Author: Kain

Title: A Turning to Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered

Disclaimer: Aside from a few Original Character's I created I own nothing. The character's of Buffy, Angel, and any other show that happens to be unforunate enough to wind up being used here belong to other people.

Spoilers: None. Story falls into the realm of complete AU after this point.

Summary: Xander gets Buffy out of the high school during episode Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered. Things get worse after that point.

Pairings: Eventually S/B

Rating: R Graphic violence, everything else pretty mild.

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Chapter One: Psycho Love

Giles comes down the stairs out of the stacks carrying a couple of books, "Xander." He says looking at him curiously. "What is it?" He asks setting his books down on the table.

Xander looks at the librarian guiltily, "it, it's me... throwing myself at your mercy."

"What? Why?" He questions as he takes off his glasses to clean them.

"I made a mess, Giles." Xander admits, "see, I found out that Amy's into witchcraft, and I was hurt, I guess, so I... made her put the love whammy on Cordy, but it backfired, and now every woman in Sunnydale wants to make me her cuddle monkey, which may sound swell on paper, but."

Jenny comes into the library behind them and strides up to Giles. "Rupert, we need to talk." She tells Giles before turning to look at Xander, "hey, Xander. Nice shirt." She says rubbing her hand over his shirt. "Look, Rupert, I know that you're angry at me, and I don't blame you, but I am not just gonna go away," she says as she continues rubbing Xander's arm. "I mean, I care far too much about you to," she turns to looking at Xander's arm. "Have you been working out?"

Xander gives Giles a pleading, 'see what I mean?' look. Giles grabs Jenny by the arms and pulls her away and behind him.

"Oh!" She exclaims as she stares at Xander with a look of desire in her eyes.

Giles looks at her, at Xander, back at her, and finally back at Xander. "I cannot believe that you are fool enough to do something like this!" He hisses angrily at Xander.

"Oh, no, I'm twice the fool it takes to do something like this," Xander explains to Giles as Jenny keeps staring at him while she plays with her necklace.

Giles sighs heatedly, "has, uh. Has Amy tried to reverse the spell?"

"I get around Amy and all she wants to do is talk honeymoon plans."

Jenny steps towards Xander, "Rupert, maybe I need to talk to Xander alone."

Giles pushes her back, "do you have any idea how serious this is? People under a-a love spell, Xander, are-are deadly. They lose all capacity for reason." He looks at Jenny who has begun rubbing her hands over her face and neck, then down her body. "And if what you say is true and the entire female population is affected, I," he looks at the boy sternly. "Don't leave the library. I'll find Amy and see if we can put a stop to this thing."He promises as he starts to leave the library.

Jenny rubs her fingers together, alone at last with Xander, she thinks as she sashays up to him. He steps back away from her. Giles walks back up to them, takes Jenny by the hand and pulls her out of the library behind him. Jenny moans and reaches her arm out to Xander as Giles drags her off. "No!" She cries out.

Xander realizes he's finally alone without any girls around, and quickly moves to push the mobile card catalog in front of the doors in an attempt to keep it that way. As he heads back toward the table Buffy pulls the door open. She steps through the doorway wearing only a short black raincoat that reaches barely down to mid-thigh and black high heels. When Xander hears the door swing shut and smack the card catalog behind him he spins around and stares at Buffy in shock. She is standing there with one hand on the catalog and the other propped up on top of the theft detector and smiles at him as she raises her right ankle and rubs it against her left calf.

Buffy sighs seductively as she says "Alone at last." She remarks coyly

Xander stares open-mouthed at the tiny slayer, "Buff, give me a heart attack!"

"Oh," she says casting her eyes over him, she begins walk seductively towards him "I'm gonna give you more than that." She grabs her raincoat belt to untie it.

Xander backs away from Buffy, gesturing with his hands, "Buff, for the love of God, don't open that raincoat." He squawks out.

"Come on," she says huskily, "it's a party! Aren't you gonna open your present?" She asks him seductively as she opens a button on her raincoat.

Oh, god. Xander prays silently, Buffy under a love spell, Buffy not in complete control of herself. Buffy super strong and not worried about hurting someone. Way to go Harris, anything else you want to do for an encore, like maybe starting a riot. Time to buck up and take responsibility for your actions Harris, gotta get Buffy out of school before she hurts anyone.

Xander steps forward putting his hands on the belt of her short raincoat, Buffy smiles up at him. "There's nothing I'd like better then to open my present," he says hotly. "But perhaps we should go someplace a bit more private, I'd really hate to have to stop once we get going." He finishes with a slight whine to his voice.

