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Summary: Jack Sparrow and Angelica Teach are forced to pretend being married in order to get what they want.

Chapter I

There's A Calm Surrender

Port Royal

This is no place for a pirate.

More suitable for noble people. Or at least, gentleman and their faithful wives. Ladies on the surface but flirting way too much with the handsome gardener. Even the poorer parts of the population had its drama, going from neighbor to neighbor. And yet all trapped in this forsaken town. And they call this freedom.

At least, this is no place for Captain Jack Sparrow.

The metallic cuffs are tightened through a chain around the chair's armrests. The room is an office which echoes wealth and whoever sits the power of it must be an awful affluent one. Much to Jack's dismay. The Black Pearl awaits in the harbor and this ambush had definitely gone wrong. He was meant to by this hour be in Tortuga to celebrate the victory of this town. How he would have thrown golden coins all over his favorite inn, have a woman in his lap and saluting bottles of rum with his crew.

Yet here he is.


A WANTED poster is set on the desk in front of him. He glances at the painting and is slightly impressed. Compared to mirrors, he must say that depiction of him puts him in better light. One day he may remind himself to thank this man. When his eyes travels down to sum of money, he however peers.

"Worth at least the double," he points out. "I be Captain Jack Sparrow, the legend, the only," he tries to sell and sits back straight to lean confidently backwards into his backrest. He smiles assuringly.

Governor Milton is standing on the other side of the desk. He has a few sidekicks beside him. All men looking intently between the pirate captain and the governor, the governor being their supervisor. Whose every gust of wind follow.

Governor Milton smiles too, baffled. "You are a confident man, Jack Sparrow-."

"Captain," Jack rolls his eyes. Why does not ever people learn? "Captain Jack Sparrow."

Governor Milton's smile fades and he decides to ignore the correction. "I want to claim this island as my own."

Jack frowns. He has no idea of what this governor is heading.

"It is a disgrace this island belongs to England, still. But I am a governor, Jack. I cannot make Baron Rothley change the contract. He will know any man from the garrison is from me."

Now Jack peers again. Where is this going?

"I need a good deceptive person. One who can befriend Baron Rothley, earn his trust and convince this bastard to write the island over to me," Governor Milton goes on.

Jack chuckles as result of not understanding why a governor decides to enlighten his heart like this - for a pirate.

"And what, Mr Governor, does this has to do with me?" Jack shakes his cuffs in demonstration. He then leans sideways to a guard. "Oi! Ye don't happen to have a bottle of rum hiding in there?"

"Mr Sparrow," Governor Milton tries to regain Jack's attention which wanders over every piece of luxury decoration the room contains. "That someone is you."

Jack gaze immediately snaps to Governor Milton. "Ye say?"

"You are going to go undercover, do what you do best and deceive him from the bottom of your soul. You are going to make him resign that contract and make this island mine." Governor Milton's words are firm, determined and leaves no room for argumentation.

Refusing, Jack shakes his head but is calm. "He will never listen to a pirate."

"You won't be. You will dress as a nobleman, act like one and live like one."

Jack is now shaking his head faster.

"If you refuse, Mr Sparrow..," Governor Milton begins. He clasps his hands together and leans forward over the desk as if the whisper will be heard only for Jack and not the men working for him. "I will sink The Black Pearl, right in my harbor for good."

Jack stops shaking his head and shoots him a death glare. "You wouldn't sink The Pearl, aye?"

"I will. But if you do this," one of Governor Milton's men slides a paper, a contract, over the table to Jack by Governor Milton's gesture. "I will not only give you the ship back. I will personally hand you a chest filled with pure gold and… I will remove the wanted warning of you. You will no longer be a target for us."

With a mouth open, ready to protest and fight back - Jack starts to reconsider. Perhaps this is not such a bad idea after all? A different type of adventure. But one indeed. And one he definitely will get a good payout from.

"Say… I'd agree to these terms..?" Jack starts, fishing for more information.

Governor Milton smiles and nods to a guard who at once unbinds Jack. Jack moves his wrists by the discomfort he experienced with them chained.

A pen is placed at the bottom of the paper. Jack grabs it and takes a longer moment before signing it. As soon as he has, it is snatched away. Barely at the point of him managing to draw the 'w'. He almost jumps back in his chair by the swift motion and frowns.

"Suppose we have a deal then, aye?"

"We do," Governor Milton agrees.

"So, how do we do this?" Jack asks. "How can I," he gestures to himself. "Disguise myself enough to fool a Baron? Be they truly that stupid as dukes, lords and govern-." Governor Milton's nose twitches. "Born into those positions?"

"You will have Hans as help," Governor Milton almost snarls and holds his hands in the direction of a well dressed proper type of man. He is taller than most and thin, sort of bony and one can wonder if this is a dead person brought back to life. His pale skin reveals his interest of remaining indoors. But fine hair shows his idea of perfection.

