Morning, 9:00 AM.

Natsuki Subaru, the half-elf in his sleeping attire, woke up, rubbing his eyes. Unlike last time however, Edan would also be up around this time. Subaru was shaken as he stared up to looked at Edan. The fox spirit giggled. "Took you by surprise again, Suba? Ah, good morning to you as well." Subaru scratched his head, groaning a bit. "Jeez, PUBG is really punishing on me. I struggle to even get a kill in solo mode. All the guns have a ridiculous amount of recoil. Climbing through the damn ceiling like it's a damn rocket! Argh! It's just frustrating when I think about it!" Subaru was about to rip his hair out in frustration when Edan jumped in. "Suba, are you a little bit agitated? Could it have to do with that….'PUBG' thing you are the others were playing last night?" Subaru grumbled as he got pulled out his materializer to get his usual breakfast. It was consisted of coffee with miso soup and a small rice tuna bowl. "Edan, you weren't watching me playing PUBG, right?" The fox spirit giggled. "Did you really think I did not see that? After all, I am your contracted spirit. I saw everything." He came so close to the point where he was right next to Subaru's ear. "Including all of your embarrassing….deaths. Like that frying pan de…" Subaru reached his limit. "Why you!" He tried to lunge at Edan, but he merely scooted away. "I could barely hold it in."

Subaru simply shrugged Edan off. "Barely what? Laughing at my incompetence in the game?! Give me a break! It's only my first day at the game. Tiffania, Luctiana, they have been playing PUBG for quite a while. I'll be honest, the concept of killing everyone you see is pretty cool. But unless you master the game, you'll be dying quite a lot. This isn't like those single player games where I just play alone. This is actually playing against other people. The amount of time dedicated to the game is pretty ridiculous. Getting good within the first week is impossible." Suabru continued to chomp down on his starting meal. Edan took interest in it. "So, that is what you eat for breakfast every day, Suba?" Subaru shook his head. "Not always. Back in Japan, my parents would determine what we eat as a family. Oh, and by the way, I really hate peas with a passion. I will never eat that unless I absolutely have to." To Subaru himself, it was clear that he was troubled by what was revealed last night. Rumors have been confirmed that Roswaal, the former Margrave, had disappeared to a place that no one really knows. Subaru, venting out his powerless of the situation handed to him, punched the bed. "Kuso! I have to deal with this shit now?! All I ever wanted was to live a peaceful live in this mansion? Isn't that enough to ask for in the first place. Jeez, all of this diplomacy and politics stuff is really starting to get on my nerves." He walked out of his room, making sure that everything was in place. He fiddled with his long silver hair, while Edan followed closely behind him. "Well Suba, there is no away around it, unfortunately. I'm sensing that your friends from another world are waiting for you in the dining room to discuss about this manner." Subaru made his way to the dining room, where all of the elves from Zero no Tsukaima were wanting for him. Luctiana made her first mark, of course. "Subaru-san, you're a little late? Enjoyed you breakfast and computer time?" Subaru nodded and sat down at his designated seat. Theo rubbed his hands. "We are here to discuss the issue of PR. In other words, without an official endorser, my daughter will be out of the Royal Election. From Subaru's session with the lesser spirits, rumors of Roswaal being dead are spreading like wildfire. It's our job to quell that misunderstanding as soon as possible, and reveal the truth about that slimball." Tiffania crossed her legs. "Theo-san, a letter addressed to the Elders would be the best way, yes? Can you make a letter like that quickly? We really don't have much time to goof around, as this is the utter most importance to Emilia-san's participation in the Royal Election."

Edan looked around at the table, as he was still out. Tiffania pointed at the white fox. "Oh, Subaru-san, your familiar named Edan is out again?" The white fox spun around. "That's right! I am out again. Unlike that Puck spirit, who is currently on Emilia's side. She is currently sleeping at the moment. You know, his attitude towards his contractor is quite admiring. I'm sure you know all about those very moments, Suba." Subaru nodded and turned towards the others. "If we assume that the letter can be done, then that would be the best option. Now that I think about it, how are you going to convince them about the new lord of the mansion? Roswaal is one of the most well-known people here." Luctiana crossed her arms. "That fact is simple, Subaru-kun. We have to convince them that Roswaal is a traitor to the Lugnican people. Simply, the fact that he conspired to have the Witch of Greed resurrected and the very words of him saying that he'll kill the dragon should be enough. According to the people of this world, the Convent of the Dragon protects the people here. Roswaal has been shown to trample on that very thing." Bidashal scratched his head as he looked at Luctiana. "That brings up another problem though? How in the world are we going to convince them that? Also, transportation to that garrison will be an issue as well." Tiffania shook her head. "No, getting there will be no problem. We can simply use our materializers to get our motorcycles. Forgot about the dragon carriage. It's way too slow, and using that to get to the capital will take half a day. We don't have time for that. At best, it will go as fast as a car, and it also has to make several stops along the way. The dragon carriage is not a viable option."

Luctiana clenched her fist, her gaze hardening. She shook her head in a frenzy. "T…That's right! I refuse to ride in the dragon carriages in Lugnica. I am not going to take a half a day just to get to the capital to deliver some letter!" That irked Bidashal, who was sitting right next to her. He gave his niece a piercing look that drove her silent. "Then, will you be satisfied when Emilia-sama is eliminated from the Royal Election? Getting that letter to the elders who run this country is the utter most priority. Theo will make this letter sometime later on." Subaru nodded. "That would be nice. Wait a minute, Luctiana-san, did you say that you will not take the dragon carriages? Then, what are you going to use to get to the capital?" Luctiana had a big smirk on her face. She merely cracked her knuckles as entrainment. "Something much, much better than that, Subaru-sama. I'm talking about the Ninja H2." He tilted his head in confusion. "Ninja H2? Is that like a motorcycle or something? Is it a new one that came out pretty recently?" Luctiana nodded. "Yeah, it came out around a couple of years after you were teleported to Lugnica. This thing can top speeds up to 215 MPH." Subaru shook his head in disbelief. Here, Luctiana is assuming that she can ride the motorcycle. "Did Saito-san bring that from Earth to Tristain? If that is the case, then most likely you are already well experienced with it. But…." Bidashal lifted his eyes up and stared directly at Subaru. "The fact is, using those motorcycles will draw out attention for sure. I say we should go with it. Subaru, what's your final decision?"

