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"Music of My Soul"

Part 1

New Year's Day, 2007

"Can't believe they played U2's "New Year's Day" on New Year's Day," says a very smily witch Ginny Weasley, who is more than a bit sloshed after three pints of house beer at a muggle pub called The Globe in the heart of Baker Street, London.

"Ha Ha, Ginny, that's what bands at pubs do, you know," notes Ginny's friend, roommate, and classmate at The King's College, Cressida Granger. Yes, Granger, Cressida happens to be cousins with one Hermione Granger and is as brilliant in studies as her witch relative, though Cressida is few inches taller with straight dark locks.

"Oh right, of course! Anyhow, have to dash off to the girl's room, way too much excitement for me," says Ginny with a wink as she meanders her way through the crowd looking for the restroom. As she spots a path, she nearly bumps into the back of man, as she is about to give her apologies, her train of thought is lost as she spots a shade of blonde hair that she hasn't seen years. To clear her mind, she sizes up the man from to bottom, he is dressed in dark denim jeans and in the band's emblem black hoodie sweatshirt, holding a pint of beer and laughing with a group of people. But nature is knocking at the door, her feet find their to the bathroom.

As she leaves the lavatory area, Ginny happens to spot Cressida, who is now standing by the bar that has an etched profile of the world famous, muggle fictional character, Sherlock Holmes. She walks towards Cressida, with a very confused look on her face, to which leads her friend to remark, "You okay?"

"Yeah, fine. Don't know, it looked like I saw 'ghost of Christmas past' before I hit the loo. I must be more pissed and tired then I thought. Whatever, what's the time? Bet it's really late and gosh, we have an early class tomorrow. Let's head out, yeah? Oh do you want to say ta to Mick?" says a rambling Ginny.

Mick Hanson happens to be the lead singer and founder of his band called the Cover Band and Cressida's boyfriend for the past four years. The Cover Band is one of the top pub bands in London and they tend to play rock music, which Ginny just loves.

"Already did, that's why I was waiting for you here. Hang on, Ginny, what do you mean 'ghost of Christmas past'?" asks Cressida with some concern on her face. Cressida knows a few of Ginny's friends from the Wizarding World and of course the Weasleys who she is related to through marriage.

As both women head towards the pub door to leave, Ginny whispers "Draco Malfoy" to her mate who looks surprised.

"Draco…" Cressida repeats and continues, "Wait isn't he the bloke who used to torment Hermione, Ron and Harry? What's he doing here?" After pondering for a bit, Cressida says "Draco, how odd, must not be a name as original as one would think."

"What do you mean?" asks Ginny as she buttons up her winter outerwear and heads out.

"I am pretty sure I heard that name very recently, but not from Hermione, we haven't talked about that mental war of yours in the longest…any way my brain is fried, I can't think. Let's walk quickly, this chill will set into my bones," says Cressida tightening her jaw against the cold.

"Oh right, well that's what you get for only wearing a Molly Weasley jumper, they are great but not by itself," says Ginny shaking her head as she wraps her knitted scarf around her freezing best friend.

Ginny begins to wonder if she really spotted a slightly taller and healthier looking Draco Malfoy, former Death Eater and outcast of the Wizarding World at a muggle pub? Nope, now way, she says to herself. Maybe she will ask the Potters, Harry and Luna when they meet next month, she knows that they are in touch with the Malfoys as part of Harry's Auror work and Luna's desire to be friendly with scion of the wealthy family. But, Ginny also knows that she just needs a goodnight's rest after enjoying New Year's Eve and Day a bit too much.

The walk to their flat is not far from the Globe, but long enough to make Ginny think of how life has changed in almost a decade. It started with her surviving a very brutal civil war in the Wizarding World, followed by finishing up her seventh year at Hogwart's and at the same time mutually deciding with the savior of the said world, Harry Potter that they are better as really good friends than to pursue a long term relationship. This was followed up by Ginny being quickly recruited by the Holyhead Harpies.

After a four year successful run as a Chaser for the Harpies and enjoying the life and means of a famous athlete, it all ended with a crashing blow to her left leg during practice when she fell off her broom. To Ginny, it was a sign to move forward in life and with the lack of physical therapy needed for her leg in the Wizarding World, she moved to Muggle London by getting help from her sister in law, Hermione Granger's family. Hermione at that point was expecting her first Weasley child and was working hard for Ministry of Magic as Assistant Minister. This is how Ginny met Cressida Granger, who was gearing for her first term at King's College for a Bachelor's degree program in Physiotherapy. After quickly becoming very close to Cressida and Ginny decided to check out the same program at King's College and then setting off on her new adventure as a uni student in Muggle London. Now, three years later, both Ginny and Cressida have not only graduated with their Bachelor's degree, they are also working on their one year Master's degree program in Physiotherapy at the same university. Ginny's hopes to start her full time career as a physiotherapist in the next six months, after which she wishes to open a center that caters to both muggles and wizarding kind. There are many witches and wizards in her birth world who have physical pain and injuries and that cannot be managed by Pepper Up Potions or Skelegrow alone.

Shrove Tuesday

Pancake Day, comes but once a year in mid February and is Ginny's most favorite Muggle holiday. Officially it is not bank holiday but any day to celebrate Pancakes is aces in Ginny's book. Ginny is heading to The Breakfast Club in Soho to meet up with Harry and Luna and to indulge her sweet tooth. Ginny is in love with her new iPod Nano so generously gifted to all Weasley siblings and spouses by the Potters for Christmas. Her Nano came pre-programed with all the muggle music that Ginny has come to adore thanks to Cressida and Harry. Her music selection includes Queen, Doors, U2, Beatles, Madonna, Abba, 80s New Wave, Stevie Wonder, Cold Play, Nelly Furtado, The Cranberries, Lily Allen, and of course some dance songs to light the fire on those long study filled nights by David Guetta and Daft Punk. Ginny is in her own world while listening to her beloved tunes on her nano throughout the tube ride and walk to the eatery.

Ginny spots Harry, Luna and their three year old son, James Sirius, looking picture perfect at a table. Jamie is the first to notice her arrive, at this the trio stands for customary hugs and kisses.

"Oh my goodness, I can't wait for the pancakes and to munch on my favorite godson- yum, yum!" says Ginny as she cradles Jamie to her laughingly with the latter grinning ear to ear. She doesn't think at all about how, this could have been her child. That would have been an entirely different life, she is content with her present.

"We ordered your favorite, Ginny, I have asked the chef to add a sprig of thyme to your order," says Luna whist whispering the last part with her serene smile. Thyme is an herb that Luna likes to sometimes add to food, she intuitively knows that a person maybe in a need of some courage and bravery for their next adventure. Ginny smiles at her thoughtful and wise friend.

