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well done for another great chapter. I have to agree with both your suggest in skipping the examination arc and easily summarizing the tournament arc since majority of season 2 focused on that. But I was wondering are you going to add my hero academia the movie: two heroes since it was added as cannon by the creator itself. It was said take place by the end season 2 before they went to the training camp. Kinda curious on that. Anyway good chapter and I can't wait for more upcoming chapters.

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Not losing his cool in a death battle, where you have a hand in the outcome is different, as opposed to the helpless feeling you get when you can only witness it from afar. For him, it is like his father abusing his mother all over again, but this time, he can punish the culprit.

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Great chapter! Sorry since this a chapter late but don't listen to All Might! Dad-Might is totally real! (Also Dad-zawa is real too.) He just needs to stop pretending it is not.

A: Exactly! Why doesn't he open those measly dry eyes of his already! Thanks!

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oh mt god i love you i love you and i love you so much more

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Oh welp... looks like it wasn't Deku who let it go to his head... it was All Might. Honestly I see that happening so damn easily. The perfect example is when Izuku cleans the beach and All Might goes transforms while not really paying attention to his surroundings because he's all excited and dorky.

A: RIGHT?! I mean, how in the world has the guy managed to keep this a secret is beyond me!

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Chapter 3

Episode 3: Roaring Muscles!

Previously on TSPF:
All might suddenly went into his buff form. "HA HA HA HA! Young Midoriya, it warms my heart to see you reach such heights! I sure hope I'm around to see that day." Without thinking, he kept going on,

"As my successor, I hope you can stretch the limits of your quirk even further!" When the room fell silent once more, he realized what he had just said. 'Oh crap!'

Everyone stared at All Might with shocked looks on their faces. 'He can't be serious….' Were the general thoughts running through almost everyone's minds.

All Might had beads of sweat running down his massive forehead as he tried to hold onto his iconic grin.

Gran Torino just bowed his head a bit in exasperation. Nezu was chuckling a bit to himself and Aizawa was giving All Might a look that had made many a seasoned criminal piss their pants. Even the Pussycats were giving him some weird looks.

"Playing favorites already are we?" Midnight asked with her usual playfulness, though there was an undercurrent of seriousness in her tone.

Izuku panicked slightly, but he realized that everyone was about to find out in a bit anyway. A look of resignation flashed through his face but went largely unnoticed by everyone in lieu of the dumb look on Bakugo's face.

'That… that… shitty… useless…. Quirkless… DEKU!' He seemed to be lost.

Endeavor's eyes narrowed a bit at this announcement. 'So, you have similar powers, AND he is mentoring you personally enough to call you his successor? You, boy, are getting more intriguing by the minute.' An unnoticeable smile drew onto his face.

Kaminari tried to break everyone out of their stupor. "He he….. He can't mean it literally, can he?" he chuckled nervously.

Momo grabbed at this chance to rationalize the situation a bit. "Yes, after all, we just found out that Midoriya will become 'The Greatest Hero', so it is quite natural that he will also be the number one hero, maybe even the next Symbol of Peace. Yes, that is what All Might means…"

"Yeah, Yaomomo is right! That makes complete sense!" Mina cheered a bit.

A short gasp from Todoroki brought the rooms attention onto him. "Are we really, and I mean absolutely sure that Midoriya is not All Might's son. I mean, children ARE often considered their parents successors with respect to their careers…." He trailed off, completely disregarding his own father's presence.

"Todoroki! How many times have I told you this! All Might is NOT my father!" Midoriya hissed out while trying to cover his growing blush.

All Might blushed a bit, again with the idea that he was somehow Young Midoriya's father was somewhat, uncomfortably appealing to him. He shrugged those thoughts away vigorously.

He dissuaded the dual quirk user of this ABSURD notion, but was still stuck with the successor issue. Something had slipped his mind, he just couldn't figure out what!

Mei kept opening and closing her mouth at short intervals, as if she was coming with theories but couldn't get herself to voice any outright.

Shinsou had a contemplative look on his face. He had the answer somewhere. Unbeknownst to him, he was sharing the same thoughts with a possibly broken explosive. 'His quirk…'

Uraraka threw a glance at the green headed teen next to her, and saw that instead of the general skittishness, he had a fearful look on his face. She couldn't help but be a bit concerned.

Iida too was looking at his friend for an explanation, but all he got was a shake of the head, delaying the explanation.

'I hope you guys forgive me….'

Aizawa also caught onto his student's unusual behavior and figured something out. "All Might, have you explained this 'successor' business to Midoriya already?" he asked tiredly drawing a hand over his face. Some of the pros caught onto what he was saying.

A light-bulb went off in his head at Aizawa's statement. 'Of course! I told Young Midoriya all the details of my condition and quirk on the same day! Well….. not all….' His grin became more natural, and he gave his colleague a thumbs-up, which irritated said colleague to no end.

"Ah! Yes Aizawa! I nearly forgot this tiny detail myself! Listen up, everybody! I think it would be better if we waited for the past me to explain it to Young Midoriya, that way, you get to hear it exactly like I said to before! Yes!" All Might ended with his carefree laugh, his grin not as pained or forced as before.

Izuku sighed, as his mentor realized what was going to happen, even the old guy let out a laugh at the Number One Hero's antics.

As soon as Oracle was sitting upright, everyone rushed to their previous positions and the screen flickered on once again.

The screen shows All Might towering against a blank background. The sun is shown to be blocked by his figure, his shadow cast large upon the floor. Older Midoriya is heard speaking.

"The world's most popular Hero. All Might. Age: Unknown. Quirk: Unidentified. He broke onto the hero scene and was an immediate hit thanks to his amazing abilities."

The scene shows All Might's poster with a lot of his merchandize, magazine reports and newspapers flashing by.

"Ever since he appeared, crime rates have drastically decreased, his very existence acting as a deterrent to any would-be villains."

A statistic from the National Police Agency Investigation is shown, graphically displaying the decrease of crime rates.

"Wow… I knew he had an effect… but this much…" Pixie-Bob slowly whistled.

"Yeah, it's… staggering, to say the least." Mandalay nodded.

The students looked on in awe at the numbers, the magnitude of his presence being felt all across the room. Even Endeavor couldn't scoff at that.

"The world's a safer place. They don't just call him the Symbol of Peace. It's what he is." A statue of All Might in the background is being admired by a kid.

"And this Pillar of Justice said to me…." The screen glows white before shifting to Midoriya on his knees, crying his eyes out in front of the man.

