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One hundred years ago in the past, the world was a far different place then it was in the present. But that is to be expected of such a thing, so allow me to rephrase that statement and say that the world was different in the way it was since it went in a far different direction then it was naturally intended to go…

Mei and Zabuza had left Asura on his orders to deal with whatever it was that he left to deal with, since it was probably something that they could not handle themselves even at their best. Sure, they had been trained in the use of Mantra like Asura wanted all within their village to be for some time, but the power they felt shortly after they left coming from the area they had just been in made them realize that they were nowhere near the level of power that they needed to be to face off against such an opponent on even equal terms or the like. They quickly returned to Mist faster than they had been originally, but as they continued on their quickened pace home, they felt as well as saw powerful bursts of energy that appeared in the sky, which they assumed as well as easily guessed were caused by the fighting between Asura and whoever he was fighting against.

Their eyes had opened wide when a power that could not only be felt, but was seen as well in the form of a massive destructive orb that was slowly heading their way. Just when they thought all was lost in the end, there was a massive surge of power that floored everyone on the planet from the destructive power of the blast. While those who saw this thought that the force behind the blast would be the end of all of them, it ended up turning into what one would assume was a black hole that consumed itself since it collapsed upon itself. After that happened, there was no more bursts of power that followed.

Mei and Zabuza made it back to Kiri and put their village on immediate lockdown as a precaution. From there they awaited the day that Asura would return to the village, but years went by and there was no word from him. Yet no matter how long they waited for his return, he never did…

They sent out multiple scouts over in the first initial months to seek him out, but no one ever found so much as a clue as to where he was no matter how hard they looked. Even Kaguya herself was worried about him and looked for him in space itself, but even she herself found nothing no matter where she looked. What made the situation all the worse was that Konoha had begun to make demands from them for surrender as well as turning over any and all research into Mantra, which of course Mei, who became the new Mizukage in Asura's absence, declined. Konoha as a whole got far bolder when they realized that Asura was no longer in Kiri, and even more so when they realized that they couldn't find him so he was no longer defending them.

A few years after his disappearance, Konoha attacked Kiri unexpectedly with a large powerful force of white creatures that became known as Zetsu that were able to push the residents of Mist to the limit of their strength. In the end, the enemy was finally routed and ultimately destroyed, but it was only then that the true purpose of the surprise attack was made known to them. It was nothing more than a fairly large diversion to keep them occupied so that the shinobi that Konoha sent there could steal the research they had on Mantra while they were fighting off the Zetsu. Mist tried to retaliate for the unwarranted attack, but Konoha still had a vast number of Zetsu to defend their village from such a thing, and the cost of lives was too much for so little ground in the end so they retreated to plan accordingly.

As they planned Mist rallied the other villages in preparation for the war that was sure to come. The other villages agreed to aid them in return for the power of Mantra to help even the playing field. Mei agreed to this mainly since it had always been Asura's plan to share it with the people when they were ready, and such a situation seemed to call for it since Konoha would not hesitate to attack once they finally finished their own research into the energy. With them being gifted with Mantra as well and trained in its use to boost their numbers, their numbers began to swell into a sizeable force. And yet for the next twenty years, the world was in a dull stalemate of inactivity with one another since they were each preparing for the eventual battle that was to come at a moment's notice. The land was nothing more than a barrel of gunpowder, and was simply waiting for someone to lite the match to set it all off...

And to the surprise of the allied forces, Konoha made the first move with their secret weapon they had worked on for years. Their weapons were the sons of Asura's daughter Mithra, each beaten into submission from the moment they were able to fully think and brainwashed to serve their self-proclaimed betters. There were only seven of them at the time of the attack, yet these seven people alone tore apart the allied forces' main army. And when they were done the rest of Konoha's forces joined in the fight to continue on with their goal of conquest. The seven children were eventually killed by the former Jinchuriki that resided within Mist, but it cost them their lives in the end since they were greatly weakened after their exhausting fights and Konoha capitalized on this and swiftly killed them off before they could recover and return to fight again.

Those who were too weak to fight this enemy fled the elemental countries to warn the world of what was happening, with the largest group being led by Inari himself. He had tried to fight alongside the rest of the army, but he was forced to leave when he lost an arm and was left for dead. He knew that he had to get his family to safety so he returned home and did just that. And as they traveled by boat away from the Elemental Countries towards a new life, Inari told his son Augus, who he named after Asura's teacher, stories of Asura and how one day he would return to set things right with the world…

Once those who resisted their invasion were dead, Konoha began to massively mine all over the various countries for resources everywhere and began to build up their army with the goal of world conquest at this point. Since there was no one left to fend them off of their former land, the operations went smoothly. They were even able to get their hands on the airships from Spring, and they took the design of it and greatly improved it since they now had near endless resources at their disposal.

Those from clans in Konoha that were not Uzumaki began to question them since this was not even close to what they wanted from all of this at this point and secretly planned to rebel against them to end their tyrannical ways, but the Uzumaki were one step ahead of them there. They knew that by this point that the other clans would see through their charade and had planned accordingly for if and or when they would get to this point of their plan. They swiftly executed those who were against them, yet kept the women alive to breed more of their bloodline to use in the future since it would prove useful to them. And just like the children that were born from Mithra, these ones were beaten into submission and brainwashed into total subservience to the Uzumaki clan as well. For in the minds of the Uzumaki, those who serve them shouldn't have free will since it would lead to rebellion, and in their vain minds all would serve them...

For the next 50 years they prepared their army for their plan, and in that time the clan made themselves godlike in power with the research they stole from Mist along with Mithra, who for the second time in her life was used as a battery to siphon Mantra from. They conquered the Land of the Sky and took their floating fortress for themselves. Upon the massive chunk of floating technology they had upgraded over the years they erected a vast palace that suited the gods they now claimed they were, and as they built it they upgraded the systems that made it fly to include barriers to protect from attacks or invasion as well as made an armada of airships to protect it as well as decimate those who did not submit. Once all was in place and their numbers were grand enough, they set upon the world and wreaked havoc upon it. Wherever they went the message was clear to all they crossed paths with.

Surrender or die...

There was no middle ground here nor was there a third option to pick from. And as many would expect, the people of the world didn't take too kindly to those options since it was more an ultimatum, and so they fought back with everything they had, but in the end it ultimately failed. Their resistance was crushed in due time, with those who survived the initial attack being rounded up in droves and executed before live audiences to show the world what happened to those who wouldn't submit to the Uzumaki. The last group to resist them was led by none other than Inari, who was an old man at this point, but he still fought with all he could do. And his dedication as well as his words inspired others to his cause since they would rather die free than to live in chains. But it was all for naught since his resistance group failed like all the others and the Uzumaki made an example out of him as they had done to so many others, and with his death the world finally gave up to Uzumaki rule. But as they set him up on the executioner's block, Inari simply laughed as he praised his old teacher Asura's name and said that the false gods would fall when Asura returned once more. And with that Inari was killed in front of everyone by hanging, which was a punishment reserved for traitors, and to the Uzumaki that was exactly what Inari was to them...

With the world under their complete control, they set out to advance the world as a whole since their subjects needed a place to live and worship them as well as the proper facilities to live and survive against whatever the world threw at them. They built vast cities that spanned the globe which were a modern marvel, but each was run as an authoritative dictatorship in all of them. The chain of command went as such with the one in charge of the city being known as the Overseer. Each Overseer was a child of Mithra, who answered to the New Gods, as they liked to call themselves, and under them were the Zetsu who were used to spy on just about everybody. There were those who either could not live like this or were forced to flee for various reasons, and they hid themselves underground to live out their lives in the only semblance of freedom they still had. Yet while the world was under the rule of the Uzumaki, there were still those who resisted since with every generation there was always someone. And lucky for the people they had a little help from someone powerful...

The New Gods ruled the planet with an iron fist, however they had a minor annoyance in the month following their complete takeover, and it continued over the course of the month. There was a variety of Guerilla attacks that plagued the various cities that spanned the world. The convoys that contained supplies which were shipped to their cities were hit heavily, leaving no survivors but the supplies were taken away. When the reinforcements, which consisted of Zetsu as well as those who became what was essentially military police, arrived at the scenes of the attacks, the only evidence of a fight was a badly destroyed convoy and several perfectly accurate bullet holes in everyone who was a part of it along with sword slashes. One of them even had a fist sized hole in their chest where the heart was.

Knowing about a potential Rebel that attacked them, the convoys had begun assigning tightened security and nearby patrols to try and counter this, but even with all that they failed to stop it when the patrols were found butchered and pinned to any trees or buildings in the immediate area as a message with one of them saying "I've Seen Better" in blood.

That message spiked The New Gods' rage knowing that this rebel was making their troops look like child's play and did a nationwide manhunt for said rebel. With all the effort that went into the global search, they uncovered a few hideaways here and there. But when they discovered them, they were butchered furiously by the rebel himself, and doing that spiked his anger. He then went to a nearby outpost and just slaughtered all who were within it like cattle in a slaughterhouse. By the time a convoy arrived there, they were greeted by a ruined outpost with bodies hung on the walls all over the place. At that time, the New Gods began to suspect that the rebel was none other than Asura himself. They had tried to find him to capture and detain him for years, but they could never seem to find so much as a clue to his whereabouts no matter how hard they looked and simply chalked it up to him being a coward. They mass produced Wanted posters with his image on them to be spread out everywhere, with the warning of a painful punishment to all who aided him in any sort of way.

