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It was a warm, sunny day in Musutafu, and excited energy was rampant throughout U.A. High. The students were coming down from the high of their recently conducted Sports Festival. Class 1-A was no exception to this, and the upcoming internships were not dampening their spirits one bit. You could see Kaminari trying, and failing, to flirt with Jiro, the girl with the Earphone Jack quirk smiling exasperatedly at her friend's antics. Bakugou was scowling extra hard at anything and everything that moved, he was still upset about the results of the Sports Festival, he didn't get to crush Deku, and that 'Half 'n' Half' bastard not using his left side's power against him left a foul taste in his mouth. Ashido and Kirishima were planning a study session as 'horn buddies' and getting tips from Midoriya. Speaking of which, the green haired cinnamon-roll of Class 1-A was getting flustered by being in such close proximity with a girl. Uraraka was chuckling at her best friend's behavior. Iida was unusually quiet, but that was understandable given the news of his brother's encounter with the Hero-Killer, Stain. Mineta was busy scrolling through his phone, and no one dared to sneak a peek, thoroughly put off by the sheer perversity rolling off of him. Others such as Yaoyurozu were trying to get some studying in before the class began, and Todoroki had a faraway look on his face, probably contemplating all the emotions and the moral conundrums his fight with Midoriya had brought up. Throughout this, though, he couldn't help but feel gratitude towards the shy boy, with an earth-shaking quirk. 'Yeah, sure you're not All Might's son, I've only felt that power twice, and I doubt any other quirk can do that.' the Half-Hot-Half-Cold user smirked to himself. A few minutes before the period bell was supposed to ring, everyone felt more than they saw a large flash of lightning, but not hearing any alarms go off, they eased up a bit.

The absence of their teacher, Shota Aizawa, who was renowned for his punctuality, rationality and strictness, well after the bell had rung, was making some of the class worry. Iida was almost tempted to rush out of class and find his teacher. He mentally resisted chopping his hands while thinking this. Bakugou decided a nap was better than glaring at the wall, and Midoriya began a mumble-fest that creeped those around him while trying to figure out the teacher's tardiness.

Kaminari decided that stating the obvious was necessary,"Yo guys, what do you think is holding Mr. Aizawa back? Do you think they needed to call him up for some emergency hero work?"

Kirishima looked at his yellow haired friend and said back, "Nah bro, I don't think he would be called up for such a mission so soon, after all, his injuries haven't been completely healed yet, I heard he was still in 'Mummy-Mode" while commentating the festival. What do you think, Class Rep?"

Iida was broken out of his self-induced stupor by his classmates' words. "To be honest I haven't given this much thought. Though he might just be checking up something with the Principal or Recovery-Girl, thus explaining his delay." Iida replied.

Midoriya was still worried about the pressure he felt when the lightning was heard. It had a different sort of weight to it. Shoji noticed his expression and asked,"Midoriya, you felt the difference too, didn't you?"

Uraraka perked up at this, "What difference? What is he talking about Deku?"

"That lightning, it didn't feel right, something was off. It felt more quirk-induced than natural." Midoriya replied.

"Yeah, even the color was a bit off the regular spectrum range of lightning."

The sudden voice of Tooru Hagakure startled everyone. They looked in her direction to see a set of floating clothes waving at them.

"Yeah, I know I'm not as smart as most of the people in the class but I definitely know a bit about the electromagnetic spectrum, seeing as that's how my quirk works after all!" she said with a characteristic bubbliness to her voice.

Before this conversation could go any further, the doors opening to show slightly irked Aizawa enter the class. Seeing his mood, no one wanted to ask about his lateness, but they didn't need to, because as soon as he reached his usual speaking spot he pointed towards the door and spoke with the irritation that was clearly visible on his face, projected into his usual monotone," Everyone, I need you to go to the Auditorium, do it discreetly, we don't need the entire school to know. Also, make it quick, we don't have a lot of time to lose, and this may take a while."

While the entire class was puzzled by their usually calm and collected teacher's behavior, they followed his instructions as quickly as they could, not wanting to irk their teacher even further. Even Bakugou was quiet the entire way. On the way there, they saw All Might, carrying an old man in a White and Gold Hero costume enter the building, though without the boisterous aura he was known to carry. 'It must be really serious for him to forego his usual greeting', the One for All user thought to himself.

