Chapter 4

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Tony shifts as his eyes flutter open yet again due to the rumbling of thunder from outside of the apartment. He could hardly keep his eyes closed for a mere minute before more thunder would sound.


He feels discomfort swamp his emotions and sighs loudly.

He couldn't sleep a wink. All he kept thinking about was Ziva and he could not shake her from his mind for anything.

The same storm was still going on and therefore this continued to trouble him. He couldn't stop thinking about what Ziva had told him earlier during the night. He was still trying to comprehend that she had divulged something so personal and so important to her.

She had opened up to him and he still didn't quite know what to think of it. Why would she open up to someone like him? And for what?

Whatever the reason, he didn't exactly care and he honestly didn't even want to know. All he cared about was that she had chosen to tell him.

The Senior Special Agent turns his head slowly so that he is looking towards the direction of his partner's bedroom now.

Maybe... she's awake too? His mind begins throwing false hopes into the air. Within seconds though, he frowns at his optimistic thinking.

He couldn't just get up and go wake her; It was past midnight already! Besides, what would be his explanation for waking her at this hour? All he simply wanted to do was to see her and talk with her again.

...What kind of man did that? Who wakes someone up just because they want to constantly be with them?

Me. I guess. Tony brings a hand to his tired face and pinches the bridge of his nose. He seriously could not just walk straight into Ziva's bedroom and wake her. Heck, she'd probably kill him for doing such a ridiculous act!

Plus, he also couldn't get up from off of the couch- which was his designated sleeping spot for the night... Ziva had specifically told him that he wasn't aloud into her bedroom.

He groans to himself and exhales again.

But all he wanted to do was check on her? Was that a crime? No.

Come on... That's all I want. Nothing more... He tries to convince himself that it would be a good idea to go check up on her- but he also knew that this would be a major mistake in itself.

Why would someone like Ziva need checking up on in the first place? He was simply trying to make up an excuse to go see her.

DiNozzo... just go back to sleep. She doesn't... want you right now- much less need you.

He attempts to roll over next, his bare skin weighing down on the couch's leather. He had taken his shirt off like he usually did when he went to sleep. He definitely couldn't go into his female co-worker's room looking like this either.

Nothing seemed to aid in his point for going to see her.

Suddenly though, as if pulling him from his ailing thoughts, lightning randomly penetrates throughout the room for a mere second- followed by another dull roar of thunder closely behind.

Tony couldn't help but sit up now as the apartment slightly shakes from the velocity of the thunder. He needed to check on Ziva. What if she were awake? And what if she were still thinking of her sister, Tali?

He sets his jaw as he peers through the darkened living room now- rain pattering on the windows nearby.

He had to see her and he wanted to make sure that she was able to get some sleep throughout this wretched storm.

Heck knows I can't. He thinks to himself with vex before finally going to shove the blankets off of himself. At last, Tony was settling his decision.

He was going to check on his partner- whether it killed him or not. He had to make sure she was asleep and that she wasn't awake during this ongoing storm.

He heaves himself off of the couch; his bare skin already beginning to feel cool without the warm blankets wrapped around himself. He didn't care though.

He then goes to grab his shirt from over the back of the couch and swiftly slips it over his disheveled head. He needed to look presentable in front of his Ninja girl... of course.

Next, he finally begins tip-toeing for Ziva David's bedroom door; a bubbly feeling of excitement instantly claiming his emotions. He couldn't believe he was actually going to do this...

He felt like he was literally heading for the lioness' den.

Everything will be fine. I'll only take a peek? And then I'll be right back on that dang couch. Honest. Tony thinks to himself earnestly.

He approaches the door with enthusiasm gnawing at him.

He plays with his tongue a bit as he slowly goes to crack the door open at last- his hand grasping the doorknob just a bit too eagerly. Gosh did he want to see her. He loved being around her... who could blame him though?

The male agent takes a short breath.

He desperately hoped that he wouldn't disturb or awaken the ninja who might be asleep at this time- before he finally goes to poke his head through the door.

He squints.

It's hard for Tony to immediately see due to the intense darkness of the room- but within moments his eyes adjust, revealing something that he hadn't quite expected to find.

Instead of being asleep underneath the covers, a curly-haired woman was sitting up in her bed- her arms wrapped tightly around her legs and her head already turning towards the direction of the door which beheld her intruder.

Tony is instantly taken aback and blinks as if imagining what he sees. But no, it is true.

Ziva was actually awake- just like him.