Subaru closed his eyes for a moment, then gave his verdict. "Of course. After all, we want to modernize Lugnica, so please take the fastest possible method of transportation over there. And by the way, today is also going to be another day of watching Sword Art Online. We'll be going over episodes 4-8." Tiffania looked up after she was looking stuff up on her Note 9. "Subaru-san, I love that series. Kirito getting all of the power ups early on. Something you could have used back then, become you became extremely powerful." Just as when Subaru was about to reply, the sound of double doors that leads to the dining room were opened. Subaru looked at who it was, and his heart started racing again. It was Emilia, who was done with her routine for the morning, such as talking to the lesser spirits. She sat down near her seat, which was close to Subaru. At this moment in time, he could feel his cheeks which were burning at the very moment. Nobody noticed the change that his face went through. Theo turned to his daughter and cleared his throat. "Sorry about not telling this earlier Emilia, but a big issue just came out yesterday night. After Subaru's conservation with the lesser spirits yesterday, they said to him that rumors of Roswaal disappeared has been spreading rapidly through the capital and the various towns around Lugnica. If this continues, it will most likely be the case that you will get eliminated from the election, Emilia. Without an official sponsor like Roswaal, this camp is done." Emilia was speechless at her father's revelation. "Eh? What? Father, if what you are saying is true, then we have do something." Theo nodded. "Subaru and I have decided that the best method of action is to send a letter to the Elders to inform them of the new endorser of you, Emilia. I'll get the letter done sometime today. Boy, they are going to be in for a surprise when they find out who is the new endorser. You are going to show your half-elf form, right Subaru? Edan would like some of that too." Edan spoke from within Subaru's crystal. "I won't be so sure about that, Theo. Suba prefers that I stay in this thing unless it is absolutely mandatory. It's bad practice for full size spirits like me and Puck to stay materialized. Mana is critical."

Subaru rolled his eyes in response to Edan. "You didn't really need to tell them that, Edan. I think they already know that part. "Theo, do you think they would really want to see the new endorser of Emilia-tan? The elders?" Theo looked at the others, who then looked at Subaru. "There's a really high chance that the elders will request to see the new lord of the mansion. Keeping your half-elf disguise would be the best course of action. If people in the capital found out that you were the holder for the most powerful Yin magic in Lugnica, being a spirit arts user, being a half-elf, and having healing magic second to Ferris will draw attention to unwanted people. I don't want to put anyone here, especially my daughter." Emilia nodded. "Yes, that would be of the best interests. Subaru is going to show us more of that Sword Art Online thing that we watched a couple of days ago." Subaru stood up and cracked his knuckles. "I'm going to go do radio calisthenics with the villagers. See you all in about an hour. Take care of Emilia-tan for me, okay Theo?" With that, Subaru made his exit to Arlam village. Once the doors closed, everyone looked at each other. Luctiana had a small smile on her face. So did her friend, Tiffania, "Subaru-san hasn't really changed much, even after becoming a half-elf. Having a life in Japan is something that I want to experience firsthand. Um, Emilia-san, did you tell Subaru about your past?" Those words from Tiffania caught Emilia off guard. Memories began to rush in of living a frugal lifestyle back in Elior Forest. Moments of cleaning her fellow elven statues, along with the initial meeting with Pucj. She also recalled the rejection from the multitude of villages. And one certain person, named Chap. "Eh? Wha-. I haven't told Subaru about…past in the forest. I'm not ready for that yet."

Bidashal looked at Emilia. "When you are ready, tell him about it. I mean, if you are not comfortable to tell us, then don't do it. We aren't forcing you to do that kind of thing. This must still be quite a bit of a culture shock to you, Emilia. Seeing these devices that you have never seen in your lives." Emilia fiddled with her long silver hair. "Mmm, yes. It's a new time of metia that I am still getting used to. You elves also seem to use those with no problems whatsoever. I also heard from you elves that you developed new things back in Tristain." Theo tilted his head. "Actually, that is what we were doing back in Tristain. The elves were busy with magic and metias from Subaru's world and learning to make new things from them. This was after Louise and Saito defeated the Dragon, and people began to live with elves and half-elves. If I could, I would bring Subaru to that place and meet our kind queen named Henrietta. Technology over there exploded within the first two years. The new metia that you see in the bedroom with the clock is only the beginning. Already, you can tell the time easily. Ah, we should wait for Subaru to come back before we do anything else." Luctiana grumbled in frustration. "Oh come on! It's not like he's going to kill us if we just do something in the mansion. Ugh. Tiffania, can we play some more PUBG Mobile? Cue up in duos while we wait for Subaru." Tiffania nodded. "O…okay Luctiana-san." Bidashal gave a loud sigh. "They are really into that PUBG Mobile game. Jeez, it has really taken over Tristain as well. Even Henrietta was caught one day playing that game. Tenant really knows how to keep their players hooked. I fear that Subaru will get hooked as well." Theo looked at Emilia, who was looking back at her father. She was confused. "Is there something wrong with me right now?" Theo brushed that question aside. "There's nothing wrong, Emilia. I was just thinking about something."

