Fuck fuck fuck. I've been going out of my ever loving mind since meeting one Anastasia Steele Friday night. I cannot get her out of my head and I swear my lips are still stinging from our searing kiss. Mmmmm strawberry lip gloss. She smelled of apples and strawberries and fuck me if that wasnt a heady combination. I have refused to let Mrs. Jones wash my shirt due to not wanting to lose her scent. Damnit I've lost my mind. If Welch doesnt get back to me with her information soon ill lose my ever loving mind. I need her back. Need? Seriously grey, need? Since when do I fucking NEED anyone!

"Mr. Grey Ros and the new editor for the aquisitions department are in conference room 3 waiting for you." Shit. I forgot all about that. Ros insisted we create this new position to make our lives easier and is apparently in love with her newest hire claiming "she's spectacular" and is going to be a game changer. How a new grad english lit major is going to help with MY job I have no idea but if it makes Ros happy Ill go along with it. Shit I can't bail now or Ros will have my ass. I guess I'll have to put my Ana search on hold until I can get through this meeting. Welch better get my answers quick or things will turn ugly fast!

I make my way towards the conference room as im met with the scent of apples and strawberries along with the sweetest giggle floating through the air. Great now imagining shit.

I see Ros talking to a girl but all im focused on is long legs in a tight black pencil skirt with 6 inch fuck me heels attached to a curvy figure with long shiny chesnut hair. Holy shit my ears are ringing, my breathing is labored, and i think my heart just stopped beating in my chest. It couldn't be her could it?

"Ah there he is, glad you could finally join us! Christian this is our new aquisitions editor Anastasia Steele. Ana this is the man himself Christian Grey."

"Pleasure to formally meet you Mr. Grey" as I take her small hand in mine that god damn heavenly spark shoots straight to my dick and I unconsciously pull her close to me.

I lean in close enough for only her to hear me as I whisper "I can still taste you on my lips." I receive a satisfying gasp and a deep blush as I give her one of my patented panty dropping smirks. Shit thats adorable, and hot. Does she blush like that everywhere?

To my shock and utter shock and amusement she runs her lips along the shell of my ear as she whispers "as can I, that kiss hasnt left my thoughts or my dreams Mr. Grey." Jesus, please forgive me for I am a sinner but please don't let it stop. I let out a not so inaudible groan as my hand grazes her hip.

Ros clears her throat in utter shock. "Jesus did it get hot in here to yoi guys? Someone want to include me in your obvious familiarity of eachother?"

Ana stumbles back clearly embarrassed while I pout at the loss of contact feeling bereft once again. I'm like a starving man who can only be satisfied by her touch alone. What the hell is happening to me?

"Sorry Mrs. Bailey, Christian and I actually met Friday evening by chance but our meeting was cut short by forces out of our control."

"I see, well shall we get this meeting underway?"

I know I should have been paying attention but all I could focus on was getting the delectable Miss Steele back to my office to finish what we started on friday night. Would she be opposed to being spread out on my desk while I sample every inch of her? While I make her come with my mouth as she screams my name before I fuck her into oblivion?

"Christian? Earth to Christian?"

"Um Yeah?" I say as I clear my throat trying to act like I was paying attention.

"Anything to add?" says Ros

"Nope. But after we finish up I would like to breifly see Miss Steele in my office before you go on with your day.

"Briefly my ass" mumbles Ros under her breath.

AnaJesus help me he looks even better than he did on Friday. I can hardly breath let alone concentrate with him so close. When he whispered in my ear I thought for sure I was going to cum or faint, maybe both. We stand up and I shake Ros's hand. She chuckles when I say I'll be with her shortly after meeting with Christian. She simply says "Shortly. Sure you will."

The second Ros exits Christian has me by the hand practically dragging me to his office. He slams the door while simultaneously spinning me around and up into his arms slamming his mouth against mine. Its an all consuming earth shattering kiss that makes me lose all sense of reason.

"Jesus Ana I couldnt bear another second"

I vaguely notice us moving though im not sure where. The next thing I know he pushes everything off his desk in one sweep and im unceremoniously plopped onto his desk while our tounges battle.

"Christian please" I have no idea what im begging for but he seems to understand.

As our tongues continue to battle I feel my skirt and panties come off in one swift motion. When the hell did he unzip it, sneaky sexy as sin bastard. It finally registers where this is headed and I pull away as I begin to let him in on my little secret.

" Christian I..."

"Shhh baby I've got you" No sooner are the words out of his mouth before that mouth is on my most sensitive flesh. I literally see stars as I fall back onto Christians desk moaning out his name. What a wanton little hussy I've become! Damn Adonis and his sinful ways! I feel pressure building and the feeling is exquisite, I dont know how to handle it when Christian breaths "let go baby come for me, god you taste so sweet ana. So delicious I'll never have my fill."

And with that I'm a goner, screaming his name as I come down from my high I hear his zipper and the rip of a foil packet. Shit I have to tell him right? damnit I dont want him to stop though.

"Christian don't stop, but I need to tell you something."

"You can tell me anything baby" he moans out while lining up with my entrance and kissing from my jaw down my neck to my breasts as he gently sucks one into his mouth.

"Mmmm" damn that feels good. Shit what was I saying.

Christian leans back as he pulls my hips slightly up and forward as he slams into me. Oh, now I remember.

White hot searing pain rips through me as I whisper out. "I'm a virgin."