The piercing brown eyes are already plastered to his and they don't hold the expression of which Tony thought that they would due to his snooping... Instead, they look rather pleased to see him.

"Tony?" Finally, the Israeli's voice pierces the still silence and Tony feels himself give a half smile at the sound of his name on her lips.

Thank goodness she's awake... He practically gives a small sigh of relief.

"Is that you?" His ninja questions again, this time with a little more force in her tone- as if expecting a direct answer.

At this, DiNozzo slowly steps fully into the room now- his eyes still locked to hers. "Err, yeah. It's uh... It's me, Zi." He goes to scratch the back of his neck out of a hint of awkwardness. "I-I was only... I-" He quickly tries to think of the perfect excuse for being in her room at this time of night- for he had not thought of what he'd say to her if he were actually caught in the act.

Ziva only tips her head- as if still processing that her partner had actually come into her room.

She didn't really know what to think about his presence just yet.

She had truthfully been awake for a while... The thunder had been keeping her up and she had been unable to get her sister out of her mind. Normally she was able to sleep fine during storms... but unfortunately, this storm seemed a little more intense than usual. And it only made things harder for her.

But now... suddenly, here was Tony DiNozzo. In her room.

She couldn't help but almost immediately smile at his familiar figure. She needed to get things out of her head anyhow. What more could she have asked for than her best friend?

Ziva playfully cocks her head to the side as the man in front of her now begins to stammer a bit. She was grateful to see him again. She too had been thinking about going to see him for a little while. But she didn't want to wake him if he were asleep. Thankfully though... it was Tony who had decided to make the move for the two agents.

"You see... I was only..." Tony is still trying to find the right words, and at this point Ziva is now beginning to grin like an idiot. She felt the same sensation a parent would get after catching their child doing something he wasn't supposed to.

Tony continues to ponder hard and fast- even though by now he knew that he had already blown it.

Come on, think! He fiddles with his hands a bit and grunts.

"I was... hungry." The male agent finally states his reason for being in Miss Ziva David's room- and instantly he bites his tongue out of regret for such a stupid answer.

Ziva also gains a stupefied look at the incredulous explanation. She raises one eyebrow at the man. "You were hungry? Well, why did you come into my room and not the kitchen?" She almost feels like laughing at the fool who stood before her; his eyes simply gleaming with guilt and frustration for himself.

"I-I... I couldn't see very well. It's so dark. You know, night time." DiNozzo practically chuckles now before finally giving in. "Ahh forget it. I... I wanted to come see you."

At these words, Ziva instantly feels a fondness edge into her emotions and she smiles to herself. She had been waiting for him to admit it and she liked hearing his actual reason for being here.

She then happily beckons to the man before going to sit cross-legged on her bed. "Well, you are very sweet Tony. I do not mind you coming to see me at all." She admits; and this also gains a lighthearted look from Tony in turn.

He almost even feels taken aback.

It surprised him that she wasn't angry with him or something.

"Oh. Well, I'm just glad you actually wanted to see me." He takes a seat on her bed and continues to hold his smile on her. "I actually couldn't sleep very well. And no, it wasn't because of your couch. I honestly like your couch." He gives a laugh and Ziva nods understandingly.

"Yes, I um... I could not really sleep either." She lowers her gaze towards her hands next and almost suppresses an exhale. She didn't like coming out with things like this.

Tony however only blinks at his partner through the darkness. He feels like reaching out to touch her arm or something... but he doesn't. He remains where he is and just continues watching the attractive woman before him.

Suddenly though, more lightning enhances the room; and instantly the two agents look to each other and lock eyes again.

Tony swallows hard and takes this chance to speak again- not wanting any silence to fall between them.

He shifts and almost furrows his eyebrows to what he was about to literally ask her next though...

"So uh... Ziva do you mind if I like..." He pauses for a short moment, "Could I perhaps..." He pauses again, and this time Ziva looks to him with persistence.

"What is it?" She questions willfully- her eyes slightly averting for her bedroom window.

Tony feels his mouth only run dry. Why was he having such a hard time getting his words out?

At least I can try and ask her? Maybe she'd even say yes?

There was one question that had been swamping his mind ever since he came into her room... it was now time to ask it.

He exhales. "I-I just wanted to know if...", more lightning flashes throughout the room, "Could I maybe stay... In here? With you?" He couldn't help himself any longer. He needed to know. And he wanted to be with her. He didn't want to have to go back out into the living room area and back onto the couch alone. He wanted to be beside his partner- beside his best friend.

