All was quiet at Little Winging that night. Albus Dumbledore had set young Harry Potter on the doorstep of the Dursley household. With intricate waving of his wand, the elderly wizard cast the blood wards around the house that would keep Harry safe. When that was done, Dumbledore reached into his pockets and pulled out his Deluminator, which he used to return all the lights to their places in the street lamps. He then took one last look at the Boy-Who-Lived. "Good luck, Harry," he said. Dumbledore knew that the boy would not have an easy life with the Dursleys, but thought it was necessary. One day, Harry would have to face Voldemort again, and he would need someone to guide him on the path of good. The elder made a plan to visit Gringotts on the morrow and name himself Harry's Magical Guardian. It was the only way, as Sirius had betrayed the Potter's and Remus' condition prevented him from performing such duties. It would not do for one of the pure-blood families to claim guardianship of Harry. None of them knew where the boy was, but it did not hurt to be cautious.

Dumbledore wished that Harry could stay with a magical family that Lily and James trusted like the Weasleys, but Petunia's home was the only place where the boy would be truly safe outside of Hogwarts. Besides, it was better for Harry to grow up away from his fame. A Wizarding family, even one so kind as the Weasleys, could easily spoil him on account of his status.

With these thoughts, Dumbledore disappeared with a loud crack, leaving the recently orphaned child on the doorstep of his relatives as one would a milk jug. Little did the old man know that his plans were about to be dashed to pieces.

Several minutes had passed and a figure in a black cloak stepped out of the shadows, having witnessed Dumbledore and two of his followers leave the child at Number Four Privet Drive. This child had such power and such potential. His abilities would be wasted under the influence of that weak buffoon. The boy needed to reach his full potential and be a master of his own fate. Granted, the boy could become strong by living with his pathetic relatives, but they could also weaken him and leave him open to manipulation. That was not worth the risk. Under the tutelage of the cloaked figure and his associates, Harry Potter would grow to become more powerful than any of his ancestors before him.

The cloaked man knelt down and picked up the toddler. "Rest well, child," he whispered, "One day, this world will be yours. So swears Darth Maelstros." Maelstros walked back into the dark of the night, carrying Harry with him. Eventually, the Sith came to a clearing, where he pulled out a communicator from his pocket. "I have the boy," he declared, "De-cloak so I can come aboard." The outline of a large object began to appear, seemingly out of thin air. After a few seconds passed, Maelstros proceeded to board the now de-cloaked Fury-class Sith interceptor.

Once onboard, the Sith warrior placed the baby in a prepared nursery pod before summoning his apprentice, Jaesa. "What do you make of this child, apprentice?"

Jaesa closed her eyes and tapped into the Force. Her ability to see into one's very soul had always been useful. "He is in a degree of pain from witnessing his mother's death," she declared, "He is brimming with Force potential, as well as his native power."

"He will be a powerful Sith," remarked Maelstros, "He and the other must learn both sides of the Force if they are to reach their full potential."

"There is something else," Jaesa noted, "A darkness emanating from his scar. It does not belong there. Curious... the darkness has... consciousness."

"Consciousness?" Maelstros asked, "Are you certain?"

"Yes, Master," replied Jaesa, "Whatever is in that scar has a mind of its own."

"Intriguing," mused Maelstros. The Sith then moved to the front of the ship. "Take us to the outskirts of London," he told the pilot droid, "And send a message to Darth Marr. Tell him I have the boy."

A few minutes later, the ship was outside London. Maelstros, holding baby Harry, stood outside as another interceptor landed and de-cloaked before him. A door opened and a ramp extended from the ship. A cloaked figure emerged, wearing a skull-like mask and holding a child around Harry's age. "Darth Occlus," Maelstros acknowledged.

"Darth Maelstros," replied Occlus, "I take it your mission was a success?"

"Indeed. Let us proceed to the next phase of the plan."

Cloaking their presence in the Force, the two Sith sneaked through London, eventually reaching a worn-looking pub known as The Leaky Cauldron. The interior was filled with people celebrating the fall of Lord Voldemort. The fools. The Sith proceeded to the rear of the pub, where Diagon Alley was bustling. Many shops were opened late and offering discounts to celebrate. People did not take notice of the Sith that walked among them. They were invisible to the dulled senses of the drunken wizards. The one place in Diagon that stood out was Gringotts Bank, in that it was the only place where revelry was nonexistent. Maelstros and Occlus entered with grim resolve, carrying the two children with them.

"My Lords," the teller acknowledged as they entered and revealed themselves, "What do you require at this late hour?"

"Blood-adoptions," Occlus answered, "For these two children here." The two Sith revealed the sleeping infants concealed beneath their robes.