"Young Man, you too can become a Hero!" HE remembers all the taunts, all the jeers, all the names he's ever been called. How every single person he ever met had put his dream down, and clutched at his heart. His tears keep on falling.

"I can't get over this man….. how did you keep going on…?" Toru sniffled.

"Midoriya, I….. there is nothing more to say. You are the stronger man. I am honored that you count me as your friend!" Iida exclaimed, a faraway look in his eyes.

Todoroki and Shinsou silently nodded at the teen next to them. No more needed to be said aloud. Bakugo looked away.

"I needed someone to tell me that, and then, the person I admire most in this world did!" The cherry blossoms flew down against the setting sun.

"I honestly never expected to hear those words. Much less from him."

"Deku… if you don't believe it then I'll say it again! You can become a Hero! You already are a Hero! At least….. to me..." Uraraka trailed off uneasily, blushing a bit at her forwardness, but not regretting it one bit. She knew it was needed, and she would give him all the support he needed.

"Ribbit. She's right Midoriya. You're one to me too." Asui said.

"Yeah, me too." Mineta added with his usual slur.

"You are one for me as well." Todoroki stated with a firm voice.

'You guys…'

"Thank you…" Izuku replied, with a smile and tears falling off his face. Everyone present grinned at the young hero in front of them, not believing for one second that he would not reach his goal.

"I deem you worthy of my power! My quirk is yours to inherit!" All Might exclaimed, his hands spread wide.

Midoriya looked up at him, fluids still hanging off his eyes and nose, shocked beyond belief. His eyes suddenly go blank as he tilts his head. The opening begins to play.

Nezu sat back in his seat, folding his arms across his chest and closed his eyes. To the untrained eye, it would look as if he was settling down for a nap, but he was just making himself unapproachable, his ears were stilled cocked.

Midoriya started fidgeting with his hands and looked down towards the ground. The class and the pros couldn't decide who they wanted to stare at, the deceptively frail looking blonde or the nervous greenhead. They decided on doing both at once.

"Inherit…." Was the only word Endeavor could say. His eyes were wide, his composure momentarily lost.

"What. Do. You. Mean." Aizawa glared at All Might, each word marked with an increase in volume. All Might tried to shrink in on himself.

"It….. It's not possible…. Is it?" someone asked the blatantly obvious thing, but it needed to be cleared up anyways. After receiving an imperceptible nod from the old man, they let out a collective shriek, well more like a growl in Bakugo's case.

"You…. You… you damn NERD! YOU GOT HIS POWER! WHY!" Bakugo exploded. Even in his shock, Kirishima still managed to hook his hands underneath Bakugo's and instinctively hardened.

Midoriya started to edge away, only to be caught by Uraraka. "Deku….. what's going on?" she asked fearfully.

Todoroki and Momo were both silent, trying to assimilate this information. Iida was no better, this went against everything he had ever learnt!

Mei had a gleeful grin on her face and Shinsou let his hair cover his eyes. Mineta had become a broken record.

Kaminari looked like he had unleashed his quirk at full power and then some more. The rest were looking around for some information.

"But….. didn't we already consider this?!" Toru exclaimed.

"We… did?" Mina asked weakly, the information still not truly digesting.

"Kero. Yes, during the bus ride to the U.S.J." Asui said, a look of recognition dawning on her face.

"But how? Doesn't his body always blow up when he tries to use it?" Shoji said with relative calmness.

"Hmm, could it be? Hey, kid, is it because you can't control it yet?" Snipe asked from behind the students.

After getting no response from either person, he gave a frustrated sigh and waited for the pandemonium to calm down.

The Pussycats could only bounce their focus from one party to another. They did not understand what the hell was going on, not one bit! It was somewhat pissing them off.

It was Todoroki who calmed everyone down. "It will do us no good trying to hound them for answers. I am sure All Might will tell Midoriya about it. I suggest we wait for that."

Nezu smiled and got up. "I agree. Let us wait patiently to ask our questions, I am sure they will be answered soon enough." As he turned back in his seat, everyone grudgingly got back to their own, and glared at the screen as if it would make the opening go faster.

Izuku looks up at All Might with confusion all over his face. "Wait, what do you mean 'Inherit'? Inherit what?"

At this All Might starts laughing. "AH hahaha! You should see your face right now! Don't worry! I'm not gonna force this thing on you."

"Really? As I recall, a certain someone almost fell into a river when they first heard about such a thing, isn't that right, Toshi?" Gran Torino smirked at his student who was looking sheepish.

"So… you're saying someone could force a quirk onto someone?" Ragdoll asked. At this, All Might's face took on a grim look. He hesitantly nodded, but this sent shivers down all of their spines. Imagine being forced to take another quirk?

Midoriya remembered his discussion with All Might, and secretly hoped that everyone did not get to know about HIM, because if they did, they wouldn't let him out of their sights.

All Might walks up to Midoriya. Pointing up towards the sky he takes on a serious tone.

"Listen well Young Man! This is your choice!" Bringing his finger down to point towards him he shouts, blood spraying form his mouth. "DO YOU WANNA ACCEPT MY AWESOME POWER OR NOT!"

Some of the teachers and pros facepalmed themselves. Endeavor just shook his head and All Might got another box on his ears courtesy of Gran Torino. Even the students, who were uncharacteristically quiet sweatdropped at the theatrics of their teacher.

'What is he talking about?' Midoriya thought to himself.

"What is this?" All might wiped the blood off of his mouth. "There are a couple of things you should know about my abilities." He began in a somber manner.

Newspaper clippings flash in the background. "Journalists always guess my quirk is super-strength, or some kind of invulnerability. When people ask in interviews, I always make a joke or dodge the question. It's because the world needs to believe that their Symbol of Peace is just a natural born Hero like any of them. But I'm not. There's nothing natural about my ability." He spread his arms and threw back his head.

"I wasn't born with this power. It's a sacred torch, passed onto me by someone else!"

"Whoa….." Sero started.

"So you're saying….." Kirishima continued, his hands clenched by his side.

"No… it can't be…" Bakugo got up from his seat, eyes wide. Some of the people covered their faces in shock, trying to assimilate the situation.

"All Might, was quirkless too…." Jiro stuttered out.

The silence was more deafening than any screams could be. Aizawa did not like where this was heading. Before he could say anything though, Shinsou got up from his seat and grabbed everyone's attention.

