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Chapter 2: You're A Movie

After Sam finished cleaning off the fictional cemetery dirt that was strangely real he sat down with Dean to make plans for the fictional vampires that would soon be joining them if the angel wasn't tricking them, which was a possibility, but Sam figured instead of punking them it would be more entertaining to actually do what he said he was going to do.

"So, I figured I could google some info about the movie given that we both haven't seen it in a while," Sam tells his brother who was cleaning up glass from the broken tv screen.

"Sounds good," Dean tells him only half listening.

"Right then I'll get on that but after we decide are we going to try and kill them despite being warned about a consequence or are we going to try and return them to their movie?"

Dean nods, "Sure let's do that."

The younger Winchester's eye twitches, "Which one?"

His older brother finally looks over, "Which one what?"

Sam sighs, "Are we going to try to kill them and damn the consequences or are we going to put them back into their movie?"

"They're monsters, Sam. We hunt monsters, end of story." He says throwing the last of the glass into the bin by the door. "They're fictional Dean, they haven't actually hurt anyone."

"Yet and I'm not going to give them the chance."

Sam looks uncomfortable but nods, "Alright we try and if things backfire?"

"We deal with it," Dean says firmly.

"Alright but on the off chance that we really can't kill them what's the plan then?" His younger brother asks, and Dean runs a hand through his hair, "I don't know Sam why don't you figure that part out, I've got an angel to call and a shower to take."

"Angel, you mean Cas?"

Dean nods, "Yeah I called him when you went missing and then we got disconnected when our friendly trickster angel highjacked the tv."

Sam's eyes glance at the broken tv at those words before making their way back to Dean, "About the tv-"

"A problem for another day," Dean says as he grabs his cell phone off the bed closest to the door and walks out leaving the younger of the two to open his laptop and see the info on the haunting he was looking into only a few hours ago but it felt like much longer what with him spending nearly a whole night in a movie.

Sam minimizes it and decides to ask Dean about the case when he comes back from his phone call. Until then he's got a movie to look up, he googles it and reads for a bit before deciding the quicker way to be up to speed was to just rent it and watch it as it was only just after five, so he had enough time.

He found it easily and bought it and waited for Dean to come back only to still be waiting ten minutes later, "How long does it take to make a phone call?" He huffs before getting up and going to the door this time he's more cautious as he opens it and peaks out before fully pushing it open and peering around.

The Impala was gone, and Dean wasn't around either, Sam closes the door and pulls his phone out of his back pocket to call him. He answers after the second ring, "Hey Sammy I thought I'd go grab us some dinner and some pie, I think I deserve some pie it's been one of those days."

Sam rolls his eyes, "Couldn't have told me before taking off?"

"I figured you'd be balls deep into your computer stuff and wouldn't notice." Dean tells him truthfully, "Well I'm not, I rented the movie, so we could watch it before nightfall."

"Start it without me I'll start from wherever it's at when I get back."

Sam sighs, "And interrupt the movie asking what you missed, I'll wait just get back here soon we don't know what time Gabriel will send them here."

"Sure." Dean says and hangs up, "Bye to you to jerk." Sam sets the phone on the table and starts the movie just in case his brother decides to stay out longer just because he can if he gets back in a decent time the younger Winchester figures he'll just restart it.

About thirty minutes into the movie Dean returns and Sam pauses it to greet his older brother and get whatever meal the other hunter decided to buy, no doubt something unhealthy and greasy.

"Where's yours?" Sam asks taking his dinner, "Ate it there but I brought the pie." He holds up said pie and Sam rolls his eyes, "Okay get over here with it so we can watch the movie."

Dean does, and the pies gone in less than ten minutes and then he stands up and heads for the bathroom but not before grabbing his gun that he'd brought in with their dinner, "Really you're not going to even try to watch it?" Dean shrugs, "You'll fill me in if it's important, thanks for taking the bullet, Sammy."

He glares after his retreating brother before calling out, "Did you at least finish the case while I was gone?"

Dean shudders and calls through the door, "Yes all the more reason for the shower."

"What?" Sam says to himself before his curiosity made him ask it loud enough for Dean to hear, "…Underwear." Dean replies, and his brother asks him to repeat it, "Come on Sammy don't make me say it again! No one should be that attached to their underwear! Talk to you later, shower now."

