It is 8 a.m. and Ana and I are laying in the bedroom of my private jet after 2 rounds of the best sex of my life and one of making love to the most beautiful woman in the world.

When we boarded the jet she was full of so much nervous energy it was making my palms twitch.

The conversation to tell her about the plan I had in the works for all of those pieces of shit who hurt her went a little off the rails at first. But after explaining how meticulous I have been and what I've accomplished she calmed down slightly. However, she has maintained her nervousness over the situation.

So, I did what I do best to calm her. I used my head.

Yeah, both of them.

Worked like a charm. Now I'm staring at the most beautiful woman in the world, both inside and out.

Jesus I've become such a fucking sap.

And I fucking love it.

I hear a slight tap on the floor and a low "Mr. Grey, we will be landing soon." Before retreating footsteps.

Fucking Taylor. Always ruining good moments.

I begin to run my hands through Ana's hair, over her shoulders, and down her sides before I slide back up again.

"Ana, my love, it's time to wake up." I whisper softly while kissing her forhead, eyes, cheeks, then finally her lips.

She stirs softly then coils into a ball while burrowing under the softness of the thick down comforter.

"No. Good dream. Go away." Damn my baby is not a morning person I think with a soft chuckle.

Oh well. I can think of another way to get her up.

Round 4 it is.


It's fucking cold out here. I hate this place. The smells, the air, the noise, all of it. I hate it and never wanted to come back to this god forsaken state.

But I have to end this chapter to really get a clean slate and begin my new one with the magnificent beautiful kind loving man beside me.

God thank you, I'm not sure if I deserve him but ill take it.

Standing in front of this ominous tacky building I come face-to-face with the three people I loathe entirely.

Blown up right on the front of the building is a picture of Steven Carla and Josh. They look like the picture perfect family all dolled up in their finery.

Fuck, conceited much? Shouldn't the building and company speak for itself? Guess not.

Pictures can most certainly be deceiving. That's pure evil in that picture, but one would never know just by looking at it.

Ok Ana deep breath.

Christians hand is on the middle of my back steadying me. And Lord knows I need it because I feel like I'm going to throw up.

Come on Ana man up.

It's just like Christian said. We go in there and bring down their whole fucking world, everything is done and their isn't shit they can do about it.

I have all the power. Because Christian gave it to me on a silver platter.

God bless him.

Walking into the building made me feel ice cold and the nausea wouldn't wane. I mentally gave myself a firm kick in the ass.

Your stronger than this Anastasia Steele. Your not the little girl you were back then. Your ready for this and they can't hurt you.

Christian gave my hand a gentle squeeze.

"You ready baby?"

"As I'll ever be."

We approached the counter to find a dowdy looking middle aged receptionist with kind eyes and a mussed bun ontop of her head.

"Grey enterprise holdings for a meeting with the Morton's" Christian said in his clipped no nonsense tone.

He appeared closed off, cold, and calculating. To anyone else he would look menacing, but to me all I saw and felt was his love and beauty.

We were led to a bank of elevators and instructed to go to the 17th floor. The ride up was silent.

Christian stroked my knuckles with the pad of his thumb in a soothing manner.

We exited the elevator to a shabby looking entrance with another disheveled looking receptionist who led us to a dusty conference room with old chairs and a large table.

Christian sat at the head of the table with me on his right. With the way the table was positioned only his side profile was visible and I was hidden by his large frame.

I wasnt able to see the Mortan's when they initially entered. Christian didn't stand until they were directly beside him. When he did, his large frame hid me from view again.

"Mr. Grey, Steven Mortan. Its a pleasure." I heard Steven's gravely voice as he shook Christians hand. It wasn't as deep and commanding as Christian's but it gave me the urge to vomit none the less.

Christian told me they believed he was there to invest, to be there new partners. Which the shriveling company was in dire need of. You could smell the desperation in the room. From the waves rolling of the Mortans to the treats laid out banquet style on the table.

Christian and I didnt touch any of it. From my hidden view I saw Steven's profile when he glanced over to the untouched food and pursed his lips before plastering his smile back on and stepping to the side to reveal his piece of shit son and my mother.

"May I introduce my son Josh, and wife Carla." He said as he ushered them forward.

"Carla Morton, its a real pleasure to meet you Christian." Carla purred as she reached to shake his hand and place her other hand on his bicep.

Christian took a half step back toward me and nodded in her direction, making Carla back off.

She was dressed in a skimpy black skirt and blouse with far too much clevage showing, especially for someone her age. It was apparent she had work done, and not well done at that. I had to force myself not to laugh at her.

Josh stepped up next, his whiny voice making my skin crawl.

"Josh Morton, What is it that we can help you with today?" He said with a handshake and a clap on Christian's shoulder that made him tense and roll his shoulder back and to the side revealing my presence.

You wouldn't have known I was even there until that moment. And when the three of them finally we're aware of my presence you could hace heard a pin drop.

Carla gasped, Steven tensed, and Josh took a slight step forward with a predatory glare.


His arousal was written all over his face. Which made Christian launch into action like the super predator and protector he is.

He guided me gently back behind him while simultaneously shoulder checking Josh which sent him stumbling backwards.

Josh simply chuckled and picked an imaginary piece of lint from his suit to avoid eye contact with the beast of a beautiful man who was so obviously his better.

"Not one step closer." Christian growled.

"Ana and I will tell you exactly why we are here, take a seat." He demanded.

The three of them sat like obedient dogs, the shock still written all over their faces.

My mother broke first.

