Chapter 7: Meeting the steelworks gang.

When Thomas had shouted "That's it!" after Raph had made his latest explanation, the other heroes looked towards him with surprised and confused looks on their faces.

Slash: "Uhh, what's it Thomas?"

Thomas: "That explanation Raph just explained, it gave me an idea. Because of that, I know just who we need to help us against Diesel 10 and his army!"

Lynn: "Dude, can you just say it!"

Thomas: "Sorry Lynn, no time to explain. James, come with me."

As Thomas started reversing away from the platform, James was surprisingly confused.

James: "Hang on, where are we going?"

Thomas "...the mainland steelworks."

After hearing those very words, James grew a frightened look. After looking towards both of his sides, he quickly puffed up beside Thomas and whispered to him.

James:(whispers) "Thomas, of all the idea's for backup! Why would you request them to help us, don't you remember what they did to us?"

Thomas: "They said they were sorry, they only did it because they only wanted some help with their work. Besides, we could really use their help with this mission."

James thought about this for a moment, then he finally accepted it.

James: *sigh* "Fine, we'll go."

Thomas: "Good."

With that, Thomas puffed back up to the platform and spoke something to the other heroes.

Thomas: "We're going to the steelworks to find us some reinforcements, any volunteers to come along?"

Elastigirl, Violet, Dash, Jack Jack, Lincoln, Lori, Margo, Agnes, Joy, Oscar, and the ninja turtles all stepped forward.

Thomas: "Good, let's get ready to go. James, you go get your coaches."

With that, James went to go fetch his coaches. During that, Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl spoke with each other for a minute.

Elastigirl: "Are you sure you guys will be okay while we're gone?"

Mr. Incredible: "Relax honey, I've taken care of something like this before."

After that was said, Slash and Leatherhead walked up beside him.

Slash: "And if it's too much for him, we'll give him a hand."

Mr. Incredible: (sarcastic laugh) "Very funny."

Everyone on the scene laughed off the moment, they remembered the troubles Mr. Incredible went through while once taking care of all 3 of his kids by himself. After they were done laughing, Thomas rapped everything up.

Thomas: "Alright guys, let's get ready to go."

With that, Elastigirl, Violet, Dash, Jack Jack, Margo, Oscar, and Joy climbed inside Annie and Clarabel while Lincoln, Lori, Agnes, and the ninja turtles climbed inside James's coaches. After they checked to see if they were all set 1 more time, Thomas and James started making their way to the mainland steelworks.

Mr. Incredible: "Bye kids, have fun!"

Lynn: "But not too much fun!"

After hearing the smart comment, Slash simply slapped Lynn at the back of the head. But Agnes and Mikey still waved goodbye back from inside 1 of James's coaches, like they didn't hear Lynn's comment at all.

Agnes: "Bye-Bye guy's, we'll be back soon!"

With that, Thomas and James carried each half of the heroes to the mainland steelworks.

The heroes had been traveling for a few hours now, but Thomas and James could tell that they were getting close. Inside Annie and Clarabel, Dash, Joy, and Oscar were getting really bored.

Dash: "Are we there yet?"

Violet: "We get there when we get there!"

Oscar was so bored, he fell off the edge of 1 of the seats like he was a blob of ooze. Joy noticed this, and she was just as bored as both Dash and Oscar.

Joy: "Seriously guys, this trip is getting us nowhere! It's been 4 hours, and we're still not there."

Elastigirl: "Relax guys, we'll be there soon. I gotta go change Jack Jack's diaper, call us when we're there."

Violet:(gives a thumbs up) "Gotcha mom."

After Elastigirl took Jack Jack to the back bathroom stall, the others were kept waiting until they would eventually make it to the steelworks. As the journey continued, it was already getting a little cloudy. But just as hope would have it, Thomas and James spotted something up ahead as they were coming up a small hill.

When they stopped at the top, they suddenly got a rather good view of the steelworks. The main building had dark crimson walls, the roof was made of silver steel with 8 chimneys slightly pouring with steam. There was a slight stone wall around the entire border of the premise, and the yards outside the building had a lot of space with a few flatbeds loaded with steel beams and pipes.

When Elastigirl (holding Jack Jack), Violet, Dash, Margo, Agnes, Joy, and the ninja turtles poked their heads out the windows, they were rather amazed by how the steelworks looked.

Mikey: "Woah."

Agnes: "That place looks amazing!"

Thomas: "It is Agnes, I always thought it was."

Raph: "Not really sure why this place is so special."

Donnie: "Shut your pie hole Raph, let's just go check this place out."

Thomas: "Way ahead of you Donnie."

With that, Thomas and James puffed down the other side of the hill towards the steelworks.

When they approached the front gate, it had its own steelworks logo above it. when they got close enough, 2 workmen opened the gate and let them inside.

James: "At least some of the people that work here are already being friendly."

