As I sit staring at the acceptance letter for my very first job post graduation I can't help but feel that life is a little surreal at the moment. I have been searching for months for the right position and finally found it in the least likely of places. Apparently the wiz kid Mogul of Grey House Enterprise and his COO are in need of someone to write, prepare, and gengenerally clean up their business proposals and other official documents and such. Being a double major in business and English I guess im your huckleberry! With my 4.0 GPA I graduated summa cum laude and had gotten job offers in all the wrong places so when this position opened my professors told me I would be an idiot to take a chance on the opportunity, so I did.

"Katherine Kavanagh if you are not down the stairs in approximately 30 seconds I'm going to leave you". I swear that girl takes her sweet time just to piss me off.

"Keep your hair on Steele I'm coming"

"Jesus Kate what the hell were you doing in there you look the exact same as when you went in there for criminy sake!"

This girl right here will be the death of me. At 5' 10" Kate exudes sex appeal with her long sandy blonde hair, bright green eyes, perfectly sun kissed skin, and killer body. She literally looks like a damn amazon princess. Meanwhile im fucking fun sized, Bitch.

"You know my ana banana that when you get hangry your highly unpleasant

. Come on Polly I'll put you in my pocket and we'll go feed your belly."

"Real original Amazon Kate, I get it I'm fun sized." Jeez its been 4 years move on and get some new material already!

Yoho yoho its off to the bar we go!


One more. if one more person does or says just one little stupid fucking thing I'm going to rip their heads off and I don't care who it is, I'm that annoyed.

Son of a bitch! "Grey" I snap into my buzzing phone.

"Hey There Baby Bro who you snapping at? So remember when you said we could go out on a night of my choosing since I beat your ass on the golf course?"

Fuck. "Let me guess you're cashing it in tonight?"

"Yes sir"

Double fuck.


After being fed Kate and I head into the most exclusive bar in Seattle courtesy of my little floozy best friends latest boy toy. Who oddly enough is nowhere to be seen. While I ponder where this guy may be I am watching my bestie practically screw some blonde hulk on the dance floor. As I avert my eyes from Kate I see the most beautiful man I've ever laid my eyes on and my God I'm feeling things down below that I'm not sure our natural. But how the hell would I know since I am a 22 year old virgin who can't manage to give up the v card.

All of a sudden I see Adonis snap his head up and Barrel out of the VIP section like a man possesed looking like he's going to rip the head off of someone across the bar. He's heading towards something behind me like he's not in a crowded bar during the busiest part of the night. Whoever it is must surely be one unlucky fucker because this Adonis has to be at least 6'3" and a wall of nothing but muscle. God knows what is going on in my mind because without thinking I end up intercepting him Midway to his destination and hook my arm around his waist with the other arm around his neck to stop him from getting himself arrested. As we collide I spin him around while pulling at the lapels of his sexy leather jacket to get him to bend to my level so I can whisper in his ear.

"Whoever your about to pummel isn't worth going to jail over Adonis"

My God he is more beautiful up close then I thought. His hair is the most beautiful copper color and his eyes are a beautiful shade of gray that I didn't think was even possible. What the fuck color is that anyway? Jesus he smells edible and the second I touch him a spark of electricity shoots through my body and I don't think I'm even breathing. Well fuck me.


As I sit here watching Lelliot grind into some blonde bimbo I can't help but feel jealous at his ability to be that close to someone. She's running her hands up and down his chest and back in an almost indecent manner which I would never in a million years be able to tolerate. Hence my sitting in the VIP booth drinking alone. Then I see some prick grab the girl Elliot was dancing with roughly by the arm and I see red. She maybe a bimbo but no one should lay their hands on a woman like that. And i just know Elliot is going to lose his shit. I jump up from my seat to help Elliot pummel the ignorant fuck, at least I get to ease my pent up aggression on this assholes face. As I make it halfway to him I'm grabbed by a tiny slip of a girl and all I see is a whirl of silky chesnut hair and alabaster skin. Who the ever loving fuck is touching me and why do I not feel the panic beginning to rise? I look down into a pool of blue diamond eyes and my mouth just hangs open. I'm staring at the most beautiful woman I have ever laid eyes on and everything just fades away other than us, our connection, and the static electricity running like a current in my veins. Sweet jesus man close your mouth and speak. Since when has the Christian Grey ever been speechless? Ummm fucking never, especially not around woman. They usually fall at my feet stuttering incoherent sentences. Then I hear it, the most infectious and angelic voice I have ever heard in my ear as she's pulling me down by the lapels of my leather jacket. "Whoever your about to pummel isn't worth going to jail over Adonis" She says in a breathless but strong whisper.

Adonis eh? So, this little pixie is affected by me. At least that's something. Jesus she smells delicious. My dick is so hard right now it has to be uncomfortable against her stomach. Am I embarrassed? Hell no, get a good feel baby because by the end of this night it will be down your throat and sliding between your soaking wet folds as a pound the ever loving fuck out of you. What the fuck? Who am I, Elliot? Fucking hell I'm so screwed.