"Ana, darling. How wonderful to see you. Ive missed you, and can't tell you how often Ive thought of you and tried to contact you." She said as she reached for my hand across the table.

I snatched it into my lap as if I'd been burnt.

"Sure you have." I snapped and glared at her with all the hatred I had pent up for so many years.

She chuckled and waved her cheap manicured fingers at me trying to shake off the sting and embarrassment.

"Oh darling. So, what brings you here? Do you work for Mr. Grey now?" They obviously haven't caught on to the purpose of this meeting and were trying to navigate the hostility in order to still come out of the situation with a favorable deal.

Fucking idiots.

"No. Ana is my soon to be bride." Christian snapped at Carla, equally perturbed by the way she brushed off the sorid back history lingering between us.

"Oh, wow. Nicely done Anastasia." She choked out using my full name as she always did when she was displeased.

Probably since I'm marrying one of the most well know multi-billionairs in the world and she had no clue and won't ever be able to benefit from the association.


"Well, I do hope we can catch up and keep in touch dear." She smothly transitioned, flipping her fake blonde hair off her shoulder.

This time, I didnt attempt hide my scoff or disgust.

"Fat chance Mother." I stood and slamed my palms flat onto the table.

"The ONLY reason I'm here is to watch you and the two snivelling little bastards next to you crumble to the ground."

"Excuse you?" Carla screeched.

"Who the hell do you think you are little girl?" Steven joined in his wifes ire.

"Look at little prick tease Ana, all high and mighty with her fancy rich sugar daddy on her arm. Your knees must be killing you from being on them all the time Ana." Josh sneared while glaring at me.

"She must be able to suck a mean dick in order to get you to put a ring on it then march down here to throw your weight around." He lobbed nodding towards Christian before leaning in to address me again.

"What is it Ana? Did you come down here to use your rich lap dog to scare us? Or did you just get sick of his small package and begin to miss me and my big dick?"

I couldn't hold it back. It came bubbling out of nowhere and burst out of me like water from a broken dam.

Tears sprang from my eyes as my sides began to ache from the laughter that ripped through me.

I don't know really what tipped the scales, or if I truly am going mad.

Glancing around the room I know I shouldn't be laughing. Carla and Stevens faces are a mixture between pissed and appalled, Josh's is red with fury, and Christian is radiating with silent anger and a knowing look.

When the gut wrenching laughter finally died down I got pissed again, like insanely and irrevocably pissed. All the feelings and anger broke through.

All the memories came flooding back and it brought me back to feeling sick to my stomach in a whole new way. The flashes of the moments Josh used to whip out his dick when no one was looking, or come into the my bathroom when I was changing or showering because he "had to piss", or the subtle way he would intentionally place himself behind or in front of me to "squeeze" by in a tight space in order to grope me all came rushing to the front of my mind. I never told Christian those parts, I never told anyone.

"Fuck you, all three of you!" I screamed as I jumped up and drove my fist right into Josh's jaw. His face turned and was forced several steps back from the force of the impact.

"The three of you are fucking idiots. You want to know why we are here cupcake? Morton, your company has been bought and chopped up into 6 different pieces. My "lap dog" here" I made exaggerated air quotes and rolled my eyes for good measure while gesturing towards Christian. "Has found buyers for every piece of this pathetic little operation. And since he has reported you and your worthless prick of a father to the SEC your both going to prison. And guess what? Because of all the illegal shit you pulled every cent of profit from the sale will be gone and you will actually owe a SHIT TON of money. And mommy dearest? Since both of the men you backed over your own daughter will go to prison, YOU will be destitute without fucking thing to your ruined name." They sat there, with fear and shock covering there white faces.

"Oh, and Josh? God help you if any of the men in prison have dicks half as big as his." I gave him a wink, took Christian by the hand and opened the door so the pieces of shit who almost ruined my life could be arrested by the officers waiting on the other side of the door.



My baby has claws, and balls bigger than most men. Definitely bigger than two little bitches we left crying in that board room.

She slamed them down mercilessly and I was so proud and awed by the performance I just sat back and enjoyed the show.

She didnt need me to fight on her behalf. My baby put them exactly where they belonged, in the fucking gutter.

The ride down the elevator was again silent, but for very different reasons. As her breathing began to calm I noticed she was becoming very pale.

"You were fucking amazing baby. Im so damn proud of you." She gave me a weak half smile as we exited the elevator and made our way to the car.

"I want to go home Christian, I hate this fucking place." She whispered as she laid her head on my shoulder in the back of the SUV.

"Of course baby." I said stroking her hair gently.

"Airport Taylor."


"You ok baby?" I asked while placing a gentle kiss on the top of her head.

"Im just coming down from all the build up and adrenaline. I've been sick to my stomach all day because of it." She said snuggling further into me.

"Your were truly amazing Ana, I don't think I could love you more than I do right now."

"I love you more Christian Grey, Always and forever. Thank you so much for today, I didnt know how much I needed it until now." She said looking up at me with those blue eyes that own me heart and soul.

"Anything for you Anastasia Steele, I would do anything you ever asked. Be whatever you needed. I live and breath for you."

She threw her arms around my neck and kissed me. Hard. An intense and bruising kiss.

"Fuck me Grey. Fuck me hard and fast. I want all of you, all of your dick, and all of your come." She said while simultaneously ripping my suit off of me piece by piece.

"As you wish my love." I said hoisting her onto my waiting rock hard cock.

She slammed her self down while biting her plump bottom lip and releasing a moan that sent a chill up my spine and made my balls begin to tingle.

God I love this woman. I have no clue what I did to deserve her, but im never letting go.