"So what we have been up to since we last met at the Burrow for Christmas dinner?" asks Ginny.

Harry smiles and answers "Well, we are planning to visit New Zealand next month during my annual holiday. Jamie loved the scenery in the "Lord of the Rings," so we thought why not go to where they shot the movie and to also visit the Eastland to better understand the Maori culture."

"We will be there just in time for the Equinox," Luna pipes in and continues, "I can't wait to take Jamie to Mount Hikurangi, its where the waka or canoe of the Demigod Maui is resting, he had used it for his famous fishing voyage to North Island. And Daddy has decided to join us, it will be his first trip with us. We are so excited, right, Jamie?"

"It'll be fun to travel with Grandad, he knows so many things, Aunt Gin," says Jamie beaming just like his mother but is a mini replica of his father.

"Plus it will be fun to explore Autumn in March, it will be brilliantly magical, no pun intended" says Harry laughing and winking at this companions.

"What about you Ginny? I feel you are on edge to say something?" asks Luna. The waiter has just brought in their order of pancakes and milk shakes. Luna checks to see if Ginny's order has the bit of thyme as requested and is very pleased.

"Hmm, you know me to well, Lun!" says Ginny taking a bite of her chocolate chip pancake drizzled with maple syrup, it hits the spot.

"Right, so, I have noticed a particular person a few times in the past month or so at some pubs near my place, like the Globe, at the Oak, the Volunteer and so on. I have noticed this person is enjoying themselves with their mates and just having a good time all in all. This particular person is dressed casually, which is a shock as I am inclined to think that they would wear more formal, Wizarding attire, preferred in their school days, and not in some high end jeans that cost probably more than my monthly rent, plus to top it all off, this person is wearing the Cover Bands apparel. Any idea of who I am talking about? I really don't think you can guess," finishes off Ginny speaking fast and looking directly at her former schoolmates.

"Draco Malfoy," both Harry and Luna say unison.

Ginny drops her fork and stares at Potters and says, "Tell me everything! I can't believe how you figured it out?"

Harry looks at his wife and with a nod from her, starts "Ginny, Draco, yes, Draco, not just Malfoy. He is more than his past and his last name, as we all are. He lives in Muggle London, Notting Hill to be exact and he really likes the Baker Street pub scene, more importantly he enjoys listening to muggle music and the Cover Band happens to be his favorite. I think he may be a bigger fan of the band than you and Cressida. So I am guessing that's why you have noticed him so often. He comes to their gigs whenever he gets a chance…"

Ginny can't believe what she is hearing, the Cover Band is her favorite band on the Baker Street scene. Her musical taste has been influenced by Mick, Cressida and the band's set list. They have taught her so much about rock music and great singer songwriters like Freddie Mercury, John Lennon and so many more.

Ginny tunes back just in time to hear Harry say, "We know this because Draco comes to see us least once a month. He works with Blaise Zabini in Canary Wharf at investment firm run by Blaise's uncle who is a Squib. He mentioned to us that he has noticed you at the pubs especially the confused look on you have on your face when you are thinking if he is who he is. He finds your look it too funny."

Luna takes over and says, "He has such a laugh about that, Ginny, really. It is a really sweet laugh. I think you should approach him, you have a lot in common…"

"I highly doubt that, Luna!" says Ginny shocked.

"Ginny, he lives in Muggle London and listens to the same music as you do. Do you really think he is a crazed Muggle hater and speaks about blood traitors, when he himself is an outcast and left everything he knew after Lucius' death? Because of this, Narcissa is overseeing the Malfoy estates and business dealings. Draco just wants to live a peaceful life and not be defined by the past. He also has gone through some therapy for a form of PTSD, post traumatic stress disorder. The therapy has done wonders, he is much more relaxed and has come to terms with his past which was emotionally draining him.

"I can truly say he has changed, once someone understands and realizes and admits the wrongs, now that is a person who has evolved. We consider him a friend. You should approach him, he doesn't have many friends from our world who have mixed in the Muggle World, besides he is extremely uncomfortable around many of our kind," says Harry with hope.

"I like him, he's Teddy's cousin and he likes to play with me and Teddy," notes Jamie.

Ginny smiles at what Jamie is saying, its nice to hear that Malfoy visits the Potter when Teddy is visiting them. After all Teddy's mother, Tonks was Malfoy's first cousin, so it is natural to get to know a child of a relative he never knew existed. She is also happy with the knowledge that he is sorry for his past and wants to just to live. She can't blame him for that, who doesn't want to live peacefully on your own terms. The guilt that Ginny had over her first year at Hogwarts took a long time to deal with, it wasn't just glossed over, she had to dig deep down with the help of her parents and wonderful brothers to come out being happy with herself.

"Why haven't the both of you mentioned this before to any of us? I had just guessed that you were in touch because of work, Harry, but clearly this is more on a personal level than any of us thought," adds Ginny. But as an after thought, she turns to Luna narrowing her brown eyes, "Is that why you wanted Thyme to be added to my food so that I can get be brave to approach him?"

"Well, yes, I did," says Luna without any hesitation and continues "Ginny he wants this friendship to be kept quiet. He still isn't looked on very well in our world, but I think it will change once we can openly embrace our new friendship. He of course thinks that many will point out that he may have cursed us or is blackmailing us to even be associated with him. It's a strange thought, however, Ron certainly did think that way, but Hermione used her logic and openness of her heart to ease Ron's misgivings." Luna is as ethereal and insightful as ever in her analysis of her friends. Ginny isn't surprised by either Ron and Hermione being in the know about this and nor by Ron's reaction, he and Bill were almost collateral damage in Malfoy's quest to fulfill his order.

At the end of their pancake treat, Ginny mentions that she is going to a pub in Notting Hill where Mick and his band will be playing. She notes to the Potters that if she sees Draco that she will re-introduce herself to him. As a victim of Tom Riddle, she can understand the dilemma that Draco was under when facing Voldemort, she could hardly handle herself with the teenage version of the monster. She knows that Draco didn't have the luxury of having parents like hers or the family she came from. She and Molly have had long night conversations about the outcome of the war, they both have noted that more than likely the Weasley children would have made the same deal with the devil. The best thing about being a Weasley is empathy and she will show that towards Draco Malfoy.

Later that Evening

After attending some of her afternoon lectures, Ginny returns back to her flat to change and heads to the station for her journey to see her favorite Pub band and possibly connect with someone from the past. She has noticed that Cressida is not at home and figures that more than likely she headed right after her last class to The Metropolitan Pub in Notting Hill.

