Mark crawled on the end of the bed and started at her feet. He kissed and caressed her flesh inch by inch. He slowly worked his way up with gentle touches and light kisses. He ran his tongue lightly over her calves and thighs causing Danni to moan and whimper in the pleasure he was giving her. His lips and finger moved higher and higher soothing her hot flesh. He reached her center and used his fingers to part her outer folds and gently ran his tongue down her slit.

"Markkkk." Danni moaned.

Mark ran his tongue up and down her slit occasionally flicking his tongue over her clit causing Danni to buck her hips and groan. Mark brought her to the edge many times but stopped before she could find release causing Danni to whimper. Mark lips moved up her body and made there way to her belly button where he circled it with his tongue and dipped his tongue in and out. His fingers climbed to one breast and he massaged her breast and rolled her nipple between his fingers causing it harden under his touch. His lips skimmed her ribcage his tongue flicking over her skin setting off fires whever it touched.

"Baby you taste so good." Mark murmured against her skin.

Danni just moaned giving herself over to the pleasure he gave her as he worshiped her body with his hands, tongue and lips.

Mark ran his tongue over her other breast and let his tongue tease her nipple. Mark watched it pucker up and harden like the other one and smiled. He closed his mouth over the nipple and started sucking it gently. His tongue would flick over the nipple as he sucked and Danni thought she would die from pleasure. Mark finally released her nipple and kissed his way up to her neck running his tongue up her collarbone and then to her jaw where he placed gentle kisses until he reached her mouth. He placed a gentle kiss on her lips and slowly deepened the kiss using his tongue to nudge her mouth open. He slid his tongue in her mouth tasting and teasing her inner recesses.

All Danny could do was moan in pleasure. She had never felt such tender loving in her life. Mark slipped his fingers between her thighs as he kissed her. He parted her folds and slid two fingers in her.

"Mmmmmmm" Danni moaned into his mouth.

Mark pushed his fingers in her moist heat building a fast and steady rhythm.  Danni met the thrust of his fingers trying to find her release from this sweet torture. Mark pulled his finger out before she could cum and Danni whimpered in protest. Mark parted her legs and slid in between them. Danni looked up at him as he licked his fingers and grinned at her.

"Sweet stuff baby." Mark whispered and he took the fingers from his mouth and pushed them against her lips. Danni's plump full lips parted to let his fingers slide in and Danni sucked at them tasting herself.

"Oh yeah baby, your so hot." Mark growled.

Danni continued to suck on his finger as Mark thrust forward to sheath himself completely in her moist heat.

"Uhhh." Mark grunted in pleasure she he sank to the hilt in her.

"Oh Mark." Danni groaned in pleasure.

Danni grabbed his hips and held on.

Mark was in no hurry though. He moved in a slow methodical pace pulling almost all of the way out of her pussy and slowly sinking back in building there pleasure slowly.

Mark grunted as he sank into her. It was all he could do not unleash himself on her in a heated frenzy. Bur he controlled himself wanting to pleasure her as long as he could.

"Mark baby please, make me cum." Danni begged,

"Shhh alright baby, I'm going to take care of my girl." Mark replied huskily.

Mark sat back on his haunches not breaking there connection. He pulled her by her hips so that that the backs of her thighs rested on the tops of his. He started thrusting to her wildly. Danni clawed at the sheets as her pleasure was building with each hard and fast thrust of his cock into her core. Danni hips ground against his as she met his hard thrusts.

"Ooooooo" Danni screamed out her release approaching quickly.

"Is my baby cumming?" Mark asked as he felt his own release cumming.

"Yessssss Markkkk!" Danni yelled.

Mark sank into her again and again.

"Ohhhhh Goddddd,yessss Babyyy!" Danni yelled as she fell off the edge in the most pleasure she had ever felt. Her body was wracked with trembling and spasm as she came.

Mark grunted as he slammed into her tightness.

"Uhhh Yea girl, I'm going ta cum in ya baby." Mark said as he shot his seed deep in her moist heat.

The room was filled with the sounds of groans and grunts and panting as the two trembled in the aftermath of and earth shattering orgasm.

Mark leaned down and kissed her gently. He still even now moved gently inside her. He wanted to make his doll cum again. Mark pumped his hips faster and faster as her breathing increased again.

"Ya going to be a good girl and cum for me again?" Mark murmured.

"MmmmHuh." Danni moaned.

"Cum on baby, cum with me." Mark encouraged as he felt his second release building.

"Mmmmmmm Ooooooooo,Markkk!" Danni groaned out as pure pleasure picked her up and tossed her about.

Mark came in her again draining himself in to core. Mark continued to move slowly and then slowly withdrew from her. Mark lay on his side and watched her laying there with her eyes closed. Her breathing was heavy. They were both sweating from there vigorous lovemaking. Danni turned away from him and curled up as if to go to sleep.

"Come to me baby." Mark whispered.

Danni flipped over and looked at him. He pulled her into his arms and held her close to him kissing her brow and stroking her hair.

"I love you Mark." Danni whispered.

Marks heart skipped a beat and he tilted her head up and kissed her gently.

"I do believe little lady, that I love ya too." Mark said.

Danni looked at him and burst into tears.

"Well damn, I didn't mean to scare ya." Mark said smiling a little.

"I have been waiting forever to hear you say that." Danni said between sobs.

"Shh now, I'm sorry Danni. I can be such a stubborn ass sometimes." Mark said.

Mark studied her intently as she lay against him.

"Ya know what Darlin?" Mark asked.

"What?" Danni asked.

"We're going to make some pretty babies together." Mark said.

Danni smiled up at him and reached up to kiss him.

"How's a Christmas wedding sound?" Mark asked.

"Like music to my ears." Danni said.

"Mark how did you figure out you loved me?" Danni asked.

"Girl it's just there staring me in the face, has been for a while, I'm just through running from it.

"I tell you truth Mark, that's why I ran that first night, I knew it was different and it scared the hell out of me." Danni said.

"I guess we both been running baby. But from now on no more regrets, no looking back, we just live one day at a time and love each other." Mark said.

Danni smiled and snuggled into his arms. It had been a long and winding road to get here, but the trip was defiantly worth it.

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The End