On entering the Auditorium, the first thing they noticed was a cloaked individual standing next to Principal Nezu. She was talking in hushed tones with the old man who had come with All Might, who was still in his Buff form, and, surprisingly, his Hero Costume. This was strange to Midoriya, as his mentor rarely donned his costume unless he had to. He also saw the student from General Studies he had fought, Hitoshi Shinsou, and the girl from Support Course, Mei Hatsume. On seeing Midoriya and Iida, she skipped over to them and got into his personal space, all while talking a mile a minute, without stopping a response. Alongside them, were the U.A. staff; Ectoplasm, Power Loader, Hound Dog, Midnight, Present Mic, Snipe, Cementos, Vlad King, Recovery-Girl and Thirteen, who had recovered from the ordeals of the USJ. Another group of heroes were present that were dressed up as cats, which Izuku identified as the 'Wild Wild Pussycats'. To everyone's surprise, Midoriya's discomfort and Todoroki's disgust, Endeavor was present here too. He had an unusual concerned look that was mixed with a tinge of shame. This intrigued Shoto a bit, since he had never seen his father even slightly ashamed, except for the one brief flash in his memory when his sister had relayed his Mother's words to him before he banished her to the Psych ward. He clenched his fist at the memory. Shaking it off, he saw Principal Nezu beginning to address everyone present.

Apparently only All Might, Aizawa and Nezu knew what was going on, as even the teachers perked up a bit when it looked like Nezu was about to explain what was going on. Standing on the podium, he began addressing them. "Please, everyone, we are here to discuss some things that will have a very deep impact in each and every one of your lives as well as society as a whole. So, if you could find yourselves a seat, we will begin." At his words, the students drifted towards the center of the circular room, while the teachers drifted towards the edge, all while trying to decipher the nature of this meeting. Shinsou greeted Midoriya warmly, well, with relative warmth, given his disposition towards the Hero course. As everyone found their respective seats, the only ones left on the stage were Nezu and the mysterious cloaked figure, who on further inspection turned out to be female. Once they were seated, Nezu began.

"So, the Lady by my side is from a small cult that descended from ancient Greece. You might recognize them from your History lessons, as the Oracle of Delphi. They have dedicated their lives to using their combined quirks to find out any prophecies that can be discerned from their quirks. They have seen somethings that need to be shown to us, specifically, you students, as it affects you most of all. I'll allow her to explain further." With that, Nezu made his way to where the teachers were seated, the old man saving him a seat next to him.

"I've heard of a quirk that allows the user to see up to a point in the future. I've read about somethings, whispers even, of a group such as this, but I didn't think I'd ever meet someone, this is a huge opportunity, but what could have happened for them to make such a decision how does it involve us how far into the future are they talking about what-", Midoriya was broken out of his mumbling by Uraraka, who was looking at him with fond exasperation.

"C'mon Deku, you'll miss what she's gonna say if you keep going on like that."

After muttering out an apology and getting a positive response from Uraraka, he saw the woman removing her hood. Somehow he expected her to be really old, like recovery girl, but she looked surprisingly young. She was wearing some sort of protective gear underneath the cloak, and had sharp features. What made her stand out were the two antennae protruding from her skull. She seemed to be carrying some sort of communications device with her too. She was wearing a similar device on her head that seemed like a tiara. Her hair was white and flowed all the way down to her shoulders. She had an air of approachable wisdom around her. Somehow everyone felt relaxed at seeing her, even Mineta's perverseness seemed to have been wiped away by her presence. When she began speaking, she had a voice that could only be described as 'nature'. It was as if the flowers, grass and the blossoming trees themselves were speaking to them. "Thank you, Mr. Principal for introducing me to your colleagues and charges." she began. "My name is not one I can freely say, but you may address me as Ms. Oracle. As your Principal said before, I am a part of a cult that has descended from the Oracle of Delphi. The emergence of quirks led to the disbanding of the original temples as people began to doubt their veracity even more, but their last Pythia passed on her teachings to my master and the current Pythia of our cult, who has the necessary quirk for such a task." This got every persons rapt attention. So, does that mean that one of them was deemed worthy enough to get a prophecy? But who, and why were all of them present here? Oracle went on, "This quirk allows her to see the past and the future of the people who have a deep impact on society, or on the people who will have an impact on society. Bar one, all of you fall a bit into both categories, but lean towards the second. One of you, although, lies firmly in the first category, and is the one that holds all the strings together. Our cult consists of three people, the Pythia, Myself and the Navigator. The Navigator's quirk allows her to transport me to wherever in the world I need to travel to, so as to provide them the means to travel back to the mountain atop which the Pythia may give them the required prophecies. In fact, she can only do so for one person at a time, and with so many people involved, it was considered as the best option to use the other method of imparting the knowledge gained from Prophecies." Everyone was dying of curiosity as to what that was. Even Nezu wasn't in know, all he was told that the auditorium would be needed. "The communications device I have allows me to form a constant mental link with the Pythia, who in turn, can see you through me. This allows her to create the necessary link required."