Mick Hanson, to Ginny could fit right into the Weasley family. He has the look and personality of Bill, her beloved eldest brother. She has a special connection with him and twins, well George now and has always felt they just understood her more than the others, maybe that's why she feels at ease with Mick. She is fascinated by his musical knowledge and wide range in taste in music. He is always up for a request while hanging out at their place or even at the pubs. He especially enjoys getting requests of songs that are seldom heard these days on the radio, he finds this as a challenge and of course a way to show off his skills.

As she walks to the pub from the underground station, she remembers Mick mentioning, since it's a sweet day that he wants people to request songs with the title of "Sweet". She comes up with "Sweet Emotion" from Aerosmith, it's been a while since she's heard the song and wonders if this could be a "challenge" for the singer.

Ginny enters the pub and walks over to the band and Cressida. She is happy to see them, she over hears their conversation with Mick who is joyfully saying "He just bought all the merchandise, didn't even get a chance to set up the table and he just walked by and said he'll take the lot. Who knew he would be such a fan, on a whim I asked him to come and check us out after my job interview with him. He's been following us for about 6 months now and he really digs our style. I'm lovin' it and I'm lovin' that Draco!"

At the name Draco, both Cressida and Ginny look at each other. Cressida now realizes where she's heard the name before. She quickly walks over to Ginny and gives her an air kiss on the cheek and asks "Maybe it's the same Draco? What are the chances, yeah?"

"It is more than likely the same Draco. I met up with Harry and Luna and they told me about Draco's love for Mick's band and that he lives in London and is no longer the prick he used to be. And they want me to approach him!"

"What? No way!" says a completely baffled Cressida.

"Yup and what's even crazier, I will actually take their advise and approach him if I see him. I want to see this change that they were on about and besides showing empathy doesn't hurt anyone."

"Well, here's your chance now, Gin. He's standing just feet from us."

Ginny turns to see Cressida's line of sight and there he is under the "Garden" sign dressed in blue colored slacks with the Cover Bands black t-shirt peeking out from his navy pea coat, he's holding a glass of muggle Whiskey and a bag of merchandise between his legs. Hang on, is he wearing Dragonhide brown leather loafers? He seems to be looking down at this Blackberry or maybe pretending to. Ginny takes a step to get to him, its short 20 feet walk to the other side of the pub, but it feels longer.

She finally reaches him and stands right in front of him as he looks up and says "So, I guess you bought all the merchandise and left none for us common folk? I am Ginny Weasley by the way."

Draco noticed her as she entered, when she had opened the door to let herself in, a breeze had gathered behind her. He knew she would be here, he had spoken to Harry and Luna about Weasley and her act of nonchalantness. She was dressed in tight black jeans with thigh high black leather boots, knitted mustard colored jumper, with a long black wool coat and her can't miss red hair like his signature locks. She was can't miss and he was surprised that she was single probably because of her focus on her studies, he admired that kind of dedication.

"Indeed, greetings. I have seen you stare at me a couple times over the past month. I am Draco Malfoy," he says shaking her outstretched hand with the same smirk he had in his school days but this time it's actually pleasant looking.

"Good to meet you Draco. Yeah well, you know us Weasleys, we wear our emotions on our sleeves. I wasn't sure it was you and besides how was I to know your reaction. The many times we interacted were with curses, hexes and bad language" says Ginny removing her black coat and adjusting her hair.

Draco laughingly adds "Ah, yes, those were the days. Still have nightmares at times with that bat hex. Used it lately on anyone?"

"Nope, no occasion for it, really. Had to leave a memorable parting gift for your ridiculous behavior," she says with a semi-fake smile and continues more seriously "Look, all that is water under the bridge for me and its been ages since that time. I would like to start over and at least greet each other decently whenever we bump into one and other. Just so you know," Ginny points to where Cressida and Mick are talking, "that woman that Mick is talking to is, Cressida Granger, my very good friend, roommate and Mick's girlfriend. She also happens to be Hermione's cousin."

"Yes, Mick's mentioned his girlfriend and no I didn't know she was a Granger. Regardless, I have known Mick for a little while, he had come for a job interview at a firm I work for. We hit it off and said he was in a band and I come to see him perform at pubs whenever I get the chance," says Draco without any airs and being really relaxed.

"Brilliant! Looks like the place is getting full," as Ginny spots a bunch of pub goers entering including Blaise Zabini, who with his olive skin tone and trendy attire looks like he just walked off the runway. "I guess I will see you around then, enjoy the show. Cheers!" says Ginny smiles as she walks away from Draco heading towards the small stage that the Cover Band has set up. She can see Blaise approaching Draco and saying "Hey! Was that the Weaslette?"

Cressida has seen the entire interaction while talking to other band members and other fans of the band. She smiles as Ginny stands right next to her and whispers "All good. Give you the details at home."

For the next few hours they all enjoy the sound of the Cover Band playing rock hits of the past, "Alright there mates, let's hear for some requests and as you know it's Shrove Tuesday and utterly sweet day it is. We wanted to play songs with the word "Sweet" in the title. So whose got a "challenge" song for us to delight your ear drums?" says a very excited Mick who is ready to rock out.

"Sweet Emotion," shout both Ginny and Draco in unison above anyone else's voice and noise. Noticing that they said the same song, they raise their drink glasses to each other, maybe their musical taste will lead to framing a some sort of friendship. Merlin knows that some magical folk need to be around each other often enough, otherwise their magic tingles uncontrollably when in seldom contact.

"Woof! Now that's a "challenge" song, that's what it is. Boys, hit it!"

'Sweeeeet emotionnnnnn. Sweeeeet emotionnnnnn. Talk about things that nobody cares…' rock out Mick and the Cover Band.

Spring Equinox

Ginny has had a packed month what with studying for exams, visiting the Burrow for Mothering Sunday, Ron's birthday and combined birthdays of nieces, nephews and other in laws, its been hectic. She also had to dash over to Grimmauld Place to say "bon voyage" to the Potters and to Mr Lovegood, who she had not seen many moons, before they had headed out to New Zealand for their holiday. And because of this, Ginny has barely seen the Cover Band or seen Draco. But, Cressida did mention to her that she had spotted him at some of the gigs.

However, today, being Spring Equinox and the world was at a balance, Ginny had time to head to the Globe once again. The pubs were packed and the crowds were spilling into the streets, she saw Mick, Cressida and Draco heading her way. They were carrying take away from the Globe.

"Hey, what's going on? Mick, did I miss your gig, thought it was at 7pm?" asks Ginny embracing Mick and Cressida and shaking hands with Draco.

"No, love, the set ended early. The crowd was going bonkers, combination of equinox, warm weather, it was a mental. The guys at the pub felt bad, so gave us some food. Oh and we bumped into Draco, asked him to come over and supper with us," says a disappointed Mick, he loves to play at pubs but not when the crowd is unmanageable.

