The Dark Grand Priest catches the punch and throws his opponent onto the ground. He then attempts to crush the Grand Priest with his feet, but then the latter avoids it and lands another thunderous kick in the face before sending Dark Daishinkan away with another blow. Moments after, the dark Angel appears in front of Daishinkan and delivers a stunning headshot and a powerful punch in the guts. "You can't avoid this." The Dark Grand Priest forms an energy blast, traps his opponent inside, and lets it detonate. It produces an enormous explosion, enough to vibrate the entire multiverse. However, the attack does not affect the Grand Priest at all.

"That wasn't bad." He says.

The Dark Grand Priest smirks and continues his assault. Two masters of Ultra Instinct with apex powers; both are equal as they trade blows after blows. Although both of them are still holding back, the intensity of their fight destroys multiple galaxies and dimensions. The Grand Priest dodges another lethal strike from his opponent; however, the latter quickly catches him and elbows his face. The Grand Priest regains his composure and punches his clone down on the ground.

"Stop playing around and show me your power," Daishinkan says.

The dark Angel gets up and wipes off blood from his mouth. The entire Angels' Realm is shaking as he powers up.

"Did you sense that?" Toppo asks Jiren as their backs face each other.

"Yeah! What a ferocious energy." Jiren says and blows away his clone with his scream.

Then, the Grand Priest gasps in pain as the dark Angel's punch goes deeper into his guts. He attempts to retaliate, but the dark Grand Priest gets out of the way and does a beautiful spin before kicking him through dozens of mountains. The Grand Priest faces his opponent again with his attire slightly torn up.

"If that was your full power, then I feel so sorry for you." The Grand Priest calmly says.

"What was that? Keep bluffing all you want, but you..." The Dark Priest unconsciously blocks a punch from his counterpart thanks to Ultra Instinct, but the latter evades through that divine technique by sending him outer space with a powerful blow; the impact of that attack was so strong that it pushed him through countless planets and suns. It took the dark Angel some effort to stop himself from going further. "That bastard. He's still not going all-out. Even with Ultra Instinct, that was painful as fuck." The Grand Priest curses and teleports back to the Realm.

"That insane surge of energy...No, that wasn't even 1/3 of his strength." Vegeta thoughts to himself. The Prince gets another punch in the face by his clone.

"What's wrong, Prince?" Fake Vegeta smirks

"Don't worry! I will send your wife and that brat to the Other World to join you after I end your pathetic life." Fake Vegeta enjoys his taunts until getting crushed by an enraged Super Saiyan White Vegeta.

"YOU MOTHERFUCKER!" The Saiyan furiously and viciously attacks his clone.

The Dark Grand Priest is pissed and eager to tear off that head to show his gratitude for all the pains he has just endured. He decides to elevate the fight by going full power. "No more games! Allow me to show you my all!" The Dark Grand Priest's power increases even further; his dark aura turns the whole multiverse into darkness. The Angels stop their movements as they sense tremendous dark ki dominating every corner of this reality.

"It is ripping the whole reality apart, Whis." Vados is sweating as cracks start to appear in the sky.

"This rivals the Grand Priest. I'm afraid there's nothing we can do but believe in our esteemed Father." Whis responds, and the other Angels agree before resuming their mission.

The dark Angel aggressively attacks the Grand Priest. His strength, his speed, and his movements have changed drastically. Daishinkan barely avoids another legal jab at his left eye, but even Ultra Instinct cannot protect him from a heavy blow in the back of his head and a stunning strike in the chest. "Can't keep up?" The Dark Grand Priest mocks his counterpart before blasting him away. The former then charges five supernovae and throws them at Daishinkan, followed by a barrage of ki blasts.

"That evil ki continues to grow. This is problematic." Jiren thoughts while firing another Power Impact blast. He senses a sudden drop of energy and quickly rushes to aid Belmod as he gasps in agony because one of his clone's energy cards pierces his chest.

"DIE!" Clone Belmod launches an Energy of Destruction, but it's being intercepted by Jiren, who effortlessly nullifies it.

" dare you intervene in my fight?" Clone Belmod forms another purple blast and attacks the Trooper. Nevertheless, Jiren remains unfazed and struck through Clone Belmod with his fist. Clone Belmod shrieks in pain before his body dissolves into dust.

"T...thank you, Jiren." Belmod's injury is far more devastating than the Trooper thought; even a senzu bean is not enough to fully heal the God of Destruction. Toppo

" time is up, I suppose. Jiren, fight for me! Fight for Universe 11. You're our're our strength...Toppo, you're now the God of Destruction of Universe 11...protect all the people and defeat Erai." Belmod passes all of his energy and knowledge to his successor and dies in the hands of Jiren and Toppo; his body turns into small particles and becomes nothing. There's no time for mourning as both Troopers swallow the pains inside and continue their fight. The death of Belmod is a motivation to gods and mortals to use everything they have to win the battle.

The Grand Priest flies toward his clone and delivers a heavy blow, which surprises the dark Angel. Both lock into a showdown of stamina as the Grand Priest slowly overwhelms the clone.

"Stubborn never learn when to give up!" Dark Daishinkan clenches his teeth and powers up further to push back.

The Grand Priest smiles and breaks free of the grip while delivering another painful blow in the guts. Dark Daishinkan coughs some blood before taking another punch in the face.

"Don't get so carried away."