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This is my favourite anime of this season (other than AoT), so I wanted to try writing something for it


Honestly, what the hell was he even doing?

Eiji could feel his body physically shake as he held his cell phone up to his ear while cold sweat began to trail down his face.

'I'm already in this in,' He thought with determination, though his chest felt tight as his phone rang as his call finally connected, 'Just how much more dangerous could it be to possibly get in touch with the most powerful Yakuza in Japan?'

Of course, he had felt sympathy for his cousin, Houjo Aki, when he had confided in him that his high-school love interest (and love interest to this very day) had somehow fallen in with said Yakuza, but Eiji had never really understood until now.

Still, he felt bad he was using Houjo's love for this 'Higurashi Kagome', but he needed all the help he could get for Ash and his own fight.

'And there's no way I can tell Ibe-san I'm doing this,' Eiji thought grimly, sighing as he waited for Houjo to pick up, 'Even using the word 'Yakuza' back in Japan and everyone instantly knows who you are talking about...'

The specific crime syndicate did not have an official name, but the unofficial name (for some strange reason) was 'Shiro Inu' or 'White Dogs', though whomever called this particular Yakuza group that name usually ended up slaughtered by high-end assassins...

'Please, Aki-san,' Eiji prayed, having took the time difference and Houjo's medical schooling in account, 'Please, pick up.'

"Moshi moshi?"

"Ah, Aki-san!" Eiji greeted happily, "It's me, Eiji!" He fell back in his chair in relief, just glad that his cousin had picked up at all.

"Eiji-san?" Houjo sounded a bit confused, "Aren't you in New York right now? Isn't it really early there right now?" He asked in concern, "Is everything all right?"

"I'm okay," Eiji quickly waved off, licking his lips nervously, "I know this might sound strange, but are you still in touch with Higurashi-san?" His heart plummeted when Houjo went silent for an eerie moment, "Aki-san? Are you still there?"

"I... do have her cell phone number," Houjo suddenly sounded hoarse, "Why are you asking, Eiji-san?" His voice seemed rather depressed, "I don't think you two ever met before?"

"I..." Eiji thought about lying, perhaps about writing a story on the Yakuza, but he doubted that Houjo would buy into it, "I need her help," He admitted, "And you're the only one I know who can get into contact with any one of 'those' members."

"Do you know what you're asking me?!" Houjo raised his voice almost hysterically, "Higurashi is the same girl I love, yes, and she even said that I was an irreplaceable friend, but she's technically a criminal!"

"I know it's a lot to ask, but I'm in a bit of a dangerous situation myself," Eiji smiled a bit, "I understand if you can't do it," He slumped in disappointment when Houjo when silent again, "I'm sorry to have bothered with you with this, Aki-san."

"I– I'll give her your number," Houjo sounded tired, "It's up to her to call you back," He said with a sigh, "Please, just be careful with whatever you have gotten into, Eiji-san."

"Thank you, thank you so much!" Eiji gasped with happiness, "I promise I'll repay you back somehow, Aki-san!" With that, the two cousins said their goodbyes and Eiji could not help the wide grin that crossed his face.

Now, he could only wait.


"You're calling this kid?"

Kagome glanced back at skeptic green eyes and smiled, "I received a call from Houjo-kun and he requested me to," She replied, causing Shippou to raise a brow, "I rarely get calls from Houjo-kun anymore."

"Can't blame the boy," Shippou shrugged, "He's in medical school. It wouldn't look good for him to associate with the likes of us," The Kitsune huffed, "I don't see the point of you even keeping in contact with him."

"I may not have liked him the same way he liked me," Kagome began to dial the number Houjo gave her, "But he did try to help me in his own way during my 'sick' days. And he never once avoided me during those days either. I will always consider him my friend, even if he no longer considers me one."

"Ah, you're too warm-hearted for this life," Shippou sniffed dramatically, "Still, sending you out just to deal with some small time Mafia in New York? What a waste on our part." He muttered.

Kagome smiled again as her phone rang and it was quickly picked up in record time, "Okumura Eiji-san?" She asked politely.

"Yes!" The male on the other swiftly greeted, "Is this Higurashi Kagome-san?" He asked, sounding extremely hopeful.

"I understand that you requested my help in something?" She tilted her head, "Through someone named Houjo Aki?"

"Yes," Eiji answered, "He's my cousin," He stated, "I know it's a lot to ask, but–"

"Then say no more," Kagome interrupted, her eyes flashing, "If Houjo-kun is your family, then I would be happy to help you."

"Really?!" Eiji gasped, "Thank you so much, Higurashi-san! Even if it takes me my whole life, I will repay my debt to you somehow!"

"I'm sure there's no need for that," Kagome murmured, "I will meet you in New York City as swiftly as I can get there." With that, she hung up without another word.

"Sesshoumaru-sama won't be too happy with this, you know," Shippou pointed out, "Especially if you're leaving without telling him first."

"And as you constantly like to say, Onii-san seemingly has a soft spot for me," Kagome shrugged, "Though I don't agree with that," She patted Shippou on the shoulder, "I doubt this will take long." She moved past the redhead to start her packing as Shippou closed his eyes in frustration.

"I really hope so."