Goodbye Isn't Forever: Donna Sheridan

It was time for them to let go. Time to say goodbye to a mother, a friend, and a wife. Goodbye to an all around wonderful and amazing person. One that was loved by so many people.

Not one person in her family— or anybody else on the island, wanted to see Donna take her last breath. But it was her time to go.

Donna was surrounded by her family; Sam, Sophie and Sky, Bill and Harry, along with the Dynamos. They all talked about the good times they had together, even laughed about them too.

When they had finished saying their goodbyes, she had finally taken her last breath.

Every one of them, knew that this goodbye was only temporary.

One day, they would all see her again and until that day came, they would remember what an amazing person she was.

Goodbye isn't forever, it's only temporary, until we're all called home.