Around an hour later, Subaru returned to the dining room. "Ah, I am back from the village. Everything over there is normal. Did I miss anything while I was gone?" Theo looked at the others. "Not really. The past hour was spent on planning to send a message to the elders that Subaru is the new sponsor of Emilia. We also discussed of potentially renovating the anime watching room with more decorations from your world, Subaru-sama. The mansion has already expanded by quite a lot, due to our help. After all, you really wanted this in the first place, and so do I. To get this place as comfortable as possible." Subaru scratched his silver hair. "Of course, I used my human disguise at the village. I'm not ready for that. I know I have to do it someday, but today is not that time." Rem and Ram entered the room with the lunch. "Subaru-kun, the lunch is ready." Her sister Ram followed suit. "Barusu, here is the extravagant course today. Will today be another day of watching Sword Art Online?" Edan popped out of Subaru's hair again. "Of course! Suba is planning that later on. And it's also the time to consider another date with Emilia, Suba!" Subaru was caught off guard. "Wha-. Wha-. Wha…." His face turned into a bright shade of red. Emilia also blushed in embarrassment at Edan's declaration statement. "Subaru and….I….um….I. I don't really know what it means to love someone. I don't have much experience with people, so I don't have friends." Theo widened his eyes. "What are you talking about? You have one in front of you, named Subaru. He's your first one, right? And probably the one you are going to marry in the future." Emilia turned even redder. "Wh-." She looked down, with her cheeks beet red. Theo wasn't taking the situation around him seriously. "You have the face of my wife, and the beautiful silver hair and eyes of me. I love to tease from time to time." He gave his daughter a wink.

Bidashal observed the situation. "You're one of the most carefree elves that I have encountered. Ever since the first time I met you, being that type of person always seems to be calming to me. Even you are like that against your daughter. I can never be as carefree as you." Theo looked at the bright sun. "Sometimes you have to take thing lightly. I learned that from my late human wife back in Lugnica. People keep saying that she is a witch, but to me, she is my wife." Subaru had a small smile on his face, recounting his experiences with his parents. He slowly shook his head. "The same thing is for me. Ah….I am getting too ahead of myself again. This is now the time to start eating. Rem and Ram have already delivered our meals. Itadakimasu." With that, everyone in the room began eating their meals. While eating, Emilia was confused on Subaru's words. "Father, what was that that Subaru said?" Theo replied without looking. "It's a Japanese custom to say that kind of thing before eating a meal. Japan is that kind of place where people try not to stand out. What a quiet place to live, to be honest." Tiffania was playing PUBG Mobile while eating, yet again. Bidashal gave a sigh. "This again, Tiffania? Do elves do that kind of thing while eating? Earth has really changed you. It all started with Saito." Tiffania ignored Bidashal and kept on playing. "She's not listening. When did Tiffania ever get this stubborn anyway?"

The meal was completed, and everyone returned to their normal routine. Emilia went to do her studies in her room, while Subaru led the elves into his room for a gaming section of Black Ops 4. They watch him as he absolutely wrecked people match after match in Black Ops 4. Even Luctiana was amazed at his skills. "His reactions are lightning fast. How did he even get this good at the game? PUBG is the complete opposite when it comes to his skill level." Theo tilted his head. "The most logical explanation for that would be that Subaru has played twitchy like games where reaction is key, much like Touhou. After all, Subaru is pretty good at those games. Oh look, Subaru is about to prestige." Subaru had a big smirk on his face. "And here we go, Prestige 1 in Black Ops 4. I am taking the Maddox RFB with me." Tiffania simply watch Subaru do that, and saw that all of his perks and guns were reset, bar the Maddox. Subaru got back into a Nuketown lobby and managed to pull his team up from the brink of defeat. Luctiana laughed at the other team as she heard the rage that was coming from the other mics. "They are really pissed off, Subaru. Congrats, you really triggered them. How in the world are you dominating like this?! We really need your skills in PUBG for crying out loud!" Subaru grumbled. "Give me a break! I only started playing that. Also, the recoil control is quite a steep mountain to climb. Luctiana-san, can't you learn to cut me some slack for being a rookie at the game?" Subaru turned his attention to the 4K TV, which showed the Black Ops 4 menu. "I have to get good at this game. Damn, these people are really going all out. Which means that I have to go all out as well." The next match came, and Subaru's team lost the match at 99-100. At this revelation, Subaru pressed his head into his hands in frustration. Luctiana mocked Subaru and lavished at his failures. "What's the matter? The other team too good for you?" Subaru was trying to hide his fueling rage at his teammates, but Theo clearly saw through that.

After about an hour or two, Subaru finished the game and turned to his friends. "I think it's about time we play some PUBG right now. Emilia is about to be done with her studies in an hour or so." Luctiana scoffed. "Out of all the lords in this mansion, you are by far one of the laziest! At least think about doing something useful for the Emilia camp instead of sinking even more time into video games!" Subaru shrugged her off. "It's my choice on how I decide to use my time. After all, I am the new lord of this domain, and I will decided what's best. Right now, it is time to get some fun under our belts." Another hour has passed, and there was more rage for Subaru, who kept getting killed in the early stages of the game due to his incompetence in his aim and awareness of his surroundings. For the other elves of Zero no Tsukaima, who were all well experienced in PUBG, it was hard for them to watch Subaru fail time and time again. By the very end of the hour, Subaru's face was clearly showing signs of wear and tiredness. Eventually, Subaru stopped playing the game on his Dell G7 and got up. He turned towards the others. "Another frustration day in PUBG. It's time for another session of anime watching! All of you should make your way to our anime watching room. I'm going to go get Rem, Ram, and Emilia-tan!" With that, Subaru exited his room. Theo had a smile on his face. Luctiana glared at him. "What are you smiling for?" Theo scratched his head, an unexpected question from Luctiana. "I….uh…um…was reminded of how Subaru slowly started to change from that certain moment. Emilia gave him a purpose in life, in which he didn't felt like one. Can't really blame someone like him though, living in a complex society."

