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Andy slowly opened the door to Miranda Priestly's lavish apartment. She knew that this was a task she couldn't mess up. It can make or break everything she had worked for. You open the door and you walk across the foyer. You hang the dry cleaning in the closet across from the staircase and you leave the Book on the table with the flowers. Andy made sure to repeat Emily's instructions in her head. Most importantly, don't talk to anyone and don't look at anyone. "Come on Andy. A monkey can do this." She whispered to herself. As she scanned around the foyer. Oh no! There were multiple doors by the staircase and several tables with fresh flowers on them. Andy was internally screaming. "Shit"

"It's the door to the left." A random voice said. Andy looked around for who could have said that. She looked up the staircase. It was the twins. "Thank you." Andy whispered. She placed the dry cleaning in the closet right across from her. Then looked back at the twins. At this point, Andy was desperate. She had already broken the rules Emily told her not to do. She wanted to get out of there fast. Andy pointed at the book. "Which table?"

"It's okay. Come on up!" One of the twins suggested.

"No. I can't." Andy replied.

"You can bring the Book upstairs. Emily does it all the time." The same twin giggled. "She does?" The other girl looked confused. Caroline and Cassidy looked at each other. "Right! She does, all the time." The twins ran up. Hopefully back to their rooms. Andy was nervous to go up the stairs. Emily didn't say anything about stairs, but she decided to suck it up. If the twins said so. She slowly and carefully took one step at a time, but before she could get to the fourth step, she was interrupted by another voice. This one had a different tone.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you." She suggested. It wasn't one of the twins. The statement had come from another young girl; slightly older than the twins. "They want you to get in trouble." The girl added. Andy noticed that the girl looked different from the twins. This girl had darker, longer and wavier hair. Her eyes were the same as Miranda's although slightly more blue in some angles.

"Oh" Andy now relieved. She went back down to the foyer. "Which table?" She pointed at the book. The girl just pointed to the long wooden table with three colorful flower arrangements on it. "Thank you!" Andy whispered as she placed the book on the table. The girl just smiled as Andy walked out the door.

The next morning, Andy got to work; placed her stuff on her desk. She did same old routine she would have before Miranda got to the office. Honestly, Andy was pretty pleased with herself. She didn't mess it up. Well, she did break the rules Emily had told her, but no one would know right? WRONG.

Emily had grabbed Andrea and dragged her to the small coffee room Miranda's assistants were to use. Emily widened her eyes; curious as to how Andy did. "Well?" Her tone implied how impatient she was getting.

"The twins said hello, so I said hello back. Then I almost went up the stairs"

"You went upstairs?" Emily interrupted in a panicked tone.

"No! No! I didn't"

"Oh thank God!" Emily took a deep breath. "Good yo know you figured out where to place the book."

"Actually...about that" Andy stalled. "Why was there another girl at Miranda's apartment?"

Emily's jaw dropped. "You met Olivia?"

Andy nodded.

"Oh my God. No assistant has ever seen her before." Emily announced. Andy was confused. Who the hell is Olivia? "What did she look like? Was she was awful as the twins?" Emily was slightly getting excited. Then she noticed Andy's blank expression. Of course! Andy has never heard of Olivia. Emily thought to herself as she rolled her eyes. "Olivia Carmichael is Miranda's eldest daughter."

"Miranda has another daughter?"

"Yes, but unlike the twins, Olivia doesn't live with her." Emily smirked. "Rumor has it that Olivia's father, filed a restraining order forbidding Miranda from seeing her daughter."

Andy nodded. However, it didn't make any sense. Sure, Miranda could be terrifying and unreasonable, but she was a good mother. The absurd tasks she had Andy do was already proof of that.

"Andrea" Miranda called out. Emily and Andy looked at each other. They were too busy gossiping that they didn't even realize that their boss had gone to her office. Andy walked as fast as she could in her 4 inch heels.

The room seemed colder than usual and Miranda seemed to be grumpier than she usually is. Andy was terrified. Fuck! What if the twins had told her that she had spoken to them? Andy was now panicking. "Miranda, about last night I"

"As my twins had informed me this morning, you have already met Olivia." Andy is now visible shaking. She can't lose this job. She has worked too hard to get fired just because she talked her boss' daughter. "I need you to pick up Olivia from her piano lessons and bring her to her father's house." Miranda was stood up and stared at Andy. "Don't leave her there." Miranda was giving specific direction. This caught Andy off guard. She was just terrified. Miranda has never done this before. Her orders were always short and vague. There is definitely something off with Miranda today. "Her father's trip will be longer than expected. I need you to go with her get more of her things. Spend the whole day with her if you have to. That's all" Miranda went back to her chair as if nothing happened. Andy walked out of Miranda's office feeling slightly better than she had when she walked in. She wasn't fired. Well not yet anyway.

Andy got into the black town car and told the driver to bring her to Olivia's piano practice. Hoping that he knew where it was.