The goblin inclined his head, "It shall be done. But first, we must identify yourselves and the children."

"Of course," replied Maelstros.

The teller led them into a small room with a bowl of water and a knife. "Grindstone will be with you shortly," declared the teller before exiting.

No more than one minute later, Grindstone entered, carrying four rolls of parchment and a knife. "My lords," he acknowledged, "Bring the children over to the bowl." The Sith nodded and followed the goblin. "In order to identify the four of you," Grindstone began, "I must have a sample of blood. One drop each."

"I never would have guessed what the knife was for," snarked Occlus.

"You first," the goblin retorted, handing him the knife, "Simply prick your finger and let a drop fall onto the parchment."

The Sith Assassin took off his right-hand glove, then pricked his thumb. He then held it out over one of the four parchment pieces, allowing a drop to fall on it. As soon as the blood fell, the cut instantly sealed itself. Once the drop touched the parchment, it faded, then words formed in dark red ink.

Name: Malcolm Kallig

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Titles: Darth Occlus, Lord Kallig, Member of the Dark Council

Currently Accessible Vaults: Kallig Family Vault

"My turn," said Maelstros. He took the knife and slashed it across his palm. He mimicked Kallig's action of holding his hand over a separate piece of parchment. Just as before, the blood faded, then reappeared in the form of text.

Name: Ramius Drakken

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Titles: Darth Maelstros, The Emperor's Wrath

Currently Accessible Vaults: Drakken Industries Vault - English Branch

"Now for the children," said Grindstone. Maelstros held out the still sleeping Harry as Grindstone gently pricked the child's finger. Just as before, the cut healed and the child did not stir. This time, more words formed on the parchment.

Name: Harry James Potter

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Titles: none

Current Magical Guardian: none

Currently Accessible Vaults: Potter Trust Vault

Yet-to-be Accessible Vaults (Available when of age): Potter Family Vault

"Intriguing," mused Grindstone, "I wonder if Dumbledore is aware of this. He had the Potter's wills sealed only a few hours ago."

The two Sith merely smirked in response, prompting a grin from the goblin as he moved over to the other child. He repeated the identification process and watched the words form.

Name: Sabrina Agatha Lestrange

Species: Human

Gender: Female

Titles: none

Current Magical Guardian: none

"I was unaware the Lestrange family had any offspring," Grindstone commented.

"Rabastan Lestrange had a little too much to drink one night," Occlus noted dryly, "The muggle-born mother is dead."

Maelstros chuckled, "The Half-Blood daughter of a Death Eater."

"Indeed," agreed the goblin, "Now, I trust you are both familiar with the blood-adoption ritual?"

The two Sith nodded. "I will adopt Potter," declared Maelstros, "Occlus will take Lestrange."

"Very well," noted Grindstone. "Do either of you wish to change the children's names?"

"My son shall be known henceforth as Harold Drakken," Maelstros declared.

"Sabrina may keep her first name," said Occlus, "But her surname shall be Kallig."

"So be it," Grindstone declared, "I will cast a charm on the children to prevent them from waking until long after the ritual is complete. Then the adoption shall be performed. Do either of you have a preference as to who is first?"

The two Sith exchanged a look. Darth Maelstros stepped forward, the sleeping Harry cradled in one arm. The Goblin produced a dagger and simultaneously cut a thumb from both Sith and child. He pressed the two thumbs together and the cuts glowed with red light. As Grindstone began chanting in his native language, the boy's appearance started to change. Harry's hair began to change color, slowly turning from black to dark blonde. In addition, the boy's facial features were changing.

A few minutes later, Darth Maelstros held his adopted son, Harold Drakken, in his arms. "Meet me back at the ships," he whispered to his ally, "There is something that requires your skill set."

Occlus nodded before Maelstros took his leave. The same ritual as before was performed and Sabrina's hair changed to black.

Occlus returned to the interceptors, carrying Sabrina Kallig. "I had Jaesa use her power on the boy shortly before we met up," said Maelstros, "It seems some sort of Dark Side spirit dwells within his scar."

Kallig smiled, "So you require my skill set, as you put it, to investigate the scar. Very well. I will place Sabrina aboard my ship, then get back to you."

A minute later, the two Sith stood in front of Harry, who was asleep in the nursery pod. Occlus closed his eyes and commenced his Force Walk.