"True", Aizawa spoke up, "That still doesn't explains your presence here, couldn't the Pythia have come here herself if seeing all of them together was all she needed." Pulling his class away from a day of training, right before their work experience week was bothering him and not knowing was also drawing his ire. He knew the importance of time, and while this was not wasting it, even he knew that much, that woman's calmness was unsettling him, not that he'd ever admit it. Also, the presence of a red-headed feline was uncomfortable to him as well

"Yes, I was getting to that. This is where I come in. While the Pythia is the one who has the required connection that tells us the future, she can only communicate with one of you at a time, because of the way the prophecy speech takes place. My part in the cult is because of my quirk. It allows me to specifically channel the Pythia's connection and project it. It is like watching all you need to see as a show, a T.V. show, to be precise." She explained. "But, that isn't all."

What? How could there possibly be more! Everyone was having a hard enough time wrapping their head around all the information they'd been given in such a short span of time. But everyone focused their wits and cleared their heads. This was important, and if it affects everything like Ms. Oracle said it would, then they needed every scrap they can take from this.

"Since this involves so many people together, and all of them are interwoven together, this would be a little different from how you would usually see the prophecy. This will be like a proper show, with the One holding the thread that connects you all as the Main Character. For me to appropriately delve into the future, I must first show you the past. Specifically, the One's past. Of course, there is a chance that more people will have their past revealed." Then she took a deep breath and spoke the next words in a somber tone.

"Now, here is a decision that you, and I mean ALL of you must take. With the possibility that your past, your thoughts and your secrets being revealed, whether you're the One or not, would you accept to viewing the events that have transpired and those that have yet to transpire. Because if you do, then each and every one of you will be sworn to secrecy, you will be unable to reveal or discuss the contents of the prophecy with anyone outside this group. What. Say. You." The last words were punctuated with a small thrum of energy.

The hall descended into murmurs, with voices clashing, discussing the merits and demerits of such a prophecy and the oath of secrecy. Suddenly, Present Mic's voice rang out,"How do we know how accurate your prophecy is? I mean, isn't the future in some sort of, umm, flix? flux? Isn't it ever changing or something?"

Ms. Oracle smiled a bit at this. "Yes, you are correct, Mr. Mic. However, the powers of the Pythia aren't that superficial. The prophecy will reflect your reaction to the knowledge you'll attain, however that will not be all encompassing. I will be able to discern that something has changed due to this meeting, but it will take some effort on your part to work with that knowledge and use it to make the future better."

Mic responded with a toothy grin and flashed a quick thumbs-up before sitting back down. The first one to actually decide something was, surprisingly, Katsuki Bakugou.

"Hey, Pointy-head, you're saying that we need to see this so that we can prevent some future bullshit from happening, right?" he growled at her.

"Not precisely, but something along those lines. It will also provide you with the knowledge you require to improve your powers." Ms. Oracle smiled at him, not at all unfazed by his uncouthness.

"Then what the hell are we waiting for?" Bakugou shouted. "The only catch is that we can't speak to someone outside this group, this group includes the Top 2 Heroes, the bloody Principal, our Homeroom teacher and all of our shitty classmates. Even the pink and purple haired extras are here, and that old geezer, AND that bunch of cats. It's pretty damn stupid of you all just overthinking this. Tch", he ended with clicking his tongue and sitting down in a huff.

Mr. Aizawa stood up and addressed the group, "Yeah, in his own blunt way, Bakugou is essentially correct. This is an opportunity not available to anyone, and taking advantage of that is the logical thing to do."

"That being said, keep in mind that you will be seeing a friend's life, their pains and trials, so respect that. Some of your own secrets might be revealed. Do not make this decision lightly. However I would urge you all to grasp this, for not only your own but also the sake of the world." Nezu continued.

"Yeah, don't forget kids, this is a luxury that could've saved many a life, in more ways than one, if it was offered to someone else." the old man said in a gruff, albeit sorrowful tone.

After some consideration, throughout which Ms. Oracle was patiently waiting on the stage, the students one by one came to the same conclusion.