He did. Thank God. Andy leaned backed and allowed herself to relax a bit. Last night was hard, but this is so much harder. No assistant has ever met Olivia before. No one knows how she's like or what she wants. This 11 year old could have the power to get her fired. The traffic wasn't as bad as Andy expected. She was able to reach this beautiful apartment building in Tribeca sooner than she had planned.

"Olivia's piano teacher lives in the 7th floor. You can wait for her in the lobby." The driver looked at his watch. "She should be done in a few minutes." Andy smiled and did what she was instructed.

Andy waited in the lobby with her phone in hand. She was talking to Emily.

"Tell me! Have you met her yet?" Emily now more eager to get answers.

"Not yet. Hey Em? Have you noticed anything different with Miranda today?"

"No I haven't."

Suddenly the elevators door open. Revealing an eleven year old girl too tall for her age. She was wearing a slightly oversized white button down tucked in a pair of denim blue jeans. To finish up her outfit, she had white Gucci sneakers and a mini Burberry back pack. No 11 year old dresses like this, but what do you expect? She's Miranda Priestly's daughter.

"I have to go." Andy dropped the call. "Olivia?" She called out. She was still pretty stunned by the young girl. As Olivia walked closer, Andy noticed more things about her. She was a size zero. She looked like Miranda, but some features like her hair and her nose must have come from the dad. Andy couldn't really tell much about how Olivia looked from last night because of how the room was lit, but seeing her right now, she can say that Olivia Carmichael was a beautiful girl.

"I'm guessing that you're another Emily." Olivia joked. Even when she was trying to be funny, she still managed to sound polite.

"Hi I'm Andrea Sachs, but people usually call me Andy." Andy stretched out her hand. Olivia shook it.

"Hi Andy!" She smiled. "I dont know exactly what my mom has told you about me, but"

"She hasn't said anything actually" Andy cut her off.

"That's good. My mom tends to brag about my achievements more than she talks about who I am." Olivia explains.

She was definitely no Miranda Priestly. Olivia was shy and soft spoken. Andy had led both of them to the town car waiting outside.

"Your mom told me that your dad's trip will be extended. We need to go to your house to get some of your things."

Olivia sighed then nodded her head. Andy could tell that there was something up with the young lady. Although, she didn't want to overstep.

The car was silent for the first few blocks. Andy was constantly looking at her phone; texting Emily.

"My dad got married yesterday." Olivia blurted out. Andy quickly looked at her. Olivia was absent minded. She was fidgeting while staring outside the window. "He was invited to a wedding in Greece by a woman he fell in love with 21 years ago. Now, I might have a half sister, my dad got married and Stephen will for sure leave my mom."

Andy was speechless by what Olivia had just said. She knew she wasn't in the position to comment on her boss' personal life, but Olivia needed a friend.

A tear fell from Olivia's eye. She tried her best to play it off like nothing happened, but Andy noticed. Andy handed Olivia a tissue.

"I'm sorry. I know that this isn't part of your job. It's just." Olivia bit her lip. She does that when she's nervous. "I don't really have any friends." She explained. "At my old school, my teachers noticed that I was academically gifted. They tried to teach me, but I found everything too easy. That's why a lot of the girls in my school don't like me as much."

"Umm we're here" Andy stuttered. Olivia just nodded. They got out of the car slowly.

The brownstone was breathtakingly beautiful. It was classy and tasteful. The decor were a mixture of wooden elements and earth tones. It looked expensive. Olivia was the first to walk in. Andy soon followed. The first thing she saw was a moderate sized family photo placed inside a dark wooden frame hanging on the wall.

"That's my dad" Olivia pointed at Sam "and those are my brothers, Nate and James." The men in their family were just as good looking as Olivia. However, her focus was on the young lady in the photo.

"You look so much like your mom" Andy whispered.

"Do you want anything to drink?" Olivia asked; avoiding Andy's question.

"No thank you. I'm okay."

Olivia nodded. "I'll just pack my things. You can sit in the living room."

Olivia ran up to her room soon after she had shown Andy the living room. What have I gotten myself into? Andy couldn't help but think. This whole situation was making her uncomfortable. She didn't like to gossip, and she really respected Miranda. She felt guilty, but all she could think about was Why doesn't Miranda talk about her daughter as much as she talks about the twins?

"You can ask you know." A voice crept in behind her causing Andy to jump. "I'm sorry I didn't mean to startle you."

"No it's okay. I'm sorry for snooping."

"I know what you're thinking. The twins actually just asked me why they don't see often"

"Why don't you?" Andy seemed a little too eager. "If you don't mind of course"

"I don't." Olivia assured her. "My mom left when I was only 6 months. She had a job offer in Paris. Then by the time she came back, she was already married to someone else and pregnant with the twins. I was 2." Andy held Olivia's hand. "When she got back, they both agreed that it will just be better for me to live with dad, but I still did get to see her. Just not often, and most of the time unannounced. I do want to spend more time with Caroline and Cassidy and Mom, but they don't really have the time for me yet." Andy could tell just how much this has taken a toll on the little girls life. She knew Miranda was busy, but not this busy.