When they came to conclusion as to the identity of the rebel, they decided to make an example of the populace to coax Asura out and set up a mass execution in a major city to try and force him to appear. All was going well (at least in their own minds, and not the general populace) until the executioners began to drop like flies, which only amplified the surprise of the people with the appearance of a stranger in a large dark garb holding a glowing blue sword in his hand. The second he appeared before them, white Zetsu appeared and attempted to apprehend him only for a quick swipe from said stranger to immediately destroy them, to which an all-out battle began in the city with the stranger being the victor after slaughtering many of the military police as well as the Zetsu. All the fighting was enough to make one of the Overseers make an appearance; the result in the end was the stranger walking away from a burning city with a few dirt stains on his clothing and a huge group of people that had wanted to get away following him.

The death of one of their Overseers sparked the New Gods into a mass frenzy with a mix of fear, anger and curiosity as to the one who defeated one of their Overseers so easily and made them want to find and capture the stranger for their own personal gain. While they had assumed it had been Asura since he had been such a thorn in their side in the past, they also knew the man fought with his fists alone and this rebellious stranger used a sword, the likes they had never seen before and secretly feared since they had a feeling in their guts that it could hurt them, godlike power be damned!

A few month's had rolled by since that day, with the stranger now going as the Moniker "The Unchained One" by the populous since he was helping to break the chains of slavery that the New Gods had placed on them with their army. Their savior had been pretty busy doing small espionage against The New Gods. However it was fairly miniscule compared to what he did to the Flying Village. He recently heard of their experimenting with Space Time Jutsu mixed with the improved energies of Mantra to attempt to branch out from their own universe and obtain more subjects for their empire since in their minds gods such as them were meant to rule over everything since their egos had inflated to godlike levels and they wanted all to bow to them. That brought his attention to their plans to the fullest messing with Space and Time in such a way was a major problem in his book and he decided to end this small experiment before it ever evolved to something bigger.

One day the man invaded the Flying Palace. He arrived by crashing straight through whatever barrier there was to protect it from attack as if it were paper and broke through the front gate. Once he did that, he was assaulted by the security forces to which he immediately disposed of and made his way through the palace slaughtering anyone in his way. Scientists, workers anyone that would continue the project, any research notes in labs on the topic he immediately destroyed. Experiments that looked as if they would create a big explosion if destroyed he sent them away to be properly disposed of.

Eventually he got to the heart of the Palace, where the head of research was there who was scared witless, but when The Unchained One stepped forward a trap a barrier shot up and seals were placed on him to which the researcher smiled since the man who had dared to defy the gods was now captured. But his smile quickly faded when the seal's fizzed away and he shattered the barrier like glass to which he immediately grabbed the researcher and ended his life immediately by crushing his throat, once he was sure all research was gone without the means to replicate it since those who had the idea and the knowledge were dead, he broke through the roof and hovered outside of the palace that was now on fire, although he could destroy it, he simply smirked and flew off since he had done enough damage already and then disappeared from the public.

Only when he was finally gone did the Uzumaki come out of their hiding places since they were afraid of what the man could do with his blade as well as the power they felt him pulse with as he made his way through their palace. But the sensors now showed that the man no longer resided on the planet, so the Uzumaki worked even harder to force the people into submission after this unexpected turn of events, and as they did they began to experiment to find ways to empower themselves so that they would never feel such fear ever again…

And while there were rumored sightings of this mysterious savior from time to time along with random disappearing people from various cities throughout the years, there was never such an attack on the New Gods again…

"And that is all that has happened in the past hundred years," said Inari as he finally finished with recounting the history of the past century. "I am one of the few to know what really happened in the world since those who know as much as I do are hunted down and killed since the New Gods want to change it so people don't remember the past."

"New Gods," growled Asura in anger since the Uzumaki were the furthest thing from such a title, "they are not worthy of calling themselves that."

"While I agree with you there," said Inari with a heavy sigh, "there is no one to fight against them. Sure there was the one person to oppose them for a time, but we do not know who he was or if he or she is even still around. For all we know that person is dead, since there has been no aid since they initially attacked the New Gods home."

"How do you know someone attacked the New Gods," asked Asura, all the while mentally gagging at the fact that he just called them that since he knew they were not. "It could have been one of their own getting too fat of a head and tried to take over."

"Because of this video," said Inari's father as he pulled out a laptop and placed it on the table. Asura looked at it with a quizzical look since he had never seen such a thing in either lifetime he had lived through. Sure when he was Asura they had some advanced technology and whatnot, but never something like this. Inari pushed a button on the laptop and turned the screen around for him to see. On the screen he saw a tall individual sporting a full suit of what appears to be made of leather. He appeared to be wearing a large black trench coat that went to his knees with small chains dangling from the hem, while under the trench coat was a black chest plate, though it was unclear if it's leather or metal while a small black collar shirt is seen going up to his neck while he appeared to be wearing tight black cargo pants with large steel toe capped black boots that look as if they can crush through masonry without much resistance.

His hands have thick leather gloves with shiny metal plates covering the back of his hand and fingers as if to add more pain to his opponent if he wishes to switch to hand to hand combat but the noticeable difference is that his clothing has a chain embroided all over it while his face has a mob of black straight hair and a handsome face that has no signs of a war or battle while his eyes is a distinctive feature of one being red the other being blue, however another thing is that poking out of his trench coat is two handles for two swords and two grips for two pistols, right now the screen shows him brutally fighting during the Execution that happened annihilating troops of The New Gods without any resistance as if it's a mere beat down while Jutsus and anything just melt away from him.

It's only when the battle settles that the Overseer appeared and at that point Asura would now see what they actually look like. The Overseer were muscular like he was, but on their heads was a helmet that covered the entirety of it. On the helmet were two eye-holes and lots of seals. They wore orange gi as well as pants with metallic encased arms that enhanced their physical power so as to be able to punch through just about anything.

"Hm, I heard rumors about you abominations from dying Caravan leader's and Outpost Reports, curious if they took away your ability to speak." He says in a monotone but serious voice as if he was a leader of a powerful military organization.

"Resistance is Futile." It says in a bland voice.

"I see, then again your nothing but brainless meat heads, Tch poor girl must be mentally broken from the amount of torture those bastard's made her go through. No matter, it would be a bit of semblance to her when she knows her "Children" have been put out of her misery instead of being used as a sacrifice." He says while he raises his arms and separates his legs ready for a battle.

"Bow before the News Gods!" The Overseer roars.

After that statement they both launch and an escalating battle ensues, the impact's from their fist's shake the city while destroying anything they near, the battle lasted 10 minutes before the stranger ended it by slamming his arm straight through the Overseer's chest and said a simple word.

"Enigmatic Purification!" He roars to which the Overseer roars as it turns a crystal white before it explodes bathing the city in a torrent of flames, fortunately anyone innocent was evacuated. This was where the video ended since the cameras that were recording it were destroyed in the attack.

"I know who that man is," said Asura as his eyes widened in realization of that fact.

"You do," said Inari who was equally surprised to hear that, "who is he?"

"I saw him for nothing more than a brief moment, but I heard the demon I fought call him Paragon. He was the one who sent me back here in the first place from wherever I ended up."

As the two of them talked about such things, those who resided underground were unaware of what was slowly moving into position above them...


In a room in the Palace of the New Gods, there were several of them who resided within it since they were the greatest of their sensors. They meditated here for most of the day ever since they were attacked by who they thought was Asura at first, but some discussion over it made them think otherwise. When Asura had been sent back from the Void, the energy output had alerted them to his presence since it was the same type that had attacked them years ago. When they reported this, they were told to locate where the person was so that they could eliminate them once and for all so that there would be no one to ever oppose them again.

So they meditated more and found out that the person they were tracking was within City 17 and had killed one of their Zetsu before disappearing, but his energy was still within the city, so they were going to have to do something drastic to eliminate him. For the past three years they developed a weapon that was on the underside of their palace to use as a deterrent for any rebellious city that may arise in the future. It was simply a cannon capable of eradicating a city without a trace, but it took a while to charge, so they countered that with a core that the New Gods could charge themselves to speed up the process immensely. So with a destination in mind they set a course for City 17…

Kushina sat on her golden throne, which was one of hundreds of them, each designed the way the person who sat on it wanted with Kushina's being golden with rubies all over it. She looked at the three dimensional map that was in the center of the room and smiled as she saw them getting closer to their target. She couldn't believe her clan's luck when they had found out that Asura had a daughter. And they couldn't believe how much of a coward the man had been to simply hide away when they made their demands for his unconditional surrender with his child's life being on the line. But in the end they were able to extract Mantra energy from her grandchild, who she refused to see as such since Naruto was pathetic and weak as well as unworthy of the Uzumaki name. And with that Energy Tsunade was able to work miracles by granting them eternal youth and power to go with it.