Anime Watching Section 2 - SAO

Bidashal began walking towards the door. "Let's go, Subaru-sama wanted us to go to that room. After all, we are going to watch more Sword Art Online today, it seems. Though I have watched it once before, it was an enjoyable experience for me." With that, everyone in Subaru's room made their way to the anime room. Subaru was able to convince Rem and Ram to watch with them again, but that was only because they have already completed the errands for the afternoon. It also didn't take much to convince Emilia to come and join Subaru, since she was already done with her studies for the day. After everyone was in the room, Subaru turned towards everyone. "Today is going to be another day of watching more Sword Art Online." Ram glared at Subaru intensely. "Barusu, are you going to provide us with more moving pictures from last time?" The silver haired half-elf was booting his Dell G7 into Windows 10. "They are not moving pictures, they are called anime. Keep that in mind. Our recent elven friends already know this." Subaru navigated to the 9anime website, and clicked on SAO. "Now, where did we left off from last time? Ah, we finished episode 3. I'm interested to see how Kirito progresses through this anime." Rem fiddled with her fingers. Apparently, she was excited to view more of SAO. She had never seen anything like that before in her life. The same goes for Emilia as well, who enjoyed seeing words translated into actual people and actual scenes that she could see with her very own eyes. Subaru got back to his sitting couch where everyone was waiting for Subaru to start the episode.

Tiffania reminded Subaru about making sure that everything was going to plan. "Subaru-san, please make sure that you keep track of the episode we are on. Also, start it already. Everyone is waiting!" Finally, Subaru selected episode 4 of SAO. The big 4K screen began to play the episode.

Episode 4 – The Black Swordsman

Character Key

Emilia (E) Subaru (S)

Bidashal (B) Tiffania(Tif)

Luctiana(L) Theo(Th)

Rem(Re) Ram(Ra)

A meeting in the forest

S: The 35th fifth floor? Damn, they aren't even more than one third of the way there.

B: At that rate, they need to find a way out before they die in the real world.

Th: Bidashal, you're right. Even with the most advanced treatment from Japan's facilities, it's very unlikely that their bodies will last 5 years. Japan has one of the best average lifespans of any nation on Earth.

E: Lifespan? Father, don't humans at Subaru's place live around the same age as the people do here?

Th: Emilia, people in Subaru's world can live longer on average due to advances in medicine.

S: Healing crystals huh? That would be convent as hell.

Tif: So that girl's name is Silica-san. And I don't like that red hair woman already. I am getting bad vibes.

L: Agreed. That girl is so full of herself. I want to punch that bitch's smug face.

Th: Silica left the party? Well that's a good thing, because that red haired women is so full of herself.

(SAO intro plays)

Silica's Encounter in the Forest

S: Black Swordsman? If I have to guess, it would be referring to Kirito.

L: That Silica girl is in real trouble now. Her health is only at half, and she is surrounded by monsters.

E: More demon beasts? But how? What is those red mana crystals floating over time?

Re: Subaru-kun! Subaru-kun! Look at the swing of that beast and that girls dodging skills!

S: That thing there, is that her spirit, like Puck?

E: Hmm, I think she is a spirit arts user, Subaru. Look, it's casting some spell on her? What type of magic though?

S: Wait a minute, that thing can heal her?!

L: Your reaction to that is as if you never seen familiar spirits that can heal their masters, Subaru.

S: Give me a break! It's not like I'm from here in the first place!

Tif: Oh no! Silica-san has ran out of healing items! Get out of there, there are way too many of them!

The crew watched as Silica was sent flying by one of the monsters with the club, resulting in her hitting a tree truck. Emilia, Subaru, and Tiffania winced at the sight of that scene.

Th: Things are taking a turn south quickly. She needs to get o….Subaru, what are you shocked at?

Subaru's face was filled with shock. He has played RPGs before, so he knows how bad an attack can be.

S: T..T…That thing took out a huge chunk of her health. Emilia-tan, if Silica's health goes to zero, it's game over for her! She's a level 44 too, and that thing did that much damage!?

Tif: It's swinging the club right at her! She's done for! NO, she can't die here!

L: Pina, that's her name. One swing took all of her health away. She's glowing, which means…

Th: The spirit is about to perish due to no health. It shattered, just like that player in the first episode.

Emilia: Her…familiar just did that. It's…just like that time….with the minute spirits and Puck…..with fighting Melakuera.

S: Melakuera?!

E: Oh, it's nothing, Subaru. Forgot about that name I mentioned. It's from the past of mine.

S: That thing turned into a feather, what in the heck?

Th: There is our main character Kirito, killing all of the monsters in one hit. Bet you he leveled up like crazy.

E: Beast tamer? I never heard of someone like that before.

Th: Best guess would be they are like Spirit Art users, Emilia. Maybe that is what they are in the world of that Aincad. Also, it seems that they are quite rare in that….virtual world.

Ra: Waltz here alone? Reminds me of that one moment when Barusu waltzed and thought he could fight Julius and embarrassed Emilia-sama.

(Subaru's face was filled with annoyance)

L: Thank you very much for saving me? Sounds like what Emilia said to Subaru back at the loot house.

S: There is a resurrection item available? On that place called the Hill of Memories it seems.

Tif: Floor 47, which means that higher level player can go there safely. And has three days to bring back Pina

Th: What I find funny is that Silica is asking Kirito why he is going so far for her. Kirito said that he'll tell her if she won't laugh.

L: She's going to laugh, isn't she?!

(Silica bursts into laugher after Kirito told her that she looked like her sister)

S: You can predict these kind of things, don't you Luctiana?

L: I'm very good at reading sav….I mean...people, after Iiving with them for a while.

B: Hmm, back to the 35th floor. Looks like a town of sorts.

E: Does every place have a floor like this? Those buildings don't look different from the capital here.

S: Don't know, but seems like this virtual world has towns like these. It's a good thing those are there. Monsters are barred from the safe zone in the city. To be honest, that is reality to those people. Also, Kirito lives on the 50th floor. If I was going to guess, there's another town on that floor.

L: Oh no. It's that damn savage girl again. What a brat.

Th: Good thing Kirito got Silica far away from that slimeball.

Ra: The girl reeks of the Witch. Barusu, don't go anywhere near her.

Re: Subaru-kun, I'll protect you if she ever comes here and starts her thing.

E: So people act differently in this world. It is different from what they will act in the…um…real world. Subaru, is what I am saying wrong?

