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The Other World
By Jade Tatsu
Epilogue - Reality

Cloud started awake before the memory of where he was and what had happened filled him. He closed glowing blue eyes happily, feeling the warmth of the other beside him. Sephiroth - and last night the two of them had...

Blue eyes snapped open again in stark contrast to the rosey tone that was now Cloud's skin. Had he..? Had he really..? //Oh no...// Cloud thought with faint dispair. //Please tell me I didn't...//

But all his memories, shaded as they were by the warmth of his love were telling him otherwise. Cloud groaned, what he could remember wasn't what he wanted, wasn't what he had planned...

"Shh..." the soft whisper intruded upon his growing concern. "It's all right." Sleepy green eyes opened and Sephiroth's grip on Cloud became stronger. Sephiroth blinked once or twice clearing the fuzziness from his gaze as he looked down fondly at blond spikes.

"It's not... I didn't mean to..."

"It's all right," Sephiroth repeated with a smile. "It's really better if we are both fully awake for that. Consider last night merely the beginning of what is to come."

If anything Cloud blushed stronger. "But I shouldn't have fallen asleep after everything."

This time Sephiroth did laugh, shaking gently in amusement. He lowered his head to the soft spikes that were Cloud's hair and spoke into them, muzzling against his lovers hair. "It's all right," he repeated again. "Your intentions were clear and I'm sure you will make good on them today. Besides," he added stretching slightly, working out some of the kinks from his body. "We were both tired and if you hadn't of fallen asleep I probably would have."

Cloud turned in Sephiroth's arms, returned the embrace. "Definitely make good..." he purred as he tilted his head, stealing a kiss.

The white-haired man smiled as he returned the kiss. As they drew back slightly he whispered the word, "Forever," before this time he moved to kiss Cloud.

::Forever..?:: Cloud questioned mentally, unwilling to break his union with Sephiroth to ask but still curious.

Cloud felt a mental flash of amusement and happiness before Sephiroth replied, ::I will have you forever.:: "I've never been known for my ability to share," Sephiroth whispered, drawing back. "You are /mine./ This life and beyond. I will have you forever."

A soft smile creased Cloud's lips at the words. He wasn't meekly submitting to Sephiroth because he knew that while the white haired man would own him, his body, his soul, he would own Sephiroth and he was equally unwilling to share, except... "What of Cloud?"

Sephiroth's eyes darkened slightly at the thought of his previous identical lover. "Cloud is Cloud," he responded. "I admit you are slightly different but you are still Cloud and you are still mine. Besides," a thin smile crossed his features. "What of your Sephiroth?"

"My Sephiroth?" Cloud questioned. "He's right here." Cloud snuggled closer to Sephiroth, muzzling into the bigger man's chest, hearing his heart beat. He closed his eyes, tickling his hair into the small of Sephiroth's throat, enjoying the catch in the breathing of the other. "Don't worry Sephiroth," Cloud whispered, his voice relaxed and warm. "This is what he wanted for us."

"Oh, and how do you know that?" Sephiroth questioned, running his hands down Cloud's back pressing against what he knew were his partners most sensitive nerves.

Cloud shivered in anticipation reaching out to caress Sephiroth in the manner he remembered the other man found pleasureable even if he had never touched Sephiroth in this way. //More interesting than mere memories, indeed!// He only hoped he could control his own desires long enough to give that pleasure to Sephiroth. Unlike his previous self, he had little experience in this area.

"It's all right, Cloud," Sephiroth whispered, sensing his reticence. The white haired man muzzled his way through blond spikes before gently nibbling on one ear lobe. He bit harder and tugged, causing slight pain but Cloud moaned in pleasure. "You are incapable of displeasing me," the last was said with an almost gasping note of pleasure as Cloud reached around the other man, squeezing Sephiroth's firm buttocks, after brushing away stray strands of hair. Sephiroth retalitated by running his tongue along Clouds jaw before taking his lips.

"Hmm," Cloud sighed into the kiss closing his eyes as he felt his body go limp.

Beep... Beep, beep, beep... Beep... Beep, beep, beep... Beep...

Two sets of eyes snapped open, blue meeting green for an instant before Sephiroth groaned in frustration, reluctantly pulling back from Cloud and reaching out to grab his PHS.

"What is it?" he snarled, not bothering to soften the anger and frustration in his voice. Things had just been getting interesting.

Cloud looked on in silence. He breathed deeply, feeling a glow of pleasure throughout his body but he wasn't idle in the time Sephiroth was occupied. Whatever the message was, it had interrupted but it wasn't going to stop their morning activities. All he had to do was decide upon the best course of action to continue with but he kept getting distracted by the fall of silver hair and the soft murmurings of Sephiroth's voice as he spoke to the person who had called him. Sephiroth's choice of clothes, namely black boxers, did little to hide the ripple of his firm muscles beneath his skin as he paced back and forth and only further added to Cloud's state of distraction.