Buffy smiles up at him, "all you have to do is ask." She replies her face glowing from the sudden heat rising in her body. Soon, soon me and Xander will be together, she thinks as she grabs hold of Xander's hand. She drags him to the back of the library, kissing him quickly she pulls him out the back door and the two of them disappear.

Oz pushes his way through the crowd of girls that are mauling Cordiela every now and then he can pick out the word Xander being shouted from somebody. Not that he's paying too much attention to what they were saying, but it was about the only thing anybody was saying. After listening to Willow go on and on about Xander last night Oz was beginning to see a trend. It only confirmed what Giles had said a few minutes ago when he had seen the librarian in the library.

He shoves Harmony away from Cordiela, "Back off Harm!" He shouts letting the wolf out just a little. The spell bound girls seem to sense something coming from him as they back off.

"Has everybody in this town gone crazy?" Cordiela asks from just behind the short guitarist.

"Love spell," Oz informs her, as he begins pulling her towards the library. "He was trying to get back at you."

"So he makes all the women fall in love with him, typical Xander logic." Cordiela muses angrily.

"It didn't work right, according to Amy it was aimed at you."

Cordiela frowns for a moment before smiling, "Really. He was trying to use dark magic to win my love back."

"Something like that," Oz says warily as he pulls Cordiela into the library. "I couldn't find him," he calls out to Giles. "But I managed to save Cordiela from a bunch of ensorcelled airheads."

Giles looks almost disappointed at the information, "how... Providential." He remarks blandly turning back to a book he's holding. He gestures to the table around him indicating they should help themselves to any of the volumes there.

After a minute or so Oz looks up, "Has anyone seen Buffy?"

Buffy pulls Xander into her room, laughing quietly into the back of her hand at how easy it was for them to sneak past her unobservant mother. "Alone at last," her sultry voice husks out as she silently pushes the door close behind them. Xander can feel a sense of dread settle over him as he hears the lock on Buffy's door click. "Now we won't have to worry about being interrupted," she informs Xander as she slowly spins to face him.

Smiling seductively she begins to glide towards him. Xander can feel his body reacting to Buffy. He hears his heart pounding in his ears as his blood seems to be boiling in his veins. His cohesive thought process has just about fizzled to nothing, or something so close nobody could notice a difference. Smiling nervously he sputters, "alone. As in the two of us in a room? Who would of thunk it?"

"Mmm," she breathes stopping a few inches away from him. "You have no idea how long I've been waiting for this moment."

Xander circles away from Buffy, "oh. I'm pretty sure I know when your fantasies started," Xander jokes lightly as he fails to notice Buffy's expression darken. "Perhaps a thrilling game of scrabble will help us wild away the night."

"Board games are the last thing I was planning on happening tonight," she mutters darkly. Grabbing Xander roughly she spins him around pulling the young man into a passionate, fiery, and rough kiss.

Feeling himself starting to give into his long time desires Xander begins returning Buffy's almost violent kiss before he manages to regain control of himself. He manages to push her back slightly pulling her lips off of his. She glares at him murderously as he breathlessly gasps out, "it's a spell Buffy."

Buffy smiles hearing his words as a profession of his love for her. "I know," she sighs contentedly.

"You do?" He asks looking at the tiny blond with a sense of relief.

"Of course I do," she replies in a whisper soft voice as she gently runs her fingers over his covered chest.

"Thank god," He sighs closing his eyes relieved that Buffy was somehow fighting off the effects off the spell. "If I thought for even an instant that there was the slightest chance that any part of what your feeling right now was real. I don't know if I'd be able."

Buffy tears the two shirts Xander's wearing from his body pulling him forward with the force. "How can you say what I'm feeling isn't real?" She hisses at him shoving him back lightly.

Xander grunts from the impact with her hand as he stumbles back a step. He rubs at his chest, "I cast a spell the other night. A love spell. That's why you're feeling the way you are."

"What?" She growls at him. "My affections are nothing more then some toy for you to play with?"

"No Buffy of course not," he quickly assures her trying to find some way to mollify her. "It was meant for someone else entirely."

"Someone else," she breathes out in a cold fury. She was shocked at the revelation that he was in love with somebody that wasn't her. "Who is she?" She demands grabbing Xander by the throat and lifting him from the floor. "I'm so gonna rip them apart. Limb from limb," she muses quietly. "Who is it? Have you finally decided to give into Willow's constant nagging? Or did Cordiela decide to take you back?"

"No one," Xander chokes out between gasps for breath. "There's no one else Buffy."