"Sounds great, luckily Cressida and I went drinks shopping this week," says Ginny grabbing one of the food bags from Mick.

"Hence, why we are headed our way," notes Cressida with a smile.

"Well, if it isn't too much trouble," says Draco looking smart in his work attire.

"No, not at all. It will be a pleasure having you over. Just don't mind the size of the place," says Ginny whispering the latter to Draco as she moves around to walk next to him.

"No, why would I…oh, no I…no, I don't…,"says Draco with his cheeks pinking. Ginny gives a small smile to him and notes to herself that she finds this look very endearing.

They settle in for the meal and drinks at the Baker Street flat, the dinner companions comfortably talk about various topics. As the evening winds down, Mick and Cressida head in for the night. At this Draco notes that he should start heading back, but Ginny reminds him that he still has a few hours before the tube shuts down and he can easily get a cab to Notting Hill. The decision is made which leaves the witch and wizard to relax with another bottle of wine.

Both Draco and Ginny head to a small alcove by the drawing room window which has been converted into an extra seating space via a mattress on the floor, it is covered with a handmade butter yellow paisley print quilt by Molly Weasley and decorated with various sized and color throw pillows to give the flat its eclectic look. They sit not two feet from each other with their wine glasses, a bottle of Riesling- Ginny's favorite. Both are surprised by the ease of the earlier conversations and sitting in close proximity, its as though there is an unknown energy that is bringing together.

To start talking, Ginny asks, "So, how did you come about liking Muggle music?"

Draco prepares to answer, but takes a sip of his wine first and answers, "Blaise, actually."

"Oh?" surprising Ginny with his response.

"Yes, Blaise has lived in Muggle London for nearly ten years. The bloke is really into rock music because of his uncle who happens to be a squib. His uncle hated living in the Wizarding World, he had asked his family to send him to the Muggle World for all his education, which was more than twenty years ago and he hasn't looked back. Anyway, his uncle is an ardent fan of the band Queen, loves them, really."

"Wow, that's great. I love Queen too," says Ginny who is thrilled to hear this.

"Yes, so do I very much. It's actually because of Queen that I am into Muggle music,"

"Really do tell. What was the song?" asks Ginny who is really intrigued.

"Well, I was visiting Blaise during a time in my life that I wanted to breathe freely," says Draco with his head leaning on one of the oversized pillows. "I am sure you can guess which song spoke to me…"

"Not really, but give me a second to think…" notes Ginny, who has her eyes narrowed to focus on catalog of Queen songs and about half a minute later, she guesses "Bohemian Rhapsody?"

"Yes, got that right one in. I will never forget the lines 'Mama just killed man…', I didn't but, I was there when it happened," says Draco looking at her for her reaction and continues, "Anyway, the song just spoke to me, it's as though Freddie wrote it with me in mind. Of course that's bonkers, I know, but I couldn't get over how close it was to my life. After that there was no turning back, I started to listening to all their songs. Brandon, Blasie's uncle has a fantastic collection of not only Queen but other bands also like U2, Beatles, Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin and so on. After I moved to this world, Brandon bought me an iPod filled with music and here we are today."

He feels pretty good about mentioning this turn in life to Ginny. He knows after speaking to the Potter's that Ginny is right person to start a new friendship with now that Blaise is engaged and moving to Paris with his fiancé in the next few months.

"And what about you? What was the song that made you a life long Muggle music fan?" asks Draco.

Ginny is caught off guard by the question, she was focused on Draco opening up that she nearly forget that she may have to answer the same question. She also takes her time, she remembers that Slytherins use information against individuals, but who is she kidding, they are far from their school houses, blood status, instead they are just two individuals connecting.

"Linger," says Ginny taking a sip of her wine and eyeing Draco.

"Linger, by the Cranberries? I had reckoned it was a song about cheating? Hang on don't tell me…" he Draco putting his wine glass down and sitting up surprised.

"What? No, no, not Harry!" Ginny partially shouts as she laughs and grabs on to Draco's arm. "No, I mean, I know it's about cheating, but it has really nothing to do with that. It was this line from the song that floored me, 'You know I'm such a fool for you, You've got me wrapped around your finger…' finishes Ginny looking at Draco who is mere inches from her.

"I don't know what that means? Care to elaborate?" says Draco suddenly shy, he moves away to pour another glass of wine for both.

Ginny answers pretty fast, looking up at the ceiling, the four glasses of wine so far have made her a bit inebriated, "Tom Riddle…Voldemort."

Draco is stiffens by the mention of those two names and says with a sudden realization, "Hang on, the Chamber of Secrets and of course my illustrious father." After a beat Draco continues "I had no idea until recently. My parents never spoke of it, or at least not near me. Harry had mentioned it when we were talking about our Hogwart's days, I think it slipped out of him. Look, Ginny, I sincerely apologize for what happened. It was so, so wrong on my father's part, one of many of his faults that are unforgivable…"

"Oh, Draco, I know, I have moved on from that time, it was hard but it is done. I meant what I said 'water under the bridge'. I don't hold on to old grudges and certainly don't place fault with the notion of "sins of the father" either, life is too short and the music is too damn good to waste time on past deeds. I was just answering your question."

In order to change the subject and stir clear of distant torments, Draco quickly asks, "So I understand that you and Cressida are finishing up on your Masters in Physiotherapy? That's an interesting subject to undertake, may I ask what lead you to it?"

Ginny in the meantime is taking a hardy sip of her wine, she needs a few minutes to comprehend the previous conversation and the change in topic. She finally looks up at him and responds,"Yes, yes, I am. We are almost done, graduating in the summer. I do hope to have lined up with a full time job in the next coming months as a Sports Rehab Specialist- I am very excited. About how it all started, I was recuperating from my Quidditch injury at The Granger Sports Rehab here in London. Hermione had arranged for me to move to their Sports Rehab center so I could fully recuperate from my very bad Qudditch injury.

Drs Granger are Cressida's parents and Hermione's paternal uncle and his wife and they are also the practitioners and owners of the clinic. They were instrumental in my healing from my injury, for six months we did intense therapy and I was back to normal. At the same time, Cressida and I, even with a slight age difference became fast friends. She was just about to start her first term at the King's College in her Bachelors in Physiotherapy course work and I became fascinated by it. Not only was I in awe of her parents and the healing techniques they used, I thought of taking up the same course and start my new adventure."

"I am sorry, I wasn't aware you had an injury? I am not sure if you know that I moved from Wizarding World in 2000, after my father's death. I don't follow any news or ongoings in that part of the world," says Draco looking concerned.

"Oh, I didn't know, it has been that long for you? Do you ever go back?" asks a very surprised Ginny.