And now here they were as the gods of the new world!

"Mother," said Naruko as she walked into the room. Like all others she wore a regal looking toga to show off the fact that they were godlike. "Is it really such a good idea to decimate such a large population to kill but one man?"

"That man has to be destroyed," said Kushina with an uncaring voice. In her eyes, all who were not born of Uzumaki lineage were pathetic as well as expendable for them to dispose of if they so wished. And who was going to stop them? "Without him around, our power as well as our control over this world will be undisputed. We could even start up our dimensional project again now that I think about it."

"I would usually argue about this," said Naruko with a shrug of her shoulders since she also didn't really care about the people who were beneath her. It was simply a case of preserving some people to worship them since what was the point of being a god if there was no one to worship you? "But if it means we finally kill the man who dared to attack us then so be it."

It took about an hour for their palace to get into firing range of the cannon, but now they simply had to charge it. The entirety of the Uzumaki clan entered the core of the Palace and stood in their assigned areas. From there they extended their hands and began to channel power into the core itself to charge the weapon to fire. As they charged it from the inside of the palace, a massive orb of energy appeared outside of it that grew as more power was put into it...

(Current Time)

"So you will aid us in our plight," asked Inari's father.

"I will do the best I can," said Asura as he got up to leave. He understood that the longer he remained here the more likely that someone would find them and kill them became a thing. "So remain here for the time being so as to not be caught in the crossfire. But could someone escort me out of here, I honestly have no clue as to how to get out of here."

"I'll go," said Inari as he stood up and began walking towards the exit of the underground haven. Asura followed the boy in silence the entire walk back, but as they exited the tunnel through one of the many hidden entrances they had, Asura thanked the boy before he meant to walk away. But when he turned around he saw the giant ball of energy that had just been launched from the floating Palace above them. He yelled at Inari to run to safety, but by the time Inari got back into the tunnel it was already too late. In one massive flash of light, everything within a hundred mile radius was utterly destroyed. Leaving nothing but ruins there for all to see…

It took a bit, but Asura was finally able to get his footing back as he threw the rubble that covered him off of himself. He looked around and saw the destruction that the city had suffered through, and as he did he saw the stilled charred remains of the people who had once walked the streets of this city. Asura looked around and saw that there were massive holes in the ground, and in one of the he saw the dead bodies of the people he had just talked to. He jumped down to see if there was any sort of survivor, but he saw no one who was still alive. It was as he made to jump out of the hole that he heard a weak voice down one of the tunnels. He ran as fast as he could to try and help whoever it was that was in pain, and what he saw there only saddened him since it was Inari himself, who had been impaled through the heart with a pipe in the attack. He had whimpered in pain with the last of his strength and then succumbed to his wounds. Asura screamed out in rage as he saw this innocent boy had died because of the New Gods, but even though he was angry as all hell his power wasn't rising as drastically as it would have in the past since he no longer had a Mantra Core to call his own.

So he jumped out of the hole back into the ruins of the once great city and looked up at the palace that floated above him. As he looked, he saw something fly slightly away from it before it began to descend down towards where he was standing. On the moving platform was none other than Naruko herself with several Overseers that she commanded.

"Well, would you look who it is," said Naruko with a haughty tone as well as a snobbish smirk on her face. "If it isn't my brother Naruto, or as you so boldly stated a century ago, Asura. To think that you were hiding here out of all places in the world is nothing short of astounding."

"Naruko," growled Asura with all the rage he was able to muster within it.

"I'm glad to know that you remember the name of your goddess."

"You are no goddess! You are nothing more than a dressed up monster!"

"I am a goddess," said Naruko with a frown since she did not like to be challenged like this by anyone, especially the one who her clan rejected when young "and you will admit that by the time I'm through with you." Naruko then simply snapped her fingers, and as she did the Overseers that came with her rushed forward to attack Asura.

Asura was able to easily dispose of the Overseers that attacked him. Out of the four of them who attacked him, Asura killed three of them by simply punching through their chests, but the last one he ripped in half and threw the two pieces of him to the side like he was trash.

"You do know that the men you killed were your grandchildren right," said Naruko with a laugh. "You just killed the sons of your whore of a daughter."

"You have no right to call her that after all you put her through," growled Asura as he clenched his hands into fists so tight to the point that the veins in his muscles were clearly seen. "I will make you and the rest of your pathetic clan pay for what you have done to all these people!" Asura charged forward at this point since his rage got the better of him, yet he didn't get far since several chains emerged out of the ground and wrapped around him. He tried to break free from their grasp, but no matter how hard he struggled, he couldn't break free.

"Well isn't this quite a humorous sight," said Naruko as she summoned up two more chains to wrap around Asura's throat and lifted him up into the air. "The last time we met, you had your hand around my throat and spared me for the simple fact that you wanted to send my family a message. And now look at you. The big powerful man's life is in my hands!" Naruko laughed maliciously as Asura choked, but he never lost the glare he had for her the entire time he was in that predicament. Yet after a few minutes of strangling him, she finally let him go enough so he could breathe, but dragged him to the mini air-platform to take him to the palace itself so that her family could deal with him.

Naruko simply continued to chuckle the entire time that they rose up. Asura continued to struggle against the chains as they rose up, but without a Mantra Core to power up via his anger he was without the proper power to break free from them. When they arrived at it, Naruko continued to drag Asura through the halls into the main chamber that Kushina was sitting on her throne within.

"So, the unwanted son returns to mother dearest," said Kushina with a sinister grin on her face. Her family had been looking for this nuisance to their plans for years, and yet couldn't find him no matter how hard they looked. They had hoped that when they had attacked Mist that he would appear to defend his village, but he didn't which confused them since he was the leader of it and he wasn't there to defend it. It was then that they learned that he was not in the village, and that he had simply vanished years before then. They were pissed at the loss of such a powerful weapon, but in the end things had worked out well with the use of his daughter as a surrogate.

"I will kill you for what you have done to these people," growled Asura, who then gritted his teeth as the chains that held him tightened in a painful manner.

"You will speak only when we give you permission," said Naruko with a cruel smirk on her face, "and plus as you are you are not a threat to anyone. We have surpassed you in power and the fact that I can restrain you is proof enough."

"That is enough Naruko," said Kushina as she waved her hand a bit. When she did a seal appeared under Asura that pulled him down to his knees while his arms were held at an angle so that he wasn't able to move. "Go and tell the rest of our 'guest'. They will wish to see this."

"Yes mother," said Naruko before she left the room to do as she was told. She may think of herself superior to normal humans but she still did listen to her mother.

"So here we are," said Kushina with a grin, "together at last. To be honest I am surprised to see you here out of all places. We were expecting another to be here so that was why we destroyed this city."

"You killed an entire city to kill one person!? You are nothing more than monsters!"

"We are God's my worthless son. And as such we are within our right to smite all that we wish to at any time."

"And what about your allies? Your friends from your old village!? Do they mean nothing to you?"

"Of course they meant nothing to me," laughed Kushina as she held her stomach from laughing so hard. "For they were nothing more than stepping stones on our road to godhood. This has always been the plan of the Uzumaki clan since our founding. We trained ourselves to be the best, but all the while we manipulated events to weaken others so that when the time came to strike we could eliminate all who stood in our path. We started all three shinobi wars to show off our strength to the world and instill fear amongst the populace. We saw who was strong and used them to sire or breed stronger Uzumaki since we wanted as well as required more power to complete our overall goal. Then there was you… You managed to gift us with the power needed to make all of this possible, and while it pisses me off greatly that you disobeyed my orders by not staying dead, I can at least take comfort that you will die shortly when the rest of the gods arrive to get their pound of flesh out of you."

"So did you actually kill your friends or did you do the same as what you did with me and just abandon them to die?"

"Oh I killed them myself," said Kushina with a happy sigh since she remembered it fondly. She no longer had to pretend to like them and could do away with them. Kushina walked forward towards Asura and placed a single finger on his head as she pulsed Mantra through it. When she did he saw the memories that she wanted him to see, which was the various ways she had killed her own 'friends'...

Tsume had been beaten senseless as she and the rest of her clan had rebelled against the Uzumaki when they fully realized that they were not the honorable clan they portrayed themselves to be. Tsume watched as her family was killed one by one, with her daughter Hana being taken to be used as a sow to breed loyal pawns for them to use. And then Tsume was beaten bloody and thrown into a pit naked and broken. What made this worse was Kushina then opened a gate that let in a dozen dogs that they took from the Inuzuka clan itself and starved for week while giving them only human blood to drink. They were out of their minds with hunger and pounced upon Tsume and began to tear her to pieces…

Hitomi was made to suffer the most out of the three since with her clan's fighting style she was able to defend herself for a bit and the Uzumaki didn't like that she wouldn't submit. So several of them used their chakra chains to find their clan's closely guarded secret blind spot before they bound her in place. Kushina had delivered the killing blow when she slashed Hitomi's throat, but only after stabbing her eyes out to blind her. Kushina, as well as most of the Uzumaki had always been jealous of the Uchiha as well as the Hyuga for having such powerful abilities with their eyes...

