Change my mind

Quanktumspirit: "A short tale I came up with. Tramps POV shortly before the rat attack, but after Lady screamed at him."

Tramps POV

I'm so sorry Lady. I'm sorry I ran with you away from your tranquility of a home. I'm sorry you were caught by the pound and had to find out about my other ex-mates. Believe me Lady, if I could turn back time I'd protect you better.

I'm a lone stray, I had been in and out of so many homes nothing truly made me happy. Nore all the other street dogs, no amount of Italian food or bones could make me feel happy the way you did.

I never regretted meeting you, showing you the world of a stray dog, or being with you.

You are the first dog who I felt true love flowing through, if I could I'd take you to be my mate.

But I can't, you've made your point very clear you never want to see me again, and you would most likely find yourself a new mate. That Jock the Schnauzer or Trusty the blood hound would be the best choice. You 3 have been close since you moved in with your owners.

Whatever you do with your life, I pray you will find your happiness. Whiles I will forever live with the guilt in my soul.

Now, just across this road and I should-

I freeze in my movements and listen out. You were barking frantically. Something has happened.

As quickly as I can I race back to you, whiles looking out for Jock or Trusty, but they were long locked up in their homes. They couldn't help you even if they wanted to.

I knew, I was the only dog closest to you. I had to be by your side this very second and find out what was going on. I had to redeem myself to you, my love.

I had to be your hero. And I will do my very best for you.

Quanktumspirit: "Comments please. How was it for you all?"