S (shakes head): No, Emilia-tan. From where I am from, there are people who act differently online because the other person can't see them in person.

E (confused): "Player" indicator? So it's not a spirit crystal?

Th: No, Emilia. That thing above Kirito's head tells about if he had committed any crime.

E: Player killer? Murder?! So that means killed off for real?

S: That's right. Murder in this game is murder in the real world too.

B: People can find fun in playing as the villain in a game. This here is not a game. It's the real deal.

L: Her embarrassment is quite cute though.

S: Mirage Sphere.

E: Another metia?!

Th: Not a metia, my daughter, some kind of device.

B: That's their plan, to get to the Hill of Memories. Suiting name for a place where you can revive your pet.

Re: Someone was eavesdropping on the conversation. Kirito-kun caught onto that. He's good.

Floor 47 Flower Garden

E: Look at all of those flowers in the field Subaru! They are beautiful!

S: It is amazing how the developers managed to create a place like this.

Just then, Silica got attacked by a plant like monster. It then panned to a close up view of Silica's clothing, to which Subaru averted his eyes. Theo and the elven group noticed him doing that.

L: Well, at least you aren't a pervert, Natsuki Subaru.

S: That is implies that I was one before! Don't make such accusations!

Ra: It's going to eat her. Here, if you die, you are dead for good.

Tif: Flailing about like that with her dagger. Silica-san isn't really experience with fighting whatsoever.

Th: Whoa, looking at her combat skills. Not bad for a younger. I bet she's a couple of years younger than you, Subaru. Probably around 14-15 years old.

S: So Kirito is actually refer his 'sister' who is actually his cousin. Living for so long like that, even I wished that I had someone. Now that I think about it, I kind of understand what Kirito feels.

E: What do you mean by that?

(Subaru looks at Emilia)

S: Remember that time where I told you about my past a couple of days ago, Emilia-tan? Pushing my parents away because

Th: What kind of grandfather beats his own grandson just because he quit kendo?! Damn prick.

B: I know. That is something I hate hearing. On top of that, Kirito has guilt that his cousin may felt that she got robbed of her freedom.

The White Flower

Ra: Barusu, Kirito-sama has reached his final destination. Look at that.

L: Mission complete. This trip for them was a suc….

Th: Wait a minute, not so fast, Luctiana. There's that red-haired girl again. And she's the leader of the orange guild, Titan's Hand.

E: Orange 'guild'?!

B: I'm afraid so. In other words, her guild has murdered people. And they have chosen the wrong person to mess with. The clearing group is the most elite of the elite when it comes to beating SAO.

Just then, Kirito rushed his sword to Rosalia.

Tif: Oh shit! Kirito was about to off that girl. Damn, that was savage as heck. Trying to get the message across. What a brutal wakeup call for her. She dropped her weapon that quick.

S: Kirito heading back to the front lines. I could never be like him. And he's right, levels are merely just a number. But it's hard to think of one. I wonder what is going to happen in the next couple of episodes.

E: I'm just watching with you, Subaru, and with Rem and Ram as well. I think we should continue. Maybe Puck is watching the show with us.

L: Kirito is level 78. He's just stood there and tanked all the shots. The feeling of being overpowered. I wish I could experience that again.

B: Let's check the next episode to see what will happen to Kirito.

S: Very well then. I'll change the episode number on the laptop.

Before Subaru could change to the next episode, Luctiana wanted to offer Subaru another console. "I have also been considering adding something to the entertainment room here." Subaru raised an eyebrow at Luctiana. She merely continued. "I think you are going to like it. I will install a Nintendo Switch in this room." The confusion from Subaru's face became even larger. Judging by the name of the device, Subaru assumed it's another console. "Nintendo Switch? But the latest one was the Wii." Theo popped into the conversation. "The Switch is the newest console from them that you can take anywhere. And no, this isn't the Nintendo DS. This is the full on experience. There are some truly excellent solo and party games that you will love." Subaru's interest peaked at an all-time high. "Games?! You mean the usual Mario and Zelda?" Meanwhile, Rem and Emilia looked at each other, both of them having absolutely no idea what Subaru is talking about with Theo. The silver-haired elf shook his head. "Yes. Breath of the Wild, an open world Zelda, is one of those games. Mario Kart 8, and Smash Bros Ultimate are also two of best games on the Switch. We want to spice things up here a bit, so can we install a Switch in this room when the group wants to play?"

It only took two seconds for Subaru to give Luctiana the go ahead. Edan talked to Subaru in his head. "Jeez, you already have so many electronics and distractions around you. Well, I guess it isn't too bad. This world lacks the fun factor. I'm looking forward to seeing you play." Subaru went back to his laptop and went on to the next episode.

Episode 5 – A Crime Within the Walls

56th Floor – Pani

March 6th, 2024.

S: 56th floor, huh? That girl, Asuna. Her outfit has completely changed from the last time we saw her.

Tif: Yeah, I also noticed that as well. She seems to be pretty high up in the guild ranks, if she is the one debriefing on the Field Boss.

Th: There's quite a lot of people in that room.

Re: She's already on the top guild. After Kirito-kun gave that advice to her, she joined the clearing guild.

E: She is truly amazing. I can tell that she takes her position seriously.

Floor 59 – Grass Area

L: My man Kirito, taking a nap while the others are clearing the dungeon. Sounds like something that Subaru-kun would do.

S: Don't lump me into the same category as Kirito! We are completely different from each other. I'm not going to laze around taking a nap in the daytime!

Th: Asuna is scolding him, of course. Every moment they spend there is time lost in the real world.

B: But Kirito also makes a good point that the 'real world' they are in now is in the VR world.

S: That's true when I think about it. It looks so real that it might as well be reality. I mean, it's so close to the real thing that it might as well be that thing.

S: Just like that Kirito went back to napping in the daylight.

E: The weather looks really nice, with a nice breeze and a clear sky. I wonder if there are also lesser spirits in that 'virtual' world of Subaru's.