Darth Occlus found himself standing in a grey mist. Kneeling before him was a small, fetus-like creature. "And what is your name?" he asked mockingly. The creature moaned in response. The Sith sorcerer tore into the thing's mind with ease, searching through its thoughts and memories. The "creature" was actually a fragment of Lord Voldemort's soul, which was connected to the foolish wizard's mind. Occlus delved further and learned that Voldemort was none other than a Half-Blood bastard named Tom Marvolo Riddle. Occlus laughed, "The leader of the pureblood takeover movement is a half-blood! I wonder if your followers know about this, Voldemort. No matter. I imagine it will take quite a while for you to regain your power."

Riddle had created several more soul fragments, called Horcruxes, which he hid in various objects around Great Britain. Occlus laughed at the thought of someone going so far as to split their own soul in a pathetic attempt at immortality. The Sith pulled out of the Horcrux's mind and stretched out his arms. A torrent of lightning shot from his fingertips, incinerating the creature as it screamed in pain. Satisfied with his work, Occlus returned to his own body.

"I take it you were successful," Maelstros commented once Occlus came out of his trance.

"Indeed," the Sith sorcerer replied, "That was a fragment of Voldemort's soul. It seems that pathetic excuse for a Dark Lord created more than one in an effort to cheat death. Also, he's a half-blood named Tom."

Maelstros chuckled, "How Pathetic. Do you know where we might find the other fragments?"

"I do. However, we have more pressing matters to deal with, as their creator has been reduced to little more than a shade. For now, we must focus on the children."

"Agreed. Let's not wait too long, though. We can't have him meddling in our plans."

"On the other hand, if we kept him alive, the boy could defeat him and be hailed as a hero by everyone."

"Almost everyone. The pureblood elitists would have to be dealt with."

"All in good time, Maelstros. See you on Korriban."

Many hours later, the Sith were on Korriban, the ancient birthplace of their Order. Maelstros briefly left his adopted son with some nursery droids and went to his quarters. On the way, he went over the plan in his mind.

When Occlus brought news to Maelstros and Marr of a primitive planet where people had power that could rival a Force-user, the three of them agreed that they would need to annex it for the Empire. However, they could not simply invade the planet, as they would be met with fierce resistance from its xenophobic inhabitants. The people would have to join the Empire willingly. That was where the boy and girl came in. They possessed the native power of their homeworld, called magic, and were Force-sensitive. They were to be trained in the ways of the Force and learn how to wield magic. During their time at Magical Britain's school, they were to reform it and unite the wizards to their cause.

For the past few years, the Sith had been building a power base in Magical Britain, establishing friendly relations with the Goblins and a few open-minded wizards. They never told anyone they were from "outer space", of course. The natives were not ready for that revelation yet. As far as a select few wizards knew, Ramius Drakken and Malcolm Kallig were simply two magicals who never carried wands.

Amongst the few wizards Maelstros associated with, Lily and James Potter were the most intelligent. They were thrilled to hear that their son had access to a "rare magical ability" and that Maelstros was willing to teach him when he was old enough. He and Occlus were close to telling the Potters about the Force before that meddlesome fool Voldemort killed them.

Concerning the non-magical natives of Earth, the three Sith hatched a scheme to slowly integrate modern technology and Sith ideology into society. They began by starting an international robotics corporation, where droids were manufactured to be purchased by everyday people.

Opening the door, he saw Vette sleeping on one of the couches. The Sith nudged his wife and her eyes opened.

"Hi," the Twi'lek greeted as she sat up, "How was the magic planet?"

"I brought you a gift," he answered with a chuckle, "Come and see."

The Sith warrior led Vette into a white room, where an awakened Harold was sitting up, his emerald eyes glowing. "I brought you a son," Drakken declared.

Vette strode up to the bed and picked up Harold, "Aww, aren't you cute?" She then turned to her husband. "Where'd you find him?"

"An old man and his followers saw fit to leave him on someone's doorstep like a sack of supplies. His birth parents are both dead."

Vette kissed the child on the forehead, "He's adorable, Ramius." She proceeded to kiss her beloved Sith on the lips.

In another area of Korriban, Darth Occlus strode into his quarters, where he was greeted by the love of his life, Ashara Zavros.

"Was your mission to Earth successful?" she asked gently.

"See for yourself," he answered before producing the little girl hidden beneath his robes.

Ashara gasped and put a hand to her mouth, "Malcolm..."

"She's ours, Ashara. Our daughter."

The Togruta moved to get a closer look at the child, who started giggling. Ashara smiled, embracing her husband and child. "What is her name?" she asked.


Ashara, who thought she could never have a child with Malcolm, took Sabrina in her arms. "Hello, little one," she said softly, joyful tears in her eyes.

Little Sabrina looked up at the Jedi, "Mama?"

Ashara hugged her daughter tightly, "That's right, little one. Mama."

Darth Occlus wrapped an arm around his Jedi wife's waist, "This is a happy, peaceful moment."

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