Flicker was getting annoyed. Being an independant hero was hard work with no benefits aside from feeling good about yourself for a job well done. That and she couldn't exactly go home. There were still more people to save, people who didn't have heroes to save them. People like her, who suffer while the so called Heroes of theProtectorate do nothing.

Quickly adjusting her cheap mask that represented comedy and tragedy, Flicker went along on her patrol. It mostly involved walking on the rooftops with the occasional teleport. Patrols...have gotten kinda interesting. The Merchants kept themselves holed up in the area near Squealer's lab (though some dealers would try to expand every once in a while), the ABB were licking their wounds from the ass-whooping that the Ascendancy gave them, and the Empire seemed happy to watch from the sidelines while continuing their own businesses. Flicker liked it this way.

Eventually, the sound of voices took Flicker out of her thoughts. Looking down the alley she was close to, Flicker took her bat out. Sounded like some skinheads wanted to get their asses beat.

"I-I don't have any money!"

Ignoring the bangers reply, Flicker teleported a bit closer. Two skinheads were harassing a lone black male. Really? No sane colored person would walk through Empire territory at night. Still, it was Flicker's duty as a hero to save the idiot!

"Fools! How dare you menace an innocent bystander! Fear me, for I am your wrath, I am the night, I am FLICKKKKKKKKKERRRRR." With a battle cry, Flicker snapped her fingers, teleported behind one of the bangers and kicked him hard in the crotch. Before finishing him off with a smack to the face with her bat. Huzzah! She was amazing.

"What the hell?" The other banger quickly turned around, only to find that Flicker was gone. Flicker smirked as she kept teleporting, her fingers were gonna hurt later from all the snapping, around him before jumping on his back screaming. The would be victim having run off as soon as she arrived, Flicker felt a bit disappointed that she didn't have an audience for the wonderful show she was putting on.

"Get off me bitch." The skinhead shouted as he grabbed hold of her arms and threw her off. Feeling her body teleport before she hit the ground, Flicker was ready to throw another attack when she heard the of a gunshot and a car skidding to a stop.

Gasping, Flicker stared at the skinhead, in his hand he held a small gun. Before she could make her next move, another gun fired. With a bang, the skinhead fell to the ground screaming.

"You stupid cunt." Screamed the thug. Another gunshot silenced him. Flicker smirked again, until she realized she wasn't alone. Before she could make her escape, Flicker heard a voice.

"Bravo." A figure exited the car. Dressed in a grey uniform and a simple mask with a bird singing, Flicker prepared herself for another performance.

"Excellent job." The figure said as she walked towards Flicker. "A wonderful performance."

Flicker dropped her stance as she smiled. An admirer? Fantastic!

"Why thank you!" Flicker did an overdramatic bow. She loved meeting her fans. Another figure exited the car, in his hands was a smoking gun. Flicker's eyes widened upon realizing it was the would be victim.

"We apologize for ruining your most spectacular performance, but I absolutely had to meet the famous Flicker." The Cape with the bird mask said. Flicker couldn't keep her smile off of her face. Finally someone who appreciated her!

"Oh silly me. I forgot to introduce myself. I am Nightswan." Nightswan said with a wave of her grey cap.

"A pleasure to meet you Ms. Nightswan. I always enjoy meeting with the fans of my work." Flicker said enthusiastically. Yay! She made a new friend!

"My Boss is also a big fan of yourself Ms. Flicker. In fact, she would be delighted to meet you and offer you employment!" Nightswan continued. Employment? "She knows that you refuse to work with the self-righteous fake heroes that work for Protectorate who refuse to help the common people."

This was getting interesting.

"You have my interest Ms. Nightswan! Who do you work for?" Flicker replied happily. Maybe now she could get the chance to become a true hero and show off her performances to the world!

"I would be surprised if you had heard of them." Nightswan chirped as she motioned her friend to return to the car. Motioning Flicker closer, Nightswan leaned in and whispered into Flicker's ear.

"I work for the true heroes of Brockton Bay." Nightswan whispered softly. This piqued Flicker's interest.

"The Ascendancy."

Flicker didn't know it yet, but her chance to finally become a true hero was closer than she thought.

Director Piggot POV

"Brockton Bay is tearing itself apart. Under Director Piggot's supervision, she has allowed numerous gangs to rule this town for decades. Now she's allowing this new group calling themselves 'The Ascendancy', a group of wannabe vigilantes, to run free all around the city? I propose that the PRT launch an investiga-"

Emily snarled as she turned the tv off. That wonderful piece was being runned on every news channel that was local to Brockton Bay. Of course it made her furious that Thrawn was basically running around town shooting anything that was covered in gang colors, but she had a limited amount of resources. The Youth Guard would throw a fit about child soldiers if she threw the Wards at every conflict, the Empire by themselves outnumber them even with the Wards, Lung can fight off everyone in the city, and now this Thrawn thinks she can run circles around them. Especially with all of the propaganda the Ascendancy had been throwing out on PHO.

Emily glared at the folder that held all of the information they had about her. Naturally, they had classified her as a thinker 7, with a possible tinker 1, but now Armsmaster had come up with some of his own theories. Apparently, he believes that she has some sort of shaker ability, one that boosted the synergy or skills on those acting under her orders. If he was right, then they needed reinforcements if they wanted to restore peace.

Thankfully, a request to Chief Director Costa-Brown was approved. A member of the Protectorate, along with a new Ward were being assigned to Brockton Bay. Legend himself was coming temporarily. Officially, he was here for a training exercise, unofficially he was going to act as a deterrent until they could have a foolproof plan to restore the peace in place.

Looking at the bottle of whiskey that was hidden in her cabinet, Emily sighed and picked up her phone.

"Renick. Call a meeting, if Thrawn thinks I'm going to allow her to have this much free reign she is sorely mistaken."

"Of course. Are you ok Emily? I just saw the news." Barry said. Emily ground her teeth and answered him.

"I'm fine. Just do it."

If Thrawn wanted to have a war, then a war she was going to get and Emily wasn't planning on losing.


Damn this was a hard one to write. It's not my favorite chapter, but I can feel writers block forming again so I forced myself to write.

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