"It doesn't matter! Not one bit! So what if he was quirkless? Nobody in the world can come close to what he does. He IS the Symbol of Peace, the Number One Hero! All of us have grown up on his legend, his stories. Does it really matter how he became who he is?" He ended with a rhetoric.

He knew very well that someone's quirk, or lack thereof didn't make the person. It was their action and All Might did not need to prove himself to anyone!

Endeavor quietly looked on at the situation that was unfolding. His pride was hurt by the fact that his rival was quirkless, yet he still surpassed him. But his respect for the man grew even further.

Shoto raised his voice too "I agree. It is because of him the world is the safe place it is. He is our Hero."

Midoriya gave a nod to his mentor, shining his brightest smile. He knew things would be alright.

"Tch, I can't believe I'm saying this…. The fucking extras are right. He's All Might. No matter how he looks, or how he came here, what matters is that he's still there. You better believe it."
Shouts of agreement and support rang throughout the room as the students resolved to make their teacher believe that his quirkless past was nothing to be ashamed of.

Midoriya still can't believe what he is hearing. "Someone gave you this quirk? No way…."

"Yes way! And you're next! I can give you my abilities!"

Midoriya starts flailing his arms around. "Wait! Hold on! This is a lot to process!" An online forum is shown where people are discussing the same thing. "It's true that there's a lot of debate as to what your quirk actually is, nobody's ever figured it out! It's one of the world's greatest mysteries! People are constantly talking about it online."

The gravity of the knowledge they now possessed was sinking into the people present, student and pro alike. One of the world's greatest mysteries, a deeply guarded secret. They were now privy to something akin to a Global Treasure. They resolved to make sure it stays hidden.

Midoriya entered into a trademark mumble spree, the world around him going blank as the word mutter encompassed everything.

"Well-the-idea- of-passing-on-a-quirk-or-inheriting-it-doesn't-make-any-sense-to-me-I've-never-heard-anything-like-that-before-powers-are-supposed-to-be-unique-to-each-individual-I-mean-since-the-first-superpowers-no-one's-ever-been-able-to-give-soeone-else-their-power-like-a-present-that's-crazy!-if-this-is-true-it-causes-us-to-rethink-everything-we-about-quirks-and-…"

All Might looks dumbly at the boy still on his knees.

"Uhhhh…. Deku… I think you should look for some help in getting a hold onto this habit of yours." Uraraka giggled a bit at something so normal for the green haired boy.

"Damn idiot, can't even take All Might seriously….." Katsuki said in a clipped tone, still fuming at the implications of the situation.

"While I don't condone his habit, Midoriya does have a point. This does lead us to rethink the entire behavior of quirks. The possibilities are endless….." Yaoyorozu trails off. Mei looks at her and instantly knows a conversation with her is due.

Izuku just chuckles uncomfortably, having long abandoned the practice of defending his habit. Seriously, it is annoying for him too.

"Looks like you're overthinking this whole inheriting thing." He sharply yells to get the boy out of his trance. "STOP NERDING OUT!"

"You have to adjust your reality and accept this new truth! I can transfer my quirk to someone else! And that's just one facet of my secret abilities." He continued with exaggerated motions.

'There's more…..'

"Real smart, you blockhead. Turn the lad's world upside down in a moment's notice why don't you!" Recovery Girl frowned.

"Yes, a gentler approach would've been better" Ectoplasm added.

"But… I …" All Might tried and failed to defend himself.

"The true name of my power is 'One for All'!"

"One…. For…. All…." Izuku slowly repeats it.

The screen goes black as it tries to illustrate All Might's words, a small speck of light beams towards a point, colliding with it, only to increase with each point it gathers.

"Yes, One person improves the power then hands it off to another person."

Each particle collected, adds a different color to the beam as it speeds towards the other, still growing.

"It continues to grow as it's passed along. It is this cultivated power that allows me to save those who are in need of a hero." All Might clenches his fist. "The truth behind my strength."

"Wow…That's just…. Awesome..." Kaminari mutters.

"It keeps growing…" Todoroki whispers to himself.

"So much power….." Everyone's eyes are wide.

Midoriya is still distressed. "But why would you choose to give me a gift like that? What if I can't live up to it?"

All Might explains "I was on a long hunt for a worthy successor. And then, I watched you jump into action as the rest of us stood idly by." An image of Midoriya running is shown.

"You may just be a quirkless fanboy, but you tried to save that kid! You acted like a Hero!"

Everyone couldn't help but be a bit more impressed with their classmate again. Sure, they were all training to be heroes, but the way he did it, made it seem so shallow in comparison. It might've been the music playing in the background, but everyone sat a bit straighter, eyes determined. They would uphold the standards All Might stood by, that Midoriya stands by.

Izuku's eyes teared up a bit, threatening to overflow. All Might tries to lighten the mood, asking Midoriya to cry lesser.

'He said so much to encourage me. He even told me the secret behind his powers. Is this… Is this what I've been waiting for all these years? How can I turn him down?!' Wiping his tears dry, he stands up. His face set with a glint of determination.

"Okay I'll do it! Yes!"

"Instantly! Damn, Midorya…" Kirishima whistled. That was hardcore.

Iida smiled, this was his friend, and he was proud to say so.

Looking at Izuku, one would see an identical look on his face. 'All Might… Don't you worry. I won't let you down!'

Todoroki just put a hand on his shoulder. Uraraka beamed her brightest smile. They would help him in his endeavor. They may be rivals, but they're friends first.

Gran Torino gave an approving nod, but he smirked, realizing the amount of work the boy must have had to do, given the time remaining for the exam.

"No reluctance? That's exactly how I figured you'd respond." All Might smiled.

'But it wasn't that simple. Receiving All Might's power turned out to be no easy task. As I'd soon find out.'

The title screen pops up. "Episode 3: Roaring Muscles."

"Go figure you idiot, what did you think, it would be as easy as popping something in your mouth and be done with it! Damn nerd." Bakugo ended with a click of his tongue. He didn't realize how close he'd come to the mark as Midoriya turned green at the memory.

"Deku? Was it really that rough? You look sick just thinking about it?" Uraraka asked with concern in her voice.

"Yeah, don't sound too good either." Jiro grimaced. One downside of her quirk was that she could hear internal body movements if the subject was close enough in a quiet environment.

"Uhh... no? I mean, the training was hard, believe me, but that isn't what bothered me." He replied.

"Then what is it man?" Sato inquired. He'd seen Midoriya workout before, in face had been knocked off his socks. So if there was something worse than a workout he found hard? He shuddered at the thought.

