A Day in the Forest

I don't own Inu or Kogome nor does anyone else though I wish I did

"KAGOME COME BACK HERE " hollered but he was too late Kagome had already jumped down the well. 'DAMN THAT GIRL! ' Thought Inuyasha as he followed her down. He felt a little dizzy after he came into Kagome's time 'DAMN HER! ' He thought again and jumped out of the empty well, she was not in sight so he decided to look for her inside. Kagome took the ladder; she had put in the well for easier access, leading out of the well. " I'm so tired of his arrogance I'm tired of thinking that I can change him WHEN I CAN'T. '

Kagome walked to the front door of her home glad that she was. Suddenly out of nowhere, she felt sick to her stomach, she opened the door wide and ran to the bathroom. She came out moments later feeling better, assuming that it was the new chicken rice that Inu had asked her to try. It was awful, but she didn't tell Inu. Supposing he might yell at her once again as they had all day.

'I'll show her, stupid human. ' Inu jumped to the roof, and slid down till he found her window. He stuck his claw into the window seal to open it. Her aroma filled his nose " stupid girl and her stupid smell" he said as he entered everything was clean as if no one had ever been in the room, except for an out of place leopard print box on Kagome's bed. Naturally, Inuyasha picked it up to glance at what she was trying to see what she was learning.

Except this book was different. It felt like the hair on his head and smelt just like Kagome. Their was a lock on this book 'none of her other books had locks he thought to himself ' who's she trying to keep out!

' Then he heard the door open and a pounding "Sit " from Kagome. Inuyasha froze at the words unable to move. " What do you think your doing that's not yours? She yelled as she pried the book from his clawed hands. " That's mine and your not to touch it!" She put the book in a drawer at her desk. Soon after the spell wore off.

" I was just looking!" Inuyasha thundered back "But it's not yours! And who said that you could enter my room, you stupid half-breed!" This Kagome had never called him and he was enraged," Half-breed, Half-breed, that's all you can come up with is Half-Breed!" "And stupid girl is all you can come up with Inuyasha!" And with that she stormed out of the room.