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"This is becoming a nightmare!" One of the Elder advisors of the Uzumaki clan shouted in the council chamber. "That…boy…is ruining this clan's reputation!" There were whispers amongst the gathered group about that statement.

"Fifteen times, fifteen times we've had to request ANBU protection for that failure in the last month," another replied. "We're losing face while the Uchiha and Hyuuga continue to gain power. At this rate we'll end up like the Kurama clan, a weak minor clan no longer on the council group. We need to do something about this situation now."

"The boy shows no talent in any of the clan techniques" another voice spoke, "Not only that but he doesn't even have our bloodline in his body. As a matter of fact, he doesn't even have enough chakra in his body to use jutsu at all. He doesn't have any trace of our chakra. Someone like him isn't needed in our clan. We have strived to reach the same level of respect as the Senju and Uchiha clan. Before he came along, we were always compared to them as equals. But now we're losing that power. That boy is a cancer to our reputation. Keep him around too long and it'll affect us on a high scale." The group once again whispered to one another about the situation.

"We should distance the clan from that failure" stated the second voice, "With the new contract offered to us by the Fire Lord himself, the boy's presence would only be a hindrance. Even now, he disrupts the training of his twin sister, who is turning out to be a genuine prodigy for the clan as well as the Jinchuriki of the Kyuubi. Naruko may not be in the direct line for clan succession, but she's certainly going to be a prize jewel for us in a few years."

The trio of elders nodded, and then turned to stare at the red haired woman kneeling before them. Once, this woman was the prize of the Uzumaki clan. A jonin of remarkable skill, second only to the Sannin, Sandaime Hokage, and her own deceased husband Namikaze Minato, Uzumaki Kushina had in recent years turned cold and almost unfeeling after the death of her husband. She rarely spoke to the council, or to any other clan members, unless it was absolutely necessary. Even her two children, the aforementioned Naruko and the boy Naruto received little attention from her.

"Kushina-sama," the head elder spoke, "You know that the Fire Lord has requested our entire clan move to the capital city of Fire country. This move gives the clan a great opportunity to reclaim some of the honor your son has cost us…perhaps even gain greater renown as his highnesses' body guards. However…"

"You needn't ask me what you are about to, Kosuke-san," the cold woman replied, "You wish me to leave my son here in the village while the rest of us travel to the city."

"Yes, that is correct," the old man replied, "Do you have a problem with it?" He eyed her carefully and waited for her response. He would read her body language if she showed it this time. Lately reading Kushina had been extremely hard. It was like staring at a brick wall. Maybe she would subconsciously show some type of emotion now.

Kushina felt a tug at her soul, even as she voiced her answer. She looked at the elders with eyes of cold blue ice not showing any signs of remorse.

"No," she replied, "I will do what is best for the clan. We will leave immediately before our reputation is dragged into the mud any further. I hope everyone has packed their belongings because we're not waiting for anyone." The Elder advisors smiled at her decision. It would seem that Kushina had proven that she was more than capable of being a clan head after all. The needs of a clan come before the needs of one person. The group made their way to wagons waiting outside their compound. They had just finished setting up the explosive tags to destroy their village since they had plans to return to it in the future.

"Mommy?" a small voice whispered catching Kushina by surprise even though she didn't show it. She turned to face the voice with cold uncaring eyes on the small child that called her. The boy was 5 years old with blonde hair, blue eyes, and fair skin matching her complexion. Beside the small child was her daughter who was a splitting image of her when she was that age.

"Naruko, come here," said Kushina emotionlessly as he beckoned for her daughter to come home. Naruko walked away from her brother as she was told.

"Mommy?" the small boy whimpered again, even as his sister gave him a look of pity mixed with longing, since she wasn't quite sure what was happening right now. But her mother had told her to follow so she had to do as she was told. "Was…was I bad? Did…did I…do something wrong?"

Kushina ignored the boy's questions, though she again felt the strange pull at her heart she had felt when the decision had been made in the first place. "We are the last one's here aside from Arusha," she replied, "He'll stand proxy for the Uzumaki clan on all civilian and shinobi matters in Konoha. Everyone get ready to leave."

