristain was so great that Saito couldn't go anywhere without some talking about what they did on the laptop. By the end of three months, the continuous production means that most of the people living in Tristain had the laptop. Henrietta by this time was also getting quite good, almost to the level of an Otaku in laptop skills and knowledge. Theo, Luctiana, Louise, Tiffania, and Bidashal were also approaching this level as well. Tristain has just entered a new age, called the Information age. The Internet from Saito's world has taken Tristain over by storm. Communication by letter was completely gone. The citizens have switched to online methods to communicate. Henreitta also founded her Discord group as well, which consists of Louise, Bidashal, Saito, Theo, Tiffania, and Saito. Around this period, two things also immerged in Tristain. The first was gaming. One citizen accidently found out what gaming is, so he tried it, and was immediately hooked. This spread like wildfire around Tristain, and even Henreitta, the Queen, got into gaming as well. It quickly became competitive, with people cheering on their friends to win the match. Right now, the free to play games were really popular. Fortnite, Paladins, League of Legends, and Dota 2 reigned supreme. Saito's group, being the one that brought all the tech from his world, got into the world of PC gaming. Saito, Louise, Theo, and Tiffania played Fortnite (as that was their favorite). Meanwhile, Bidashal, and Luctiana played DOTA 2, the MOBA game that required teamwork to win the match. It also had a high learning curve as well. This was around 2.5 months after the computer was introduced. Bidashal and Luctiana also played Fortnite as duos, going for the win most of the time. Around this time, watching anime also became a past time for the people in Tristain. Saito introduced anime to his crew, and they took a strong interest to the shows that were presented in Japan. Fortunately, they had French subtitles. The same thing also occurred in Tristain citizens as well. Around this same time, Theo proposed to take the Dell G7 and turn it into a computer that can create any object from Earth, that would be enhanced with both elven magic and Louise's magic. Tiffania, Bidashal, Luctiana, and Theo agreed to take on this project. What it would be called was decided on. The name of it will be the "Materializer". This would take around a year to develop. In the meantime, they also established a computer shop to teach people how to use the internet. At this time, Saito was prepared to move on the next phrase. It was now 6 months since he introduced the generator and LEDs. Now it was time to introduce the all-in-one device, the smartphone. This would be the second big leap into the Information Age for Tristain.

Saito brought the Samsung Note 9 from his world to show off to his team. They realized that it was basically a small version of a computer that has 'apps', which is like programs. Theo saw how one swipe and several touches on the screen allowed for Saito to navigate around the phone. Tiffania especially was amazing on how this one device can do anything. Ranging from text messaging, to surfing the web, to mobile gaming, it can do it all. Luctiana also wanted to have a piece of this because it would make her research about the humans much more effective. Plus, it would be more ways for her to have some fun. Once again, production spiked. Due to people knowing how to use the computer, it didn't take long for them to get used to the way it works. The five people that didn't have the phone were now glued to their Note 9, amazed at the amount of raw power that Saito's world had. Henrietta also announced the Note 9 to the public as well, and demand shot through the roof. Citizens rallied on the streets demanding for the device as soon as possible. The factories were being worked to their absolute limit. Carriages sometimes broke down, prompting for an immediate replacement. And not to worry, the elven enhanced Note 9 was equipped with an infinite battery source and unlimited 4G LTE. By two months, Saito walked the streets of the capital with his wife Louise, who was busy watching a YouTube video about the best anime as well. About 75% of the residents were basically talking and looking down at their smartphones, their computer that could be taken with them on the go. At the three month mark, almost everyone in Tristain has the Note 9. Mobile gaming was rapidly on the rise as well. Henrietta especially texted Louise regularly after getting her phone number. Saito noticed this, and remembered at how in the past 9 months, Tristain has blossomed from the medieval age to the Information age mixed with medieval buildings. Also, Tiffania and Theo downloaded Fornite on their phones as well. The half-elf and Emilia's father were extremely good, racking in multiple wins in a row that would make even Ninja scared. Saito and Louise watched in shock numerous times as they would wipe the floor with the 98 other players from Saito's world. To him, the fact that he can game anywhere is a huge bonus to him and the others. They all took advantage of the smartphone apps as well. Since anime was a thing, all six members of Saito's team downloaded AnimeDLR. "On the go anime. This is what I wanted all along." Theo said to himself. "Now, if only if this same thing can go to Lugnica as well. That would be my dream. Which one should I watch first? Akame Ga Kill? Yes, that sounds like a good one to watch." In all, the Note 9 further boosted Tristain's economy, with people even switch to online for their business stuff. Now, all that was needed was a faster way of getting around. For that, Saito will bring in his Kawasaki Ninja H2 and put in a race against a carriage in a 100 meter race. This is to show that motorcycles are the way to go from now on. During this time, the Materializer had just entered the prototype stage. The team of 4 elves were working on the bugs that have occurred, and are trying to solve issue. However, the most important thing of all is that the Materializer actually made something.

At the race a couple of days later.

