After a month ago in September, Akeno Misaki realize at night. It was Saturday September 8, 2018. When Akeno Misaki has an idea that she might go with Moeka China or she'll be out or something, She'll probably take Mashiro Munetani to Movie Theatre or not. So she has to take Rin Shiretoko for a BBQ Dinner at the restaurant.

Akeno Misaki thinks for a bit. Moeka China was standing right beside her and she looked up at her and she saw what Moeka China is doing. She Pulls Akeno Misaki skirt up and she saw her panties getting dirty. Akeno Misaki woke up from her dream before Moeka China pulls off her skirt. She Realize her panties are gone.

Someone came knock on the door. And there was Rin Shiretoko standing by that door and made herself some Orange Juice for her. "Thank You Rin-Chan." She said with her smile. Rin Shiretoko sits down right beside Akeno Misaki right close to her. "It was going to be snow early this evening by October." The weather checked but it was too hot but now it was way cooler on Today September 8, 2018.

"What will happened to our new ship?" Rin Shiretoko Asks to Akeno Misaki. "It'll be okay." Harekaze II Was standing on the dock to make sure it doesn't sink but it didn't. "Where would you like to go in the afternoon Rin-Chan?" "I would like to go is our Fast food this afternoon." "Oh! That's right. It's Mcdonalds isn't it?" "Yes it is."

"So where is Mcdonalds Restaurant?" "In Japan somewhere in Tokyo." "Maybe Yokosuka Blue Mermaids will bring us here." "Nope. It's our date." "Okay." As they talk to each other about going on a date at lunch, Akeno Misaki was really happy that they will date with them. Except for Mashiro Munetani and Moeka China.

So, As of Eleven O'Clock, The Girls are getting ready to put their stuff into their bags and getting ready for lunch. "What Would you like?" "I like some Big Mac." "Okay. I'll have some fries." "Goodie." Rin Shiretoko said excitedly and they went off. As they order some food, they order Big Mac and Fries. They got money and taking it to the table.

"What will you do in the weekend?" "I'll do some drawings from other girls." "What will you draw?" "I'll draw some those real people and make an animation to it." "Okay." As they ate some fast food, they really had a fun time. So they are all full so they are going back home. What will they do at home?

At Five O'Clock PM, Rin Shiretoko and Akeno Misaki had a funny video of this little donkey had this kick to the mirror and doing some other disney movies was really funny on Akeno Misaki Laptop and they all laughed. Rin Shiretoko wants to make another one of those videos. She will act like she was crying.

As Rin Shiretoko and Akeno Misaki acting they all breath heavily and cried as they pulled their shirt up and taking off their panties, they started to laugh as they touch their vagina's. "Hahahaha. That's is so funny." Akeno Misaki laughed as they tried to pull their panties down and had a donkey kick in the mirror and cat screeched as edgar tried to open the door and they all laughed as the video ended.

"What a funny video." Rin Shiretoko laughed as they stopped laughing. Akeno Misaki wiped her tears off and Rin Shiretoko does it too. So as they all done their video watching, They all have this same evening as they do. In Eleven O'Clock PM, They all go to bed. As Rin Shiretoko pulls her blanket up and Akeno Misaki hugs her while naked and they all sleep naked. Moeka China is back from work.

The End. Hope you enjoy the story. Well, It will be Hai-Furi 2018 By September so this should be september in FanFic Story. Have Fun.