"I do, I take the floo connected in my flat directly to Malfoy Manor. I go once a month to visit my mother. We usually discuss business as she is the proxy in my absence of various Malfoy holdings, investments and running of the estate. We also mostly talk about ourselves, my aunt Andromeda and Teddy, not much else, I'm afraid."

"Right. You said you left in 2000, what did you do?" asks Ginny, trying to focus on what he did after his father's death, she didn't want to broach on the topic of the man who almost ruined her life along with her father's career.

"After his passing and stepping into the Muggle World thanks to Blaise and his uncle, I entered Oxford as a Bachelor in Economics and Management student, followed by a Master in Finance. For the past three years I have been working with Blaise's uncle who has an investment firm in Canary Wharf. That's really been my life for the past seven years- study and work, most of my foot print is in the Muggle World."

"Again through Blaise, really. How interesting?" asks Ginny, who is surprised to hear Blaise's name once more. He didn't seem like the type who wanted to be associated with the Muggle World in their school days.

"I can sense what you are thinking, Ginny. There were many Slytherin children who know about the Muggle World, as you know as a pureblood, we tend to produce Squib children and many, many families disown or never speak about these children or even send them over to the Muggle World. Blaise's uncle who I work for is a Squib and is brilliant in the financial sector. Luckily for him, his family was wealthy enough to send him to elite Muggle schools and that's where Brandon fit in. Blaise's mother who is still very close to her brother would send Blaise over to the Muggle World during summer holidays. Of course none of us knew about that and Blaise kept that pretty quite because of all our outrageous night of the battle Blaise apparated home and after some interviews with Aurors, he decided to stay with this uncle permanently. That is until Blaise started asking me to come over and with things going pretty sour for me, I couldn't resist the invitations to this new world."

Ginny takes all of this in and says, "I see, I am glad Blaise was there for you." Feeling a bit bolder maybe because of the amount of wine she has had or because of who she is, Ginny continues, "Draco, I had always assumed that Harry was in touch with you and Mrs Malfoy because of the deal that was worked out from the trails. I understood that the Auror department would keep tabs on your whereabouts and business transactions. But it seems that things have changed and that you are actually pretty close to the Potters. How did that happen?"

"Yes, initially it was about keeping tabs on us, but over the years, Harry, Luna and I have developed a friendship. It was bound to happen with everything that occurred. I am glad of it, they are good people and I am happy that they have a spot for me in their dynamics," he says with a small smile and to change the subject, Draco continues, "So, what happened? How did you injure yourself?"

"Oh! I apologize, guess I didn't answer. Well, it was foolish really, happened four and half years ago, it was during practice, a quaffle smacked into my broom, I spun out of control and landed on my left leg. I broke not only my leg but badly damaged my knee, I was out for the rest of the year. It was an injury that required not just skelegrow but physical therapy which no one in our world was offering or was even trained in it. It's all about potions, you see, nothing physical to strengthen your injured body.

"Luckily, having a person like Hermione as your sister in law is a blessing. She contacted her aunt and uncle and set me up with them. I was healed in about six months with intense rehab. But it was the end of my career, there was no way I would risk another injury like that. So, I knew it was time to hang up my broomstick and start on my new adventure as a university student," says Ginny, taking sip of wine that Draco poured into her glass.

"Its hard being a professional Quidditch player, the money is good and all, fame I don't care about- have enough of that with my red hair", she laughs holding up her locks and looks at Draco who is smiling, probably remembering his "red hair, you must be a Weasley" insult.

"This is a great quality to have, I must say, making lemonade out of lemons," he says raising his glass of Riesling to her.

"Thank you. I want to help in the way the Grangers had helped me. I am hoping that after gaining work and real world experience, I can open a physical therapy center that accommodates Muggles and Wizarding kind alike in London."

"That's a fantastic idea and much needed in our world. Many of the healing options that are in the Muggle World need to be transferred, it's not just the bones that need to be mended," says Draco recalling the psychological therapy he went through prior to starting his studies at Oxford.

At that remark, Ginny didn't want to probe further, she wanted Draco to feel comfortable enough with her to open up. She remembered Harry mentioning that Draco had some treatment for his PTSD.

As if realizing where the conversation could go, Draco quickly got up and looked for the time on his phone. It was late and if he didn't leave in the next five minutes he would have to be cab it back home.

"Ginny, I have to go, the underground will shut in half hours time. I appreciate your hospitality and this conversation more than you know. Let's meet up soon, maybe grab a bite to eat or coffee? I will text you, yeah? Just to warn you it's going to get really busy at work with the fiscal year ending" he says walking towards the door.

"Yeah, sure, let me know. I had a great night too. It was lovely to have you over. Get home safe," replies Ginny as they both give each other a peck on the cheek, which surprises them both.

Battle of Hogwart's Ninth Year Anniversary

April had come and gone, Ginny had visited George and Angelina at their flat above Weasley's Wizard Wheezes to ring in his birthday, then the entire Weasley Clan meet up at Fred's gravesite which was on the Weasley plot in between two beautiful London Lane trees that kids to this day climb.

Another birthday party she attended was Teddy's at Grimmauld Place which included most of the Weasleys, Andromeda Tonks, and of course the Potters. Everyone had the opportunity to look at both Muggle and Wizarding photos and videos of the Potters' New Zealand adventures. The best was to see a moving picture of the Potter family welcoming the sunrise on top of Mount Hikurangi on Spring Equinox.

Ginny didn't get a chance to see Draco and nor was he seen at any of the pubs where Mick and his band performed. Ginny did find this behavior odd, but recalled that he would be busy with work. In the meantime, in addition to her studying she and Cressida were officially offered to start as Rehabilitation Specialists with the King's College Hospital right after graduation. Ginny was extremely happy with her new job offer and was hoping to share the news with Draco soon.

However, today, was May 2nd at 4pm, the Ninth Year Anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts. Ginny is initially dressed in black trouser, black top with black kitten heeled shoes to add a few inches to her frame for her tube ride to Charing Cross. However, once Ginny comes to the entrance of Diagon Alley, she removes her wand which is concealed in her clutch bag, she taps the special brick to enter the Wizarding World of London. As soon as walks in, she transforms her casual wear to formal traditional black robe which is adorned with a gold lion's head and ruby eyed brooch and heads to the apparition point. When she apparates to Hogsmede, she sees some of family members who are waiting in line for the carriages to the castle. In addition to her family she also comes across the sea familiar faces of former classmates, professors, dignitaries, Andromeda Tonks, Grandmother Longbottom, Goblins, Freed House Elves and a few reformed Death Eaters.

At the commemoration of the Battle of Hogwarts ceremony an hour later, Headmistress McGonagall speaks about the positive changes that have taken place after the battle, most particularly the inclusion of all beings in Wizarding World society. She of course speaks about Professors Dumbledore and Snape and reads the names of all who perished on that faithful day. Headmistress McGonagall ends her speech on an uplifting note about love, acceptance and the power of moving forward.

