A/N Chapter 4 is being a bit delayed so here is this omake as an apology. Didn't really try hard on this one, I just wrote what came to mind on my phone. So it's not my best work and expect mistakes!! This is not canon.

Lisa was having the time of her life. It has been over a month since the Ascendancy assault on all of Coil's bases, and life was going pretty good for once. It had taken her a while to get used to not being paranoid around her boss. Until today. Lisa was in her room going over some reports when someone started knocking at her door. When she opened it, a young woman was standing at the door.

She was dressed in the black uniform of the Ascendancy stormtrooper division. Uniform is still pristine. Not wearing armor. Probably an officer. Standard grunts wear light body armor in the base. The symbol on her cap shows that she's a member of the 7th platoon. Upon seeing Lisa, the stormtrooper saluted her. Lisa let her signature cheshire grin form on her face. It was good being a high ranking member of an organization which won't backstab her within a moment notice.

"At ease." Lisa said and the stormtrooper lowered her arm. She has seen combat. Arm is a bit stiff. Possible stab or gunshot wound. Lisa slapped herself mentally. She didn't need to know this stuff.

"Aristocra Thrawn has requested your presence in her office, ma'am." Lisa looked at the woman's shoulder and nodded. She doesn't know anything else.

"Understood. Dismissed Lieutenant." Lisa replied. She didn't let her confusion kreep into her voice as the Lieutenant turned around and left. Taylor usually came to get her herself. Lisa shrugged and closed the door behind her. She walked down the hallways which she spent the past weeks memorizing. It wasn't that hard for her.

Soon she arrived outside of Taylor's office. Standing outside were two female stormtroopers. Both had the symbol of a chimera on their shoulder signifying their allegiance to Taylor and as members of her personal bodyguard.

Weird, I haven't seen any guys in this part of the base.' Lisa thought. They are guarding something. They have tinker-tech guns at their side. Normal guards use standard firearms. Weapon does not have standard stun all blasters have. Will be shooting to kill. That was useful to know.

Lisa walks up to the guards. Before she could open her mouth they open the door and shove her inside. She growled and turned to look at the locked door. Lisa sighed and turned back around and walked through the second door.

What she saw made her speechless. Taylor was in a bikini posing and not only that but she had a photographer in there. Lisa felt her mouth open before closing. Lisa turned around and tried to leave before realizing the door was locked.

"Hello Lisa. Glad you could join us." Lisa heard Taylor say. She sighed and turned around. Taylor was still posing. The bikini was red in a shade similar to her eyes. Her blue skin made it pop out. She had changed a lot physically since they had first met. Now, Taylor had started to work out and had gained definitions in her arms and legs. In short terms, she was hot.

"Yeah sure. What's this for?" She asked. She couldn't read Taylor as well as she liked. Thrawn's memories interferes with her thinker power. A big reason why she likes talking with Taylor. She could guess stuff by her movements, but not what she's thinking. It was quite refreshing to be honest.

"Shadow Stalker has noticed a lull in recruits and thus offered an idea." Taylor said as she stopped posing and went rummaging in the back of the office. Lisa looked around. To any normal person the office would look messy, but if one paid attention,they would notice a pattern. Posters of hero's on one side, villains on the other with independents and the PRT/Gangs in the back.

Taylor kept speaking. "Particularly in high schools. Therefore he suggested that we make posters that appeal to teenagers.I believe it's what they call 'sexy' these days." Taylor replied as she stopped rummaging and walked into the closet. She walked out seconds later wearing a tank top and her white pants. Lisa paled when she saw what was in her hands.

She was holding a bucket of blue paint in one hand, and a matching bikini in the other. She turned to run, but two security droids grabbed her arm and pulled her to Taylor who was grinning.

"Why so serious?" Taylors accented voice sounded out.


10 minutes later

"Pleaaseee let me wear the blue jumpsuit." Lisa begged as the droids painted her skin blue. She had been forced into the bikini and was in the middle of getting painted. Taylor kept her face straight as she covered Lisa's pale skin blue.

"That would look tacky Lisa. What I am doing is art. Now keep still or I'll get the red contacts." Taylor simply said. Lisa knew that struggling would make it worst so she signed and resigned herself to her faith. Taylor would pay for this later. Lisa glared at the droid behind Taylor that served as a photographer. The droid was obviously trying to not laugh. In some weird way. Freaking C3PO looking self.

Lisa was then down and a green screen was pulled behind her. Taylor nodded satisfied and sat next to the droid.

"This will be out of this world."

All Lisa saw next were bright flashes.

"I hate my life."

The results of the posters occurred quickly. Recruitment has never been higher, though most left after finding out that the Ascendancy is in fact, not a strip club.