"Yeah, I wanna do this. If it helps my friends and helps me protect the world, then I'm definitely up for this. Plus, it is sooo MANLY to be able to see yourself as a character in a show!" Kirishima piped up.

"Totally man! I'm in too!" that was Sato.

"Oui, knowing the future, will help me make myself as fabulous as MOI can possibly be!" Aoyama added his twenty cents' worth.

"Although I profess the darkness, shedding light on the life of the One will help us be the best we can be. I accept." Tokoyami said, Dark Shadow escaping his control to give a thumbs-up to everyone.

"Yeah, lets watch this, this is gonna be so cool!"

All throughout this, Midoriya was thinking about his secret, no, THE secret. The secret of his quirkless past. The secret of All Might's true form. The secret of the quirk he received, All Might's quirk, One for All. The resolve built within him.

As one by one everyone acknowledged their agreement to Ms. Oracle's terms, Midoriya quietly stood up. Seeing him stand up made everyone quiet down. "I would like to discuss something with All Might, before I decide anything." As soon as he said that, everyone, except those who knew his secret, got confused. Why was the ultimate hero fanboy hesitating at the chance of a lifetime? Getting a nod from Ms. Oracle, he got up and signaled All Might to meet him.

The old man spoke, "So, Toshinori, is he the one?"

"Yeah, he is the one, Gran Torino. He's my successor, the Ninth holder of One for All." Toshinori Yagi, also known as All might, replied

"Ah. It seems logical that he'd want to discuss this with you, knowing that his secrets, YOU'RE secrets might be exposed. What do you think about that?"

"I'm sure. This is necessary. Before summoning all of us here, she spoke with Nezu, Aizawa, Enji and myself. As you might have guessed, he is also 'The One' she keeps talking about. She told me that exposing these secrets were necessary, and no harm would come due to the oath everyone would be held under. It is quirk induced, so practically unbreakable. Besides, each and everyone here is trustworthy, and the knowledge can only help them." All Might said, in soft but resolute tones.

No one noticed both the Todoroki's eyes narrowing in suspicion. 'What secrets do you share with All Might, Midoriya?' the younger Todoroki thought to himself.

While the One for All users had their discussion, the students decided they needed to know one important detail.

"So, who's the Main Character?" Mina decided to get that ball rolling.

"Yeah! I sure hope it's me, but I wouldn't mind if it was someone else either." Sero pitched in.

"SHUT UP! None of you extras are worth it! It'll be me, you'll see!" Bakugou was back to his characteristic rude self.

"BAKUGOU! Please refrain from degrading your classmates in such a way in front of such an esteemed guest!" Iida said with his karate-chopping motions. The excitement and the gravity of the situation momentarily making him forget about his brother's condition.

"Nah man, let it be, I'm sure Bakubro would make a fine MC", the Hardening quirk user piped in.

"Kero. I doubt it. I mean, the MC connects all of us right? As aloof as he is, how can we expect him to be it?" Asui chimed.

"Hey, why don't we let Ms. Oracle say that? If you're willing to that is…" Uraraka said meekly.

"Of course. Since it seems like a very likely possibility that all of you will agree, the 'Main Character of this show will be, Izuku Midoriya."

"Woah! That's so sick! So is he gonna be involved in some world breaking event or what? Oh I'm pumped!" Kaminari exclaimed.

"Does he get a lot of girls, is that why he's so important? PLEASE MIDORIYA TEACH M- URGHK", the purple haired pervert was stopped mid-sentence by Jiro poking her Earphone jack into his eye before he got any further.


When Midoriya came back, it looked like All Might had eased him of his worries over their 'shared secrets'. After acknowledging his agreement, Ms. Oracle sat down into a lotus position and put on the communications device. Then, she began to pulse with energy, each thrum coming with increasing frequency.

"All right, once I start, I'll be able to go on till the length of an actual episode in real-time. Until then, I will be unable to communicate with any of you, so please keep your questions for me till the end of the episode. You're free to converse among yourselves, and I'll be able to subconsciously pause at those moments where a lot of conversation takes place so you can discuss events without missing anything."

"Umm, Ms. Oracle, what is the name of our show?" Ojiro asked her before she went into her complete trance.

"Oh, it is called My Hero Academia"

And with that she started projecting energy and the screen started to flicker on.

All right! That's a wrap! So, I want to know if I'm giving each character all the love they deserve, and if some of them are going out of character. I will be unveiling what went on between Aizawa, All Might, The Principal and another person when Oracle introduced herself. Until next time!