Cuddlebug's Theme

Cuddlebug, Cuddlebug.

Beats up bad guys, and likes hugs.

Summons wings, and some claws.

Stops the people who break the laws.

Look out!

There goes the Cuddlebug!

Are they strong? Listen here.

They're genetically engineered!

Can they glide, through the sky?

Take a look way up high!

Hey there!

There goes the Cuddlebug!

In the afternoon,

When trouble is near.

She will be there soon.

So friends, never fear!

Cuddlebug, Cuddlebug,

Friendly Neighborhood Cuddlebug.

Fun and Friends,

She adores,

Heroism's its own reward!

To her, life is a great big something,

something something something

You'll find the Cuddlebug!

Vista looked up from the sheet of paper and looked up to Cuddlebug, who was standing next to her, waiting for her opinion.

"We kind of ran out of steam at the end," she admitted sheepishly. "Fitting lyrics to a melody is hard." There was no melody or sheet music on the paper, but Vista didn't point that out.

"What I think," Vista said, "honestly? I think that if Image or Marketing finds out you're thinking about theme songs, that I will have to kill you."