Gently settling Xander back on his feet Buffy leans upward placing a soft kiss along the red welt, "why." She husks as she kisses the tender mark before moving onto another finger mark, "do." She kisses another finger mark, "you." She says kissing the fourth mark, "make." Switching sides she kisses the thumb print, "me." Moving down she lightly sucks on his Adam's apple, "so." She dots a series of soft feather light kisses up to his chin, "angry." She finishes placing a scorching kiss directly onto his mouth.

Minutes pass as Buffy desperately tries to devour Xander whole. The thought of ever being apart from Xander again makes what she felt after Angel had lost his soul seem like something small, almost trivial by comparison. Xander tries to fight his own rising desire as Buffy strokes the flames of his passion. Buffy pulls back slightly as Xander gasps for breath. She looks up at him with all the seductive innocence in the world as she coyly asks him, "do you want to open your present?" Ever so slowly she undoes the sash holding the black raincoat closed.

Xander stares wide eye as Buffy begins slipping the black coat off her shoulders revealing more of her light bronze skin then he had ever seen before. Xander inhales deeply while his eyes try to pop completely out of his skull as the raincoat drops soundlessly to the floor. Her perfect body is completely exposed to his hungry lust filled gaze. "Please, forgive me Buffy?" He breathes out in a dangerously low, husky voice as he grabs hold of the tiny blonde ravishing her body with his mouth.

Buffy nearly passes out as an intense wave of pleasure washes over her as Xander's mouth connects with hers. For the first time tonight she can feel his desire, his passion matching her own as his tongue delves into her mouth. His hands run riot over her body as he tries to map the entire landscape in one glorious instant.

It was good, better then she had ever imagined it could be but it wasn't enough. She needed more, needed to feel him inside her, needed to have him filling her as she knew only he could. Shoving him back playfully Buffy smiles that sultry smile of hers. The back of his legs hit the bed causing him to sit down. He bounces several times before coming to a stop. Somehow she had manage to unbuckle his belt and undo the clasp while her hands had been roaming over his body.

She pushes him back down onto the bed as she sensuously begins to crawl up his body. Straddling his waist she slowly spreads her hips grinding her pelvis into his groin. "Ugh," she groans circling her hips. "As long as you're faithful to me I'll forgive."

A strong hand rips Buffy off Xander. Angelus' other fist slams into the other side of her head. "Sorry Buff. Xander's not gonna be too faithful to anybody." He snarls angrily tossing Buffy against the wall hard enough to knock the wind from her lungs.

Xander jumps up punching Angelus in the back of his head. "Bastard!" He shouts, "if you hurt her."

Angelus' elbow smashes into Xander's face breaking his nose and splitting his lip. "Oh I'm gonna do so much worse then hurt Buffy," he tells Xander sounding almost happy as he spins grabbing Xander by the throat. "Why don't you wait outside until I've taken care of Buff," he quips dryly as he easily hurls Xander out the window. Shattering the glass he sails over the small roof and lands hard on the ground below.

"Xander!" Buffy shouts as she surges shakily past Angelus ignoring him as if he wasn't there. Her only concern was getting to Xander and making sure he was okay.

Angelus wraps one hand around Buffy's throat while his other arm grabs around her body easily pinning her arms to her side. His features easily slide into his vampiric face, "I gotta tell ya' Buff. I'm kinda disappointed here. I thought what we had was suppose to be forever. But what do find when I come to pay you surprise visit. You getting ready to do the bump and grind with Harris. I should be pissed," he snarls into her ear.

"You threw him out the window," she cries as he loosens his hold enough for her to draw a ragged breath. "He could be hurt."

"I'd worry more about yourself Buff, your problems are a bit more immediate," he smirks an instant before sinking his fangs into her throat. Quickly draining her almost to death. He slowly pulls his fangs from her neck as he sensuously laps at the blood that spilled over. "After all," Angelus remarks as he slashes his wrist open, "Harris has about twenty-four hours," he adds as he roughly shoves his wrist into Buffy's mouth.

"Aw, come on Buff don't fight it," he snarls forcing his wrist further into her mouth widening her jaws around his forearm. "Oh, no wait. Go ahead fight it," he tells her moving his other hand to cover her nose cutting off her oxygen supply. "It just makes this moment that much richer for me."

Buffy tries to fight but she's as close to death as she had been when the master had left her to drown in his pool. She tries not to swallow as she hangs limply in Angel's strong arms. She gulps instinctively as her body starves for oxygen. As she swallows Angel's powerful blood her feelings for Xander shift back to normal.

She swoons as the vampiric blood quickly hits her system. Remembering everything that had transpired between her and Xander she grabs hold of Angel's hand and forearm. Sucking hard on the bleeding wound she manages to swallow several mouthfuls of Angel's blood. Then just as suddenly as the burst of strength hit her she feels it slip away as her body begins to die.