"I... uhh…..think it's best if you saw it yourself…." Midoriya trailed off.

The scene shifts to Dagobah Municipal Beach Park, early in the morning two days later. The sound of a young boy grunting with effort is heard.

"Hey! I know that beach!" Hatsume suddenly exclaimed.

"Me too! My parents used to go there, before it started to become a dump." Hagakure exclaimed.

"I thought it was always a dump, seeing the amount of trash that's there in that place." Ojiro added.

"No, I Think it's because of some currents depositing the trash dumped into the sea that floats back to this particular area." Momo explained.

"What are you doing here Midoriya?" Kaminari asked.

Midoriya is shown using a rope to try and pull a fridge as hard as he can, with All Might seated atop it in his buff form. All Might taunts him a bit to get him moving.

"People move these every day you know? Most of them don't have any super strength." He says with his usual enthusiasm.

"Well, yeah but….. there's an extra Six Hundred pounds with you sitting on top of it…" Izuku replies a bit quietly.

"Nah, I've lost weight, so I'm down to Five-Sixty these days, in this form at least."

Everyone sweatdrops at his explanation. "Sure… that's a lot of help."

"I heard that some local kid and a blonde man were seen cleaning up the beach. Some newspapers even reported this incident…" Shoji stated.

Recognition dawned on the teacher's eyes. "Don't tell me…. You made him?" Present Mic stated more than he asked. Aizawa smirked underneath his wrappings.

Izuku ask why he's dragging trash across the beach. All Might gave a laugh, discreetly taking pictures.

"Take a look at yourself. You're not ready for my power." He said in a mocking tone.

At this, Mineta made eye contact with All Might, who had shrunken down some time ago.

"No. I am NOT a pervert." All Might said fiercely.

"Then why…" Toru begun to ask only to be cut off by Tiger. "B and A?"

Kirishima recognized the term. "Ohh definitely B and A."

All Might nodded while grinning.

Izuku started freaking out at this. He started screaming. All Might explained that he was talking about his body. "My quirk, One for All is a whole lot to handle! The combined physical ability of everyone who's ever used it creates a HURRICANE of pure force. An unprepared body cannot fully inherit it."

An image of Izuku's limbs being blown off is shown. "Your arms and legs would shoot off if you tried to!" leading to Izuku freaking out again.

He rubs his arms and realizes that this whole thing is like an extreme workout for him, with All Might as his trainer.

"Woaaah! Gym training with All Might! Man I'd kill for that stuff!" Kirishima was getting pumped up. He was a sucker for good workout.

"But imagine if they miscalculated, Midoriya blowing up like an overstuffed doll? Brrr…. Not a great picture..." Kaminari did NOT see that coming.

"The idiot has one job to do. If he doesn't do it correctly, it's his fucking problem." Bakugo spat.

"But wouldn't using an actual gym be better? It would be easier and more precise than hauling trash wouldn't it?" Shoji commented.

"Yeah! I could totally build some specified babies to enhance your training!" Mei added, not realizing that she wouldn't probably have such resources before U.A.

Torino smiled at his student. He knew the other reason.

"You got it! But there's another reason too. I did a little online research yesterday. Turns out this part of the beach used to be beautiful, but it's been a total mess for the last few years. Midoriya explains the ocean current theory.

"That's what I said!" Toru piped up.

"People these days are so selfish. Instead of helping to solve the problem, they add to it. Shameful." Aizawa added, earning a nod from almost everyone.

"Heroes these days are all about showing off and capturing flashy villains. Things were different before quirks. Service is what mattered! Back then, heroes were those who helped the community! Even if it was kinda boring!"

He kept crushing the fridge until it was no bigger than a sheet, at the last moment, he pushed hard enough to blow the trash around him away.

"Wow…. Did not see that coming from you….." Aizawa was impressed. The showboat actually did something more.

"All Might….. you're not even trying are you?" Someone asked, not getting a reply.

"You'll restore the coastline for this entire section of the beach. That is the first step on your path young man, towards being a Hero." All Might explained.

Izuku is stunned as he looks around. Looking at all the trash, he can't help but exclaim at the impossibility of the situation.

"That's too much!" Mina shouted.

"Yeah man... and you didn't even have a lot of time….." Kirishima stated.

"Wait a second… The kid's here isn't he…." Ectoplasms eyes widened a bit.

"Oh YEAAAHH!" For once, Mic realized what was going on.

The students who realized this were too stunned to point it out.

"Young Midoriya, you want to go to U.A. right?" All Might questioned.

"Yeah, of course. You went there, so it must be the best school around, right?" A small blush creeps up on his face.

"It's a long shot, but I'm gonna shoot for the moon. U.A."

"You've got a lot of spirit fanboy! But, as I mentioned before hero-ing isn't easy to do without a quirk. It's not fair, but that's the reality. And U.A. is the hardest hero course to get into." All Might said gravely.

"So that means…"

"That I have to prepare my body for your quirk really fast! U.A.'s exam is in ten months!" Izuku finished his mentor's sentence.

All Might pulled out a set of papers. "Not to worry kid! I got you covered! With the help of my handy 'Aim to pass: American Dream Plan!"

Present Mic fell on to the floor, he just couldn't stop laughing.

"Seriously….." Was the only thing Pixie-Bob could say.

"I think it's kinda cute." Ragdoll chuckled.

The students were performing an Anime Fall. They couldn't take this.

The schedule detailed every detail of Midoriya's life. Sleep patterns, recovery, and food. Meal Plans and exercises were also detailed. It was nothing short of grueling. All Might whispers the difficulty of the plan into Midoriya's ear.

Midoriya looks shaken at it, but agrees with a determined heart. "I have to work harder than anyone else to get in, so what choice do I have, right?"

'Just like that, I began ten months of absolute hell.'

"Sacre-bleu, did monsieur Midoriya just say what I heard?" Aoyama asked incredulously.

"If you're saying it's hell…." Mineta gulped. He wasn't one for really hard work, and he'd seen Midoriya sometimes. For him to say so, the implications were not lost on anyone.

The scene shifts, All Might, in the same outfit as before, but in his skinny form is urging Midoriya on, as the boy I question drags a set of lockers.

He starts carrying stuff around. 'I'm using different muscle groups depending on the size and shape of the trash I'm hauling." He falls onto his face, but gets up and keeps going.

Jiro was looking a bit distressed. "What's wrong?" Kaminari asked the girl next to him.