When they were inside, Thomas and James stopped. The other heroes climbed down from the coaches, then they started wondering where their reinforcements would be.

Leo: "Hey Thomas, not to sound like a bummer…..

Raph: "Uhh, you'll sound like one anyway."

Leo: "...that as much as I'm impressed that you knew this place, but where's who you think we need?"

Thomas: "I'm sure they're here somewhere."

Violet: "No offense, but do you really think these guys you're thinking of can help us?"

Dash:(walking ahead backwards)"Oh just ignore Violet's complaints Thomas, I'm gonna go check inside."

But just as he turned around to walk forward normally again, he ended up bumping into something big causing him to fail backwards while holding his face in slight pain.

Dash: "Ow, what the!"

As Dash and the other heroes looked up at what Dash bumped into, they were a little surprised. Sitting on the rails in front of them was Thomas's friend Merlin.

Merlin was a silver SR King Arthur class 783 Sir Gillemere, and he had slightly dark red wheels and a matching buffer beam. He had 2 lanterns on top of his front buffer beam, and had the number 783 in bold white on each side of his cab and tender. Most of the heroes found this strange, but it looked like he had 3 funnels.

Merlin had his eyes squeezed rather tightly, but he opened 1 eye slightly and took a look at the slight mob of heroes staring at him in slight confusion.

Merlin: "Invisibility off!"

All the heroes (minus Thomas and James) were confused at this as Donnie and Violet looked at each other feeling dumbfounded, but Merlin finally spoke to them.

Merlin: "Hello fellow citizens, and what brings you lot….."

Before Merlin could finish what he was saying, he spotted Thomas and James amongst the group.

Merlin: "Oh, Thomas! James! How marvelous of you 2 to stop by, and I see you brought along a few guests!"

Thomas:(chuckles) "Nice to see you again Merlin, these are just some other friends of ours."

Merlin: "I see, nice to meet you all."

Still feeling confused, Leo stood over by Thomas and asked him something.

Leo: "Thomas, you actually know this guy?"

Thomas: "Yeah, it's kinda a long story."

Just then, 2 more engines which turned out to be Hurricane and Frankie came out of the front entrance of the steelworks building.

Hurricane was a brown GER Class A55 "Decapod" with thin red stripes across his boiler, and he had bright red wheels along with a marigold number 20 on each side of his coal bunker and on his front buffer beam.

Frankie was a navy blue MSC No. 4002 Arundel Castle with a slightly dark red buffer beam, and slightly large grey buffers with the number 4002 written in yellow on her front buffer beam. She had a black and gold head lamp, a brass horn on top of her cab roof, and she had her own nameplate on each of her sides.

Frankie: "Hello, is someone there?"

The 2 pulled up on each side of Merlin (Hurricane on his right, and Frankie on his left), and they also got a good look at Thomas, James, and the other heroes.

Frankie: "Thomas and James, hello!"

Hurricane: "Nice to see you 2 again, I see you also brought some new friends along as well."

Donnie: "Yeah, we kinda need your-

But before Donnie could continue, he heard some sort of clattering noise coming towards them. When they all looked around Hurricane, coming up alongside him was their good friend Theo.

Theo was a modified Aveling & Porter TJ Class with 2 large cogs that were grey on the outside, but red on the inside. His wheels were dark green with silver outlining, his cab was brown while his boiler was in a darker shade of brown, and his funnel and smokebox were dark grey with a tiny brass headlamp.

Theo: "Oh, Thomas it's you!"

Just then, Lexi pulled up alongside Frankie.

Lexi was a slightly rusty pale blue NPCRR No. 21 Thomas Stetson with orange-brown outlining around her front half. She had a gold cow catcher, a brass cylinder on the left side of her boiler, and she had the letters N.P.C.R.R on each side of her tender.

Lexi: "Oh my gosh, Thomas! You're back, EEEEEEKK!"

Some of the heroes nearly had their eardrums blown after that excited squeal she made, but they soon recovered.

Elastigirl: "Well, you guys seem like a friendly bunch."

Thomas: "Guys, I'd like you to meet the steelworks gang. Theo, Lexi, Merlin, Frankie, and Hurricane."

Hurricane: "Ya know, like a storm. WHOOSH!"

The moment Hurricane said "WHOOSH," all the chimneys of the steelworks building burst with flaming smoke. All the heroes saw this in complete shock and amazement, and Dash, Raph, Mikey, Margo, and Agnes historically cheered for it.

Mikey: "Woah, nice shot on the light show!"

Hurricane: "Why thank you turtle man."

Mikey: "My name is actually Mikey, and these are my brothers Leo, Donnie, and Raph."

Dash: "My name is Dash, and this is my sister Violet, and my baby brother Jack Jack."

Elastigirl: "And I'm their mother, Helen Parr. But my superhero name is Elastigirl."

