084. Destroy



People treat Will like some kind of spectacle whenever he steps back into Hawkins, Indiana.

The boy who died in the quarry.

Zombie boy.

"Nobody ever talks this much about Barbara Holland," Will mutters, hanging his head upside down off the edge of his old, lumpy mattress.

His mom left with Jonathan to buy groceries for dinner, inviting Hopper and El, and naturally Mike.

The rundown, drafty shack of a house looks the same from Will's childhood, along with the shed and Joyce's herb garden in the backyard.

Mike digs through Will's collection of dog-eared, yellowed X-Men comics, smiling fondly on Will's right, pressed back against the side of the bed. He's still got a reddish hickey exposed over the collar of his striped button-up, from El's nibbling teeth, and then from Will's harshly sucking kiss.

On Will's left, El props up her arm, running her fingertips mindfully over Will's dark brown bangs.

"She never came back."

Will glances away dismissively, but leans into El's temple pushing on him, mouthing over her jaw briefly as her soft, stern words cascade over him.



Stranger Things isn't mine. I've always written just Mileven/Byler poly but this time I decided on doing an OT3. I think it went okay. I still prefer Mileven/Byler. Anyways I hope you enjoyed this random work and thanks for reading and please leave me a comment while you are still here!