"That track… it's so DAMN GOOD!" She shouted. Jiro rarely shouted, maybe because of her quirk's sensitivity, but when she did, it was serious.

"I know right!" Kirishima jumped up when he said this. "It's like I can't stay seated. I just have to move, my body won't allow me to ignore this. I'm pumped!" He started jumping in his spot.

"I agree, this is resonating with my dark side, urging it to come out, to twist and meld with it." Tokoyami supplied.

"This is so lit! I hope we can somehow get this! This is so awesome!" Mina added her worth too.

At Midoriya's Junior High, in class, the teacher is talking about the history of quirks, but Midoriya looks completely drained. 'So tired…. Can't focus.' He is shown trying to create a modified plan for himself. He starts muttering out calculations and numbers, determining how to effectively finish the job a week before.

"That is some… really good quick math Deku. Couldja teach me?!" Uraraka giggled but got serious by the end.

"Quite impressive dedication, but why are you modifying the plan?" Iida asked, not liking where this was going.

"He didn't…" Todoroki closes his eyes as he sighs. Endeavor grunts in the background.

Gran Torino picked up on his words, and so did All Might. "You bet your sweet behind he did." He started chuckling with his student.

"I can't believe it….. the little kitty is going to do more work?!" Pixie-Bob exclaimed with a smirk.

'Oh no…' Mandalay shook her head, knowing where this was headed.

His muttering creeps the class out, his teacher snaps him out of it by giving him a knock on his head using his extendable hands. He asks him to pull himself together, as he needed to study to get into U.A. as well. Uncharacteristically, Bakugo ignores Midoriya.

Midoriya is pushing tires on the beach again, this time, dragging them through the sand.

"It's a better workout that way." All Might answered the unasked question.

A blood spitting All Might is shown pushing Midoriya to run across the beach. Back home, Midoriya shows his mom the plan, asking for a bigger dinner. He eats an amount fit for an entire family on his own. He's shown studying at his desk past two in the morning.

"Where did you put all that food Midoriya?" Mei asked, feeling up the guy, she was pleasantly surprised at what she found, as Izuku went ramrod stiff at the proximity. He missed Uraraka pouting and frowning a bit at the support course prodigy. Todoroki, however didn't. He smiled a bit.

"No wonder the guy's smart! I mean, look at the amount of work he's doing! On top of that insane workout regimen too!" Kaminari said, looking put off as hell.

He knew he was sort of a slacker, half assing his studies. But looking at Midoriya, he couldn't help but feel as if he was half assing hero training as well. Unbeknownst to him, others were having similar thoughts as well.

It continued in a similar fashion, him working out, studying, being out of it, just working on autopilot for most of the time. It was Eat. Workout. Study. Barely Sleep. Repeat.

He worked so hard that he puked, All Might comforting him. He swam as some fangirls surrounded a buff All Might in a lifeguard's suit. At home, he's seen lifting heavy dumbbells.

"He's… he's completely overdoing it….." Shoji remarked.

"It can't be good, overworking your body is counterproductive if not outright harmful to you." Ojiro wisely remarked. It was something his martial arts master had taught him.

"All Might, did you have to? Ribbit." Tsu asked. Nobody needed to point out what she was asking about.

"Of course I did! A Hero should always try and make their fans happy! It is a very important part of being a hero! But it was also so that they wouldn't notice that I was training Young Midoriya here!" All Might replied.

Midoriya is shown hauling trash off into some trailers, to take them away for appropriate disposal. At school, he's shown using grip strengthener while writing in class. Against the sunset, Midoriya in a green tracksuit is shown carrying All Might in his Hero form, clenching his teeth with the effort.

It is autumn now, and the leaves are falling gracefully off the trees. In the middle of the park, All Might is shown riding a Segway in his true form wearing am overcoat alongside Midoriya, who is running while carrying a mini fridge. Suddenly, the world becomes blurry for him and a thud is heard.


"Honestly, I didn't expect him to last as long as he did. He was pushing himself way too hard." Kirishima rubbed the back of his neck apologetically.

Midoriya looks at his mentor nervously, who is shooting him a glare, reminding him to know when and how to push his limits.

'So much for Plus Ultra….'

All Might stops and looks behind. "Hey, hey kid! Look alive now! We've only got three months left. Are you gonna give up after all this work? Wanna flush it all down the toilet and take it easy?!

Midoriya tries to crawl, using the last of his strength. "You're overworked. The 'Aim to Pass: American Dream Plan' was created with your body in mind. It was fine tuned to ensure your progress was swift but manageable."

Narrowing his eyes he continued "Which means, you haven't been sticking to it. You're overdoing things! That's going to have the opposite effect to what we want!"

"I have to work harder, or I won't stand a chance against the other applicants." Trying to pull himself off the ground "I don't just want to enter U.A., I want to excel. I want! To be like you!"

He pushes himself upwards. "I want … to be the greatest hero in the world." There are tears in his eyes, as sweat pours down his face. "So I'll keep on trying! Until I've got what it takes to do that!"

The raw determination in his words hits everyone like a physical force. They're taken aback the ferocity of the gentle boy they know. His will and ambition were boundless.

"That is so manly…" Kirishima had tears of his own.

'I wonder if I can persuade the boy to intern at my agency. His thinking is precise, and his vision broad- what am I thinking! He is HIS successor!' Endeavor growled, frustrated with his own traitorous thoughts.

"He is definitely the one Toshinori. Nana would have been proud." Gran Torino spoke quietly, but Toshinori could not have been any happier. His approval meant almost as much to him as his own master's.

'Blast that damn wannabe….. looking down on us….. like we're nothing!' Bakugo let out some small explosives.

"Midoriya, I promise you, I will try and keep up with you, and it is only fair if I put in just as much effort as you do. It would be disgraceful to heroes both present and past to not give it my all!" Iida had tears in his eyes as he said this. He could see his brother doing the same thing.

All Might remembers the words that boy had spoken to him on that fateful day. 'Gotta hand it to the kid, he's given a lot of thought to the future.' He transforms into his buff form. Picking Midoriya up by his suit, he says "That fighting spirit's what I like about you, fanboy! It serves you well!"

"I do get your concerns. That's it. Now is NOT the time to go and rush PROGRESS! Fear not! I can get you back on track. Leave it to this old man to adjust your plan!" The sound of the autumn wind blowing is marred by the falling of the bronzed leaves as All Might picks Midoriya up again, who protests, saying All Might is not that old.