"Mommy," said Naruto with tear in his eyes. He walked towards her to try and hug her to prove that he was a good boy, but Kushina slammed her fist into his gut, causing him to fall over in pain as the intensity of his tears increased from the pain.

"Goodbye Naruto. Now do your mother a favor and fade away." the woman finished, before walking away. She climbed into the wagon with her daughter, and the driver lashed the horses, getting them moving.

The blond boy stared at the wagon as it moved away from his home. His heart crumbled at the thought of being left. Without realizing it, his legs began taking him to the moving wagon. He forced himself to run as fast as he could and ignored the burning feeling he was experiencing right now in his chest. The wagon continued to move forward, even as he began to shout his pleas. "MOMMY….DON'T LEAVE ME!" He continued running until he was at the edge of Whirlpool. It was there he tripped over his feet causing him to fall. He didn't acknowledge the fact that he scraped some skin. The only thing that mattered was the wagon.


As he was about to make another attempt to run after the wagon he felt someone's hand on his shoulders. As soon as he turned around to see who had grabbed ahold of him, he was struck across the head hard enough to knock him unconscious. As he lay there, the last Uzumaki left the village and activated the exploding tags that had been placed. Within a matter of minutes, the village was in ruins and would remain that way forever. It was a few hours later that Naruto woke up. He looked around and saw that his home was gone as well as the fact that he was alone.

"Why did Mommy and my sister leave me? Did I do something bad?" the boy whispered as his tears refused to stop falling from his eyes. It was then that his stomach growled since he had not eaten anything yet. So he set out to search the runs of his former home for anything that he could find to eat. But no matter how hard he looked, there was nothing there to eat. The next week was the worst one of his entire life as well as his last one alive. He spent a full day trying to find food until he gave up, but he did find some salvageable tools to help hunt, but he was a five year old child with no survival skills whatsoever. He tried and failed to hunt for food, and when that failed he tried to walk to another town, but it was then that he realized that he was on an island and there was no way off of it since there was no boats to use.

Naruto's last day alive he crawled back towards the ruins of his former home with the last of his strength. He made his way to the tree hat had survived the blast in the center of town, bur all its leaves had been burned except for one. Naruto cried with the last of his strength his body still had. He felt his sadness slowly turn into another emotion, one that he hadn't ever felt in his life, and it was this emotion that he felt grow within himself that stuck with him as his body gave out and he died alone.

That emotion was Wrath…

And as the body of Naruto Uzumaki perished, the final leaf on the tree fell to the ground and landed at the foot of his dead body…

And even though his body had died, his spirit lived on, warped by the growing Wrath that he had felt in death. His spirit became reborn far into the future as a being that would defy the gods themselves in his quest for vengeance. Gone was the boy known as Naruto Uzumaki, and born was the Demigod known as Asura…

(This Part is the story of Asura's Wrath. If you know the story, long as it is, then you can skip this bit since I will let you know where it becomes my own story once again. I'll try to make it as short as possible, but this game's story is long. Like four and a half hours of cut scenes long.)

Asura had a somewhat happy life with his wife Durga and his child, Mithra. He and his brother in law Yasha were students of Augus and they participated in numerous battles against the impure Gohma, creatures of corruption that threatened the world. At some point in his life in the Emperor's castle, Sergei, Wyzen and Kalrow confronted Asura and Wyzen tried to persuade him to join Deus's cause, The Great Rebirth, but he declined. Later when his daughter was appointed new priestess, he was outraged and didn't want his daughter to be involved in war. After the battle against the Gohma and Vlitra he was framed for killing Emperor Strada by the Seven Deities and stripped of his godly powers and plunged into Naraka. His daughter kidnapped, his wife killed, Asura is cast down from Heaven by the Guardian Generals, and is now on a quest of vengeance fueled by pure rage.