The former Transfiguration professor also thanks donors for revitalizing the castle throughout the decade. The donors happen to be wealthy families who had supported Voldemort directly or indirectly during both wars. A plea deal was reached with most known families who didn't use the Killing Curse during the battle, this plea deal was to be in place for next thirty years. The families had to pay yearly fines for the rebuilding Hogwarts Castle, Ministry of Magic and other Wizarding establishments and homes, as well as having Aurors access to any personal and business transactions, floo connections including international travel and possible surprise home visits to anyone the department deems of having suspicious activity.

After the speech by Harry and other dignitaries were made, Ginny decides to mingle with former students and teachers. As Ginny is heading outside the Great Hall to breathe in the fresh air of Scotland, Mrs Narcissa Malfoy stops her in path to speak to her. Mrs Malfoy is dressed elegantly in a fine silk embroidered charcoal grey robes. Ginny when she realizes who has stopped her, looks directly into familiar eyes, Draco may look like his father, but his placidity and charm are from his mother.

"Ms Weasley. A pleasure to meet you, formally," says Narcissa with a smile, holding her stretch out hand, this once again reminds her of her new acquaintance.

"I have heard wonderful things about you from Draco. Of course I have known about you through the media and my sister, who also speaks highly of you."

"Thank you, Mrs Malfoy. It's a pleasure to meet you under better circumstances," says Ginny shaking her hand delicately.

"Indeed it is. I understand you and Draco are in touch, I am glad for it. He mentioned that for you it is 'water under the bridge,' I too feel that way. For starters, I am planning to reach out to your parents, Molly and I used to be close in our youth as the Prewetts and Blacks are related. It's been far too long. I have realized that companionship and true friendship is sorely needed in the world today," notes Narcissa.

"I am glad to hear it. I think my mother will be very pleased to hear from you. I haven't seen much of Draco, lately. We last met on Equinox night. But he did mention he would be busy with work as its fiscal end" says Ginny feeling a little disappointed.

"Yes, he has been very busy with work, he also went off to Paris for Blaise's wedding ceremony end of last month to a muggle girl. It was only attended by very close family and friends. Part of the company that Draco works for is shifting over to France. However, my dear son will be overseeing the London office as Blaise's uncle will soon be retiring to Bermuda," says a very proud Narcissa, who is looking directly at Ginny.

With her mother's intuition, Narcissa feels that there something is churning, she maneuvers Ginny around so that they are both standing underneath the recently installed stained glass windows showcasing the Hogwarts founders and whispers looking crestfallen, "This time of the year is always hard on him starting with Easter Hols. He was forced into decisions and really had no choices for the sake of trying to save us. He never comes near our world during this time, too many memories and sadness. There are no excuses for decisions we made so long ago. All I can say is, we have learned and we want to move forward."

Narcissa notices Ginny's brooch, she touches it almost delicately and says, "You are a true Gryfinndor". Now the lady of the Manor looks deep into at Ginny's eyes and tells her "Draco, usually visits the Potters after this day is marked. But, I have a feeling that he may just show up at your door step tonight. If he does, please talk to him. Would you do that?" requests Draco's mother.

"Of course, Mrs Malfoy," says a smiling Ginny Weasley, war hero.

After paying her respects to the grave of late Albus Dumbledore, she decides to head back home to London instead of having dinner at the Burrow, where she knows she will asked loads of questions as to why she was talking Narcissa Malfoy. Besides that, she wants to reflect on today and on her peculiar conversation and she does so during her tube ride to Baker Street.

When she enters her flat, she finds a note from Cressida on the kitchen counter saying that she and Mick are visiting his parents in Windsor. Being alone tonight is different, it rarely happens these days since Mick moved in sometime back, but this change in household didn't phase this adaptable woman and witch. Instead, Ginny turns on the music system to a decent volume level, it automatically plays the Soundtrack of Lord of the Rings, the Two Towers. Ginny was surprised to find out that she could listen to her favorite movie music on her Nano, as she quickly figured how to download music to her device.

After freshening up and hiding her wand in her night stand, she changes into a comfortable pair of black leggings and long sleeved red and white King's College top- the red reminds her of her former house color. As she heads into the kitchen to pour herself a glass of Riesling and to contemplate what to do for dinner. She hears a knock on the door and looks into the peep hole and is pleasantly surprised to see the familiar blonde head of Draco Malfoy.

She opens the door with a smile on her face, he is standing there looking casual in jeans, forest green crew neck jumper- the chosen color could easily pass for a "Slytherin Green" and Converse black leather Oxford sneakers.

He looks up at her and says 'She keeps a Moet & Chandon, in her pretty cabinet. Let them eat cake she says, just like Marie Antionette.'

Ginny at this laughs, a very hearty laugh and says, "Oh yes, more like a bottle of Riesling in my fridge. Come in, its good to see you." They both reach to give a peck on the cheek.

Draco walks in hearing the music playing and comments "Thanks. Mick and Cressida at home? Oh, I like this soundtrack, the second part of Lord of the Rings was my favorite from the trilogy."

"They are visiting his parents in Windsor. Yeah, I really liked the movie, saw it twice when it came out."

"Windsor, lovely," says Draco, "By far the best in the trilogy and the music is just right."

Draco is leaning on a nearby wall and is watching Ginny take out a bottle of Riesling and grab glasses to serve and says, "I am sorry that I have been MIA for the past month. It has been unusually hectic at work. How are you?"

"I am doing really well and excited, I got a job offer from King's College Hospital. Both Cressida and I received offer letters from the hospital as Sports Rehab Specialists. We start right after graduation," says a very happy Ginny, who just finished pouring wine into their glasses.

"That's outstanding news, congrats on that, I remember you telling me about it the last we met. I'm pleased to know that you got what you wanted," says Draco taking a glass of wine from her and raising it to her.

At this Ginny smiles and moves into the drawing room which is set up with a love seat and two armchairs and small coffee table in the center. The highlight of the room is a flatscreen tv placed above the non working fireplace's mantel.

Both Ginny and Draco sit next to each other on the loves seat, Ginny says, "Oh, I met your mother today at the Hogwarts, she mentioned that work and Blaise's wedding were keeping you tied up."

"Right it's May 2nd, I am glad you met her. Did you have dinner? Thought I'd bring a peace offering," he says smiling placing a bag of food on the table.

"No, I haven't, I was thinking what to do for dinner when you knocked," notes Ginny as she peeks into the bag which is filled with apps, salads and what looks like sticky pudding. Ginny's stomach grumbles.