"Aww… All Might…." Toru can be heard sniffling, this was too cute!

"You're such a big ol' softie!" Mina let out a giggle.

"Yeah! He's like a caring grandpa!" Kaminari concludes.

The teachers are chuckling at the children's antics, though they can agree, Midoriya does have a way to worm himself into their hearts.

"Hmm, looks like the problem child isn't only 'my' problem child after all….." Aizawa smiles a small, genuine smile.

'And suddenly, it was the morning of the exam.'

All Might steps out of a truck in a parking lot before hearing a bloodcurdling scream. In front of him is a huge pile of trash. On top of that small mountain of waste, stands Midoriya, yelling his heart out.

Al Might's eyes widen a bit as the sun starts rising, kissing Midoriya's sweat laden body. He's seen wearing no shirt, eyes pressed close, as if to let all the emotions he's feeling bursting out.

"Did you… see that…..?" Jiro asks Mina a bit awkwardly. A small blush was creeping up her face as her imagination started running wild.

Mina gulped a bit. It was only a fraction of a second, but damn he looked like a fine boy. A grin was plastered on her face.

Uraraka tried to look away from the boy beside her. His costume didn't reveal a lot, nor did the uniform, but given his abilities, it wasn't a long shot that he'd have a nice body. Sure, guys like Kirishima and Bakugo didn't mind showing off, but this, this was a different thing altogether.

Pixie-Bob's eyes widened. She licked her lips. 'Well, I am Eighteen at heart…..'

"Those back muscles…" Kirishima whistled. Oh boy, he was going to have to seriously catch up!

"Hey, Midoriya, I never really asked, how much can you bench…" Sato wasn't sure whether he wanted to know this or not.

"Not more than me!" Bakugo heatedly snapped, but inside, he wasn't sure if that was true or not.

All Might runs towards the beach, where the sun is still rising. His eyes widen at what he saw.

"Hey, Hey, holy crap kid!" The entire beach is cleaned spotless. The smooth waves are crashing against the white sand, the sun peeking from beyond the horizon. "You even cleaned outside the area I told you to! Seriously! There's not one speck of trash left on this beach!"

His eyes rove over the entire area. He begins shaking in excitement. "Only a few minutes to spare, but you exceeded my expectations!"

He still can't believe what he's seeing….. "Holy…. Stinking…. SUPERCRAP!" He punctuates the last word by transforming instantly.

"Man…. The entire beach…"

"Within ten months…"

"Awesome….." Amazed whispers rang throughout the room. The pros were as shocked as the students, the level of determination and dedication required to complete such a project was staggering.

Their friend had singlehandedly restored there most popular tourist spot in the city. It was amazing no matter how you looked at it.

Izuku sways a bit before falling off the pile. All Might jumps in and effortlessly catches him. He smiles at his protégé. "Excellent work." Midoriya weakly smiles back, at least he tries to.

"I… finished everything… All Might… I did it… do you think I'm ready now?" he trails off.

All Might is impressed. REALLY impressed. He holds up his phone, showing Midoriya a picture.

"It's you, crying! Ten Months ago!" He explains. "Look how far you've come! Such improvement!"

A shot of Izuku's body is shown. The sweat dripping off of his body glistened. His finely defined body was nothing to scoff at. Hardened shoulders, evened pecs, abs that you could grate cheese on. His forearms were bigger than his biceps, which was incredible, since his bicep were well defined too.

Not an ounce of fat could be seen. It was as if it was finely sculpted.

Drool was dribbling off of the girls' chins as they took in the sheer beauty of this sculpture. Midnight smirked as she licked her lips. "Oh my…. So very….. nice." All Might didn't know if he should be proud, or afraid for his student.

Uraraka squeaked as her wide eyes drunk in every detail. Midoriya was a blushing mess, unable to form a single coherent word as all the attention was getting to him.

Two simultaneous clicks were heard as Toru and Mina snapped the picture in front of them. 'Ohhhh these are gonna go like hot cakes!'

Pixie-Bob had stars in her eyes. Her head shot towards the pink skinned girl sitting just below her. "Hey, is that boy single?" Mandalay had a scandalous look on her face.

"Restrain yourself Pixie! He's waaay too young for you!"

"Well, he's legal, and that's all that counts doesn't it? Age is just a number." She replied airily, looking expectantly at the dumbfounded student.

"Uhhh…. Yeah….. as far as I know he is…" Izuku was almost catatonic.

Jiro was squeaking periodically. Momo could not meet anyone's eyes.

"Hey, Midoriya." Tsu croaked.

"Uh, yeah… Asu-Tsu?" He replied, a bit unsure.

"You're hot. Ribbit" She said in a matter of fact way. Midoriya shrieked a bit, not noticing the possessive manner in which Uraraka wrapped her hands around him.

"Man! I want such a body! Why is it always the quiet ones?!" Kaminari moaned.

"Awesome my man! That is one crazy heck of a bod you got there!" Kirishima flashed him a thumbs up.

"There's still a long road ahead of you before you can inherit my full power set, but it's starting to look like you can do it!"

Midoriya smiles waveringly at his own hands "All Might… do I deserve this? Are you sure?" All Might is a bit startled.

"You put so much time and energy into helping me." He sniffles as tears start falling. "How did I end up so lucky…"

All Might laughs a bit. 'Are you really worried about that after all these months?' He gives him a pat on the back.

"It was your hard work that did this, not mine."

"Yeah dude. Don't beat yourself so much about it. What you did was really great. You deserve it." Sero encouraged the teen.

"He's right. It pains me to say this, but as much as I want to be a Hero, I don't think I could have matched your dedication. You deserve everything and much more after all you've done." Iida had soft, genuine smile on him for the first time in days. Seeing his friend's trials and tribulations was slowly making him realize how pointless the hatred he was holding onto was.

"You rock dude, just saying." Jiro added.

"Yeah little man! Chin up!" Present Mic couldn't help but get pumped up.

"Now! For your reward, Izuku Midoriya!" All Might pulls off a strand of hair.

"Someone told me this once. There's a difference between being lucky and deserving. One's an action and the other a reward. Never get the two confused."

Izuku looks at his mentor with awe. "Take that to heart Young man. This gift. You earned it with your own valiant efforts."

Izuku can't help but stare at the man in front of him. This was the first time he was being recognized. His efforts were being visible. He took on a hard glint in his eyes.

"Hmpf. For a second there you actually sounded wise. How quaint." Endeavor snorted derisively.