Mikoto had gotten it the worst out of the three of them. She had used her Sharingan on Naruko since she had the Kyuubi sealed within her, in an attempt to turn her against her own clan. But the Uzumaki had made seals to counter this and placed them on Naruko when she was much younger. Mikoto went out fighting and screaming in rage since she was furious that not only was Satsuki killed by Naruko but her son Itachi was killed by Nagato along with the rest of the members of the Akatsuki. The Uzumaki clan weared her down until she was too tired to continue, to which Kushina then used a fire jutsu to burn her alive...

Kushina took a few steps back as she finished showing Asura these memories. Asura could only growl even more in rage as she saw this woman, no this monster, had easily killed those she claimed were her friends, only to show her true colors to them when they least expected it.

"Where is my daughter," asked Asura with the anger in his voice apparent to all who could hear it.

"You know what," said Kushina as she summoned a few chakra chains from her back, "while I would usually tell you to go fuck yourself and not answer, I am in an exceptionally good mood right now so I will show you." She used her chains to grab ahold of two metal bars that were in the ceiling. She pulled down with them, and as she did a clear crystal cylinder dropped down slowly in front of Asura. Inside he saw his daughter Mithra who was asleep, but her stomach was large as a clear indication that she was pregnant with another child.

"You dare do this to your own granddaughter," demanded Asura.

"Oh this is nothing in comparison to what we put her through throughout the years," said Kushina with a laugh, "we waited for you to come as demanded when we sent a message to you with threats to harm her. But when you didn't show we went to plan b and used her to breed weapons for us. You should have seen her cry out in pain as our men took her against her will. She cried out for you to save her. And it made it all the more humorous for us to see her finally break over the years. For years she called for you and you never showed, and soon enough she lost all hope, and in that moment that hope left her eyes was a moment that I will always cherish the most. Since any offspring from the likes of you should be in such a state since you go against your superiors orders. I wanted you dead which as why I left you to die on that island, and yet you somehow defied me even though I buried you personally. But now I get to rectify that, and your whore daughter gets to watch as her father dies in front of her, causing even the trace amounts of hope that still exist within her to finally disappear once and for all."

Asura once more tried to break from his restraints as he heard his bitch of a mother monologue all of this to her. And yet even though his rage was at an all-time high right now he was still unable to break the restraints that locked him in place. As he continuously tried to break free, the other members of the clan finally arrived in the throne room and saw him try to break free. They all stood around and laughed as he struggled in vain, and then when that grew boring to them they began to take turns beating him. Asura took whatever pain they dished out towards him, but he felt himself grow weaker as they inflicted more pain to him since he didn't have his Mantra core to heal him anymore.

After several hours of this, Kushina herself undid his restrains since he was too weak to fight back and held him by the throat. She ripped at the makeshift bandages he had used to cover his wound and saw that he was hurt fairly bad. But she just laughed more and threw him at Mithra's crystal prison. He slid across the floor and hit the crystal hard. When he did, Mithra finally opened her eyes, and when she did she saw her father right there. She thought that maybe her torment was finally at an end and that he was here to rescue her, but she saw the damage done to him as he laid there in his wounded state as well as the hole in his chest that showed that he had no Mantra Core to use. Mithra knew her father needed her assistance once more like he did when he faced Vlitra, and with that in mind she channeled the life-force of the eight month old fetus that was inside of her against her will.

She used that energy to form a new Mantra Core that she now held in her hand, but the process was extremely painful since it felt as though there was liquid magma inside of her stomach the entire time that she did this. Asura looked up as she screamed and saw that his daughter was in pain. He tried to break the crystal that was her prison but he was still too weak after the massive beating he had just received. He placed a hand on the crystal, and as he did Mithra placed the Mantra Core near his outstretched hand. The power in the core began to course through his hand into his body, gifting him renewed strength, and as the rest of the Uzumaki saw this, they tried to stop this. But they were too late to do anything…

The Mantra Core phased through the crystal into his hand, which then proceeded to travel through his body until it lodged itself into his chest. As it did, Asura screamed out in utter rage as his power came back to him and his body healed from all the damage that had been done to him. The Uzumaki took a step back as they saw this, but then their arrogance of them thinking that they were stronger than him overcame them and they attacked. The first to do so was Kushina, and Asura punched her square in the face with enough force to blast her through multiple walls and straight off the floating island itself so she began to fall towards the surface.

As he did that, the other Uzumaki stopped dead in their tracks as they saw one of their own get hit with such power when they assume that they were stronger than him. But Asura capitalized on their hesitation and began a one sided slaughter without so much as a shred of mercy towards them. The cries of those they killed in the past called out to him to avenge them, and he became the instrument of their vengeance against the Uzumaki clan. They threw everything they had at him, but nothing worked against him, and in fact only pissed him off even more as they did. While it was true that they had become powerful after all these years via stealing the power of Mantra, those who were born and trained in it for years such as him trumped anything that they could possibly do.

Kushina finally returned back to the throne room after some time, which was because she had to summon a floating platform to bring her back so it took a bit to get back. All the while she was back, she was hoping that her family, who in her mind was easily going to beat Asura into a pulp even with his sudden burst of power since he was only one while they were many. But when she returned to the throne room, what she saw made her shudder in horror since her former clan members were all dead and in pieces all over the room. Not a single of them were in one piece, but what made it worse was that Asura had Naruko in both of his hands, with his left holding her head, and his right holding her legs. Naruko saw her and mouthed the words 'help me', but Asura cut any chance of aiding her by ripping her in half as she screamed in pain. He threw her sides away like the trash she was, and she vainly tried to pull her organs back inside of her top half of her body, but in the end she died like the rest due to her massive blood loss.

"The only reason you and the rest of the filth you called a clan were ever able to achieve such power in the first place was due to third party in the form of a demon the likes that even I could not defeat," said Asura as he angrily stomped towards his mother, who was crawling away from him in fear as he got closer to try and keep her distance. "I fought him with absolutely everything that I had and I still lost. That was why I was not able to fight you when I appeared before you and the rest of them since all my power had been used up to fight him! Yet your own vanity kept you from realizing that fact, nor did you even care since in your mind you were the strongest around. Yet if he were to appear before you, you would have never lasted in any sort of fight against him since his power dwarfed my own and you are no challenge to me!"

"Wait a minute here," stuttered Kushina who was trying to find a way to try and gain control of this situation once more, "we can talk this out like civil people right? Mother loves her son Naruto."

The anger that Asura already had coursing through his being doubled as he heard her say that. He would have ended her right there and then, but he was tackled by several dozen Overseers that charged into the room to aid their master. Kushina used this opportunity to try and get to Mithra to use her as a hostage of some sort since he was protective of her. But she didn't get very far since she had one of the dead Overseer's bodies thrown at her with such force that she was blasted further away from her target. Asura had made short work of the Overseers and quickly moved to break Mithra free from her prison.

As she fell to the ground since her body was weakened from being trapped for so long, Asura grabbed ahold of her in a loving hug. He had thought that he had lost her once and when he learned that she was alive and in pain only hurt him more. But things were now as they should be with him here to protect her, and she showed this by hugging him in return with the tears heavily streaming from her eyes. And as the two embraced, they wished that this moment would last forever…

Only for said happiness to be cut short in the cruelest of ways…

Mithra cried out in pain as a spear appeared through her chest, which then sprouted several metal bars so that when Kushina pulled she was pulled out of her father's embrace. Asura saw her being pulled through the air into Kushina's cold embrace, who held her by the head with all the fury she could muster appearing in her eyes.

"You took my family from me," she said with venom in her voice, "so I will return the favor." She then yanked Mithra's head to the side hard so there was a loud audible snap as her neck snapped.

Asura stood in place as the shock hit him…

He rushed forward as Kushina ran away from the throne room. He grabbed Mithra's now lifeless body and began to cry loudly since he had failed in his parental duty of protecting his daughter…

Yet the sadness gave way to a darker emotion that had only ever consumed him once in a situation like this one when the young girl who looked like Mithra had died…

His Wrath turned his body jet black as his mind became cloudy in its embrace and he pulsed out his destructive power that destroyed all that was around him. Kushina had tried running to the core of the Palace so that she could try and absorb the power to stand some sort of chance against Asura. This entire time they had truly believed that they had been stronger but she was shown in the most violent way that they were so very wrong. Yet when the doors to her destination were within view, the entire Palace disintegrated into nothing all around her, but she didn't get the chance to even think about that since Asura tackled her in midair towards the ground. The entire time he kept punching her all over with blows that caused shockwaves all over the place.

They landed roughly onto the ground, and yet Asura did not stop in his assault for even a single second and continued to beat her literally into the ground. Miles upon miles he punched her through the ground at an angle that was slowly making its way towards the core of the planet itself, but his mind was too far gone at the loss of his daughter to understand this and stop before it was too late. Kushina at this point within an inch of death itself without the ability to move of her own free will, but Asura just wouldn't stop.