Ra: Emilia-sama, how would I know? That 'place' is a simply a creation from another person. There could be anything there, place by the creator of that…realm.

Asuna falls asleep

(some loud giggling came from Subaru)

S: That's too funny! Asuna fell asleep in the grass as well, in the day time.

Emilia looked at the scene that played after Kirito woke up and also giggled as well.

Tif: I knew that was going to happen to Asuna. I felt it.

L: I hoped that Kirito would have drawn some whiskers on her face while she was talking a nap.

B: Doubt that Kirito would do that kind of thing. If he did it, he's going to have a rapier stuck right through him. Asuna is one of those types to go all out on those who dare to play a prank with her.

Re: The other people are giving them flak for that, Subaru-kun. I'm glad you aren't like that.

L: I like how Kirito is just staring at Asuna as she naps.

Dinner after sunset

S: Kirito staring at the sunset. I used to do that sometimes back in my world. My father would sometimes join me and gaze at the sun as people in the distance commute back from work. Oh, and besides, looks like Asuna is waking up at the moment.

L: She is so disoriented when she wakes up. I wonder if Emilia-sama is also like that as well.

E: Wh-. I guess. I'm pretty slow to wake as well, so Asuna-san is similar to me in that aspect.

Tif: She's completely shocked that she fell asleep. And nice detail they included as well with the drool on her face.

S: Oh crud, she pulled out her rapier!

B: That reaction from Kirito-sama never gets old. Looks like she will compensate him with one dinner from the store. All of the elves back home, if we had a virtual world like this, everyone would binge on deserts.

Tif: Aww…..Asuna going all tsundere on Kirito, and one meal. How nice of her. A dinner on the 57th floor.

Dining with Asuna

S: Look at the room, practically everyone knows her. She has really risen up that quickly.

Th: That can be either good or bad depending on the way you look at it.

L: Good. No risk of getting PK'd or damage in a city. At least the GM was that lenient.

E: 'Sleeping PK?' No….that's is just low. Subaru, that's awful.

S: Indeed. There are scummy players like that.

Re: Duel? As in an actual battle in that world?

B: Right, an actual duel. Normally, that would be fine. But you can also take damage during the fight, even in a safe area.

Ra: Balse, what in the world was that girl's scream?

A crime committed

E: Huh? Oh…! (hands clasped over mouth)

S: What the?! That guy is hanging with a noose and he has a sword in his chest. He's gonna die!

Tif: No! He shattered! Damn! Who did that to him?!

L: Asuna. Hahaha. She squeezed Kirito's hand.

S: They are already getting to the bottom of this. That girl with the purple blue hair, Yolko, is probably several years younger than me in real life. She seems like she also knows something about that 'murder' as well.

Th: We know his name is Caynz now, and also they were in the same guild as well.

Re: She is turning in for the night. Let's see what they are going to do next.

50th Floor and Interrogation

S: Agil is so chill, I think we would be friends if we meet.

L: I also like how he pulled Kirito down the moment he saw Asuna.

B: Premediated murder though, that's the worst of the worst. That blade though is made by Grimlock. We don't know if he is the actual murderer, but we should wait.

Tif: Kirito was going to do something kind of dumb, stabbing himself with that sword. I mean, they have no other leads, but still. Asuna is worried about Kirito though, which is cute.

E: Also a member of the same guild, huh? Things are getting interesting, Subaru.

S: The name of the guild, 'Golden Apple'. The leader, Griselda-san.

B: She left to auction the ring off, but never returned. And she also died.

Th: Having watched so many crime shows over the past two years thanks to Saito-sama, I believe the most likely suspect for the murder would be someone who held a grudge against her. Someone close to her. Someone in that Golden Apple clan.

S: Man, you are quite smart, already reading what Kirito was going to say.

Th: Grimlock-san was her in-game husband?! Damnit! That motherfucker probably killed her!

L: Schmitt joined that Divine Dragon Alliance thing, whatever it is.

S: This is not going to go well, Yolko is about to lose it.

(stabbing sound in the back)

E: (speechless)

Re: (speechless)

Ra: (speechless)

Tif: (speechless)

S: (speechless)

B: Yolko, stabbed right in the back. Wait a minute, she just turned and offed herself. What the hell is going on here?

S: How would I know? I'm just as lost as you.

Th: I have a hypothesis. What if she faked her death on purpose, to lure the true killer out?

E: Father, how can you know if that is true? Did you not see that Yolko shattered into pieces?

T: Like I said Emilia, this is only a hypothesis. But that seems to be a likely case. How else can you PK someone in a safe zone unless you have a duel? This must be some elaborate scheme.

Re: Subaru-kun, what Theo said might have some merit.

S: True. I can't think of why they want to do that though. The true perpetrator behind the murders would know about that as well, so that scenario would be unlikely. Anyways, the best move right now is to watch the next episode so we can figure out what is going on, and take a break after that.

Subaru went to his laptop to switch to the next episode. Since he used U-Block, there are no ads anywhere. Meanwhile, while the change was going on, Theo went to his S9 to text Arch on Discord.

Discord Chat Log

Th: Arch, come in. We are going to bring back the elves from Elior Forest

Arch: Theo! So you have found that place! What are your plans for the future regarding them?

Th: Most likely, we elves are going to figure something out. And we are also going to propose to Subaru to begin modernization of this place. How are the elves doing over there?

Arch: They have been trying to find you guys the past week. They can't figure out where you went, and they are as stumped as ever. Louise and Saito are also trying to figure out where you went. Well, since Louise told me about that World Door ability of hers, we could use that to get to our original world.

Th: That would be nice. If you could relay that to the higher positioned elves, it would be most welcome.

Arch: Take care, my friend.

With that, the Discord chat ends.

Episode 6: Illusionary Avenger

S: There he is! The culprit! He's getting away at this instant!

L: Damn, he had a teleportation crystal. So much for that lead, I guess.