"What's that supposed to mean?" The top two heroes glared at each other.

"That is a good lesson. One that we must always keep in our hearts. It shows that we are conscious of our efforts." Nezu said smiling all the while.

'And so, I held out my weak, quirkless hands and grabbed the future.'

All Might holds out the hair he had plucked out earlier, and in a serious tone says.

"Eat this."

Midoriya has a weird look on his face, as he tries to comprehend what he said.

"To inherit my power you have to swallow some of my DNA that's how it works!" All Might explained a bit sheepishly.

"Blech, a hair! Seriously, you gave him your hair, All Might… urghhh." Mina was feeling a bit sick.

"Sooooo that explains why you went a… bit ….. green….." even the ever frank Tsu was having trouble digesting that fact.

"Hey, from what I've seen, the kid has a quirk. That means….." Ragdoll let her words hang in the air, before disgusted noises filled the room.

"This is dark, Midoriya, even for me." Tokoyami made a weird gagging noise.

Todoroki looked away, not wanting to make his opinion known

Bakugo on the other hand was laughing his head off.

Midoriya gave him a deadpan look, before just shaking himself to rid those feelings and looked at the screen.

"Wait a minute! You're saying that any miserable idiot on the streets could come up and bite you and they'd have your power!" Endeavor roared.

Everyone looked to the blonde hero for an answer. Even Midoriya was curious, they'd never broached that subject.

"No, not at all! Two reasons. One," He pointed towards Midoriya. "It's not mine to give anymore. It's his." It was a sudden reminder to the fact that Midoriya now possessed All Might's quirk.

"And two, it has to be consciously and willingly given. It cannot be stolen or forcibly taken." 'Even by that son of a …'

Endeavor grunted, somewhat satisfied by that response. Midoriya and the students sighed in relief. It would not do to lose such a power accidentally.

Its's 8:40 A.M. and Midoriya is running towards the gates of U.A. Academy's entrance exam location.

Panting he speaks to himself. "I made it just in time."

'I was so worried about missing the exam that I didn't get a chance to test out my new power.'

He remembers the traumatizing experience of having to eat All Might's hair. He covers his mouth.

"I may have swallowed that hair, but I don't feel like anything great is happening to me." His train of thought is broken by Bakugo approaching. "Stupid Deku..."

Turning around he sees him approaching, wearing their school's uniform. He rudely threatens him to get out of his way.

Midoriya flails around a bit, trying to get out of the blonde's way and calm him down. Bakugo just walks right past him. A few examinees recognize him as the kid who fought off the Sludge Villain. Izuku recollects that Bakugo didn't actually antagonize him since that day. He'd left him alone.

He sighed with relief, shoulders sagging. 'I guess that I was just scared out of habit.'

'Didn't get a chance to test his quirk? Does that mean…..' a few heads turned towards Midoriya.

Uraraka plucked up the courage to ask it. "Deku….. does that mean it was … your first time…" She whispered quietly. At receiving a hesitant nod, her eyes teared up. The first time he'd used his quirk…

"Huh, guess can't ask him to lay off of him too much now…." Kirishima mumbled.

The teachers however were a bit concerned. "It is really unhealthy to have developed such an ingrained fear…. At such a young age too…" Chiyo's eyes narrowed.

"This is going to take longer than we anticipated….." Aizawa groaned.

Izuku brought himself out of his stupor. 'But I'm not defenseless anymore.'

He takes a staggering step towards the door. 'Thanks to All Might, I'm actually going to be a Hero!'

As soon as he takes the first step, he trips, on his own feet too!

'Or… I'll just die.'

Izuku rubs his neck in embarrassment. He remembers that moment pretty well.

"Pfft….. hahaha…. I'm sorry, I know you're nervous and all, but…. Seriously!" Jiro breaks into barely restrained laughter. Many people follow suit, chuckling at the behavior of the young boy.

He suddenly stops mid-air. He's floating. A small giggle is heard as a voice asks him if he's okay. He starts trying to run as the person- a brown haired girl, picks him up and sets him straight.

Holding her hands together to cancel the effects. "I stopped you with my quirk. I'm sorry I didn't ask first! But, I figured you wouldn't mind me catching you." She said with a smile on her face.

She was dressed in a uniform like all others. She wore a dark brown jacket, along with a scarf around her neck. She had low bob cut hair, with two small bangs hanging, nicely framing her face. She had an almost semi-permanent blush on her pale complexion.

"URARAKA!" The class cheered at the appearance of their friend. Uraraka beamed at them, also remembering that day.

She suddenly starts rambling, not letting Midoriya get a word in edgewise. "Isn't this all like waaay nerve wracking?!" Not that she needed to, Midoriya started freaking out almost instantly.

"Well, guess I'll see you inside! Bye!" And with that she was off.

Midoriya stood silently at his spot, frozen. One thought ran through his head as a blush crept up to his face.

"Whoaaa-I-Just-Talked-To-A-GIRL!" The words "Didn't actually talk" flashed on the screen. With that he started letting off a weird, creepy sort of ecstatic laugh.

"Sheesh…. Man, did you never talk to a girl? I mean, you went to school like the rest of us, didn't you?" Kaminari asked amidst the laughter Midoriya's antics had initiated.

He blushed a bit before answering. "I…. uhhh… never had a chance to talk to girls before I came to U.A. The only people who talked to me were the ones who wanted something from me, or…. or tried to bully me. I was avoided by people because I was quirkless … Kacchan didn't really help by driving anyone off. Honestly, Uraraka was my first friend since I was four years old…. Nobody wanted to hang around a loser….." His eyes were shadowed by the end of this speech. The last sentence was barely whispered, but it was heard by everyone.

Uraraka latched onto him in a hug. No words were said. She'd be there for him, even if everyone else left.

"Damn protocol… I want to hug him too….." Ragdoll moaned along with Pixie-Bob. It didn't sit well seeing such a sweet person being sad and friendless.

Bakugo looked away, guiltily. He had consciously isolated Izuku away from his peers for nigh over a decade. He couldn't say anything to make him feel better.

"As long as I'm alive, you will never have to worry about this again." Iida said with a sharp glint in his eyes.

Todoroki put a hand on Midoriya, silently sending a message.

'He's had such a rough time….' Shinsou thought to himself.

"We've got you man! You will never be lonely again! Isn't that right guys!" Kirishima rallied the group.

Cheers of agreement rang throughout the hall. Kaminari cheered the loudest, feeling really sorry for bringing such a subject on.

