Ch.10                          Will he live?

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        Kagome stood up.

"Miroku… Will he be okay?"

"I'm not sure."

"But… but its just a knife wound.  It should not be that big of a deal."

"Yes that's true but… Inuyasha can be a lil' dramatic some times."  (Have you ever seen Bubble Boy; at the end when he gets out of the bubble and falls to the ground.  Thinks he's dying… love that part.)

"Yes, that's true.  Did the wound hit anything vital organs?"

"Well, Yes… (The girls gasped.)  Sorta…"

"Sorta… how can you sorta hit a vital organ?"

"Let me finish.  Let me finish.  You see it penetrated the liver just a hair and Kaede said it would take a day or two to heal.  So really it's not that bad.  She's released him (Inuyasha came out the hut leaning on Kaede holding his side.)  He will also need to stay off his feet until he has fully recovered."

        Kagome ran over and took Inuyasha from Kaede. 

"Are you okay?"

"Yea, I'll be fine."  He said softly, but manly at the same time.

        Soon after the group left Kaede's house.  And headed "home".  It was almost dark and Shippou was no where to be found Kagome called for him but still no answer everyone called for him except Inu because he had fallen asleep on the futon inside their small hut.  Miroku tended to the fire as Kagome pulled Sango aside.

"So… when ya gonna tell him?"

"Tell who? And what?"

"Tell Miroku.  And that you love him obviously."

"Oh… uh I planned on waiting."  Sango smiled.

"You can't you have to tell him.  Now."

"Okay.  Okay."

        Kagome pushed Sango over next to the two; she then left to check on Inuyasha.



"Umm… Miroku."

"Yes."  He looked into her eyes.

"U-u-uh I-I j-just wanted to s-ay-ay that… that I Love you."

"Oh please… I don't believe you.  Your always hitting me calling me names, well guess what?  I've gotten over you."


"Yea… (He choked on his words.) Its true and there's nothing you can do about it."

        He squatted down and poked the open flame with a thin stick.

"Now if you don't mind I'm busy."

'What I don't believe my ears.'  Sango thought to her self.  (She bust out in tears.)

"I tell you I love you and this is what you say I don't believe you I know you still love me.  You can't hide it Miroku.  And you will regret it."

        Sango stormed away towards the river.

"Err… she thinks she can treat me however she wants.  Well she can't.  And I don't love her.  I can't can I."

        He stayed at the flame just in case Kagome or Inu needed him.


Inside the hut:

        Kagome entered the hut as she herd Sango studdering. 

        Inuyasha was awake standing next to the window hugging his side.  He looked hypnotized, starring at the moon.  She walked over to him.  He looked sideways to glance at the visitor.

"Hey."  She said lovingly.

        He smiled weakly.

"Oh… what a big baby I'm sure it doesn't hurt that bad."  She said teasingly.

"Mmhmm… that's what you think… although you showed a lot of love when it happened.  I am very grateful."  He smiled at her again this time it warmed her body.

"So what so interesting."

"Oh… I was just thinking about."

"Uhh… just stuff."


        He opened his arm and she walked into it.  He wrapped it tightly around her, as they stared out the open window.

"So… I heard some noise outside.  What was it?"

"Uh… Just Sango wanted to tell Miroku something."

"Oh… I didn't sound like it went so well."

"She's just a little frightened that's all."


        Inuyasha rested his head on hers.  Kagome felt a lot of weight collapse on her body.

"Inuyasha… wake up I (Err…, she struggled trying to take him to the futon.)  Can't hold you up."

        She finally got to the futon.  And sat his limp body on it, dragging his feet on to the soft pallet. 

She soon joined him on the futon and wrapped the blanket around him and her.  His limp hand fell on her tiny waist he gripped her and slowly pulled him self toward her.  He kissed her neck softly.

"Good night my love."  He said softly between kisses.


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