Henrietta made an announcement to the public that the race was going to start in the square at around 11:00 PM in the morning to demonstrate the speed of a motorcycle. To the left, was Saito in his Kawasaki Ninja H2, is one of the fastest street legal bikes in Japan. To the right, was a racing carriage that was used in races around Tristain. Serving as the start of the race was one of the Musketeers in Henrietta's army. It was about a few minutes before the start of the race. A large crowd has gathered at the center of the capital. Cheers from the crowd ran rampant. Several of them took photos with their phones. Others recorded the footage with their Note 9. Just then, Saito got a message from Henrietta. It read: "Saito-san. Good luck in the race. I know that you can do it!" He looked at it, then gave a thumbs up to the rest of his crew. The countdown began. The Ninja H2 revved. Finally, the black sound. The carriage got out to a slow start. Meanwhile, the Ninja H2 accelerated so fast that the entire race was over in mere seconds. The crowd was shocked at first, followed by loud cheers. Chants of Saito's name echoed in the capital. Saito waved at the crowd. "In a matter of three months, I can ensure you that all will have this thing. Our factory will go on mass production. With that, Saito went back to his mansion, and discussed on how to mass produce the Ninja H2. Saito suggested that they add elven magic that gives the person complete mastery of the Ninja H2, since it can take years before a person is proficient at operating a motorcycle. Bidashal agreed, and within the next day, an additional rod was added, which granted instant mastery. It also had the ability to never require fuel, since elven fuel is infinite. On that very same day, 500 bikes were produced and shipped to the public. When a Tristain citizen got a hand on this, that person became an instant expert in the motorcycle. In the first few weeks, there wasn't any motorcycles going around Tristain. Then a month went by. One Ninja H2 appeared on the streets. Then appeared two of them. The carriages were getting scarcer. In the span of 3 months, the streets were littered with nothing but Ninja H2 motorcycles. This also created traffic problems, so Saito proposed to Henrietta to instate traffic lights. She agreed to this proposal, and another 6 months passed in which traffic lights were install in various intersections. In just a matter of 1.5 years, Tristain has propelled itself into the most technological advanced nation in Halkegnia. Tiffania also retained her naivety as a half-elf, but she has matured somewhat. Louise was now 18, and Saito was 19. Tiffania also turned 18 around this time.

Around this time, the Materializer was completed. It was finalized, and Theo made three other copies, one for Tiffania, Bidashal, and Luctiana. All of its bugs were rectified and fixed. Also, the elven storage that took the shape of a cube and has unlimited capacity was completed around the same time as well. By now, an anime/gaming community was well developed. Saito's crew regularly watched the anime that was appealing to them. Usually, Saito is the one that picked the anime, as he was more into the fantasy, isekai genre. Louise preferred the harlem genre. The other's didn't care for which type, and simply go along with Saito's flow. The first that they watched together in Saito's mansion on the Dell G7 was SAO 2: Gun Gale Online. "This here, is about a boy named Kirito who has to solve the mystery of a person that goes by the name 'Death Gun'. Apparently, he is the one that can kill players for real." They were watching the 1st episode on KissAnime. "Kill…..players in game? That does not sound right at all. Something is definitely off" Tiffania said to herself. Theo, who was watching it, also made an observation as well. "That's right. There is no way you can kill someone in the VR game without having outside help. It's impossible." They watched several more episodes, and then, it was time for Kirito to dive into GGO. When the anime showed him react to his M9000 avatar, this cause Saito's crew to laugh so hard that tears formed in their eyes. "A…..he looks like….AHAHAHA…..a GIRL!" Luctiana said, unable to control her laughter. They continued to watch the episodes, and got an even bigger laugh after Sinon found out that Kirito was a boy. That caused her to give the cold shoulder at Kirito. Most of all, Saito's crew was amazed at Kirito's gaming skills. He was unstoppable. "Look at those fast reflexes that he has! I don't even know if I can keep out with that!" Theo said. "Obviously he is quite good at Gun Gale Online." Over the next several episodes, Saito's crew watched as the Bullet of Bullets started. Louise especially commented about Sinon's past, and how she still had that fear of guns. But then, they simply watched as Pale Rider in GGO was seemly disconnected, by a mysterious person in that mask. They noticed that he was clenching his heart. "What the hell?" Tiffania said in utter shock. Theo already had his suspicions, "That guy must be the one who is doing all of the killings. That bastard. Why would he do such a thing?!" Various reactions occurred as they followed Sinon and Kirito in discovering the truth about Death Gun. Around episode 9, Theo's predictions were indeed correct. Saito's crew was in shock as well. This cumulated into the end of the Bullet of Bullets, with Kirito winning over Death Gun. After that, Shino was confronted by her "friend". Just then, "ASADA-SAN" rang through the Dell G7, causing everyone to be disturbed by his rant. Fortunately, Kirito was there to save her. The anime then concluded with Sinon joined Kirito's friends and his girlfriend Asuna. This made Saito's crew react with a heartwarming feeling. To know that Death Gun was finally defeated once in for all, left them with the feeling of hope. They also enjoyed the battles that occurred within Gun Gale Online as well, since the battles were entertaining. Perhaps one day VR could advance to the level that Full Dive becomes a reality.

This marked the start of Saito's crew and adventures. Their next anime that they are going to watch however, is going to blow them away. Thanks to the emergence of Saito's tech, Tristain became the central place to relax and have some fun. And so, the elven country have suffered the same fate as well, undergoing it's own technological revolution. SAO: Gun Gale Online was only one of the first anime that they have watched. There is more to come in the future for the crew.