Ziva only stares at the sanguine man with quaint astonishment. Did he really just ask to stay with her? In her room?

Disbelief perplexes her emotions. How on earth did simple Movie Night escalate to this?

She goes to run a hand through her hair and sighs. "Tony... I..." She hesitates on turning him down. She didn't want to just crush his hopes and simply disappoint him.

She actually... sort of liked the idea of him staying with her. Besides... they both couldn't sleep anyhow. Maybe they'd fall asleep faster together?

Wait. Hold up. What should I do? What do I even say...? Do I just casually say... yes? Ziva's head churns on the pros and cons of the situation at hand. What could go wrong?

I know this man. He is my partner. Why would he try to pull something on me? She furrows her brow. She knew Tony was not the man to just want to take advantage of the situation. She trusted him and she knew he was being honest about wanting to simply be with her. It was actually really sweet, and almost flattering for him to be asking so delicately.

She looks back to the awaiting agent one last time- his green eyes pleading with sincerity.

Ziva... hopefully you will not regret this. She finally makes her mind up and puckers her lips thoughtfully. "Perhaps."

At this one word, a spontaneous jolt of liveliness fills Tony DiNozzo's face and he beams happily.

"Really? You'd really let me stay?" He almost felt like this were too good to be true. Maybe he was actually dreaming?

Nonetheless, as if to answer his question, Ziva slowly begins moving back towards her pillows before sliding under the sheets- her expression rather unsure yet pensive. "Just this one time..." She crosses her arms.

Tony only watches her and stiffens a bit. He still didn't know what to think! Was he really going to... sleep with her?

Beside her. Sleep beside her. He hurriedly corrects himself as Ziva finally gives another beckon towards the spot next to her.

Tony only blinks.

His mind was already leaping with so many thankful and rather enthusiastic thoughts. He didn't know what to say- much less do.

"Ziva... Are you sure?" He feels his mouth go rather dry as he starts to climb into the bed next to her- his arm brushing against hers rather instantaneously.

The dark-haired woman only turns and places a hand on his face to pat his cheek. "Tony. I am trusting you." She gives him a seriously dangerous look before going to loosen another small smile at him. "Besides, I am fine with it. I have done it before." She sends him a teasing expression before settling into the bed more.

This however only sort of peeves Tony. He frowns and quickly goes to ignore her innuendo of sleeping with other men. He knew she had slept with other men before! He wasn't dumb!?

Bet they weren't her best friend AND partner though... He pridefully thinks to himself with a winning thought.

He starts to pull some of the sheets over himself next and it is then when he suddenly realizes that he usually takes his shirt off at about this time...

He hardly ever slept with a shirt on anymore.

Uhh, perhaps I should just leave it on for tonight. Don't want to make her uncomfortable or anything. He then just settles in next to his ninja girl- and yet, immediately something sweet and intoxicating hits his nose.

Tony practically double-takes.

Her scent. The amazing smell of Ziva David begins suffocating him as he tries to arrange himself within her bed.

It smelled exactly like her; everything from the sheets to the pillows- and it was one of his most favorite scents. Her smell had always been so inviting and familiar and it made him want to grab at something with his hands.

Geez. How hard can this get? I seriously need to calm down. He tells himself forcefully.

He then exhales dramatically and tries to focus his senses on other things but... How could he? He was sleeping right next to his amazingly stunning partner and her scent was killing him!

Ziva now suddenly turns and gives the distressed man a look before coming to lay on her side that would face him. "Something wrong?" She almost speaks with a tauntingly playful tone- for she knew that Tony was overly-excited about sleeping with her. She actually was enjoying it as well- for she had already forgotten about the thunder noises.

She gives him a devious smirk as she awaits his answer.

DiNozzo only coolly shakes his head though. He was trying desperately to not get sucked into her little game again.

"Uh.. Nope. Everything is just peachy." He attempts a grin but he really couldn't take it. He felt like touching her again- like when he had been watching the movie with her earlier.

Those very same urges were nagging at him again- and ever so furiously.

Ziva notices the struggle within Tony's voice tone and only smirks harder. "Hmm... I thought you had said you were hungry earlier, yes?" She tantalizes him with a seductive expression and now DiNozzo is at a loss for words. Was she wanting for him to touch her? Was that it?

He licks his lips slowly and tries to reply with a, "I was kidding."

Ziva doesn't buy it though. She only chuckles- her exotic accent causing for her to sound all the more irresistible and Tony feels like melting before her.