Sam shakes his head at his older brother's dramatic nature, it was strange yes and kind of gross but hardly the weirdest or grossest thing they'd dealt with.

Turning back to his computer he fast-forwards the movie to the point he was at before Dean arrived since his brother wasn't watching it no need to start back at the beginning.

Forty-five minutes later the film is still playing when out of the corner of his eye four people who were just on his screen appear out of thin air causing him to jump up and grab his gun swinging around and point it at them then out of instinct he calls for Dean.

"They're so eighties!" Caught all of the vampires' attention as it was a weird statement to make given that it was the eighties to them, but Marko is the first one to catch sight of the tv-like thing on the table behind the taller human. He'd never seen anything like it before and it was far more interesting than the guns the humans were playing within his opinion.

It didn't appear to be plugged up to anything from what he could see strangely enough, so he cocked his head to the side and asked the humans, "Is that a tv?"

Sam nearly cruses to himself seeing the other vampire's eyes gazing toward his computer behind him, he has to glance behind his back to the still playing movie which luckily wasn't turned up very loudly and taking one hand off of the gun the hunter reaches behind himself to hit pause. Only unfortunately for him David and Dwayne to notice something even more peculiar.

They were on the screen. Or at least David was, he looked to be fighting someone? Both wondered to themselves how did they capture the vampire on film? From what David could see he seemed to be flying so them getting that angle was also peaking his curiosity.

The human whose name wasn't Dean blocked their view again after pausing it, but they saw enough to be suspicious and curious about the whole thing and the smaller human who was probably named Dean seemed to notice this, "Yeah sorry to tell you guys but you're not real, you're a movie." He didn't sound sorry at all and the vampires weren't sure if he was joking or not but by the tone of voice and steady beat of his heart as well as his controlled breathing, still what he'd said made no sense to the vampires.

So Paul looked dumbfounded, Marko laughed thinking he was joking, Dwayne was suddenly thoughtful, but David's expression was blank Sam noticed and was wondering what his brother was thinking telling them that, it was never a good thing to tell something it was fake if it didn't know it and from their reactions they didn't know. Dean's next action proved to the younger brother that he was in fact not thinking.

Without warning, Dean fired the gun straight at the one in the middle, the bleach-blonde mullet-haired leader who the older Winchester didn't recall the name of but knew he was in charge and the one that he should take out first.

Only the wooden bullet didn't fly out as it should it changed course like something out of a cartoon, "Son of a bitch!" Dean yelled, and everyone stood frozen and confused as the bullet had hit Dean in the leg, his thigh precisely and his demi jeans were quickly being stained with his blood.

"Dean!" Sam tried to make sure he was alright while also keeping his eye on the vampires for any sudden movements.

Marko had stopped laughing when the gun went off and besides the obvious 'what the hell?' expressions on their faces they were all showing other expressions as well, Paul was then the one to burst out laughing at the human's pain but Dwayne and David weren't amused.

Marko asked what they both realized already, "Was that a wooden bullet?"

Paul stopped laughing then, "A what?" He'd never heard of such a thing so the rocker vampire was confused as he scanned his pack's faces for an answer.

"They're hunters," David told his boys while glaring at the two in front of him. Paul knew about hunters but wooden bullets? That was a foreign concept as well as an unpleasant one so he joined in on the dark looks the humans were receiving from his fellow vampires.

Dean was angry and cursing someone by the name of Gabriel while trying to ignore the new hole in his leg but all the while he remained pointing the weapon at the vampires, "Dean… this is probably what he meant." Sam tells his brother only to be glared at in return.

"Really, you think?" His brother hissed before his gaze turned back to the vampire leader who smirks and says, "Looks like it's our move now."

David and the boys had no idea how they came to be here or why the bullet flew like that, but those questions could be asked later, for now, they had a couple of humans to kill.

Marko smirked at his leader's words and his face was the first to shift, the others followed.

"Wow, that's fugly," Dean mutters as he moves his gun to point at the smallest one, Marko.

Marko charges ahead first and the others are quick to join in.

Another gunshot goes off and glass shatters as the light fixture is hit leaving the room in darkness aside from the red glow from the computer screen which is frozen on David and another vampire fighting.

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