All Might looked with sad eyes towards his protégé. 'My boy…. You have such great friends…. Cherish them… you'll need all their support before the end...'

Endeavor looked away. His own personality did him no favors, and while he always shook them away, he craved company too. It was a really crappy feeling. Loneliness was nothing to be scoffed at.

The Hero Course Exam Orientation begins, with Present Mic at the podium.

"What's up U.A. candidates! Thanks for tuning in to me, the school DJ!" he began with excess flair.

Blowing his arms apart "Come on and lemme hear ya!" He held a hand behind his ear, only to be met with complete silence.

Aizawa had a grin plastered on his face. He absolutely loved whenever his friend embarrassed himself.

"That wasn't very nice….. you guys could've at least said something….." Present Mic put on something akin to a pout.

"Sorry Mr. Yamada….. but we were really winded up that day…." Mina tried to explain their behavior.

"W…Well…. We can try and make up for it now… I guess….." Midoriya meekly suggested.

"YEAHHH!" Was the response of the class, sans Bakugo, Todoroki and Shinsou.

"Keeping it mellow huh. Well, let's get to how this exam will go down!" With a grand flourish and a falsetto voice, he says "ARE YOU READY!"

"YEAHHHHHHHH!" The students began raucous cheering.

Izuku instantly starts fanboying over him. "OHMYGOD It's the Voice Hero: Present Mic! So cooooool!"

He gasps "I-listen-to-his-radio-show-everyday-of-the-week!-It's-all-so-crazy-nuts-that-all-the-U.A.-teachers-are-Pro-Heroes"

"Will you shut up…' Bakugo mutters.

"OHH YEAAAHHH! Thank you little listener! It's because of fans like you that our art can survive!" Present Mic flashes a thumbs up to Midoriya.

He goes on to describe the battle simulation in detail. Students are assigned different battle centers from A through G. Bakugo concludes that it's to split them up so that they can't work with their friends. Midoriya and Bakugo have consecutive Examinee numbers but different centers.

"Damn... I was really looking forward to crushing you…."

"Well…. That probably worked out for the best huh…" Ojiro scratched his cheek. 'How can one person be so confrontational?'


There were three types of faux villains, each one having a different point value, depending on their level of difficulty. A video game setting is shown, in which Present Mic fights and defeats the robots to rack up the points, explaining the exam.

"But check it! Keep it all heroic, attacking other examinees is a big no-no."

Mei scratches her head in confusion. Pointing towards Bakugo, she says "Then how is this guy even in here?" she asks in her cavalier attitude.

Bakugo just emits a low growl, knowing full well, he couldn't attack her from this far away without being stopped midway.

The proceedings are interrupted by an examinee asking a question. The student in question points out the extra villain depicted in the sheet. "With all respect, if his is an error on official U.A. materials, it is shameful."

The paper reveals the boy to be none other than Tenya Iida.

"Iida!" the class cheered once again at another one of their ranks making an appearance.

"Come on man, jeez, take a break Class Rep." Jiro smirked.

"I agree, you need to lighten up Iida. Kero." Tsu nodded sagely.

"But I can't, it was a matter of the school's as well as my own pride at being meticulous for the best institute in the country. It-"He was cut off by Shinsou.

'Hey, Iida."

"Yes Shinsou-"He was taken in by his quirk.

"Lighten up." He ordered, trading a soft smile with the frog quirk user. He let go of the boy after a couple of moments, but it seemed to have done the trick.

Swiftly turning back, he points out Midoriya. "You with the unkempt hair! You've been muttering this entire time. Stop that!" His glare was intense.

"If you can't bother to take this seriously, leave! You're distracting the rest of us." Izuku quietly apologizes.

"I know I've said this before but…. I really am sorry Midoriya. I was quick to judge you. It wasn't a very heroic thing to do." Iida bowed his head in shame.

Midoriya waved his apology away. He had let it go ages ago. There was no need to dig up past wounds.

Present Mic explains the 0-P faux villain. He says that it's basically an obstacle, which should be avoided. It's not like it can't be destroyed, it's just that there's no point.

"I get it, so they're kinda like traps you have to get around in games." "This whole thing is like a video game…" Two students converse amongst each other.

"We wanted you to be able to easily understand it and subconsciously follow the rules. That way you could focus on the exam." Nezu explained. The class slowly nodded, understanding the concept behind the exam.

"Uhhhh….. Mr. Mic, was it necessary to… uhhhh…. Downplay the 0-P….." Toru asked with some trepidation.

"Of course little listener! Otherwise, how would I fulfil my yearly quota of fun!" At his reply, everyone looked at the pro her with a look that says 'Are You Stupid'.

"Hey, Aizawa set me an annual quota of fun. It seemed cool at the time…." He trailed off.

Present Mic wraps up the presentation with a quote from Napoleon Bonaparte.

"Mmm hmmm… Now that's a tasty soundbite. Get ready to go beyond! Let's hear a PLUS ULTRA!" he finished with a final flourish. "Good luck! Hope you practiced hitting more than just books.

"PLUS ULTRAAAA" Every student and surprisingly some of the pros too, remembering the motto of their Alma Mater.

"Hmm, I forgot how good you could be with a mic, mic." Ectoplasm jabbed, not realizing the irony in his words.

The scene shifts to the closed gates of Battle Center B. Everyone silently marvels the sheer size of the monstrous gate.

'Whoa. This is it. Time to put ten months of training with All Might to the test.' Izuku takes a deep breath.

'Time to give it my all.' He starts shivering uncontrollably. 'I WILL BECOME A HERO! Just like I always dreamed. I won't let myself down. ' He slaps his face to psyche himself up.

And on that note, the end credits start playing.

As the ending concluded and Ms. Oracle sat meditating, there was complete silence in the room, except the fidgeting of two worried One for All wielders.

'OhMyGod OhMyGod OhMyGod OhMyGod OhMyGod!' A bead of sweat poured off of his shirt. 'They know! And they're going to want to ask questions! How do I answer them? Or go away, and let All Might deal with my problems.' He sighed, he knew that it was inevitable, but he wanted to stall it.

As he walked up to his mentor, determining the best course of action to appropriately answer their questions. Before he could reach it, though, he was accosted by a bunch of students. "Okay, Midori~" They took a collective breath.

"We've got a lot to talk about, haven't we?" Aizawa turned towards the deflated Symbol of Peace, dead set on getting his questions answered.

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