Tif: I don't blame Schmitt for shaking like that.

B: Ghost though? That wasn't a ghost. There was a male in that thing! It's for sure someone in the clan.

Tif: Goodness though, that sandwich looks delicious. I want to eat that so bad.

Th: The sandwich that shattered into pieces like that gave us a very important clue. It may not seem like it to your guys, but that means those 'murders' that you saw happen didn't happen at all. It was a scheme. Don't believe me? Keep watching and see what happens next.

E: I don't like where this is going, Theo. Wait, we are in the 19th floor again.

19th Floor

S: So Schmitt got a letter from someone to put the ring into the guild bank.

B: Most likely an unwilling pawn. After all, he never intended to help the murderer.

L: Yolko and Caynz recorded the confession. And it's true, objects can only expire in a safe zone, unless a duel is initiated. They used a crystal to teleport away.

S: Now if you think about it, Yolko-san didn't even show her back even once. There was probably that dagger that dropped her durability of the armor. And just like that, she also used teleport as well.

Tif: Stunned? But who are those three guys there in the hoods? They are all carrying weapons of sorts.

Th: Most likely, those are the PK guilds.

Re: PK guilds?

Th: Player killing guilds, where they kill other players for fun. Don't really understand it, but some people get the satisfaction from killing in the game, which is dangerous. What the fuck is wrong with them? Seriously, killing other people. They must be sad, little pathetic outcasts on Earth.

L: And here comes Kirito-kun to the rescue. Whew, good thing they left.

Tif: The fact that Grimlock was opposed to making weapons to set for the murder scheme is highly suspect.

S: That son of a…ARGH! He did it, I have no doubt! Someone would figure it out.

Kirito and Asuna

S: When Kirito talks about marriage, Asuna goes all tsundere again. Especially with the kicks.

Th: Storage sharing is really convenient though.

L: Damn though, Grimlock wanted to turned their scheme against them and kill them all in cold blood. What a waste of human existence. Seriosuly, why do such things to your own wife?

S: Had no choice but to kill her?! What kind of shitty excuse is that?!

Th: I knew it! She was his real life wife too? But according to him, she changed in the VR world. She became more animated in the VR world.

B: Locking Yukko away to remain immortal in my memories? Fucking asshole.

S: Did that fucking piece of crap excuse of a human didn't know about how he just committed a murder for hire in the game!? Scum. Not only that, but he also killed her in real life too! A MURDER! That guy can go to hell for all I care. And I don't give a damn about that self-pity remorse bullshit.

Re: Good riddance, Subaru-kun, that guy is taken away.


Th: Well, if I found a side of my spouse that never existed, I'll love it as part of her too. I mean, aren't you constantly discovering new things in marriage as well?

L: I guess you can say something like that, Theo.

S: Heh. So Kirito hasn't added Asuna to the friend list. Don't you notice something in this episode Theo?

Th: What are you talking about? You mean the bubbling attraction between Asuna and Kirito?

Tif: I can see something like that, you know. Hey, that ghost of Yukko that showed up as Asuna-sama and Kirito-kun were about to leave. What was that thing?

B: Probably just a manifestation of her emotional database stored in the system.

S: At least she can finally rest in peace, knowing that the real killer is brought to justice in the VR world. Well, I guess that concludes the watch section for today. Rem, Ram, Emilia-tan, did you enjoy the episodes today?

All of the nodded.

Re: I am surprised by the twist and turns that I am seeing.

E: To see art being brought to light, I can see why this would be popular back on Earth, Subaru.

Subaru got up to turn off the television and encouraged everyone else to exit the room. Within the next few minutes, only Subaru and the elves from Zero no Tsukaima were there. Subaru turned to Theo, who was standing by the window to looking out into the field of grass and trees.

"Anything from that world of yours? From either the people or the elves? Please, if you have anything to hide, don't hesitate to say it out loud right now. We need all of the help that we can get here."

Theo gave a sigh as he turned towards Subaru. "Please listen very well, Subaru. There is something that is quite important to know right now. It has to do with the elves in that other world that Theo and the others came from. An old friend of mine, Arch, is going to try to go to the elves to open a portal to this place. Apparently, they have been looking for us over the past week, and are getting desperate. We could also use more elves here to speed up get the people here brought up to modern times."

Switch and Smash Ultimate

Subaru nodded as Luctiana and Bidashal materialized the Switch console and four Pro Controllers. They hooked up the Switch with both the HDMI and charging USB-C cord. The games that were included were Mario Kart 8, Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

"Good. That should speed things up then. Also, aren't you also going to Elior Forest to try to unfreeze the elves? Your magic might exceed this world's magic. Those elves there are your people, so you should try to find a way back there as quickly as possible."

Theo shrugged. "I would like to, but we need a map so we could get back there. Anyways, look at what both Luctiana and Bidashal installed. And jeez, Tiffania is already on that."

Subaru looked to where the 4K LG TV was, and noticed there was a new game console under the TV with four controllers, two the left, and two to the right. "Ah, is that the new Switch console you talked about earlier, right? Seems like you guys want me to play a game with you. That's fine by me? What are we playing? I have plenty of time to kill right now."

Luctiana winked her face. "Super Smash Bros Ultimate. I assume you know what series is. Unless you have been playing nothing but that shitty screen with the Famicom and the Genesis?"

Subaru got annoyed at that statement. "What's wrong with that anyways? I had no need for a screen back there. I spend most of my days in that room surfing on the internet. Anyways, how are the reviews for the game?"

Luctiana got even more excited at the opportunity to square off in a video game battle. "It's one of the best games on Switch, the best entry in the Smash series. I heard there are over 70 characters to choose from, including the DLCs characters. Speaking of which, I'll get the console booted up."

Subaru watched as the Nintendo Switch logo popped up and Luctiana went through the normal procedure of getting Super Smash Bros Ultimate started. "And it's already in Japanese, how convenient. And seems like she knows Japanese as well. I guess that makes sense since she had two years in that other world of sorts."

