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Chapter 7

Haruka rushed around her closet, searching through ties to wear to dinner that evening with Michiru. She had gotten reservations at the best restaurant in Tokyo, it held a perfect view of the city lights. The perfect place for a first date.

"DAMMIT!!" she cursed loudly when she found her tie, it was wrinkled, definately unwearable for that evening. "something else." she continued to mumble to herself as she threw ties behind her, most of them landed on her bed, some strayed to the floor. "ah ha!" she pulled out a plain navy colored, silk tie. It would match perfectly with her black suit and black button down shirt. Quickly she slid it around her neck and fixed it, then tucked it safely under her collar and her jacket.

Her hair was a quick fix, a simple comb through it, putting it all back, then she ran gel through it, to keep it spiked up. One last check in the mirror before she turned out her bedroom light and walked down the steps.

Seven o'clock, it was time to leave her house and walk across the lawn to retreive her date for the evening. Her fingers plucked a single red rose from the vase at the bottom of the steps. She grabbed her car keys and turned the main hall light out before stepping into the crisp night air.

"I'm coming!" Michiru's hands worked to put in her earrings as she moved toward the door when the bell rang. "Damn" she kneeled down to search for her second earring when it slipped from her nimble fingers. She looked up again when the doorbell rang for a second time. "Hang on a second." she picked up the fallen diamond and slid it through her ear just before opening the door and smiling at Haruka.

"For you mi'lady." Haruka handed her the rose and smiled herself. Her eyes traveled up and down her date's body. "You look amazing."

Michiru blushed "As do you, kind sir." her hand reached out for the rose, yet she let it rest against Haruka's for what seemed an eternity before taking the rose. "I'll be right back, I'm going to put this in some water." She tossed a warm smile in Haruka's direction before turning and walking into the kitchen for a little vase...

Haruka relaxed in her chair after resting her fork on her plate. "I bring all of my clients to this restaurant all the time. Yet they still amaze me."

Michiru sipped her wine, even with a smile on her face. "I had an incredible evening Haruka." Her eyes looked up when a slow, romantic song came through the speakers.

Without a word spoken between them, they both stood at the same time. Haruka took Michiru's hand into her own and led her out onto the balcony, the music would be faint there, yet still audible. Haruka's strong arms coiled carefully around Michiru's waist, holding her against her own body. She felt Michiru's arms slide up around her neck and her head rested on her shoulder.

Both sets of eyes closed as the music surrounded them and the two other couples dancing on the balcony. Neither one's eyes needed to open, it was instinct when their lips met in a romantic kiss to seal their perfect evening.