The Duke patriarch was feeding the chickens when Rosco arrived. It was the day after they had though Bo and Luke died, after the General Lee had crashed into the pond.

"Hello, Sheriff." Jesse said, not like they were friends.

Because they weren't. Rosco thought. Not anymore. Ever since everything with his brother. Then to make matters worse he befriended Boss Hogg.

Jesse had to understand he had no choice. He had had no choice on a lot of things. He had lost almost everything and Boss gave him a chance. In exchange for his loyalty, position as Sheriff, and to ensure his sister had a nice home. Rosco could have lost his own home, and he, mama and Lulu would have been out on the streets if it weren't for Boss. Rosco had worked hard to take care of them, to provide for his family.

Rosco had followed the straight and narrow path. When he tried to do the right thing, he'd just got knocked down, over, over and over again. Till he had gotten a bit more calloused. Being betrayed by his best friend and used by the woman he loved, made him somewhat bitter. When he had lost his pension that had been the last straw. No more playing by the book. Boss encouraged him that he could get back what the county took. They had bonded over their dislike for the Dukes. But even Rosco knew when too far was too far.

He had to tell Jesse that.


"Get in there, Maudette." He yelled at the lagging chicken. Some of them had flocked over to Rosco.

"Jesse." He shook his leg to get them to back away.

Jesse hid his smirk.

" I came here to tell you I didn't have nothing to do with framing those boys for that watch."

Jesse took a moment, placing the bucket inside the door. "I know that, Rosco."

"It made me think of Joe and Lea..." Joe and Lea Duke, Daisy's parents. They had died in a car crash when Daisy was six. Rosco had been chasing them that day. No one knew that he had been there, apart from Jesse. No one knew exactly how it happened. Lea Duke had been driving and somehow lost control of the wheel. A lumber truck had hit them, sending their car rolling into a ditch. Rosco had felt guilty about it ever since. But Jesse had tried to forgive him. Rosco had been close to the Duke family once. A Duke had lied to him one too many times and he had blamed it on all Dukes and had cut off their friendship. It had hurt Jesse worse when Rosco decided to become friends with his sworn enemy and own former friend, J.D. Hogg.

Jesse looked at the house. He saw the curtains being drawn closed. "Not here."

Rosco nodded. "Jesse, I just want things to be alright between us."

"They are, Rosco."

Rosco wasn't convinced.

After Rosco pulled out of the drive, Daisy came out of the house.

"What was Rosco here for? If he was here to give them another ticked especially after..."

"No. He just wanted to talk."

"He never used to be like that. What happened to him, Uncle Jesse?" There was genuine concern in her voice. Jesse put his arm around her shoulders.

"Life happened darlin. Sometimes it changes people for the better, sometimes it changes them for the worst." Life and a broken heart. Jesse pulled her close. "Come on, let's go inside."