Angelus lets her dying body fall forward onto her bed. He smirks at her, at the soft sobs that are finally staring to fade, "told ya' our love was forever Buff. Just wish I had more time to train you like I did with Dru." He shrugs unconcerned, "oh well," he says moving into Buffy's closet to get her some clothes to wear for after she wakes up.

The door burst open as Joyce comes flying into the room, "Buffy!" She shouts seeing her daughter lying face down on her bed. There was something unnatural about the way she wasn't moving. She was so still, the room was filled with a deep oppressive silence. "Buffy," she whispers softly as she slowly moves towards the bed.

"Hi Joyce," Angel greets enthusiastically stepping out of Buffy's closet holding varies pieces of clothing.

"Angel," she hisses seeing the young man. "What have you done to Buffy?"

Angel tosses the clothes on top of Buffy's body, "she's fine Joyce. Really," he responds running a hand through his hair. "Well except for the being dead issue she has going on now."

Joyce tenses at his words as her face twist into a mask of rage, "I'll see you dead you son of bitch," she snarls at him.

Angel smiles cruelly at her, "not all that hard to do. In fact every time you've seen me, I've been dead. So hey, mission accomplished. Now if you don't mind can we please move onto the really important subject. What goes better with these red leather hip-huggers?" He asks her as he starts going through the clothes on the bed, "the forest green pullover, the beige midriff halter top, or this here little backless number?"

Joyce takes a step back all the while staring at Angel like he was insane as he goes through Buffy's clothing. "I just want Buffy to look her best the next time you two get together."

"What the hell are you talking about? Buffy's dead!"

"Undead," he corrects her absently. "Killing a parent," he says turning to look at Joyce. "It's such a monumental moment in your life." Closing his eyes a look of pleasure appears on his face as he cherishes the found memory. "I still remember the night I slaughtered my family," he continues with a deep sigh. "My little sister was the sweetest thing I've ever tasted," opening his eyes he smiles at Joyce. "Buffy was close, but," he finishes with a slight shrug.

Joyce only stops backing away from Angel because she backs into the wall. "What are you?" She asks softly unable to stop herself. She was trying her best not to anger the insane young man in front of her.

"For crying out loud Joyce! Buy a clue already!" He shouts at her causing her to try and jump back. Moving closer to Joyce Angel's grin broadens, "I'm a vampire. An evil, undead, soulless fiend. Now I've turned Buffy into one," he says causing the older woman to cringe in front of him as she watches his progress. "The next time she sees you she's gonna want to rip your throat out and drink you till your as dry as Death Valley," he says stooping slightly to look directly into Joyce's eyes. The smell of fear radiating of Joyce nearly made him pass out from euphoria, it was so intoxicating.

"Do you want to know why?" He whispers softly into her ear, then ignores the shake of her head and answers her anyway. "It's your fault really. If you hadn't been such a lousy mother maybe she wouldn't have fallen in love with a souled vampire. You wouldn't believe how desperate she was for the smallest sign of affection. The kindest words, the softest touch. It was so simple to snatch that sweet flower when she offered herself to me."

Joyce crumbles to the floor sobbing quietly. His words might have been meant to taunt her but she knew there was more then a little truth in them. She senses, more then sees Angel more away from her. He seemed to be whistling a cheerful tune she didn't recognize as he went about his business.

"Just remember," he says slinging Buffy's nude body over his shoulder. "Next time she sees you you're nothing but a meal to her, maybe a toy to play with," he adds with a shrug as he lifts a leather duffle bag. Ducking out the window he turns back to the distraught mother. "You have a good night now Joyce," he says pleasantly before disappearing into the darkness.


Pyscho Love - Skid Row

Check out Clementine
Cleanin' needles in her wine
Face down in her one-eyed world
With her brain-dead valentine

She'll be your zombie, your livin?dead
Her sweet corruption
Its gonna make you, gonna break you
Ohh yeah, she said...

Haunt my house of pain
And feel my psycho love
We'll shine and pray for rain
To heal my psycho love

Legs at ten and two
Chain her down that's what you do
King Tut and snake-eyed slut
In the pink but screamin' blue

I'll taste your crazy, you smell insane
I'm just another ghost
Inside your spirits hall of fame

Haunt my house of pain
And feel my psycho love
We'll shine and pray for rain
To heal my psycho love

As the warm smooth soul
Chases through the cold silence
of a body
A body of touch not feel
One question is she a stone in the
devil's garden
Or a speck in an angels dust
Ashes to ashes
And lust to lust

She'll teach you true love
Watchin' you turn blue love
She'll wrap you in a chokehold
And suck your symptom dry