While Jack examines him, Governor Milton gets words out of him that causes Jack to musingly return his attention to him.

"You will need a wife."

"A wife?"

"A wife."

"And what woman would agree to this?" Jack questions. "There isn't a woman in the world..."

The doors are opened and a cursing Spaniard is shoved inside. "¡La próxima vez que me toques, te mataré! (The next time you touch me, I will kill you!)"

For a moment, Jack's eyes are widened. He takes in the sight of the angry woman, realizing the years since their last encounter. Her alluring presence is met with a booming throb in his chest and she has yet not seen him with her eyes searching for every new detail she is facing around her.

He stands up, hands up in surrender. Now she examines Jack with shock as well. He keeps backing with his steps, panicking as his eyes flicker between her and the pleased Governor Milton.


Angelica is frowning. She looks at Governor Milton.

Jack keeps panicking. "Why her? WHO brought her here?! This be not part of the plan! I demand to know-."

"We asked for advice of a dear friend of yours, Mr Sparrow," Governor Milton speaks.

Angelica, not understanding a thing - places herself steadily with crossed arms. "Gibbs told me to-."

"Gibbs!" Jack hisses in rage while Angelica continues.

"To come here for an opportunity to clear my name from the wanted list, gain a chest of pure gold and receive my Queen Anne's Revenge."

Jack resistantly tears his attention from Angelica to Governor Milton. "I will have another wife. But not her. Savvy?"

Angelica snaps her eyes to Jack at hearing that 'w'-word slip his mouth.

"I don't even need a woman, eh?"

Governor Milton chuckles and shakes his head. But it is not a genuine chuckle. "You definitely need one, and Mr Gibbs sold in the two of you as a perfect couple of deception. Both mastering skills in manipulation, thievery and lack of moral."

Now, Angelica is too freaking out. "What is this all about?" she demands to know with worry creeping in her voice, now no longer so sure the idea of encountering the governor to be such a good idea after all. She gestures with her thumb to Jack and looks directly in Governor Milton's eyes. "What is he talking about?"

He, as many other men, appears enchanted by her presence and the goofy face gone in a blur is noted by Jack. Apparently a man who yet had not met the hotness of her native tongue speaking, her voice music to any person's ears and her lovely appearance causing a wish for devouring every single piece of her.

No, this is not Jack's own description of her at all.

A guard has to clear his throat to make Governor Milton snap back to presence. He fakes a couch and shakes his head before motioning to the two chairs in front of him. Both Jack and Angelica shoot glares in the other's direction before carefully sitting down in each chair, Jack back in his.

"The demand I have for the wishes," he regards the information to Angelica and she listens intently now when the situation has calmed down somewhat. "You two are going undercover to convince Baron Rothley in London-."

"England?!" Angelica reacts.

"Yes, London, the capital of England," Governor Milton goes on. Jack glances discreetly to Angelica, clearly taking a note of her disapproval of the destination. "You are going to live like nobility, act like nobility and befriend him. All these things are necessary to manipulate him into this decision of writing this island to my ownership and disregard England's rights to it…"

The both of them seem troubled but remain silent, slowly considering the possible positiveness the outcome of doing this may result in.

"But I tell you one thing, Mr and Mrs Teague..," both Jack and Angelica glance to each other uncomfortably. "No noble man over 25 is unmarried, and to make you appear as much as a normal, common noble couple, you must be the definition of a perfect family."

Now it goes up to Angelica of why Jack freaked out. Her reaction is no better. Her breath hitches and she points to Jack while looking warningly at Governor Milton.

"Wait a moment… I'm going to pretend being married to THAT?! ¿Esa excusa infernal de un hombre? (That infernal excuse of a man?)"

"Yes, Mrs Teague."

"I am not Mrs Teague! No! NO!" she stands up, sort of mimicking Jack's previous reaction. "I will not, cannot do this."

She stands up and leaves but two guards block the doorway firmly.

"Mrs Teague. I must admit that this is non-negotiable. You will do this."

Jack peers at Governor Milton, disliking how he talks so decisive towards Angelica.

As if regaining her dignity, she brushes her skirt in bitterness before returning to her seat. Her mouth is formed as a straight line, eyes throwing daggers at whoever crosses her vision. If she only had not been disarmed beforehand, heads would have flown by now.

The contract is headed her way over the desk. She can see Jack's signature on the bottom line and a pencil is placed there. She swallows and shakes her head, refusing to sign it.

"I can't, sí? I would betray Armando," she shoots the contract away from her and misses Jack's interesting eye watch over her. Armando?

"Good," Governor Milton fakes a smile. "Then we have an Armando to bring to the gallows tomorrow morning." He keeps reflecting Angelica's challenging look, both staring warningly into each other's eyes. Eventually he picks the pencil up again and hands her it. "Will you reconsider?"

Angelica examines the pencil hesitatingly. She takes a deep breath and a longer moment passes. But to no cause. She has to sign it, and she knows it.

So she does.