Joy: "My name is Joy."

Margo: "I'm Margo, and this is my sister Agnes."

Lincoln: "I'm Lincoln, and this is my oldest sister Lori."

Thomas looked down towards the top of his buffer beam, and he saw that Oscar was sitting next to his lantern.

Thomas: "And this lizard next to my lantern is Oscar."

Frankie looked towards Oscar with slight disgust, but she didn't wanna upset 1 of their new guests.

Frankie: "Hm, I don't usually feel comfortable keeping small creatures at this place….but I'll let that slide for now."

Donnie: "Good, the main reason we stopped by is that…..we kinda need your help."

Hurricane: "Oh, what is it you need help with?"

Thomas: "Some big bad diesel named Diesel 10 and his army are building some sort of mega cannon, and they're planning to use it to destroy our home base."

Theo, Hurricane, Frankie, Merlin, and Lexi:(gasp in horror)

James: "Diesel 10 and his army think they're more superior than us, but we think your special tactics can make us the more superior ones."

Leo: "We need to be invisible and hard as steel but make them think we can't do anything, and you guys actually have those details."

The 5 engines looked back and forth from each other in agreement, they actually knew which tactics James was referring to.

Merlin: "Leo is right, I have invisibility!"

Hurricane: "And Frankie and I have the power of steel!"

Theo: "But what about me and Lexi, we can't do anything!"

Joy: "Exactly, that's what we want Diesel 10 and his army to think."

Raph: "And once they think we're hopeless,(cracks his knuckles) we'll give them the old element of surprise."

Thomas: "So what do ya say guys, will you help us with our problem?"

Frankie: "Yes, we'll help you. But before we do, we were wondering if you could help us with the work around here a bit."

Margo: "Sure, I guess."

Elastigirl: "Yeah, you guys look like you could use some extra help around here."

Hurricane: "Thanks guys, now what do ya say we get to work?"

Thomas: "Sure."

Suddenly, Thomas looked towards Violet, Dash, Margo, Agnes, Mikey, and Joy.

Thomas: "If it's okay with you guys, why don't you work with Hurricane and Frankie for now?"

Violet: "Uhh, okay."

Thomas: "Excellent.(looks up at Hurricane and Frankie) While we get to work, you can show them that this is the hottest place in town."

While everyone else went off to start work, Violet, Dash, Margo, Agnes, Mikey, and Joy were left alone with Hurricane and Frankie feeling a bit confused about what Thomas said.

Margo: "Uhh, what does he mean by that?"

While Hurricane started moving onto a small turntable to turn himself around, Frankie just smiled at Violet.

Frankie: "Why don't you come inside with us, and we'll show you."

Mikey: "Uhh, okay."

As the group started following Hurricane and Frankie inside (with Hurricane just alongside), Frankie started singing.

Frankie: "I don't know where you thought you were going, but here you are."

(After Hurricane winked at the group of young heroes, he joined in on the song.)

Hurricane: "I don't know what you thought you were doing, but you've come so far. This is the place you were meant to be being."

Frankie: "These are the sights you were meant to be seeing."

Hurricane: "We'll lift your thermostat up a degreeing or twoooo."

(As they started heading towards the entrance, the group of young heroes started growing a little excited.)

Hurricane and Frankie: "And we're guaranteeing that you'll be agreeing, it's true.(Hurricane: "Whoo!)

(They were soon inside the steelworks, and they were starting to like it. Even after they saw a smelting pit on their right side.)

Hurricane and Frankie: "This is the hottest place in town, we'll warm you up when you're feeling down. We'll make a smile out of every frown."

(Hurricane started switching onto another track going away from the group.)

Hurricane: "Just take a look around at the joy we've found!"

(After they saw a bucket full of melted metal being carried over the tracks across the ceiling, Hurricane and Frankie were seen each pushing a short line of ladle cars back and forth across the tracks ahead.)

Hurricane and Frankie: "This is the place you can have some fun, where you can feel like a number 1.

We've got more sunshine than the sun."

(Hurricane and Frankie were up against each end of a line of ladle cars that were being filled with slag. Agnes and Joy were standing on top of Frankie's front buffer beam, and she let them get a look at the glowing slag inside the first ladle car.)

Frankie: "There's a light in our eyes we simply can't disguise."

Hurricane and Frankie: "This is the hottest place in town!"

(An orange-yellow light took turns showing on Hurricane, Frankie, and the few heroes, then Hurricane and Frankie rode along each side of the few heroes as they rode on a flatbed that was moving by itself.)

Hurricane and Frankie: "Come in and come along for the riding….

(Suddenly, the heroes on the flatbed bumped into a short line of ladle cars and rolled along with them for a couple seconds.)

Hurricane and Frankie: "Shunting lovely ladle cars up the sidings."