Asura's spirit awakens dangling from a pillar in Naraka, a realm of the afterlife ruled by a mysterious figure known only as the Golden Spider. Suffering from amnesia, he begins to ascend the pillar as the Golden Spider hints about Asura's past and what the mortal world has become in his absence. Fueled by his unexplainable anger, Asura breaks out of Naraka and inhabits his body, freeing it after 12,000 years in a massive explosion from beneath the surface. Asura wanders Gaea, which has become a vast wasteland afflicted with blood red skies and frequent lightning storms, soon after coming across a human village amidst some ruins that is under attack by the Gohma. While Asura rescues the villagers, a capital ship descends to the village and deploys Trastrium warriors led by the former Guardian General, Wyzen.

Wyzen explains that the Eight Guardian Generals disbanded after the coup, becoming the self-proclaimed Seven Deities. Wyzen continues to monologue, but is soon interrupted by Asura's fist, prompting a duel between the two. As they duel Wyzen transforms several times, eventually tapping into the Brahmastra's mantra reactor to become Gongen Wyzen, a form increases his size to the point that he dwarfs the planet. As Asura is about to be crushed under one of Wyzen's fingers, Asura recalls his entire past, empowering him and activating his Vajra form. Asura's subsequent concentrated onslaught towards Wyzen's finger is so great that it obliterates Wyzen. However, Asura's arms are completely destroyed in the process and, exhausted; Asura falls to the ground unconscious.

Upon awakening, Asura is confronted by Yasha, his former brother-in-law, who tells him to move on and to forget about Mithra, mocking him for returning to life and attempting to oppose the Seven Deities. Asura, revitalized once again through his own rage, savagely attacks Yasha despite the loss of his arms. Though he manages to crack Yasha's mask with a powerful head-butt, he is ultimately overwhelmed and literally cleaved in half by Yasha's final attack.

Asura is awakened in Naraka by his uncontrollable rage and thirst for vengeance a second time, haunted by the sound of his daughter crying and fueled even further by anger, Asura climbed the pillar again into the mortal world.

500 years after his second death, Asura returned to his body. Petrified in stone at the base of a mountain, a shrine had been built around it by the descendants of the villagers he saved. The remaining humans believed him to be a guardian against the absent Gohma. The Gohma finally attack just as Asura breaks free. A Gohma chieftain kidnaps a girl that was visiting Asura's shrine - a girl who bears a striking resemblance to his daughter, Mithra - prompting Asura to pursue it to the now besieged village.

After defeating the Gohma, a fleet commanded by the Deity Kalrow comes to investigate. As Kalrow taunts Asura's status as The Fallen One from the safety of his ship, the Trastrium warriors begin harvesting the souls of the grateful villagers, who believe being absorbed into mantra is ascending to heaven. After dispatching the Trastrium soldiers directly responsible for harvesting the souls of the villagers, Asura destroys the fleet, crushing a fleeing Kalrow inside his own escape pod.

Crashing into a mountain, Asura is found by his old mentor Augus, now one of the Deities. Augus carries the unconscious Asura to a hot spring, presumed to be Augus' own residence. There Augus informs Asura of Deus' ambitions: Deus wants to achieve The Great Rebirth, an end to the War of Creation that will usher in a new era of peace and prosperity at the expense of billions of humans harvested for the cause of destroying Gohma Vlitra, the heart of the Gohma, once and for all. After recuperating in the hot spring at the attendance of Augus' own personal attendants; Asura and Augus launch themselves onto the surface of the moon for their final showdown. Evenly matched in hand to hand combat, Augus draws his sword, Wailing Dark, and in doing so proceeds to level the moon with the shear force of his attacks and the length-altering blade. In an effort to finish Asura off, Augus impales Asura upon the fully-extended blade (now longer than Gaea's width), pinning Asura to and piercing through Gaea. As Augus prepares the killing blow, Asura breaks Wailing Dark and, grasping the broken blade by the hilt with only his teeth, uses it to kill an impressed Augus.

