I just can't find the train of thought to continue my other stories, they'll get done eventually...I promise.

Ok..the ages won't match up, but live with it.

Chapter 1

Michiru Kaiou had been anxious to move out of her parent's house since the day she turned 18. Now it was summer, two weeks after her high school graduation, she was doing just that; moving out. The neighborhood that her parents chose to get her a tiny home, was in a new development in a suburban part of Tokyo. A quiet little group of homes.

She stepped from her 1965 Mustang and removed her black reflected sunglasses and looked up at her new home. She had already started picking out things about it that she didn't like. The dark green on the door didn't fit the siding of the house. The maroon color of the shutters didn't fit the color of the door. The white siding was too bright, it needed to be offwhite. She hadn't chose this house, her parents had.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the lawn, Haruka Tenou a 27 year old owner of a law firm deep in Tokyo's downtown district, was backing out of her garage in her 2004 BMW convertable. She stopped as she saw the moving truck blocking her drive way.

She glanced across the lawn and saw Michiru looking into boxes as they were unloaded and told the movers where to take them. After opening up her tiny yellow mobile phone and called her secretary.

"Andrea, I'm not coming in today. I've got a new neighbor and I want to get to know this one." She smirked to herself and looked over at the women that stood on the front grass. Her aqua hair pulled into a ponytail, the hair curling around her neck perfectly. Dark sunglasses sat upon her head as she looked through each box as it passed her. "She's young...but adorable."

"Just don't let her think you're a man Haruka. I'll see you tomorrow." Andrea hung up the phone and turned back to her computer.

Haruka shut her car off, leaving it at the mid part of her driveway. She got situated, threw her sunglasses over her eyes as she steped from her black car. She stood on the outside of the car door and removed her suit jacket, and tossed it in the back.

"Hello Miss. I'm Haruka Tenou." She extended her hand to the smaller woman.

Michiru looked up at the tall woman, she looked in her mid-late 20s. There were already a few gray streaks through the Haruka's short golden blonde hair.

"I've heard of you Miss Tenou." Michiru shook the other woman's hand. "I'm Michiru Kaiou. As you can see I'm sort of busy right now." She turned her attention back to the house, ignoring Haruka.

"Yeah, I noticed that when I tried to leave for work. I'll see you around Miss. Kaiou." Haruka turned and walked back toward her house.