Summary: Taylor with White Mage powers. With the ability to heal wounds and cure diseases, can she also find the power to remedy the ills in her life? Or the problems plaguing Brockton Bay?

May contain fluff.

Taylor will only have the ability to heal or buff. No offensive spells allowed. She has the potential to gain White Mage spells from any of the games, though I am biased towards FFXI.

Writing for practice and for fun. Hope you enjoy. :)


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Topic: Please Heal My Daughter, Panacea

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HardHat (Original Poster)

Posted on February 9th, 2011:

I hope you see this, Panacea!

My daughter is really sick. The doctor's say its cancer - Leukemia.

The treatment is expensive and we don't have insurance. All we could do was scrape together $5,000 for medical costs.

It's yours if you heal her. You can find us Here.

Please, you have to help us! She's just a kid.

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(Replied on February 9th, 2011)

You do know it's really stupid to post your address online, right?

Especially when you're that close to Merchant territory.


(Replied on February 9th, 2011)

Desperation makes people do risky things.

My dad died from cancer a few years ago. It's a shit position to be in when your family is suffering like that.

I hope it works out in the end, OP.


(Replied on February 9th, 2011)

But Panacea's got to help. She's a hero, after all.


(Replied on February 9th, 2011)

To HopefulMarshmellow:

Hero or not, she has to get thousands of these requests a day. Nobody could get to them all.

Sorry OP, but I don't think it's going to happen.

Edit: Maybe try to get a fundraiser for the treatment?


(Replied on February 9th, 2011)

To Symbiotic:

You're kind of an ass in real life, aren't you?


I felt nervous.

This was my debut. My first act as a hero. The first time I could do something that mattered, really change somebody's life for the better.

I had to do this.

Even if the butterflies in my stomach were threatening to burst their way out of me. Violently. Taking a calming breath, I gave the door a few firm knocks and waited. There was a distinct rustling coming from within, the noise sounding dull and listless. Just like the person who opened the door.

He was middle aged, with a bit more belly than was attractive and thinning hair. But it was the eyes that really hit me. Eyes circled by tired blackness and had lost the spark of life or hope. Eyes that knew the world was crumbling around them.

The same kind of eyes Dad had after Mom died. No! Don't think like that, Taylor, you're here to help!

"Are you HardHat from the PHO boards?" I asked.

The man retreated a bit into his home, seemingly ready to slam the door at a moments notice. Those bleak eyes scanned me up and down. Suspicion became the first real emotion to flutter into his features.

Not that I could blame him, given what I must have looked like. I was stuffed into an extremely oversized white hoodie. The sleeves nearly swept over my hands, with only the tips of my fingers pointing out. The hood itself large enough to cast a dark shadow over my face. A blood red scarf wrapped over my lower face and then fell to either side of me. A flowing white skirt with red accents completed the look. I'd been hoping to convey the same image as Panacea, but all I'd really accomplished was to look like I was drowning in bright fabric. Not exactly inspiring, but there weren't exactly a lot of costume options within my price range.

The door started to inch towards being closed as the silence drew on.

"Wait!" I pleaded, before pulling out a printed copy of the PHO thread. "You made this request, right? You said your daughter was sick."

Mr. HardHat glanced at the page I held aloft, recognizing his prior plea. He started to turn angry. Not quite the reaction I was hoping for.

Little did I know that other, less than savory, individuals had also seen his post and had tried to take advantage of the situation... "If you're here to try and sell me some insurance scam or something you can get the fu-"

"I can help!" I yelled, a bit louder than I intended. There may have been a bit of desperation in my voice.

"...Really? You're not playing a prank, are you? You can help Susan?"

"I can help," I repeated, trying to pour strength I didn't posses into my words. "I'm a healer. I'm here to save your dau-" No, too impersonal. "I'm here to save Susan."

Silence stretched for what felt like hours. I never knew a few seconds could feel so long, longer than those horrible lunches trying to avoid Emma.

Eventually I was allowed inside, even if suspicion followed me along the way. There wasn't much furniture in the small house. It felt like what you'd expect in this part of town, a bit worn and shabby. Mr. HardHat gave an obligatory offer of something to drink from their poorly stocked kitchen. I responded with an awkward refusal before we he guided me passed the dirty living room. Nothing seemed particularly well cared for. My heart went out to Mr. HardHat .

Dad hadn't fared any better, after all.

Eventually we reached Susan, and my breath caught in my throat.

The poor thing looked terrible. Her skin was ghostly pale, checkered with an occasional red sore or bruise. She looked weak. Tired. Almost like she was barely there and ready to give up. A spirit that still barely clung to its earlier body. One might mistake her for dead, except for the small movement of her shallow breaths.

God, I really hope this works.

"Well, can you do something for her?" Mr. HardHat startled me out of my stupor.

"Oh, uh, yes. I should be able to..." Way to show confidence.

Deep breaths…

Concentrating, I sensed Susan's condition. I could feel the status of her health, the life fading from her as the affliction drained her. It was as bad as it looked. She wouldn't last terribly long. Medicine would even have trouble getting her healthy again.

But I could save her! I felt that as strongly as I felt her illness in that moment.

Pooling my energy to the surface, I began to chant.

"Purify that which subdues the mind and weakens the body."

Motes of bright white lights sprang from me, filling the room with a soft glow. They danced around like magic fireflies, swirling around us in a slow vortex.


The lights swam to Susan, until she radiated with healing lights. Her body convulsed in response, as it rejected the unwelcomed cells. Her skin became darker, livelier. The bruises and sores faded and her breathing normalized.

It worked!

I sensed her again, noting that the affliction was gone. Her health wasn't being drained anymore, though it was still low and she still looked weak.

Tapping into the same energy, I began another chant: "Bask in the light of rejuvenation. Cure!"

More lights sprang forth. More lights flickered into Susan. Strength began to return to her and her eyes slowly flickered open.

"Magic," was the first words she said, childish wonder in her voice. It wasn't hard to see why, with such wondrous lights floating around her. Still, I struggled not to blush as I continued channelling energy.

I'd barely finished my spell before Mr. HardHat rushed to his daughter and hugged her fiercely. "Susan, you're ok! I was so worried."

Susan didn't seem to know what to do, and so just hugged him back. It was really touching, even if I did feel out of place standing off to the side and watching.

They spent a long time just hugging. It made me feel like a jerk when I coughed to get their attention.

"Sorry," I said softly. "But, I was hoping you could pay the money you listed on your post."

Even though the money was promised for a healing, and even though Mr. HardHat happily handed me five grand in cash, I still felt guilty about accepting it.

A part of me felt that a hero should do this for free. That saving a person's life for money was wrong. As if being paid cheapened the act itself. That it made me a bad person.

But I needed this money. So did Dad.

As I left the house, I once again saw their meager living space. Their limited stock of food. The wear and tear their house had suffered through.

I guess I don't need all of it, I thought. Before I exited the door, I left 4 of the 5 grand I'd been handed behind.

They could use it more than me.

I was a Hero, after all.


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Topic: Please Heal My Daughter, Panacea

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(Original Poster)

Posted on February 9th, 2011:

Please Panacea!

My daughter is really sick. The doctor's say its cancer - Leukemia.

The treatment is too expensive. We don't have insurance and could only scrape together 5 grand for medical costs.

It's yours if you heal her. You can find us Here.

Please, you have to help us! She's just a kid.

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HardHat (Original Poster)

(Replied on February 11th, 2011)

Susan is doing well.

Thank you, White Mage.


(Replied on February 11th, 2011)

Wait, White Mage?

What does that mean?