Luctiana continued. "We'll start off with a three stock battle, set on an Omega stage. No items, so this will be a test of skill on a 7 minute time limit. Subaru, let's get started. I want to see how much you are going to suck in Smash."

Subaru walked over to the leather seats and grabbed the controller. "This Pro Controller by Nintendo feels really good in my hands. None of the buttons are out of reach. I think I can get the hang of this, despite not playing Smash a lot. I used to play it a long time ago with my elementary school friends."

Edan once again made his entrance. He knew what was going to happen to Subaru. "You say that, but I know for sure that you are going to get your ass handled to you. And please, don't spike the controller into the ground to salt. Tiffania and Luctiana won't like that one bit."

An urked Subaru raised his fist at the teasing contracted spirit of his. "Shut up. I won't do anything stupid as throwing a tantrum over a video game. Like I am going to in the first place."

Tiffania raised her eyebrow, while Luctiana kept pushing Subaru once again. "Says the kid who threw the tantrum at Emilia and saying that she should owe a debt that she should repay."

Subaru sighed. "Come on, give me a break for that time. I was stressed quite a bit there, and my mind wasn't in the best places. After falling to Julius, I was blinded by the isekai hero going into another world bullshit, but that's because I was nothing back on Earth. You know I didn't really mean that, right?"

Theo looked at the character selection screen. "My goodness though, the amount of characters you can choose in Smash is freaking massive. I wonder which fighter is Subaru going to go with for the battle against Luctiana?"

Subaru shook his head in disbelief. "Damn, where to even begin with in the first place? Who the hell do I even pick in the first place? I'll guess I'll go with Mario. Pretty much everyone knows him in Japan."

Luctiana choose Marth as her fighter. "Fire Emblem character is the one I am going to pick. Good luck Subaru. Of course, I'm probably not going to go easy on you, just because you haven't played it much. I'm going stop you into the ground so hard, that Emilia-sama is going to be disappointed in you, Subaru."

That got Subaru riled up for the match, as he is quite completive when pushed. It all came from his younger days back on Earth. He wanted to beat Luctiana in Smash Bros."We'll see about that, Luctiana!"

Unfortunately, it won't not turn out the way that Subaru wanted to. In fact, Tiffania, Theo, and Bidashal simply watched Subaru getting pummeled by Luctiana. Everytime Subaru tried to do damage, Luctiana would immediately punish him with a grab, which only led to Subaru being combed to high percentages. Subaru would manage to get a few hits it during the battle, but his inexperience often cost him a stock, mostly by failing to get up the stage after getting knocked off, or mistiming and getting flown out to the blast zone. Within the first three minutes, Subaru had already lost two stocks, and Luctiana was sitting at around 65% damage, with no stocks lost.

Subaru, being on the edge of defeat, began to vent his frustration. "Damnit! I'm so bad at this game! Shit! Can you go easy on me at least?"

In a matter of a minute, Subaru lost the match, and he was rolling his eyes in the process. Luctiana on the other hand had a big smirk on her face, as if she was proud of beating on a noob. "This is the completive scene for Smash back on Earth. You are already getting passivate about it. After all, it must have been quite a step up from your previous games back at home. Don't fret too much about losing quite often, most players start out that way. It takes quite a bit of practice to rise up in the rankings."

Subaru nodded. "Smash is one of those games that you must have. Paying tribute to all of the video game characters that kids like me grew up with. I bet my former friends have this game as well. I should have brought a better console back in my own world, rather than just sticking with the shitty Famicom and Genesis that I had. All right, time to give this another go."

Another match begins, and it was mostly the same result. However Subaru managed to SD himself off the stage, which cause Luctiana and Tiffania to burst out laughing at Subaru's misfortune. The laughing was so loud that Emilia could hear it in her room. Puck was also confused at what is going on. "Seems like Subaru and the others are having a really fun time in that room, Lia."

Emilia slowly nodded as she kept listening to the howling laugher. Subaru raised a voice against them as he struggled against trying not to lose early. "It's not a given that I'll be a god at this game. I'm good at single player games, remember?!"

The next moment, the finishing zoom showed as Subaru got down smashed into the blast zone by Luctiana's Chrom. He could only stare at the screen in shock as he got absolutely wrecked once again. "You have got to be shitting me. I couldn't even take a single damn stock for crying out loud. That's it, I'm going to change my fighter again. Screw it, I'm picking Pikachu. You are going to feel the pain."

Over the next hour or so, the battles against Subaru and Luctiana continued. Slowly but surely, Subaru managed to take his first stock off Luctiana when she made the mistake of rolling right into Subaru's forward smash attack, sending her fighter off the blast zone. "Finally, I took a stock of you." Luctiana applauded Subaru for his progress. "Very good, Subaru-sama! But you'll need more than just that to beat an opponent in Smash!" Luctiana went all tryhard on Subaru, wiping him out within a minute.

Subaru shook hands with Luctiana after the match, and they all discussed on what to do tomorrow. Subaru told the group that he wanted to take a break from watching Sword Art Online for two days, to focus on the elves located in Elior Forest, and planning to bring a massive group of elves from Zero no Tsukaima. As dinner rolled around and flew by, Subaru went back to his room to catch on manga. He prefers to read pirated manga on his desktop, a continuation of his habits back from his original world.

Turning in for the night

Edan on the other hand was looking at the story as well, although he couldn't understand it. "After seeing what anime is, I can't stop binge watching the thing." Subaru had a small smile on his face. "This is the joy of my own world, Earth. The next several days are going to be busy with planning. Mostly going to be focusing on the elves from over on the other side and development over here, led by Theo."

Subaru went out as usual to see his beloved Emilia-tan, then quickly made his way back to bed, around 11:00 PM. As he stared into the celling, he thought of all the fun things that the Zero no Tsukaima group brought with them, and how more lively the mansion got. Subaru closed his eyes, turning in for the night. The first phase to modernization of Subaru's Mansion in Re: Zero is soon about to be discussed in the following two days.