They unpack the meals and start eating, in comfortable silence, as Draco looks around, as he notices Ginny's top and his jumper. He says with some amusement, "Looks like we are wearing our house colors tonight?"

Ginny looks down and across at him, ponders and says, "Strange isn't it, must be an unconscious decision being an important date and all today."

Draco doesn't give a response, the air in the flat suddenly feels a bit tense, clearly Ginny wants to talk about today and Draco doesn't, but he is curious as to know what his mother said and a little interested to know what happened at his former school. Normally he gets a full report on the ongoings of the annual event from Luna which also include her usual antidotes and notes on various unseen creatures affecting the day.

"So, you were saying that you met my mother?" he asks cautiously.

"Yes, it was nice to meet her under better circumstances. She told me how you are going to be heading up the London office, congrats on that, by the way," she raises her glass to Draco who is flattered by the gesture while Ginny asks, "how was Blaise's wedding? Married a muggle girl, is it?"

"Meeting anyone under better circumstances is good. Merlin what wankers we all were back then. Oh sorry, got off topic there. Right, yeah, Blaise did marry a muggle girl named Simone late last month, she's nice, smart, just what he likes and she keeps him line. I am sure you are wondering if he's told her about his heritage and past? And the answer is yes, he doesn't hide much from her. She's been to the other side, really likes it and find it's the world fascinating," he says with a head shake and emphasis on the word fascinating.

"Well, who wouldn't? It is fascinating, as we find the Muggle World," says Ginny with a shrug.

"Different is fascinating. I give you that. So, how were the speeches?" asks Draco looking to change the subject. His view on the Muggle World is a lot better than what it was before he turned 18 years old.

"McGonagall gave a good speech about love and acceptance. I think she wants to keep reminding every one of why the battle occurred. Maybe she fears that people will forget."

"People don't easily forget, Ginny."

"Depends, really. I do agree that people will completely forget in another 100 years, but for now the living get so focused on themselves that within a short period many forget the whys. For that reason both Wizarding Wars have been added to History of Magic. According to Neville, the classes start of with learning about the recent wars and then slowly go back to Goblin wars and whatever else I slept through," says Ginny with a smirk trying to add a bit of humor to the conversation.

"Neville, right, Professor Longbottom. Luna and Harry are close to him as well. Good people, took a war and the aftermath to open my eyes. Circe, I was blind!" he says shaking his side to side in disbelief.

Now Ginny's senses are heightened to the tone of the conversation and topic. She feels that Draco is here to say something, a sort of way to possibly clear the air to move forward on building a foundation for a true friendship. She is eager to know, so takes a deep breathe and asks without hesitation, "Draco, I have to ask…what happened after your father died…after he died in Azkaban? How did you end up in the Muggle World and oddly enough friends with Harry & Luna?"

Draco looks directly at her, finishes his remaining wine in one gulp and says, "Those are loaded questions and ones that I am willing to answer for you. I feel that you are the type of person who is supportive and a true friend and because of this I will tell you everything. Firstly, I am selfish being, I want to be on good terms with you, I will work my hardest to be a true friend to you. Are you up for it?"

"Draco, we are all human and selfish in our own way, no one and I mean no one is perfect. And, yes, I am ready for your story and your friendship," says Ginny confidently and earnestly.

"I am not sure about that, I guess selfishness has its degrees," Draco says, he pours himself another glass of Riesling, takes his time and finally begins his story.

"It all started with father going to prison soon after the war. The plea deals were made on our behalf by Harry Potter. As you know father was an ardent Death Eater and up until recently at that time the Dark Lord's right hand man. I think we may have lost all our fortune funding Voldemort's lifestyle and his vendetta against all beings ultimately. So cheers to Potter and the Order of the Phoenix for winning.

"Sorry, as I was saying, the day my father went to Azkaban a few days after our house arrest, I never felt so free in my life. From the time I was five years old, my life was dictated by my father, the types of sports I would play, the material I would read for pleasure, the types of tutors I would have before starting Hogwarts, everything was micro managed by him. My mother at this time was being manipulated by my father, she was focused on being the perfect Pureblood wife to an extremely Pureblood husband. She hardly paid attention to my daily activities which included some Dark Arts education. My father had reinforced the traditional Black upbringing my mother had. The Blacks were hardened Purebloods with their purist thinking and lifestyle that they tried to force on the younger generation.

"However, Sirius and Andromeda were wise to see through the bull. Regulus as Harry has mentioned died from late realization, Bellatrix went mental and my mother was shaped into thinking she was the perfect Pureblood woman. Truly because of this mentality she lost your mother as her friend and ally.

"After Voldemort and his pet snake took our home and basically kept us as prisoners, school became an escape for me but hurting others when commanded by the Carrows was impossible. I remember telling Longbottom during one of those sessions, I had walked up to him with all my might and superiority. I had bend down to whisper in his ear that he 'needs to scream loud as if in agony' which he actually did and so did the rest of you when those sessions were with me."

"I remember that, I had wondered why you of all people would do that. You had the mark, we always thought you had wanted to be a Death Eater and here was your chance to be a true follower," says Ginny thinking back on those dark days at Hogwarts.

At this Draco folds up his jumper sleeve on his left arm and finally shows Ginny what is really there. Instead of an ugly black Dark Mark, there are myriad of scarred lines that are red as if healing from a burn. "Do you really think I would get the mark before I completed my mission? No, to make sure the right doors opened for me, the mark was burned into my skin as a promise of better things."

Ginny is aghast, she looks at his arm and at Draco for a few extra seconds, she pulls his sleeve down and says, "Of course, Voldemort was nothing but an arse with way too much charm and charisma. Please continue," concluding her thought.

"Yes, well. As I was saying. After the trails and plea deals, I was no longer under house arrest but my every move was documented. Harry oversaw my activity, this was a small price to pay in my opinion, things could have been far worse. Blaise started inviting me to the Muggle World, Harry was encouraging this, and that is how I met Blaise's uncle, Brandon. Brandon had tried to take me under his wing, but I resisted, the old teachings of my father whispering in particular when I found out that Brandon was a squib.

"But, I truly liked the Muggle World, I started reading some their literature from Shakespeare to Clancy. As I started to visit more often, my thinking started to change, I felt free in the Muggle World and chained in the Wizarding World. Then one day, the Aurors came to the Manor, to announce that my father had died in prison of a heart attack, the great Lucius Malfoy's death caused by a simple heart attack, how common, I thought and took the news as a blessing. Now, I was truly free from him, I could start my own life, on my own terms as Lord Malfoy.

"After the his burial in the family crept on our estate, I partied hard in Muggle London and every evening for months. I did whatever you could imagine a young man of 19 and half years of age could be capable of doing with enough money at his disposal. Blaise, poor Blaise, went along for the ride, he recognized that I needed help, thanks to Brandon.