Not long after paying his respects to his fallen mentor, a Gohma Striker appears, followed by a horde of other Gohma on the horizon; upon noticing this, Asura prepares for battle again. The girl finds Asura a few days later, once again turned to stone but reviving soon after she finds him. She returns him to the village, presumably to introduce him to her village and family. However, just as they arrive another fleet commanded by the Deity Olga launches a barrage of missiles to purify the land. Asura survives the attack, but finds the girl's charred body in the rubble. Consumed by fury, Asura goes berserk, transforming into a form known as Berserk Asura, and wipes out most of the fleet within minutes. Distraught that Asura's power has somehow surpassed what took the Deities 12 millennia to gather, Olga commands the now-completed Brahmastra to fire directly at Asura. Yasha tries to stop the firing sequence, but fails to shut it down before Asura is caught in the blast, merely diverting the blast but giving Asura a chance to escape.

Some time later, while Yasha and Sergei are purifying the Gohma and gathering souls from mortals for Brahmastra, Asura, his body burnt and broken by his own rage (a form simply called his 'Wrath form'), carves through Sergei's ship and disembowels Sergei. With his last breaths, Sergei reveals to Yasha that it was he who kidnapped Mithra, and killed his sister - Asura's wife - Durga, to which Yasha states that he was aware of Sergei's actions at the time but chose to restrain himself for the cause. Asura then brutally thrusts Sergei to the ground before crushing his head with his foot and begins to attack Yasha. In the beginning of their confrontation, Yasha attempts, in vain, to reason with Asura in an effort to return him to his senses, all the while suppressing his emotions underneath his mask. As the battle wears on, Asura momentarily gains the upper hand, interrupting Yasha's pleas with an attack that destroys his mask. Yasha, now free to express himself, furiously retaliates against Asura; all the while knowing that Asura's wrath will destroy his own body if he is not subdued. Driven by raw emotion, Yasha taps into his own mantra of Melancholy and cracks open Asura's form, returning his sanity but placing him in a temporary coma.

While in his coma, Asura is visited by the Golden Spider. Despite being regretting by his loss of control, Asura is informed by the Golden Spider that carrying out his revenge and defeating the Gohma is his "destiny". Asura, enraged but awoken, rises and heads for Shinto. He arrives at Deus' office to find him already in the midst of battle with Yasha. After a lengthy brawl, Deus escapes to the Karma Fortress and commandeers the Brahmastra, to become Sakra Devanam Indra Deus, 'the most powerful being in existence'. Yasha and Asura battle their way into the heart of the Karma Fortress, all the while avoiding being crushed or vaporized by Deus and the security forces. After a second, furious battle, Asura slays Deus as Yasha frees Mithra from her incarceration. Before father and daughter can reunite however, Asura and Yasha are interrupted by the sudden reemergence of Gohma Vlitra on Gaea.

Despite the Brahmastra being depleted, Asura and Yasha leave with Mithra's blessing to face Vlitra. Asura and Yasha battle their way to the 'face' of Vlitra, but are overwhelmed by the beast. Mithra, having sensed this, grants Asura the mantra within the Karma Fortress and heals Yasha, transforming the former into Mantra Asura. Now stronger than ever, they manage to force their way into Vlitra's core, the very heart of Gaea, encountering a colossal monster that startlingly resembles Asura's Berserk form. Realizing that this is the source of Gaea's wrath, Asura, with the aid of Yasha, slays Vlitra and escapes out of Gaea. As the remaining Gohma are pushed back on the planet below, Asura returns to the Brahmastra to reunite with Mithra, but is interrupted by Olga. Despondent over Deus' death and the loss of her fleet, Olga takes Mithra hostage and threatens to kill Mithra as revenge. She attempts to kill Mithra, but the Golden Spider suddenly appears and kills her, stating that he cannot allow anything to happen to his "vessel".

The Golden Spider weaves a web around himself and Mithra. Now transformed, he reveals himself to be Chakravartin, the one true god and the "Spinner of Mantra". Chakravartin states that he himself unleashed the Gohma to test the inhabitants of Gaea, in the hope of finding a successor and ending his need to watch over Gaea. Asura attacks Chakravartin only to find himself severely outmatched, even while in Mantra form. Asura, growing more furious by the second, unleashes his Wrath form in the hopes of saving an imprisoned Mithra. Mithra, sensing that her father will destroy himself if he continued to struggle, launches him off the rapidly deteriorating Karma Fortress and back down to Gaea, requesting that her uncle Yasha, whom of which had already launched after and successfully caught the falling Asura, protect her father.