Asura screamed with all the rage he had in his heart as he used both hands to blast Kushina into the very core of the planet itself when they were near it. She screamed with the last of her strength as she was launched into it, but the screams only amplified a hundredfold as she sank into the core. As she perished in such a fiery manner a blast of magma burst forth and launched Asura out of the planet itself and back to the surface of it. Asura landed on his feet and screamed out in rage as he had slain the bane of his existence. As his anger subsided and his skin turned back to what it once was instead of the jet black color it was, his power waned from him and he looked around to see where he was now. It was only then that his eyes widened in despair as he saw the world begin to tear itself apart. He saw the damage he had brought to the world with his actions of launching Kushina into the core of the planet itself.

Jets of fire and magma appeared all over the place. Massive earthquakes tore apart the land itself and consumed all that fell into it due to the tremors. People screamed as they tried to outrun what was now a global catastrophe. And Asura could only blame himself now as he awaited the end of world. He was always told in his past life that he had the power to destroy the world, and it seemed like they had been right all along to say that. Asura fell to his knees in despair as he saw the damage he had done as he felt a massive burst of energy build up, and felt it as it expanded outwards to destroy the planet itself in one final explosion.

Suddenly everything halts in place. Everything appeared to have frozen in midair, the people, the destruction and the columns of Fire and Magma too as a single sentence was heard that cut the silence frozen like a knife.

"Break: Chain of Balance"

The second that was heard, the entire world around Asura shattered like glass to which he finds himself in a large open white world with a single gigantic chain with large traces of what appears to be corrosion of some kind all over it, yet it seemed to still be intact despite all the damage that it had apparently gone through.

A few footsteps were echoed behind him before a simple snap was heard, to which a white aura surrounded Asura before it shattered, freeing him from being frozen like the world had just been.

"What the hell is this," asked Asura in surprise since this was something slightly new to him. It was true that he had dealt with a god who shattered time and space before, but the chains he saw were not there the last time he was in a place like this one.

"The Core of your Universe." said the voice that Asura has heard somewhere before. Yet he could not quite place exactly where he had heard it from.

"My universe has a core," asked Asura since he had never heard of such a thing in his entire lifetime. He wondered if even any of the other demigods had even heard of it, but somehow he doubted it.

"Yes, or rather not for long it seems, the corruption and chaos your Universe has caused has made the Chain of your Universe corrode from it, for it to be balanced there must be an equal of both good and evil. Too much of either and the Core will start to break as what you can see here." The voice pointed out to the chain barely clinging on.

"Who are you," growled Asura since he felt like this was going to end up like the last time he met someone with godlike power, plus the fact he couldn't fully see who was talking pissed him off to no end.

"Calm yourself Asura. Or should I say." The voice started, to which a flurry of shards flew past him where it quickly formed a humanoid figure. Seconds later it formed into the figure revealing to be the man who saved him from Fear before he sent him back as well as the one he saw on the video: Paragon. "Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze?" Paragon said while staring at Asura with his eyes of blue and red with a neutral look.

"It's Asura Namikaze," growled Asura with his hands crossed in front of his chest, "I have no connection to the Uzumaki clan nor will I ever since I just killed them all not too long ago."

"I noticed. I witnessed you destroying an entire planet and almost your entire Universe with that stunt. Had the fail-safe not triggered your Universe would have done a Reset putting you right back to Square 1, Your Birth."

"What do you mean by that?" asked Asura with a raised eyebrow, since to him this entity was speaking madness and he would like some clarity to help him understand Paragon better.

"I think showing you what I mean would help to better understand. Observe." Paragon said, to which he snapped his fingers and a torrent of chains sprout out from out of thin air forming a screen showing a badly rotten chain and a World on the brink of Collapse. As he looked at the chain of another time, he saw it begin to corrode. As it did he saw the specific events that caused it to, with his, or at least another version of him, near execution. He saw this Naruto beg the gods to aid him and was granted a new life elsewhere, which doing so caused the corrosion of the chain to speed up since there was nothing to resist it now. He saw an older man with a bandaged head lead armies of what appeared to be mechanical soldiers to slaughter all within his path, and the more destruction he wrought, the closer the chains that held their universe together came to snapping.

Suddenly the chain couldn't hold on and an audible snap was heard before the entire world imploded in a bright light that lasts for a minute before the screen goes dark for 2 minutes. A small cry was heard as the screen showed an infant Naruto in front of a rampaging Kyuubi as once again it threatened the village.

"That's what would happen. In every chain of balance is a copy of the Canon World, or to put it simply the central universe that all others in the multiverse derive from, meaning the original way history was supposed to go, you would have no memories of your past life, no family or anything. The world inevitably becomes a blank slate and has to be rewritten like an author does an unpublished book that has been destroyed." Paragon said as the screen disappears.

"So I take it that this is what is going to happen to my universe since I destroyed the world," said Asura as he growled at himself for letting his rage get the better of him and dooming everyone else on the planet who was innocent since they were nothing more than slaves to the self-entitled 'New Gods'. But what was he supposed to do? Kushina killed Mithra right in front of him and laughed about it! He had vowed to protect his daughter from harm, and had failed twice already, so seeing her literally die in front of him made him finally snap.

"Normally the answer to your question would be a simple 'yes', however that is not the case here since your universe has been given a 'do-over' so to speak," Paragon said as he walked towards the chain.

"And what exactly do you mean by a 'do-over,'" asked Asura in confusion. It seemed like even though Paragon was trying to explain things in a way that he could understand he would then say something else that made it complicated once more.

"Quite simple: I can rewind time itself if need be." He said while looking over his left shoulder with his blue eye shining.

"Why is it that every time I fight a godlike figure in my life," sighed Asura with a sweat drop, "that I always suffer either a time skip into the future or time traveling back into the past. This whole thing is getting ridiculous in every sense of the word."

"Do you wish to save your daughter Mithra? Don't you want to go back 100 years to save her from the torment she would have suffered for 100 years because of Konoha's hunger for power and your own inability to save her since you were not there? Do you wish to exact true revenge before that false future you saw bears fruit?" He asked, this time turning his entire body to face Asura with a very serious look on his face that actually makes his body tremble from it.

"I would do all that was within my power to protect my daughter from harm," said Asura as he clenched his fists hard in pure fury, "and I will make them pay for the things they have done to her. When I started this path of vengeance, it was nothing more than a selfish desire to see those who abandoned me to die alone suffer at the hands of the one they so willingly forsook. But after all that I have seen, the lives lost due to their greed, the people who have no hope because they were enslaved, I will personally hunt them all down and prevent such a dark future from ever happening!"

"Then who are you then? A pathetic child who was known as Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze or are you Asura the one who has faced God's before with only his anger fueling his own energy?" Paragon asked.

"I am who I was meant to be to maintain the balance of my world, "said Asura with conviction in his voice. "I am and will always be Asura Namikaze!"

At this Paragon smirks.

"Good answer. Now then, before we head back could you step forward? Mithra may have given you back your Core but I can sense something a bit wrong, you know those forms you took when you fought Fear?"

"Yeah…" said Asura with a quizzical expression on his face since he wondered where this conversation was going.

"Your Celestial Link or whatever you call it, that was tied to them was severed in your old world. That's why it only took both your rage as well as your father's words to trigger them. I can remake the link allowing you far easier access to them and perhaps a bit more control of them as well but it would require you to train like hell if you wish to fully grasp their full power." He says.

"While I am thankful for the option," said Asura with a bit of impatience since he just wanted to go back already, "but against the Uzumaki clan that does not possess the power of Mantra, it will not be necessary."

"Very well but I will restore it after this, now step towards the chain, pull as hard as you can to reverse the flow of time itself until you feel where you need to go. And time will do the rest." He says as he steps to the side to allow Asura to do it.

"Wait a second," said Asura before he did just that, "wouldn't me yanking on the physical embodiment of time break it due to all this damage?"

"Fortunately no. Gods and Mortals are unable to break a chain holding the universe together. If they did they would be killed instantly without any pain, though you do have a 1% chance of being hurled into a random Time-line with missing body parts." He says offhandedly as if he spoke about blooming flowers.

"And you are telling me this just now!?"

"Don't worry; due to my presence the chain cannot be broken. Right now my energy is strengthening it that not even your strongest attack can destroy it."

Asura looked at him for a second before he grabbed ahold of the chain with both hands. He pulled with all his strength which was saying something since he never really had to go all out like this unless it was the most extreme of situations. Yet it did not move. So he used more power and summoned up the rest of his arms that sprung out and grabbed ahold of the chain as well, and as he did he finally felt the chain begin to move slightly. And as it did he saw the world he was just in once more, but things were going in reverse. So instead of magma and flames everywhere they saw that the magma and flames were going back inside the planet.

"I'd hold on if I were you, it's going to be a bumpy ride!" Paragon says as the chain suddenly shakes violently.

Asura quickly regained his footing from the sudden random shake, which was not too hard to do, but holding the chain of Time was. Yet he continued to keep walking slowly with it in hand and saw the events he had just recently witnessed with his own hands.