(Then the heroes on the flatbed glided over a smooth set of switches that sent them onto Hurricane's track, so Hurricane switched onto the track that the flatbed used to be on.)

Hurricane and Frankie: "Rails so smooth that you'll be gliding along, and before you know it you'll be joining us in our song."

(Then they rolled side by side along a section of track that had a magnet carrying a few pieces of scrap going over it, and Thomas and James were seen pushing some ladle cars back and forth past them with Elastigirl, Leo, Donnie, and Lori were standing by the side walls helping some workmen.)

Hurricane and Frankie: "This is the hottest place in town (Hurricane: "Whoo"), no other like it anywhere around.

You'll be a king and you'll wear a crown (Hurricane: "I say"), what we're trying to say is that we hope you'll stay.

(Then they passed a section where some more slag was separately getting poured into a bunch of metal rectangular shaped molting trays.)

Hurricane and Frankie: "This is the place you can shine like gold."

(As they continued, they went past a section where they were spraying metal that were molted into the shape of E2 Class tank engines.)

Hurricane and Frankie: "Our jobs are cool, but we're never cold.

We really think you could fit the mold."

(After they took out the molded pieces, they put them on the shelves all lined up with each other.)

Frankie: "You'll be part of the team, you'll be living the dream."

Hurricane and Frankie: "This is the hottest place in town!"

(Leo opened a small gate on the side of a large boiler, and a flow of slag poured down a metal slide and separately got loaded into more ladle cars. Lincoln was watching this, and he was pretty impressed. After the orange-yellow light shines on Hurricane, Frankie, and the heroes on the flatbed again, Frankie was seen bumping into another short line of ladle cars and shunting them away.)

Hurricane and Frankie: "Come in and come along for the riding."

(Hurricane then shunts away another short line of ladle cars.)

Hurricane and Frankie: "Shunting lovely ladle cars up the sidings!"

(Frankie skidded along a curved section of track with Joy riding on top of her, then Hurricane and Frankie both past the heroes on the flatbed again at the same time.)

Hurricane: "Rails so smooth that you'll be gliding along, and before you know it you'll be joining us in our song!"

(Just then, Mikey put on a pair of black sunglasses and joined in on the song.)

Mikey:(moves to the front of the flatbed) "This is the hottest place in town, you'll warm us up when we're feeling down!"

Dash: "You'll make a smile out of every frown!"

(Hurricane then puffs along their left side as they pass a conveyor belt with some steel rods being carried along it.)

Hurricane: "You know you're keeping it real when you're working with steel."

(Next, Joy was doing the floss dance to the beat on another small flatbed leading 4 ladle cars across 3 sets of tracks.)

Joy: "This is the place we can have some fun, where we can feel like number 1!"

(Violet and Margo were standing by another ladle car that was being filled with slag, but it had a tray inside it to be molded into the number 1.)

Violet and Margo: "We've got more sunshine than the sun!"

(After the heroes were back on the flatbed, they were moving alongside Frankie along the tracks again.)

Frankie: "There's no looking back now, you're on the right track now."

(Then, Thomas, James, Theo, Merlin, Lexi, and the rest of the heroes met up with Hurricane, Frankie, and the heroes on the flatbed from different directions.)

Whole group: "This is the hottest place in town!"

(After everyone laughed off the fun they had, it was already nighttime. But even so, Margo told Hurricane and Frankie what she had to admit.)

Margo: "Guys, this place is amazing!"

Dash: "Yeah, we might even stay here for a little while."

Frankie: "That's nice, and we'll do anything we can to help you with your problem."

Hurricane: "This Diesel 10 character won't stand a chance against your team with us on your side!"

Leo: "Thanks guys, so where can we bunk for the night?"

Frankie: "Oh, we have a little cottage somewhere by the back wall if you people are okay with using that."

Violet: "Before we hit the hay for tonight, how did you get those flatbeds to move on their own?"

Theo: "Oh, Oh! I can show you, just hold on a second!"

Theo reversed away, but he came back a few seconds later pushing up 1 of the flatbeds that had been moving by itself. When Donnie took a look underneath the flatbed, he saw a certain device with an antenna."

Theo: "Frankie's driver built these devices to make them move by themselves, we decided to keep it just in case."

Donnie: "Very fascinating."

Joy: "Yeah, we need to get something like this."

Hurricane: "Alright everyone, let's pack it in for the day."

Merlin: "Sweet dreams everyone, see you tomorrow."

While everyone started heading off to where they were each gonna sleep for the night, Leo was still feeling a little concerned. While they would be here at the steelworks for a little bit, he was wondering what Diesel 10 and his army were doing while they were gone. Even though he still felt concerned about it, he decided to shrug it off for now and join the others to rest for the night.

To be continued.

Music used - The hottest place in town.

Based on - Thomas and friends: Journey beyond Sodor.

Written by - Andrew Brenner