Asura, after unknowingly having the Mantra Reactor of the Karma Fortress and Yasha's own reactor implanted to him, awakes on Gaea to find a masked Yasha eager to battle him. Though confused, Asura accepts the challenge. The two clash in a flurry of blows, where Asura, thanks to the activation of the Mantra Reactor, gains the upper hand. However, before Asura can deliver the final blow to Yasha, he observes Yasha smiling underneath his mask. Asura halts his attack, but the bandages that covered Yasha's chest were blown away from the force of the onslaught - revealing Yasha's now heartless chest. Asura then realizes that Yasha revived him, and Yasha, now knowing that Asura is at his strongest, dies contented with a smile upon his face. Asura delivers a fist bump to Yasha's outstretched fist, causing his rival's body to fade away.

Preparing for his final confrontation, Asura meditates underneath a waterfall, seeing visions of the other Deities and reminiscing about Durga, strengthening his resolve and purpose. Riding atop what is presumed to be his own flagship, he heads into space to confront Chakravartin. Chakravartin attempts to destroy Gaea in a single blast, but Asura, with the power of the Mantra Reactor, transforms into a god-like form called Asura the Destructor and deflects it. Asura engages Chakravartin, who again requests that Asura become the new god of the planet only to be rejected once again. The very fabric of time and space begins to come apart as they duel at the edge of Creation for the fate of Gaea. Chakravartin is eventually pressed into his final form, but is brought to his knees by Asura's sheer force of will. As Asura prepares to kill Chakravartin, Mithra breaks free and urges him to stop. Mithra states that if Chakravartin is killed, all the mantra in the world will be forever lost. This will render all of Shinkoku's technology and the power of the demigods useless, including the Mantra Reactor keeping Asura alive. Asura chooses to destroy Chakravartin nonetheless, resigned to his fate and happy to die so long as Mithra can live free from danger. As the landscape around him collapses, Asura shares his final words with Mithra and vanishes, finally free of his wrath.

(This is where my story continues)

Or at least, that was how it seemed…

In truth, his story was far from over…

What had actually happened was that once Chakravartin was destroyed, his powers found another host in Asura, which formed into another Mantra Reactor so that he would still be alive. And while it was true that he vanished, it wasn't because he had died like his daughter had thought, but since he had just killed a god; he ruptured the fabric of time and space and was instead sent back in time. Asura now found himself once more in Naraka where like the two times he had been here before, he had caught ahold of a pillar so that he could climb his way back up and live once more.

"Why am I here again," growled Asura as he clinged on the pillar and looked down at the endless sea of darkness that was at the bottom of it. "How am I still alive?"

As he hung there, his head began to hurt as he heard a child crying in his head. He held his head with his free hand and kept yelling out for the pain to stop as well as the crying. The pain only increased as he cried out in fury as his long lost memory came back him. He was once Naruto Uzumaki and he had been left to die at the age of five. He had been betrayed by his family, his mother had hurt him so he could not follow them, and his sister had done nothing to help or comfort him. Asura remembered the pain as he slowly starved to death. His rage took hold of him as he grabbed ahold of the pillar with both hands and began to rapidly climb up the pillar. He began to climb so fast that he began to run up it since he had gained enough momentum. As he ran up the pillar he screamed in rage as he knew what he must do once he got out of here.

(Whirlpool Ruins – 10 years later)

The ground exploded as the ruins that had survived the destruction of the village was leveled into nothing from the shockwave that came from his emergence into the world of the living. Asura landed on his feet and checked to see if all his limbs were intact, since he was no stranger to losing limbs. As he saw that he was fully intact, he felt that the newly formed Mantra reactor in his chest empowered him like never before. As he felt the last of his old memories merge into his mind, he unleashed his fury in an explosive surge of power that was felt by all within the Elemental Countries, and it made each and every person within it fell to their knees with in fear, and they were right to do so…

Since Asura, the God of Wrath had come home at last...

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