Suddenly the chain forcefully yanked itself away from him, since time was not something that liked to be forcibly rewound like Asura was trying to do. Yet Asura dug in his feet and continued on even though the strain of it was immense. He got closer to the time when Mithra was killed, and as he saw her die before his eyes for the second time in his life, it fueled his rage to the point that he was able to pick up the pace and begin to walk faster. Then he began to jog, and soon it turned into full on sprinting. All the while he was yelling in rage as his vow to stop this horrible future spurred him on. And as he ran with the chain of time he saw the exactly what Inari's father had told him with his own eyes and it only infuriated him more meaning he had more power to pull the chain harder. And after what seemed like hours, but it was hard to tell since he was reversing time, the chain was stopped when Paragon grabbed ahold of it to stop him where he needed to be.

"Well here you are Asura. Exactly 100 Years into the past from where you were moments ago. The point where you were on your way to the village to pick up your order of sake if I recall." Paragon said stepping next to him while he looked at the back of his own hand noticing a sigil has appeared on it to which he smiles knowing the turning of time worked without any sort of problems. There usually was some sort of problem when this kind of thing happened, some small, most big yet this time was one of the rare instances of nothing wrong.

"But what about Fear," asked Asura as that one nagging question made its way to the forefront of his mind, "because if I was sent back in time just to face him all over, wouldn't that make this all pointless since I would just end back up in the future I am trying to prevent?"

"No need, there can only be one of us in any dimension at once with a few exceptions of course. Fear is... well see for yourself." Paragon said to which he snapped his fingers and a small screen showed a heavily chained up Fear with a dozen lasers pointed at him.

"PARAGON! WHEN I GET OUTTA HERE I'M GONNA BLOODY MUTILATE YOU!" Fear bellows to which the screen pans out revealing what looks to be a colossal sized fleet with ships rivalling that of moons.

"He's taken care of." He says to which the screen disappears. He will let him out after a week.

"Why don't you just kill that monster if you are capable of imprisoning him?"

"Because he represents the evil of the Multiverse and even if I killed him he will come back after a year due to being the champion of his master." He says.

"I would ask who the hell this champion is," said Asura as he simply began to walk away, "but I don't really care to know and need to get home to make plans to save my daughter."

"I wish you luck on your journey," said Paragon as he looked once more at the chains of time and saw the chain repair itself from the damage done. He smiled as he saw this and then simply vanished without a trace of him ever being there in the first place…

Asura began to run towards the village that he had fought Fear before to make sure that all was well and the people within it were alright. The last time he had been there it had been a horrific sight to behold with corpses everywhere. But as he arrived, he saw that the village was still there with the people going about their day normally, with the shops open and the merchants barking out their wares, to the children playing. Asura sighed in relief as he saw this since to be honest he had half expected for Paragon to screw with him and have to fight Fear all over again.

But seeing that everything was still intact, he went to pick up his order of sake he made since after all the crap he had been through he deserved a drink now more than ever. So he arrived at the shop and paid for the order he made before he strapped the crate to his back and began the journey back to Mist to await the message he was going to receive soon…

(2 weeks later)

The long wait for the message was figuratively killing Asura as he waited day in and day out for it to finally arrive. While he wanted nothing more than to go and wreak havoc among the village of Konoha until he finally found his daughter, but the images of her death kept him from doing so. He knew that the Uzumaki were sore losers of the ultimate kind and would kill her just to spite him in the end as Kushina did in the now defunct future. Plus he did not kill innocent people, and he knew with a hundred percent accuracy that the other clans of the village were innocent of the Uzumaki's crimes since they were unaware of them until it was too late to stop them.

Asura had remembered the looks of concern that his advisors Mei and Zabuza had given him when he had returned to the village, and while he wanted nothing more than to tell them the horrible truth of the dark future, there was no point in it since it would not come to pass on his watch so he simply told them nothing. While they were concerned about him, they didn't push the issue.

Eventually, the messenger came with the message he was expecting for the last two weeks in the hands of none other than Sakura Haruno. Asura had been pissed that it took this damn long for the greedy fucks that made up the Uzumaki clan to send their demands since they probably spent so much time thinking about how they now had him under their control and that there was nothing more that he could do. So he took the message and looked at the demands sent to him, with each one he read causing his rage to grow as he continued:

The abdication of his seat as Mizukage of Kiri as well as his renouncement of citizenship with the village as well.

The secrets of the power he possessed (they were unaware of the term 'Mantra') so that his power may be transferred to others of their own choosing.

A sincere public apology towards the Uzumaki Clan for his slander against their 'noble' clan. To be given in view of all the clan head as well as the citizens of the village itself.

Accepting multiple wives of their choosing to breed new future weapons for them to use that Asura would not make any attempts to stop them from molding to fulfill their predestined purpose or Mithra would suffer for his insolence.

Training them in his power so that they would become his superiors in due time.

Allow multiple seals to be placed on his person to assure his loyalty to their clan as their personal attack dog (Asura seethed as they used those exact words in their demands) such as a mind altering seal, a dead man's seal that they can use to kill him if he ever refuses an order, as well as a modified Cage Bird Seal they will make just for him that was not visible so as to hide the truth from others.

The list went on from there, but these were the ones that got to him the most since from these demands alone he saw that he was to become their slave in everything including name with these terms. The message went on to state that he would arrive at the meeting they were calling for him to attend and that declining was not an option for him or Mithra would suffer for his tardiness. They also made it known that he was to accept their demands in a way that made it seem like it was his own choice to do so since they had an image to maintain, and if one of the most powerful men in all the Elemental Countries joined their ranks due to the Uzumaki clan name alone, then their image would skyrocket throughout the world itself. Plus they said that if he told anyone of these demands that they would ensure Mithra suffered indescribable pain before they gut her like a wild animal.

Sakura had been in that room as Asura grew pissed as he read the message sent to him. Sakura was no fool. She knew that Kushina had picked her specifically to deliver this message after just recently promoting her to Chunin so that if and when Asura became enraged and attacked the messenger as he had done before when it came to Iwa and Kumo, it was no skin of their bones since to them she was expendable.

Asura threw his desk through the wall in rage, which frightened not only Yagura and Sakura who were in the room with him, but the secretary who was outside of the room as well. The village itself fell to their knees in fear as they felt his rage increase and heard him scream out as well, which shattered most of the windows within the village as well. His closest of friends as well as associates waited for his rage to subside before they appeared to talk to him so as to see what had gotten him so worked up.

He showed them the message that was sent to them, and to say they were surprised along with angry as well was a massive understatement. While they were pissed that the Uzumaki clan had made such demands to their Mizukage with the threats of hurting his daughter, the fact that Asura had a daughter to begin with was shocking to all but two of them. Zabuza and Haku knew about Mithra from the memories showed to them, but they along with Asura had though her long gone due to him being sent to the past.

When they asked him what he was going to do, he stated that he needed someone to find his daughter while he went and dealt with the Uzumaki clan personally. It was at this point that Sakura made herself fully known, which surprised most of the people in the room since they had forgotten she was even there in the first place. She told them that she knew where Mithra was being kept, which made Asura angry as to know how and why she knew that. Sakura told them how her family hated the Uzumaki clan as well, with all but her being killed by them and wanted to help someone who hated them just as much as she did. She saw Mithra when she had first entered the village and heard that she was looking for her father. She had tried to talk to her, but by the time she got close enough the Uzumaki Elders had gotten to her first and took her away with lies about how they knew where Asura was. Sakura had followed in secret to the point that she knew they were keeping her in the old underground ROOT Headquarters.

Orochimaru, who was one of those who came to see why Asura was so infuriated, knew those tunnels fairly well since he was a member of ROOT years ago before he left Konoha. So Asura had him along with Zabuza and Mei go and rescue his daughter, but he made a seal that they would activate to let him know that she was safe or the mission was a failure.

So Asura made his way to the village on the assigned day, but instead of heading directly to the meeting like they expected of him to do like some sort of pet they controlled, he once again went to the same BBQ restaurant that he went to last time and ordered the same thing. He was stalling for as much time as possible in the hopes that the team he sent would save his daughter before he went to this meeting. And as he hoped the seal he had turned green which meant that they were successful in their mission, so this meeting would get a lot more violent than they would have expected.

Asura stomped to the meeting room, which still pissed him off to be within as much as it had the last time he had been her. But what made that anger rise up more was the fact that all three of the Uzumaki Elders were there along with Kushina herself, all with grins on their faces since they truly believed that they had won this already. As he saw them with this look on their faces, it made him remember the dark future he witnessed and it made him glare at them.

"Asura," started Kushina with a bit of haughtiness in her voice, "it is so good to see you accept our invitation to this meeting to discuss terms of an alliance with our village."

"You didn't really give me much of a choice now did you," growled Asura as he stood there with his arms across his chest.

"Well all that matters is that you are here now," said Kushina in a less kind sounding voice. She mentally seethed that Asura had an attitude towards her but she would get rid of it when they had finally subdued him when this meeting was over. "Please have a seat."