"One day, I am not even sure how and why, my feet brought me to my father's beloved study. From what I can recall, I stood by his desk looking down on some papers. There was something that must have triggered this numb rage, anger, remorse guilt and shame for not mourning my father. All the emotions that I tried to bury came out in one fast sweep, I blasted his study with a Reducato Spell, the entire room including priceless books, papers, antique pieces of furniture and trinkets were destroyed. The blast was powerful enough that it wreck the window.

"I couldn't move, I saw the destruction and I was overcome with emotion for Dumbledore, Snape, your brothers, Crabbe and for all the pain I had caused to others all my life. I haven't used my wand since that day, I have it with me but its hidden securely in my flat," he finally stops speaking to gather his thoughts and reflect those dark days and quickly continues,

"Blaise had come by that afternoon as he usually did, Minty, our only house elf, greeted him at our fireplace and informed of him what had just occurred. Blaise found me in the study and the sight of the destroyed room and me in a state of shock. Minty without a command or direction apparated to find my mother who was at Gringotts. Mother, once she saw everything on her return, quickly contacted Aunt Andromeda, who she had just got back to having a relationship with after nearly thirty years. In return, Andromeda contacted Harry, who came as soon as possible with his therapist.

"His therapist, I am not sure if he has ever mentioned to you was a Creevey, yes, a Creevey relative, who knew about the Wizarding World and it's ongoings through her younger cousins. Dr. Miranda Creevey, she brought me out of my daze and requested for me to be transferred to Muggle London so that she can work on my therapy. Blaise didn't hesitate, he wanted me to be with him and his uncle during this time. I moved with a few of my belongings to London the next day, leaving my mother as my proxy.

"And so after a year of therapy and a diagnosis of PTSD, I received life altering advise from Brandon's insightfulness, I joined Oxford to forage a new path for myself beyond the Wizarding World. In our world I was paralyzed with guilt, shame, prejudice, cowardice and pain, all of which I had caused through my actions and words. Moving into the Muggle World was the best decision I made for myself. However, these days, I miss the Wizarding World, I want to see the changes and positiveness. But I do wonder if I ever will be welcomed after so long and after so many awful past deeds. In short, I am paranoid.

"Do you know the best part about those dark days? I realized that I was helped without a second thought by my rival, a squib, a disowned family member, a House Elf, a friend who escaped and a Muggle doctor. It humbled me to no end that the very beings I had abused throughout my life were the only ones who helped. This is where I am today and now, I am friends with Harry, Luna- who forgave me, who said it 'wasn't my decision that landed her in my family's dungeons', Longbottom- who I wronged is decent to me if see each other at the Potters. I try my hardest to avoid Weasley and Granger, how can I look at them? Now its you- I am sitting here in your flat that you share with a Granger relative. You, who is speaking to me and sharing her time and wine with me. Had I just listened to my father, his teaching and immersed myself in families' traditions, I would be a pathetic excuse for a human being, a magical one at that too, an inheritor of dark and flawed lineage on both sides," Draco finishes and looks at Ginny and wonders of the future.

"Wow! Draco, I don't have the words to respond but I will say that I am very glad you are where you are in this moment of your life. I am so pleased with the path your life took, it was hard and you have come out of it with flying colors. The lessons, the experience, goodness!" Ginny says, touching the top of Draco's hand.

Draco catches her hand in his and squeezes, he is relieved and so he says with a smile "Thank you for your words, truly."

Ginny notices the time on the music system, its very late now for Draco to go back to Notting Hill. She ponders for moment and says "Draco, the underground is shut and getting a cab ride will be a nightmare. Why don't you stay here?"

"Here?" asks Draco looking around and continues "Why not. I'll take the alcove."

"The alcove?" Ginny says looking perplexed.

"Yes, its just right and I think I will add something like it to my place," he says satisfied.

Ginny looks at him and remembers his comment about the Wizarding World and says with a determined smile "Draco, I think its time we get rid of your paranoia and venture back to our World. There so many new things I want to see and experience, we can do it together. Okay, so people will find it odd, but oh well, such is life."


"No, we will talk in the morning." Ginny heads to her room to find a spare pillow and blanket for Draco.

Draco stands near the alcove in deep thought, he had heard about the Weasley's generosity and kind-heartedness, but he didn't think it would be extended to him. The world and its people are full of surprises and now a Weasley, whose family the Malfoys had wronged for so long was giving him a second chance.

Over the Course of Six Months

The next day, the new friends wake up, greet each other and head out for brunch. They spot Mick and Cressida, who also join them for breakfast/lunch at a nearby eatery.

The days turn into weeks that turn into months; birthdays, graduations, work anniversaries are celebrated with each other, as well as with their friends Mick and Cressida, Harry and Luna. The Fab Four- Ginny, Draco, Cressida and Mick, head out to musical festivals after Ginny's and Cressida's graduation. They also attend the many summer concerts throughout London that Mick and the Cover Band are part of. It was a summer like no other for the witch and wizard. Draco and Ginny are cementing a true friendship with each other.

During the fall and winter months, work keeps them busy, the girls are on different schedules, due to this they see each other more often at home than at work. Draco is working hard at the office, as Mick and his band are trying to line up gigs for the upcoming holidays. Through all the mundanes of life our Fab Four meet up for drinks, food and to listening to good music that feeds their soul.

Christmas comes around again, Draco and Narcissa are spending their holidays in Paris with Blaise, Simone and Brandon. Ginny and the Potters meet at the Burrow, where Ginny finally tells her family about her new found friendship with Draco Malfoy. Many are surprised and not happy with the news, but Molly and Arthur are pleased as they are now back in touch with Narcissa. Andromeda and Teddy are also at the Christmas dinner, she backs every word that Ginny and the Potters have said about the remaining two Malfoys. Bill and Charlie who never really dealt with the Malfoys face to face aren't much bothered by this unusual development, however, the other three brothers are hard to convince but time is a good factor.

With this, Ginny, Harry and Luna make plans to bring Draco back to the Wizarding World in the new year.

End of Part 1

Author's Note: This fic is written for Tasha based on her prompt below. Hope I met her guidelines and that she enjoyed my take on her idea.

Disclaimer: Everything belongs to JK Rowling and other entities, however, the story based on a prompt and new characters are mine.

Tasha's Prompt (2):

Basic premise: Ginny and Draco are big into the music scene, muggle magic, and seem to constantly be bumping into each other at the same gigs. Is the same taste in music enough to undo years of family tensions?!

Must haves: London. Range of music from rock to classical to hip hop.

No-no's: No crazy out of characterness. No trio bashing.

Rating range: Whatever works.

Bonus points: A secret gig. One of them has an obsession with buying band merch.