Ziva beams and admires her impact on her partner. She liked messing with him. Oh, she did.

The crafty Israeli then quickly gains a mischievous idea and randomly goes to move her leg up so that she slightly grazes her knee over her partner's lower abdomen area. This instantly jolts Tony's senses to life and he almost retracts a bit.

This gets another laugh from Ziva- satisfaction claiming her emotions.

Tony only looks at her with incredulity. "You naughty girl..." He flashes her a disbelieving and wicked grin; her erotic little self simply driving him insane.

Suddenly though, the apartment starts to shake again from the force of the storm from outside- and immediately Ziva stops with her teasing and looks to the windows again.

Tony, who is still suffering from his urges to touch on the beautiful woman, only follows her gaze before going to shift into a more comfortable position. He couldn't believe that she had 'brought her knee' to his personal manhood area just then.

Well two can play at that game! He thinks to himself haughtily. He is about to sneak a hand over for Ziva's waistline when he abruptly stops himself.

His ninja-girl was still looking towards the windows and her mood and expression already seemed rather different. She was no longer playful.

Tony blinks at her with a quick change of heart. She was thinking about the storm again.

Instant compassion takes hold of him and he observes the female agent before taking this time to inch closer towards her within the queen sized bed; their bodies entirely touching now.

He tries to reach for her out of comfort, and rapidly the Israeli only sends him a threatening look in return. "Ahem! Tony. You are too close to me." She nearly snaps her words out at him, but this doesn't affect Tony at all.

He slowly places a tentative hand on her smooth arm and only inches even closer. "Hey," He lowers his voice to a total whisper, "I want to help." He casually gestures towards the windows which still had rain pounding against them.

At this point, a small stillness falls between the two agents before finally Ziva concedes and blinks at the man thoughtfully. "I am fine." She assures him one last time. "I do not want for you to think that I am-" But Tony cuts her off with a slight narrow of his eyes. "No. I don't think you're afraid of storms. I know this already."

Why couldn't she understand that all he wanted to do was to be there for her?

And it is then when he goes to fully wrap his arms around his partner; her lithe frame fitting perfectly against his bulkier self. He couldn't help it. He couldn't restrain himself any longer.

Ziva only quickens her breathing and almost even jerks away from the sudden act of affection from Tony; She gapes in quaint disbelief at what was even happening to her...

She feels instant discomfort fly at her with alarming speed- but in the end, she does not pull away from her trusted friend. She only stiffens- letting his arms stay around her.

She didn't want to push him away.

On the other hand, a million thoughts were running through Tony DiNozzo's head. He tightens his hold on the woman within his arms now and almost melts from what he was exactly getting to do. He actually couldn't believe he had made such a move.

S-She's not.. pushing me away. He couldn't grasp the moment in total.

He enjoyed being there for Ziva. He really liked her and wanted for her to completely trust him. He wanted to be the guy she came to whenever she wasn't feeling too great. He wanted to be the guy that she sincerely depended on.

He wanted to be that guy.

Ziva tries to slowly calm herself and attempts to relax her body against Tony's. She could feel his heartbeat pounding rather fast and this made her feel almost tranquil.

She strives to speak. "T-Tony..." She almost pushes on his chest but his grip only tightens around her more. Tony was practically feeling as unsure about their positions as she was- but he tried to keep his cool on.

Within the next moment however, finally Tony decides to loosen his hold and retreats a bit- his mind swimming with explanations for her.

What had he even done? How was he going to explain himself?

He opens his mouth to speak but nothing comes out...

Ziva instantly turns and looks into his uncertain eyes; both of their minds wrapping around what had just taken place.

Tony finally only frowns at himself before meeting her gaze. "Sorry." He mutters; the rainfall rhythmically sounding from outside.

Ziva in turn simply blinks. She hadn't let someone to do that to her in forever. She had almost forgotten what it was like to be held...

She didn't know how to feel exactly.

But she did know one thing; she had truly made the right decision in telling Tony of her dislike for thunder. Finally she was no longer alone with her traumatizing thoughts. And she was glad that her explanation didn't lower Tony's respect levels for her in any way.

She continues simply staring at her most treasured friend as he tries to repeat himself again. "Sorry..." He goes to lower his head- as if he had completely overstepped his boundaries.

Ziva however only goes to place a hand on the Senior Agent's chest. He looks to her and she cracks a small appreciative smile at her partner. "Do not be."

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