"I prefer to stand," said Asura as he stood his ground, "just like the last time I was here."

"I think that you should rethink that decision," said Kushina with a hint of demanding tone that meant for Asura to do as ordered or else his daughter would suffer for it. The chair was the same one that they had prepared the last time he had arrived with the seals to analyze him, and she would be damned if they didn't use it for the second time in a row.

Asura simply looked at the chair that she wanted him to sit in for a brief second before he lifted his foot and smashed it into splinters. The action shocked the various members of both sides of the council.

"Do you know what you have done," asked Kushina in anger that her demands were not being met. From what they learned from Mithra herself the man should be following their demands as they stated in the message.

"WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE!?" shouted Asura as she smashed his fist into the table with enough force to shatter it into pieces like he had done the chair. "Did you honestly think that you could enslave me by using my daughter as a hostage?"

"What are you talking about," asked Tsume, who like the rest of them were surprised to not only hear that Asura had a daughter but their leader was holding her hostage.

"Your leader kidnapped my daughter," growled Asura as he threw the message that had been sent to him to him. Kushina along with the Elders' faces whitened when they saw him do so since he was not supposed to tell people. "Then they held her hostage and demanded I submit to their insane demands like a dog! That any mention of them doing any of this would result in her suffering pain, but I had my men secure her before I made it to this meeting so that they had no leverage. But that isn't even the worst of it!"

Wait," said Inoichi as he along with the rest of the clan heads had seen the message with the absurd demands written on it. "There is more?"

"You," said Asura with pure rage in his voice, so much in fact that one could almost taste the sheer amount of rage in his voice. He pointed at Inoichi, who began shaking in fear as Asura pointed at him since he knew exactly what this man was capable of and knew that he had no chance in hell to defeat him. "I have heard that your clan is able to show memories of specific individuals to others, is that information correct?"

"Yes," said Inoichi nervously, since he was too scared to lie in any fashion.

"Then go into my head and show my memories of the future if her clan was allowed to live."

"Inoichi," said Kushina with an authoritative voice as she stood up in anger, "don't you dare do it. I am your Hokage and as such you take orders from me! Not the orders of the Mizukage!"

Inoichi looked back and forth between the two powerful people who were each asking; no scratch that, demanding he comply with their orders. While it was true that he was a proud Konoha shinobi through and through, which meant he followed the orders of his current Hokage. But the problem he was having was the fact that his views on the subject were shaky since this man had come with literal evidence that their Hokage had done one of the worst possible things that could be done.

Kushina saw that her orders were not going to be listened to and made to attack Asura, but a blade at her throat stopped her long enough for a dome of ice to appear as well. Mei and Haku, who he asked to come since his ice abilities would prove useful, appeared in the room beside Asura, with Zabuza appearing after the dome was in place so she as well as the elders were locked in place in a way that they could still hear and see what was going on.

Inoichi took this as his cue to do as asked by Asura and looked into his mind. What he saw amazed him to see the man fight against multiple opponents that were godlike in nature, along with an actual god as well as a demon. He saw the memories of him as he was Naruto and he himself cried as he saw the boy try to catch up to his family in a desperate bid to survive being left alone. But he was left, and then he struggled for a week as his body slowly weakened from hunger and he died under that tree He saw Asura fight Fear, and he was utterly dumbfounded to see Asura have so much power, and it made Kushina's and her clan's actions quite literally the dumbest ones they could possibly do.

What pissed him off immensely was the dark future that awaited them under the banner of the Uzumaki clan, and the fact that they betrayed all of them for false godhood status. He left Asura's memories pissed off, with an expression that matched Asura's when he had first arrived. Inoichi glared at Kushina as he cleared his head.

"You," started Inoichi as he clenched his fist in rage, "you arrogant greedy cunt!"

"What did you see," asked Shikaku as he saw Inoichi far more pissed then he had ever seen him in his life. And he had been friends with the man since the days at the academy itself. Inoichi said nothing, but he used his clan's signature jutsu to show them all that he had seen. They felt pity for the boy as they saw him die after his vain struggle to survive. They saw the opponents he faced as well as the future he saw. Tsume, Hitomi, and Mikoto were extremely pissed as well as they saw Kushina openly admit to killing them as well as using them by deceiving them as a so called friend. In the end their faces matched Inoichi's as well as Asura's.

"So as you can plainly see," growled Asura as he cracked his knuckles in preparation for what was going to happen, "the Uzumaki clan is not the honorable clan that they make themselves out to be."

Kushina had begun to sweat as her clan's plans for the future were laid bare for all the people who they didn't want to see it to see it. Kushina knew that she had to get out of the village as soon as possible and to do that she needed to get out of this dome by any means possible. So she used an explosive tagged kunai to blast a hole in the direction to the window and jumped out through it. The elders were too feeble to do the same thing, and so they couldn't leave the same way and died when Asura ripped them apart with his bare hands.

"I am going to assume that there are no objections to me killing them now," said Asura as he made his way towards the window. He looked back to see all those in attendance shaking their heads to show they were not going to stop them, and many were in fact going to help weed them out to kill personally if given the chance. Seeing that no one would stop him, he ran through the wall blasting it outwards as he did.

Kushina was absolutely livid as she ran through the streets of the village to escape it as soon as possible. She seethed that all the years of planning, all the manipulation, the wars they started, and the lives they ruined were all for nothing. As she ran for her life she activated a secret seal that all Uzumaki were given upon birth since it linked up to the mind and took a few years to charge up and store away for whenever they needed it. When the Uzumaki clan was founded, they always had the idea to take over and made this seal on the off chance that their plan was discovered at any time. What the seal did was send a slight message to the brain that said that the mission failed and to evacuate their area immediately to regroup. The Clan head would pick the spot, and right now Kushina was at a loss for a spot to pick since the plan was going so well and she never expected them to be found out.

But when she activated the seal she made a fatal mistake for not just her but her clan as a whole…

Asura had been born as Naruto Uzumaki, and as such he had the seal placed on him before his abandonment. Their plans were told to their young when they entered the academy so as to get them to befriend as many as they could so when the plan came to fruition they could eliminate all who were perceived as a threat to their superiority. When Naruto had been reborn as Asura in the past, his old body had been used as a catalyst of sorts and as such the seal managed to remain on his person even though he had transformed into what he was, but it was far stronger than those the others had since it was enhanced with Mantra. So as he set out to eliminate the Uzumaki, a slight sting in his eyes caused him to shut them in impulse for a second as the sting went away. Then when he opened them again he saw orange dots that highlighted the various members of the clan as they were all beginning to escape the village. Asura was not sure what this was but he was not going to argue and just use this godsend of a gift to eliminate the here and now.

He waited for them all to leave the village before he himself gave full pursuit. He didn't want to hurt anyone who was innocent. Once he pursued them, he crashed their assembled party that was ironically in a place known as the Valley of the End, which seemed a fitting place to dispose of these people. He crashed their meeting by landing on one of their members, shattering their spine and crushing their organs upon impact. The rest of them saw him appear and all went their separate ways in fear. Asura only growled as he saw them run away like vermin and used the Shadow Clone technique to make clones for each of them to kill them once and for all.

One by one they all fell to his hands, but out of all of them the only ones to still live were the few that remained in the Fire Capital such as the Fire Daimyo's wife, since the older one had died recently and his son had taken the throne upon his death, and his mother and sister who had escaped together. Asura had been close to killing them, but Kushina used a seal that he didn't expect her to use. Kushina used a bastardized version of Minato's Hirashin jutsu, but unlike his she could only use the one and it sapped most of her energy to use it when she did. She had experimented years ago to see if she could recreate it for use by her clan, but she scrapped it when it became clear that it was imperfect and no changes she made to it made it usable to her clan.

So she grabbed ahold of Naruko and used it to teleport away to the only seal that was still intact since the rest were scrapped years ago. Asura saw them vanish into thin air and roared in anger as they did. But as he sat there and wondered where the hell they went, he had a gut feeling that told him exactly where he needed to go. So with a set destination in mind, he began to leap towards it to end this once and for all…


Kushina and Naruko appeared in the half destroyed workshop that Kushina used to frequent in her youth. As they did, she fell over in pain since she used so much chakra to use an imperfect seal. Naruko lifted her up and placed her on a stone to sit on since there were no intact chairs around since everything had been destroyed when they left it. As she sat there to regain her energy, Naruko went out to find something to eat in this desolate place. But the moment she stepped outside the destroyed workshop, which was underground, Asura crashed onto the ground in front of her.

"How the hell did you find us?" asked Naruko in fear that quickly turned to rage as the man who ruined all her family's plans was right there.

"A hunch," said Asura as he cracked his knuckles slowly. Each crack made her wince as she heard them. "It seems as though all things come full circle and it all ends where it began."

Asura didn't give her a chance to defend herself and attacked with a fist to her gut. The energy of the Kyuubi formed around her chest area instinctively to stop most of the damage done to her, yet the blow was still strong enough to send her skidding backwards into a wall of one of the few ruins that survived when Asura returned. Asura continued his attack, but Naruko stopped him midblow with four of the tails that she was able to summon. She had the help of her clan to change her seal so that she could use the Kyuubi's energy flawlessly. Her hold on Asura broke though as he pulled back on the punch so she was pulled towards him. As she flew towards him he punched her with enough force to make her spin through the air in a backflip.