"NO!" Sephiroth finally shouted into the small device breaking the relative silence that had reigned for the last several moments. Cloud winced, certain that whoever was on the other end didn't need the PHS to hear Sephiroth. "IT IS NOT OKAY!" The white haired man added as he cut off the call.

Cloud looked at Sephiroth, his eyes clouding with worry as the larger man sat back on the bed, turning the small mechanical device off as he placed it on the small bedside table. "Is everything okay?" He asked, imagining the myriad of things that could possibly have happened since they had left Midgar.

Sephiroth rested his head in his hands, scrunching his fingers through his hair. He laughed mockingly as Cloud sat up and moved behind Sephiroth, resting his head on the white haired man's shoulder, pressing himself firmly against the other man to let him know he was there. "When I told them to deal with Reeve, I /knew/ I should have put restrictions on them. I didn't think they'd do this!"

Cloud tilted his head quizically, blowing gently on the loose strands of silver hair. "What do you mean?"

"It's my own fault really. I shouldn't have been so efficient when I worked for ShinRa. Avalanche and the Turks dealt with Reeve. The man has agreed to retire into obsurity with a very fat pension but that does leave a vaccum at the top."

"Can't Scarlet or one of the other Board Members take over?"

Sephiroth snorted. "Not in a million years," he said tiredly, his response in no way deriding Cloud's question. "They all made too many enemies and couldn't do the job. They'd spend too much time lording it over the others. Reeve was the only one who could take over from Rufus. He had the expertise and he lacked most of the arrogance. Well," Sephiroth paused. "Reeve or one other could have done it."

"One other?" The question carried a note of wariness.

"Okay, two but you were thought to be dead."

"No..." Cloud whispered in disbelief. "They didn't..?" He barely gasped the question as the reason for Sephiroth's earlier anger became clear.

"They did," the larger man groaned shaking his head.

"Heh... Heheheh... Hahahahahahah!" Cloud rolled back his head laughing.

"Stop that," Sephiroth snapped irratably. "It's not funny."

"But it is," Cloud disagreed continuing to shake in mirth.

"It's not because they didn't finish there."

Cloud sobbered in an instant, a cold dread gripping his heart. "...they didn't stop there..?" He barely whispered the words as Sephiroth turned towards him, a sardonic smile of amusement now gracing his lips.

"They didn't," he confirmed, looking directly into blue eyes. "They weren't letting you out of their sight, Jenova," as he said the name he stroked Cloud's face. "My Cloud, my dear General Cloud Strife."

"No..." Cloud whispered before a new realisation dawned upon him. "But I've..."


"I've never been a General," Cloud finished in a rush.

Sephiroth blinked. He felt his features schooling themselves into his calm 'in control' mask and blinked again. "You've never been a General?" He managed to get the words out an instant before the laughter spilled out of him.

"It's not funny!" Cloud pouted.

"It is," Sephiroth rebuked him. "It's as funny as me being the President."


"I wouldn't worry. There's really nothing to it," Sephiroth began. "You just sign a heap of papers all day," he continued elaborating on the duties of a General. "In peace time the Army runs itself. It's boring." Sephiroth didn't even notice the change in Cloud until the blond man turned around and pounced.

"Wah!" Sephiroth cried out as he was expertly manoevered to fall on the bed, pinned down by a smaller body.

"Enough talk," Cloud growled. "It doesn't matter. You can tell me the duties of a General later because I know Avalanche, I'm sure they gave you a schedule..?"

Cloud let the sentence hover and was rewarded when Sephiroth nodded, rolling his eyes.

"Well then," the blond whispered. "While we have privacy..."

The white haired man raised an eye brow at the deliciously direct tact Cloud was taking.

"I've never slept with a President," Cloud finished, looking into glowing green eyes, not bothering to hide his desire.

Sephiroth blinked before he grinned. "Well, I've never slept with a General before," he said, wrapping his arms around the smaller body and rolling so that he was the one looking down.

"I can fix that," the words came from two sets of lips and instant before they meet in a passionate kiss.


Strong arms held him close to the gentle warmth emanating from the other man. Soft green eyes looked down at him, the violence, and the power he knew they contained absent from their mako glow. Instead they contained a burning love and the promise of peace and protection, of an end to his worries in those arms. Cloud rested his head on the muscled chest and listened to the strong heartbeat. There was no need for words. He was safe, he was cherished and he cherished the one who held him close, beloved forever.

He nodded to himself. Yes, this was where he was meant to be. This was where he was always meant to be. Nuzzled gently into the warm embrace blue eyes closed lazily as he relaxed, feeling sleep take him again.

It had started with dreams but this was /reality./


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