No Regrets

Characters: Danielle Rivers. Works on and off for Vince McMahon. Does tech work and travels with the WWE when the mood takes her. Lives as a vagabond of sorts traveling from place to place. Likes to frequent dance clubs.  Only Jeff hardy and Vince McMahon know who she really is and that she's wealthy.

Jeff Hardy- wrestler and Danielle's best friend since she met him .

Mark Callaway- Wrestler known as the Undertaker. Not known as the nicest guy in the locker room. An encounter with Danielle leaves him feeling things he hasn't felt before.

Summary: Danielle and Mark have an encounter that change both of them. Neither one believes in love or happily ever after. Can these two change each other?

Disclaimer:   I don't own the Undertaker or Mark Callaway or Jeff Hardy. I do however make good use of their muses that live with me and are constantly bombarding me with new story ideas.

  Jeff smiled as he watched Danni dance. She was awesome and there was special quality about her that made her shine. She wasn't a raving beauty, but she had a spark that could outshine other women. She was 5"3, 110 pounds. She had curly long brown hair that at the moment looked like she should brush it.

Jeff laughed on her it looked good.

She had the most beautiful brown eyes he had ever seen with long beautiful lashes. Danni was mixed she was part white, part Asian and African American. She had the most beautiful skin that was caramel colored and her eyes were exotic and Asian looking.

She was wearing flare leg jeans with a baggy to big t-shirt. Jeff grinned.

Danni dressed like a guy for the most part she didn't care about appearances.

She looked happy on the dance floor, but Jeff knew she hid her pain well. Most people thought Danni was homeless traveling from place to place working when she felt like it, but they were dead wrong. Danni was actually very wealthy.

Her grandfather had been a millionaire and when he died 6 years ago he left everything to Danni the grandchild he had never knew.

Danni's father had been a wealthy Asian businessman, her mother a woman of white and African American heritage. The two's marriage had been a short affair which ended before Danni was two. Her mother had left and took Danni with her. She had changed Danni's name back to Rivers and had started a new life.

Danni had never even met her father since then, but knew who he was.

Her mother had remarried when Danni was 7 to a nasty hateful man, whom Danni despised. He had abused Danni and her mother from the beginning.

Danni who used to be such a happy child turned into an unhappy mistrustful child.

Danni's mother was killed in a fire when Danni was 15 leaving Danni in a hostile environment with no protection at all.

The same year her unknown grandfather had died leaving her every penny of his estate. Her stepfather was deliriously happy. He had spent and blew a ton of money since he was Danni's legal guardian. Her real father had also contested his fathers will, but didn't win.

This left Danni with a sense of betrayal that he didn't want her only his father's money, He didn't even try to get custody away from Randy, her stepfather.

Danni had told Jeff one night while they were sharing a hotel room about her life. She didn't share it with people so Jeff knew she really trusted him. She had also told him the most awful secret.

Her stepfather had been after her for years and when she was 17 he had finally raped her. Danni had been a virgin and the bastard had just brutally raped her. Danni took off after that and just sort of traveled around on the streets. That's where she had run into Vince at a wrestling event. She had always followed wrestling. She remembered Vince from her childhood; he had been a friend of her mom's. Vince had grabbed her and hugged her when he seen her, it had been years and he remembered what a sweet child she had been.

Vince was shocked to learn she was living on the streets.

He took her to his home and after a month of staying with him and his family she finally told Vince what had happened.

Vince was filled with anger and got his lawyers on Randy. He was declared Danni's guardian till she was 18 and Vince got her money back. Danni had never looked back since that day. She was a good computer tech and Vince let her work for him when she felt like it. She often traveled with the road show, just hanging out and going clubbing with the wrestlers she knew.

Jeff knew Danni was a cynic when it came to love, she told him she didn't believe in it. She put a wall up around herself when it came to emotion, and let very few in.

Jeff knew she had sexual relationships but that's all they were, a few one night stands here and there but for the most part she didn't mess with men much.

Jeff laughed as he saw her wink at him.

He loved her like a sister, he would kill anyone that hurt her, and she was his best friend.

Danni smiled at Jeff and kept dancing. She loved to dance and to have a good time. She closed her eyes and moved to the music feeling free. She looked over to find Jeff; she was going to wave him over to dance with her.

"Good lord have mercy, deadman walking." Danni mumbled to herself.

Mark Callaway had just came and sat beside Jeff. Danni knew who he was, who didn't?

But she had never met him and she had never seen him out clubbing with the rest of the wrestlers. He stayed to himself and had a reputation for being a mean dickhead in the locker room, especially in the last year since his divorce.

"Lord he looked fine though." Danni thought.

He was about 7 foot tall. He had short auburn hair and a nicely trimmed goatee and mustache and of course all those delicious tats. She knew his eyes were a deep green, but right now he had on dark shades. He was wearing black jeans and a white t-shirt and boots. He had a bandanna tied around his head.

"God he's lickable." Danni said to herself.

Danni grinned, she might not be the most beautiful woman in the room but she wanted this man, there was something about him. She smiled to herself and started dancing again. At the end of the night she was determined she would end up in his hotel room.