She tried to get up, but Asura slammed his foot onto her back hard so that she screamed out in pain. In her pain she unleashed all nine tails worth of power that she had, and doing so sent Asura back a bit from the pulse of power. He quickly got his footing back, which was perfect since he had enough time to grab her by the throat as she charged him, but then she tried to use her tails to stab him in the back. He was able to stop all but three of them as he used his Vajra form to sprout four more arms. He let go of her neck to use the sixth arm and winced as three tails pierced his chest. One of them though happened to pierce right through his Mantra Core, and doing that caused her to begin to scream as the energy climbed up through her tail and into her being. Asura charged Mantra through his chest and used it to blast the Kyuubi from her body.

The beast cried out in rage as it was finally free after so long and was going to make the most of its freedom. Naruko fell over in a weakened position as most of her strength was ripped out of her when the Kyuubi was set loose. Asura didn't let the beast get too comfortable in his freedom though since he used his water tendrils to hold the beast down and charged up a Mantra enhanced Rasengan that he used to obliterate it completely. And like before when he killed the Biju, the energy it once used soaked into him and became his own.

"In comparison to fighting Fear," said Asura as he walked over to the weakened Naruko who was trying to crawl away, "your demonic power was nothing."

"Stop fighting," said Kushina as she weakly walked out of the workshop, "please stop fighting!"

"And why should I listen to the woman who tried to kill me? To enslave me?"

"Because we can change! Don't we deserve at least a chance to do that? To change our ways and redeem our good name?"

"Please Naruto," said Naruko as she got to her feet and opened her arms in a hugging gesture, "we can stop all of this. Be a proper family. Yes we did bad things in our lifetime, but we can change with your help."

"My name is Asura," growled Asura as he hated to be called his old name, especially when it was used by one of the people who abandoned him. Naruko simply walked forward to hug him as he said that, and surprisingly he let her do so.

"Please brother. Let's be a family once more."

"Maybe you are right," said Asura as he wrapped his arms against his sister in a hugging embrace. Kushina smiled as she saw this since it seemed like they would live to see another day after all. "Maybe I can look past all that you have done and let go of my anger and hatred towards you. Become a family proper. But there is only one thing stopping me from doing that…"

Naruko didn't quite hear that last bit since she was too far into her own mind thinking that she would live past all this.

"Whatever it is we can get past it."

"I don't think we can," said Asura as he began to squeeze her with his arms. Naruko felt his arms begin to tighten and began to try and wiggle out of it, "because I don't want to be a part of your traitorous family." He then tightened his grip with enough strength to shatter her spine along with her internal organs. She died with a look of pain on her face as blood dripped out of her mouth, ears, and eyes. He dropped her body like the worthless sack of flesh and bones that it had become as he saw Kushina fall to her knees in shock that her daughter had just been killed.

"I should kill you where you kneel," said Asura as he stood in front of her, "but I will not. You left me to die alone and without a means to survive when I was only five so I will do the same for you as you did me. There is nothing here to eat since all life has died out in the years since you abandoned this place, nor is there a way of the island. This place will be your grave, and since I am such a nice person I will gift you a last meal, something you didn't give me."

"What food?"

Asura didn't even answer her and simply looked as the dead body of Naruko that was laying there.

"You are sick! I will not eat my own daughter!"

"Let's see how long that lasts," said Asura as he began to walk away to leave this woman to die alone like she had done for him. "Now do me a favor and fade away…" Asura then leaped from the island, never to return.

And as he did, Kushina screamed out in rage as she cursed his name with all of her hatred…


Twenty years had passed since Asura had left his mother to die on that island, which now no longer existed since Asura himself had sunk it. The truth behind the Uzumaki clan and their plans had become known to all the villages throughout the world, and it was no surprise to see them pissed off that they did so much to manipulate things for their own advantage. And those who still were alive were then captured and put on trial, along with the Fire Daimyo's wife. They were read their charges and then put to death by hanging to symbolize them as traitors. Once dead the history of their clan was wiped out to their entirety. Anything that bore their name was destroyed; their seals were copied with their names omitted so that credit for them was not theirs.

In this time of chaos, the people were unified under one banner in time. A large army that was massive in size came from the other side of the world and had threatened their homes, and even though Asura was godlike in power he was still only one man and they were able to do plenty of damage before they were eliminated to the last man.

When the dust cleared, the lands elected Asura as their emperor since he was strong and they needed a leader as such to protect them instead of a leader who was born into it like most royalty had. Mantra became the main source of power when they realized that their chakra was not as powerful as they thought it was. The enemy had used strange devices that they launched into the fields of battle that disrupted their ability to use chakra, but Mantra users were able to continue the fight unhindered.

Asura lived a happier life than he expected, but he remained vigilant at all times since he knew that there were other threats that still remained out there. But for the moment he lived with his fairly large family. He married Kaguya, which was no surprise to anyone who knew the two of them, but he also married Tsume, Mikoto, and Hitomi as well in time since they all but begged him to do so. At first he was against it, but they used Kaguya as a way into his pant and then heart since Kaguya was a trickster at heart and basically made it a challenge by claiming he couldn't please multiple women at once. Asura being a man who never backed down from a challenge fell for it, and screwed their brains out. That was how their relationship started.

Mithra was happy with a family of her own as well. She fell in love with the former jinchuriki known as Utakata since she loved his free spirited outlook on life. The man had hidden himself fairly well for years to avoid capture from multiple sources, and when he learned that no one was searching for him anymore he returned home to live in peace. In time he met Mithra and the two hit it off fairly well. Asura was genuinely surprised that the man did not fear him when he was introduced to him by Mithra, which in all honesty gave him Asura's respect since he didn't show fear. They married after several years of dating and a son was born out of love, which made Asura happy to see this since the future he had witnessed was a complete opposite of this.

And as Asura drank sake as in his office, he watched his children play with their older siblings outside the window, he smiled seeing that he was finally able to gain the family that he had always wanted. And as he took a final sip of the sake, he felt a tap on his shoulder that caused him to jump since no one had entered via the door, and he would know since his senses were more than human. He quickly turned around to punch whatever had managed to sneak up on him, but his punch was blocked by a single finger from the person behind him.

"Asura, is this how you treat people who helped save your daughter?" A familiar voice says.

"Wait a minute," said Asura in confusion, "Paragon?"

"The one and only, though I do advise you to look at the person first before you attack them, you never know if it's someone stronger than you." He calmly suggests flicking the arm slightly away from him.

"So what exactly are you doing here," asked Asura as he crossed his arms across his chest, "because I assumed that our business was done the moment you brought me back into the past."

"I got a bit of unfinished business here which revolves around you." He says staring at him blankly, his red and blue eyes shining.

"And what exactly is that?" said Asura as he began to charge up his power in preparation for a fight.

"Firstly, this." He says to which he vanishes faster than anything Asura has seen and he would feel a searing pain in his chest and more specifically his Mantra core as Paragon's arm is in his chest grasping his mantra core with a blue outline on the entrance yet no blood was escaping as his chest started to glow with white lines.

"What the hell did you do to me," asked Asura as Paragon extracted his arm from his chest. The wound healed the instant he did so as if it never happened in the first place.

"I promised I would restore your Celestial Link and I came through with it. I have allowed you to access your other forms that you used during your fight with Fear. You would also have more control over them as well to face any threats in the future, though you may give him a tougher time he would still trounce you unless you train like mad." He says pocketing his arm into one of his pockets.

"Well I thank you for that," said Asura as he heard one of his children crying in a room that was a few doors down. This was one of the several he had gotten through Hitomi, and she was only several months old right now. "But I need to tend to my family. So if you would leave and warn others like you to avoid my world or else I will personally destroy them."

"Noted. Here is a gift. A Dimension you can train in. Don't worry there is no time rifts in it, it follows the same time as this world. You can use your most powerful attack and it would not shatter, imagine what you want in the world and it can make it, mountains, grasslands, villages you name it, heck you can even fight your own Doppelganger." he says as he takes out a small crystal clear orb with a spiraling galaxy in it and presents it to Asura.

"And why are you gifting me such a thing to begin with?" asked Asura as he grabbed the orb.

"As an apology to you. I sent Fear here to investigate a large godly presence and attempt to subjugate it to its home world without causing too much damage. I never imagined he would cause such chaos in this world; then again never send a demon to do a Guardian's work." He says, mentally scolding himself for a stupid move, then again he was busy with another pressing matter that threatened another Universe.

"Well I thank you," said Asura as he placed the orb on a shelf that was out of the reach of his children since the last thing he wanted was for them to mess with another dimension. And as he turned around to say something else to Paragon, he was gone. Asura simply chuckled as he walked out of the room to take care of his crying child. All the while knowing that he would do all in his power to protect them from anything the universe could throw at him…

Gods included…

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