I don't own the tune or characters!

To the tune of the song Aladdin sings when he's running away from the guards.


Picture Gambit, Logan, Cyclops, Jubilee, Kurt, Rouge and Beast chasing Bobby around the mansion, while Bobby sings. The rest of the X-Men are standing in a group.

[Bobby:] Gotta keep

One jump ahead of Logan

One swing ahead of Rouge

I prank only when I get bored

That's all the time

One jump ahead of Kurt

That's all, and that's no joke

These guys don't appreciate prankster folk

[X-Men:] Popsicle! Ice Cube! Dead boy! Take that!

[Bobby:] Just a little prank, guys

[X-Men who aren't chasing Bobby:] Rip him up, get you own back, guys

[Bobby:] I can take a hint, gotta run the fastest

[X-Men who aren't chasing Bobby:] Oh it's sad Bobby's hit the bottom

He's become a one-man blood level raiser

I'd blame parents except they ain't here

[Bobby:] Gotta prank for fun, gotta run to live

Tell you all about it when I got the time!

One jump ahead of Cyclops

One skip ahead of Gambit

Next time gonna do a prank from afar

One jump ahead of the Beast

One hit ahead of Jubilee

I think I'll take an ice slide around the mansion

[X-Men:] Stop, Popsicle! Ice Cube! Dead boy! Take That!

[Bobby:] Let's not be too hasty

[Logan:] Still I think he's rather tasteless

[Bobby:] Gotta prank for fun, gotta run to live

Otherwise we'd get along

[X-Men:] Wrong!


[Bobby:] One jump ahead of the charged cards


One hop ahead of the laser ray

(Ice Cube!)

One trick ahead of fireworks

(Dead Boy!)

They're quick, but I'm much faster

(Take that!)

Here goes, better throw my hand in

Wish me happy freezing

All I gotta do is slide